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After many years of squishing my tum into jeans,...

After many years of squishing my tum into jeans, hating the way I look in a bikini, and many diets aimed at belly flab, tomorrow I take a short cut, pardon the pun, and have Baser liposuction to my upper and lower abs and flanks. To say I am nervous is a massive understatement.

I will take some before pics in the morning!

D day is here

Well today is the day. I've got terrible butterflies and don't really know what to do with myself. One of the worst things for me today is not being able to share my fears and get a hug or something from friends /family because most don't know what I'm doing, and those that do will probably just say 'you didn't have to get it done so man up'! Anyway, here are my before pics

It's over...

I'm home ?. Made a bit of a twit of myself crying in front of the nurse, doctor and anaesthetist but they were all brilliant and really pit me at ease.

After a reassuring chat with all those involved, I was marked up, photographed and left to gather my thoughts.

Then I walked into the operation room and led on my front. A butterfly thong was put in my hand and the anaesthetist gave me the first drug. I started to feel woosy in no time. Then the proper stuff and I was out. Apparently I did talk a bit when they turned me, but I don't remember. The concious sedation was my biggest worry, but it essentially felt like a general so for that I am thankful!

Upon proper waking I was put into my compression garment by two nurses and slowly helped up.

A coffee and biscuits later I felt ok-ish, only my belly button area is sore.

The doc came in, told me it went very well indeed and that he ducked loads out. I can't remember how much though.

My back incisions leaked quite badly, so I was redressed and sent hone with all my instructions.

Apart from when I go from lying down to sitting up, I really don't feel too bad and all I've taken is two paracetamol .

Having a wee will be fun in this garment though ????????????

Got my first massage tomorrow but so far, so good!

Nice pic of my 'nappy' over my compression garment!!!

First night..

Was easier than I expected. It was uncomfortable turning, as I am not a natural back sleeper (which unfortunately is the position in which I'm almost totally without any discomfort ). I have however swollen significantly during the night but I knew to expect this. Seepage not been too bad and barely stained the old duvet I slept on. So far, so good.

Good night's sleep

And what a difference it makes. Only woke two or three times whilst turning, but for the most part I slept normally.

After promising myself I wouldn't, I jumped on the scales this morning and was pleased to see I am one pound lighter than the morning of the op, which considering the swelling and water retention I have, I'm pleased!

second massage today

I seem to be healing well and I've not bruised as badly as I thought I might. Got my compression garment on its tightest hook now and I'm suprised to say, I don't like being without it!

I'm not yet a week in but I can already see some positive results, though there is still much swelling.

Wow already...

Woke up feeling almost normal today and very pleased to see the swelling has reduced alot overnight.

Starting to find it easier to do normal things now, but believe me, carrying a hoover upstairs less than a week after an op is not wise!! Whoops. I am a rubbish patient.

I can really see the difference from behind. I've never gone 'in' very much but now I can see a waist.

Pleased so far.

One week post op

It's hard to believe it's been a week already. I am very glad to be this side of the procedure though as this time last week my nerves were in tatters, mostly for no reason in hindsight.

Anyway, a week on and I am in little, to no discomfort. It's mainly on my sides to the touch, and in my lower abs when I use my core.

The numbness is still quite apparent and there is lots of tingling and burning going on which I'm told is the nerves coming back to life.

The bruising is also starting to subside, and was never actually that bad anyway. It is moving downwards though so I'm bruised around my lady garden which I hadn't expected but again I'm told is normal!

I weighed and measured myself today, maybe prematurely but hey ho!! I am 2lb lighter, my waist is currently the same, but my hips are 1 inch smaller.

Having my sutures out tomorrow too, along with my fourth massage which are more pleasant now my body isn't as sore to touch.

Photos added showing pre op on the left and today on the right, wearing the same underwear and in the same position.

I am very pleased so far and the staff at The Private Clinic in Bristol continue to be fab.

Swelling going down daily

After only 10 days, the result is very positive.

Most of my numbness has subsided, my stitches are out and I am generally more comfortable.

Lesson learned the hard way not to wear a tight waistband at this early stage though as it leaves a ridge!

Really looking forward to seeing the changes over the coming weeks and months but am currently very pleased!

To say I'm pleased would be an understatement

Today I am three weeks post and I am nothing short of thrilled at my current result.

My upper abs look great, my lower still needs to 'smooth out' somewhat, i am still numb to a degree and my belly button has not yet returned to its pre op shape but, I've always had a bit of a strange one so I'm not suprised it's now misshapen and considering the Doc took 1300ml of fat from my lower abs, it was always going to take longer to settle there.

My flanks bizarrely are still a bit bruised and tender but I'm pleased with the result there too.

My measurements are now -

1lb on in weight but it's the wrong time of the month.

Waist is still 34" which is one inch less than pre op.

Hips are now 35.5" which is a massive 3.5" off.

