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My name is Donna I'm 38 years old and live in...

My name is Donna I'm 38 years old and live in Somerset in the UK. I have four children the yoUngest is seven and a half months old and the eldest is 21 years old. Big span!

In 2004 I underwent my first breast augmentation but unfortunately I was ones of the PIP rupture patients and only had them for 4 years before they had to be removed. At this time I remarried and decided not to have the implants put back in and try for another baby. Two years later and 10 miscarriages at early stage of pregnancy I decided to give up and get my boobs back !!! I started my quest to find a new surgeon and consulted with 4 different surgeons that had good qualification and experience and ended up feeling best settled with Dr Simon Lee from Bristol.

I had my breasts re-augmented which I was over the moon with, I was soooo over the moon that he asked me if I would like to go up to Bristol film studios for the day along wIth some of his other former patients and have some photos done and talk about ( on camera ) my experience with him and his clinic which I was more than happy to do !

You can have a look at my results on YouTube I will add it to my blog here but I am not an advert I am a real patient as I know that you are not aloud to be someone that is just an advert for the doctor..... I promise I am the real deal .... On the YouTube vid I am Donna Nethercott although I think I look goofy on there my hair has gone wonky and the makeup artist smeared horrid brown eyeshadow all over my eyes !!!! i will share because it has my before and after pics on.

I had this done on the 1st September 2010, in May 2011 I became pregnant with a 'staying in there baby' , forward on 9 months I give birth and have gained a whopping 72 lbs ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH
So for the last six months I have dieted and worked hard to jog that fat off allllll of it !
However I am now left with nipples that sit well below my implants .... MASSIVE nipples, and a very saggy tummy slightly rounded from my muscle divarification and really want to have a full tummy tuck and breast uplift with much smaller implants so I can jog lots as I'm really enjoying my fitness more than ever these days and feel my 500 gram implants are to big for this new lifestyle change really.
My husband says that he love me the way I am and I say that I don't love me the way I am and refuse to go on holiday until I feel human in a bikini again.
On the 17th September I went back to surprise him with my new baby and new saggy bits.
He was as lovely as before and after telling him about my lifestyle change (lots of jogging) he recommended that I go with a very soft round implants .... Note: don't forget I have large teardrop shape right now. I have my second consult tomorrow at 11 o'clock and here are the questions I am going to ask tomorrow
1. Are the implants cohesive gel ?

2. Does he recommend anything for scar treatment ?

3. Laxatives - good idea or not ?

4. Does he use compression garments ?

5. Band width of post op bra - shall I go up a size or 2 for swelling ?

6. How long till I can shower ?

7. How long is the operation?

8. How long is my hospital stay ?

9. Will I have drains - how long for ?

10. How long until I can lift baby gently from cot to pushchair to high chair etc ?

11. I feel that if the new implant is placed into the same pocket ( which is currently above the muscle) it will be far too big a pocket for a considerably smaller implant and will let the new implant flip awkwardly ......this can look odd as I have a friend that this happens to.....or will the uplift make this tighter ? Can I have the bit between ?

Anyway enough for now I will update after consult tomorrow and will also add some pics of what I look like now
27 DAYS TO GO and nervous not of the job he will do because I already know that he is good just nervous about dying and leaving my children and feel very mixed emotion about my selfishness and my need to feel good about me again .... Watch this space ;))

Okay so I've been dying to update but haven't been...

