My new body!!! Post op Dr Duran Doll!

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Hello,everyone.... I am a 34 years old shorty,...


I am a 34 years old shorty, height is 4'11" weight 160lbs. I have 3 children, the youngest is 7 years old. I will not be having any more children. This has been a long term goal for me. I always said that if some day I lost my body figure this would be something I would consider. After having my second baby I went from always having a weight of 125-135lbs to 145-150...up and down....And all in my stomach area :(... I have been looking into this for about 3 years now. Other goals came through that involved my family.. no doubt had to work on that first. NOW ...THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE FOR ME TO START THIS JOURNEY!!

I am looking to get a mommy makeover; TT, BBL, BR with LIPO. I am Dominican, live in the U.S and of course after comparing the work done here and DR I will be traveling to get this procedure. After reading several reviews for Dra. Yily De Los Santos and Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran, right now I am considering Dra. Duran. I will be going with my husband on this journey, he is very helpful and takes really good care of me. He also has the stomach for it, he took care of me for my 2 c-sections. After January 6 I will send for my quote. I want to consult my physician for approval first. I will keep you guys posted.

Some wish pics

Wish pic

I received my quote from Dr. Duran :D

I sent for my quote & Bamm! there it was 3 hours later. I included front, back, side pictures, measurements and weight. At the moment I am still waiting on Dr. Yily's. Thought it was going to take longer. Now I can start analyzing my expenses.

I have to loose at least 20 pounds :/

I have never been a big eater, but being that I was brought up old fashion, I have to cook a 3 full meals everyday. And most of the time this consists of starchy foods :( I only eat certain veggies and is driving me nuts. Now I am trying out green juicing for breakfast. It's not bad! But I have to cut out all the starch in my life!!! I know this is what keeps me overweight because when I stop eating it my stomach area goes down right away. I need more WILL POWER...

Love this site

So... Here I am addicted to this site. If I am not on here I feel lost.

Went for a physical

I went for a physical yesterday, told my doctor I was planing on getting a TT and wanted to see if I was in good health. Of course the weight is not good. But I started my diet and exercise routine. I hope this works for me I have been trying to loose weight for everrrrrr. I want this so bad, I know this will be my only chance at it. I struggle so much to get what I want is crazy. Something always comes up that I have to drop it. Even thinking about it makes me nervous. Well my blood results come back in a week let see how that goes.

One only can dream :D

One can only dream :D


Today has been a good day :)

First I received my results from my physical and everything is good. Thanks god!! And then I checked my email and there was my quote from Dr. Yily. The quote was lower than Dr. Duran's, as expected after reading so many reviews on RS. Now the dilemma is who to go to!? I love both of their results. The only thing is I am kind of iffy about is Dr. Yili's attitude after reading contradicting reviews about it. But I guess more reading and research can help with that. After all because of her I am here today. I been looking into her work for over a year. And I love it! And to be honest the price is more inviting.

Ughhhhh :(

Today I have been scaring myself. Reading about tragic outcomes and some of the negative results that can come from this type of surgery :'('s scary, I know. But I have the tendency to google everything and all that information can make you shaky.

My mom

Well my mom came over today and I told her my dilemma with the 2 doctors. She told me to go for the one I have doubts on. That the money difference is not worth the stress when my life is on the line. "Mother knows best" :) Dr. Duran is my Dr. And that is that.

*no doubts

Correction for last posting

Some pics of me :P

Joined the gym ;)

Joined the gym this week...I got to do this!

Scheduled my appointment

Ok, I had been trying to call to schedule my date for a week. Today I got lucky... Like they say the early bird catches the worm :) at 7am I called and mrs. Paola answered the phone. I was a little disappointed because I had to push back my sx date 1 month. The doctor is booked for all of June and July :/. Set my date for July 29, 2014. I was advised to be there the 28 to get my pre-op exams done.

I got my plane tickets :)

So I got my ticket to arrive Sunday 27, since I was advised to get my pre-op tests on the 28th. I am now on the quest to find a recovery house. I will be staying until August 10th, I plan to go to a resort for at least 3-4 days before coming home. Right now I am considering Yasmin's and Angela's recovery. Idk if I will be able to enjoy the resort, but I love the beach breeze and sun. Hopefully I won't be in such bad shape to enjoy it, my Sister In law will. Oh, I forgot mention my husband is no longer going with me :/. I think he chickened out... He is terrified of flying. But he asked his sister to go with me. I consider her my sister, love her to death. His excuse was that he rather stay with the kids since we never go anywhere without them and of course he won't miss work that way we won't be tight on money later.


I am just sitting here having thoughts about my weight :(
What if I can't loose these 20 pounds. Been going to the gym a couple of times a week and eating better but don't see any results :'(

What if?

So I have been pondering on what if my sx date is not really on hold for me. :/ this is driving me nuts, I've tried calling a couple times. The one time I got thru Elizabeth told me the calendar was not available :( I feel like crying. All the money I've spent already. Can you imagine. I sent my deposit already but she said only dr. Duran can confirm that and she will be too busy to go to the bank.

Applied for passport...

Right now I am just waiting :/ hoping that this day gets here fast. Confirmed my date by calling again and making sure I was on the calendar. Started to order some items from amazon. I hope I am not overdoing it.

... This week has been hard. Kind if feeling down about my weight it just seems I've gained instead of loosing.???? the story of my life????

Please read... Keep your eyes open!