The things I have learned are -

1. Waistbands , even those that are not particularly tight, are your enemy as they create a ridge
2. Creases in the compression garment are also your enemy as they create very sore creases in your body
3. The mld massages really do help
4. Wearing knickers under the garment is difficult to avoid ridges and creases so I'm now commando with panty liners

My life is now getting back to normal. Sitting at my desk is a bit uncomfy so I make sure I sit up straight to help prevent creases, and I walk about more than usual.

I own two competition horses who have been on holiday whilst I recovered and today, I bring them back in to work. I won't need to get on board for another week at which point I will probably wear a special safety jacket that turns into an airbag around my torso, should me and the horse part company as although I feel ok, the prospect of falling is not a good one, not that it ever is of course but it'd hurt more than normal at the mo!!

Today is 5 weeks!

I had a check up today with my surgeon. He was very pleased with things so far. He said that my progress is above average as full results will not be visible until 6 months!

He was also pleased with how my skin has retracted back as one of his concerns post op, was as a result of my age and how much fat he knew he'd take from my lower abs, that I might be left with loose skin that would need removing surgically. Luckily this is not going to be the case.

The compression garment is beginning to get on my nerves now but there is only one week left in it 24/7 after which I will just wear Bridget Jones size spanx at night.

So far so good and it has all been worthwhile. I still have some swelling, predominantly on my right side and I have some bumps and lumps over my upper and lower abs, all normal I am assured!

Most of my feeling has returned and where it has not yet, I am getting that hot itchy feeling that is the nerves trying to fix themselves.

I spoke to the surgeon today about more surgery????????????

Spanx for minature people!

My spanx arrived today that are to replace my compression garment next Tuesday.

I ordered the size the Dr told me to get, a small.

I opened the box and wondered if perhaps they had mistakenly packed knickers for one of Snow Whites dwarfs, they are TINY!!!

They are pictured here next to standard kitchen scissors so you get a true impression of the tiny - ness.

Gonna have to do some serious wiggling to get these bad boys on ????????????

A new phase

There seems to be so many ups and downs after this procedure!

It's been Just over 7 weeks for me now and I am 100% back to normal activity. There is still an element of bruising though and both my sides are slightly tender if knocked /squeezed too hard. Waistbands continue to be cruel to my stomach, even though none are tight now.

The swelling. The bloody swelling comes and goes so one day you feel super skinny, the next big again which feels very deflating.

It's hard not to look every day for improvement but honestly, it's the worst thing you can do!!

The bruising, swelling and hot sensations confirm I'm still healing. Everyone who knows about this stuff says I'm way off my final result.

Today though, I tried on my gym bottoms and it prompted this update. I never thought I'd ever again be able to wear them without a long top.

Photo included, along with a bad day two weeks ago for balance.

It's a long old journey, that's for certain, but still not one iota of regret ????

10 weeks today

And it feels like so much more than that. The changes are much slower now than in the early stages.

The biggest difference for me at this stage is how my clothes feel on my body.

The naughty little creatures that would always live in my wardrobe and sew my clothes tighter have left. Everything feels great on, and no more horrible bulges.

My belly though is not flat, as I knew it wouldn't be before the op, but as is human nature to keep wanting more/better, I am disappointed it's not pan flat if I'm honest. My body simply isn't long enough to look like a Victoria's Secret model and no amount of lipo will change that.

But in an effort to eek out every drop of lipo possible, I am sleeping in my cg with an abdominal board underneath, and a spanx like pair of knickers on top. It's all good as long as I don't need a wee in the night!!!!

Hopefully I'll continue to flatten.

Without question, I as much still 100% pleased I had this procedure.

Four months on

It's been a while since my last update, little has changed so I guess I'm pretty much at my final result.

A lot of fat was taken from my lower abs as I was so much bigger there to start with, it means that my upper abs look much better than my lower abs.

So, for the next two months before I update again, I'm going to start daily lower abdominal work to see if I can improve the bulge there.

Fully clothed I am thrilled with the result. I feel much more confident and look much better in my clothes. I am wearing things I never would have done pre op and not needing to suck anything in!!

If you are considering this op and are roughly the same size as I was, you need to be realistic about the outcome. Fully clothed I look as trim as I could ever have hoped for, but naked I am not flat.

Having said that though, I still highly recommend this procedure. You spend so little time in bikinis in public anyway!!!

7 months post

I can say I now feel 100% normal. No numbness or tingling, any bloated feelings I get now are only due to how much alcohol I had the day before!

These pics were taken today, in very unforgiving white bikini bottoms. No holding in occurred!

The only negative I've been left with, is my one sided - ness around the waist (I had a hip issue as a child so have always gone in on one side significantly more than the other) has been emphasised, but I can live with that.

I am pleased with how I look at 43, and cannot believe I was ever as big as I was pre op, especially on the side on view.

The only remaining evidence of the op...

Hardly anything at all
Cardiff Plastic Surgeon

Mr Karoo is a lovely man who immediately put me at ease. He explained everything comprehensively and I felt safe in his care. The staff at the clinic are great too, especially Kat on reception. She probably didn't even realise it, but on the day of the procedure, had it not been for her I would have been a quivering wreck, I was so nervous

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