Okay so I've been dying to update but haven't been able to because my computer has gone down but I've discovered a new way to update I've got Siri on my iPhone so now I can talk into it and hopefully everything will come out okay and I can update like this because typing on my phone is a nightmare. So on 5 October I went up to see my plastic surgeon For my second consult and came out with a completely different plan!
My appointment was actually meant to be just 15 minutes but I ended up spending over an hour Harping on about all the things I don't want to Risk and all the things that I now want to do like running! That's what I like about Dr Lee he never rushes you out of the door he sits there and listens and talks about everything with you Other places treat you like a cattle market, meat in meat out, I asked to feel the weight of some of the implants and he pulled loads of implants out Of his draw and i ended up selecting a very very small one which was actually 170 ml And looked at him and said just for a little bit of poof ?
He explained that if I wanted to be this small and was happy to be as small as a B cup That he thought that I had enough tissue to achieve this with an uplift using a special infolding technique both superior and inferior pedicle with waistcoating and Prevents the risk of all the things that I go on about like capsular contracture, Flipping, rupture, rotation or whatever And would reduce my risk of infection!
He said that if I end up too small he could always do a small breast augmentation for me in the future but to be honest I'll just be happy to be back too easy life easy running not thinking about going into surgery ever again Even if it is in say 15 , 20, 30 or 40 years time! So the suggestion that he could do this for me without an implant was like music to my ears.... Don't forget I'm also having a full abdominoplasty So think small boobs will look really nice on me!
I've also asked him to reduce the size of my nipples as they are huge think I've said this before but I'm putting my photos on today anyway so you can see!
When I took my pics to put on here I ended up crying because when I went through the pics I actually realised that I'm a lot worse than what I thought I was so I'm actually even more glad that I'm going to get sorted out!
To be completely honest I know a lot of people are comfortable with their implants and I have been comfortable with my Implants But I do find them kind of annoying And think that I would like to be able to lay on my front without having the feeling of lying on folded up material balls You just to deal with it because you like the look of them Now I don't want to deal with anything Over the last six years my breasts have cost me Along with the abdominoplasty I'm about to have as well 22,000 English pounds As on my first augmentation I have to pay to go back because I had a capsular on my left side And they turned out to be Ruptured PIP implants and I had to also have further surgery to remove silicon lumps out of my armpits lymph nodes so in total I've had Five operations on my breasts just about to have my sixth with TT So you can probably see why I've had enough! Save this really is it for me now if I don't like my breasts the way they look after this time I am going to put up with it and live with it so keep your fingers Crossed for me!
I have every faith in Dr Lee that he will achieve the best that can be achieved for me without implants.... He said they will be small but they will be perky I like the sound of this.
19 days to go and guess what I realised it's going to be Halloween So I'm going to look well gory for it Ha ha

Hi everyone It's 16 days till my surgery and the...

Hi everyone
It's 16 days till my surgery and the main thing I've been doing is stretching my jubbly belly downward and inward in a scrunching motion showing or telling anyone who will listen that this is what I will look like then on my own scrunching up my boobs on top of my implants wondering how the hell my PS is going to make anything out of them and I keep having visions of him getting down to surgery and removing the implants and thinking the same " like how the hell can I make anything out of this crappy stretched bit tissue so then I go back to focusing on the TT !
Next thing is the panic of dying I even feel like I shouldn't write it on here incase I become the story of the woman who blogged about her panic of dying in surgery and did die , it's doing my head in .... I'm only scared of dying because my children would be messed up and yet I know that all mums panic about this so stop writing it !
I got on the scales this morning and have put 4 lb back on so went on Xbox Zumba and took baby for a walk up the hill in pram and got back on my must eat sensibly diet.
I wanted to get down to 9 st 13 for my op which is achievable but then I'm thinking what if that bit of fat comes off my boobs instead of arms an legs and then I have no boob left for uplift job ?
My brain ! Owch !
I finished making my body protector today , I made a frame out of copper tubing and covered it with firm material over the top of some padding to put over my body so my 8 month old cant accidently crawl on my front but with this can actually lie on my front for a cuddle without putting any weight on me ... Ill take a pic tomorrow to show you what I mean!
I'm only having drains in for 2 days he said he will remove them before I go home , mental how diff surgeons can do things sooo differently.
Had a dream that my old PS and new PS moved in with me bizzare obvs time getting closer is taking up 80% of my thought process.

12 days to go until my surgery. I've been having...

12 days to go until my surgery. I've been having nightmares anybody else get this? I dreamt that my plastic surgeon woke me up told me to look at myself and I had one boob sewn on sideways with no nipple. My Tummy Looked exactly the same only I had a scar across the bottom of it. It was a very neat scar though! I cried and cried and cried and my plastic surgeon said that I should be more realistic about my results and I looked fantastic.
I showed my husband and he'd to thought I looked fantastic so I thanked dr lee and went on my way and I walked 5 miles through the woods home with no pain whatsoever and not even a binder and thought how amazing it was that I had major surgery without the pain.
Anyway back to the real I've lost more weight I weighed nine stone 13 when I got up this morning hurrah But also worried that this is taking away tissue from my breasts so he won't have anything left to make any breast atall.... oh well flatties it will be As long as they are symmetrical I'll be okay with this.

Well it's one week to go until my surgery and I...