I read a comment on another review on RS that CIPLA is closed. NOT true!!! Misunderstanding... Please do your homework right, before causing headaches to others. Hope this helps some. THIS IS ONLY A CLARIFICATION OF INFORMATION!!

El Ministerio de Salud Pública clausuró de manera temporal las áreas de cirugía del centro de salud y cirugía plástica Lima y Mejía, y el Centro Médico Vista del Jardín.

The Ministry of Public Health temporarily closed areas surgery clinic and plastic surgery and Mejía Lima, and the Garden View Medical Center.

Waiting :/

I received my passport...yey!

But this waiting is exhausting :(

Ready for this!!!

Okay... I think everything is place now. I bought most of my supplies, my time has been approved from work and now I just keep waiting. The only struggle is with my weight :/... But I will see what I can do.

Keeping busy

Trying to keep busy maybe time will pass faster. I have been staying off from RS to avoid the anxiety rush as gets closer. I think I've gained a few pounds instead of loosing... Maybe all stress about wanting it so bad idk. I stop weighing myself for a while now.

One month away... Can't wait ????

Revising my list :)

One month before pics


Seven days left!!!

So I've decided that I will not get the bbl. Everyone tells me my butt is big enough and once they do my tummy tuck it will look bigger. Like I said before I don't want something exaggerated so therefore I will wait to see how I like it after sx without the bbl and if later I decide I still need more I will do it then.

On another note, I called the Dr office to confirm the time of arrival for exams and sx. I have to be there Monday 10am for exams and Tuesday 6:15 am for surgery. I am not too nervous yet. Mostly thinking about how my mom is going to be feeling while I am there. She is very hands on and I know she wishes she could be the one with me. I wish I would have told her my date was another day. So I could just call her after. I know she will be very very nervous that day.

This is the day!!

Sitting here in my room waiting for the blue pill :). I met the Dr. She is very pretty and easy to talk to. Loved her explanation and details of the procedure. I won't be able to get my breast reduction because my hemo was 12.3. She said it would be too much. I talked to her about the BBL and she said she can work on my shape not volume. I ok with that and I trust her judgement.

I will keep you guys posted :)

Day of surgery!

Update ")

I will update later on my experience but I will leave you guys some pics in the meantime.



Still swollen :)


My progress

Well is been somewhat of a roller coaster! I got back home 2 days ago. Had bruise under my belly button and the doctor insisted that I stay because she wanted to monitor it. Unfortunately I had to come back to work. However, she insisted I send her pictures everyday and yesterday she authorized me to close my Faja. I am really swollen because, she did not want me to cut the circulation on the area. It could lead to very bad skin damage. Last visit was 5 days ago. Other than that everything is good so far.

SX experience

I was never nervous about the surgery, I think the healing has me a little more concerned. When I got to DR I went to the clinic as instructed for pre-op exams on Monday. Everything came back good except that my hemo was not high enough for TT and BR. The next day I met the beautiful DR Duran. She explained her reasons for wanting to do both surgeries. She was very clear and thorough with the process. I accepted because, I put my trust in her. She also told me that she could work with my booty and reshape it without making it bigger. Which was what I was looking for. After she sent me on my way upstairs. In my room I waited until like 12:30 that they came to pick me up. Of course they gave me the blue pill first. It got me drowsy and I remember them positioning me for the epidural. During sx I woke up and heard what they were working on. I felt pain when they were doing my underarms, but it was just for a moment. Then the DR came around the blanket and told me they finishing up. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room, shivering like crazy.... They have me a blanket and wool throw, then I was cold and sweaty :/. After they monitored me for a while they took me to my room.


While in my room, my sister in law was with me the whole time. Got there like 5:30pm. After a while I had to throw up. Until then I did not stop shivering. The pain was minimal and the nurses checked on me frequently. Later the AC was broken and they switched my room to one that also had a sofa bed. I did have to ask for pain med at some point in the night but they explained that they were giving me something so I had to wait like another hour before the next dose. I was fine with everyone as long as I had an explanation. Therefore I understand the frustration for dolls that have a language barrier. The next day Duran came to visit and told hemo was at 7 and she would prefer to give me 2pts of blood before letting me go. Of course she knew best. The blood was ordered from the blood bank which is tested and safe. Received the transfusion and I started to feel much better. They came to put me in the faja before the blood and for the first time in my life I felt like I was going to pass out. The nurses had to give me cold water and turn on the AC while holding me. They put the faja on me and left it open after cleaning me of course and sat me on a recliner. Later that afternoon I went home.

Follow up

I went to see the DR 2 days later, they removed my drains. And she told me she will not close my faja because of the bruise under my belly button. I went to see her 3 days later and she told me I will swell up but she preferred that, then skin damage. She sent me to get oxigen to clear the bruising and prescribed ointment. I did not get but 3 massages because the lady she recommend did not go to the area where I was. So I went to cipla for my first one.... Let me just say I did not want anymore after. I almost cried! Later while at the resort I got 2 which were not bad and reduced my swelling. I think that is it :)

Some pics

3 weeks

I can say that I am very happy with my results :D. Although I still have lots of swelling, the difference is obvious.

Love my DR. I will not get tired of saying this. Maybe is because I read such horror stories about going abroad for surgery that I was prepared for the worse. But I would recommend Duran to anyone, anytime.

One month!!

I am doing good besides the itching and swelling....ughh! My scar looks great and most of my scab is gone. But like I said I still have a lot of swelling.

My scar

My 6 months mark

I feel great!!! I have lost 35 pounds since surgery and love my results.
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