Well it's one week to go until my surgery and I got to say I am a flipping nightmare ! For one I'm absolutely shattered and am only getting around 2 to 3 hours sleep a night with a teething baby ! He doesn't sleep anyway so teething isn't much of an excuse.
My latest feeling is the anaesthetist won't be able to bring me around due to me needing a good catch up!
I've met so many people on here you would not believe ( well you probably would as we're all doing the same thing on here ) plenty of chatting about this that and the other and some of it absolutely hilarious but things we all wonder about ! The latest chat I've had with some of the tummy tuck ladies is how pleased a lot of them are with their new hitched up vajay jays due to the Tummy Tuck hehe I think this is a lovely little side accompaniment to the main dish and so adding to my previous scrunching down of my tummy showing to all who will dare look now I've even hitched mine up and showed my hubby and close friend what it will look like after. They laugh at me and I find my own actions quite funny but also am pretty serious about it also ;))
Still stressing about my boobs lacking in tissue and have to remind myself I'm not Dr Simon Lee and its his job to worry what he's gonna do with them and I really really don't care if they are almost flat I just want them to look the same as each-other and make sure my nipples are much smaller because the size they are now would look very odd stuck on flat boobs I've even measured my 14 year old daughters areola to see how much needs to be chopped off mine ... Again why am I measuring ? I'm not the surgeon am I !!!
I feel glad I've got my surgeon though because I've had him before I know what a decent man he is and how he is with after are etc, I've read so many stories on here and spoken to other women that have had their surgery and the surgeon changes to 'I'm to sexy for my shirt' attitude and beside manner stinks etc I already know this is not Dr Lees style.
I've bitten my nails so bad this week where I'm getting anxious about actually having the surgery that when it comes to it they will go to put the heart rate monitor clip thingy on my finger in theatre and think what a stig I am haha toe nails not looking that good either not bitten though .... Jeeezzze imagine .... No actually don't.
I'm excited too aswell as nervous excited that I will be able to go on top in sex without having a brain glitch about a saggy belly .... Just saying !
When I googled about the vagina looking lifted better from TT I however with laughter as one of the first things that popped up was someone commenting that a friend of theirs found that their ass hole felt in a different place when they wiped and then the next one was complaining that their husband felt like he was hung like a horse and she didn't like it !
OMG the stuff you can find on here ( the net ) is beyond beyond !
On a more serious note I asked my PS if I had to wear a compression garment and he said yes but I forgot to ask how long for so I'm going to email his secretary tomorrow and ask her.
I'm so fascinated by surgery and how it's done I want to go to a live op and watch think my dream job would be a theatre nurse where I could pass the instruments needed. You tube will have to do I suppose ! Anyway ill update with more thoughts at a later date as I'm sure there will be plenty more in my manic little mind ;)

Pre op blood work tomorrow ..,, getting closer ! 6...

Pre op blood work tomorrow ..,, getting closer ! 6 days hello flat tummy good bye big tits !
Just..... CRAZY

Tomorrow I'm going surfing and having a fat lunch...

Tomorrow I'm going surfing and having a fat lunch with my friends ........
Pffffttttt who am I kidding ?
ERMMM me ! Tomorrow is the day ! And what have I done in prep ? Well everyone else on here talks about toilet risers, walkers, posh binders, cebralex, dilaudid , Rx, percetin or something like that and me ?
I plucked my nostril hair and got a bra Hahahaa
Lack of sleep from nerves ? I got a baby that doesn't sleep so nothing out of the norm there !
Can't wait to wake up alive that's about it for me !
Ill update tomorrow when I'm on my way to see Dr Lee ;))

On my way feel ok actually slept better last night...

On my way feel ok actually slept better last night .... Yes bit nervous but know I'm in brilliant hands !
Still bit tired so looking forward to a sleep.
Had mad dream again last night won't share that though as it a bit much and slightly wrong ..... Ill update and rate when I'm out guys and thanks for all the private messages of well wishers xxxx

Well all is done and I am very pleased with how...

Well all is done and I am very pleased with how low my scar is and guess what ? There are little mounds where my massive breasts were so Dr Simon Lee did infact make something out of me. The food in spire Bristol is absolutely amazing like going to a posh restaurant no kidding
Most of the staff have been fantastic but you do get a couple that make you feel like a pain and handle you a bit rough and in my opinion are bit lazy. But like I said nearly all are spot on and lovely. The anesthetist was brilliant and kept me well informed and visited me the next day also. Very very nice man.
So I'm very pleased with my treatment so far and Dr Lee is very professional in his skill as surgeon and bedside manner etc friendly and warm and I'm so glad I had him even though I hurt lol x

Hello everyone I'm now 6 full days post op and...

Hello everyone I'm now 6 full days post op and have added some pics that were. Taken at the dressing change yesterday up in Bristol. Well what can I say ? Dr Simon Lee is like God ..... What a creator !
I am so over the moon with what he has achieved for me you just cannot understand lol. I actually feel great, the first day after having the procedure I thought Omg this is the worst pain ever and how the hell am I going to cope with going home in the car on day 2 as its quite a way! And how am I going to cope with my baby seeing me this way ? My experience with spire nursing is a whole different story but I am not hear to evaluate the hospital staff I am hear to evaluate Dr Lee my surgery and surgery results which I cannot fault one bit ! The anaesthetist was a very lovely caring professional man who rang after my surgey the following morning to check on me and also came around to see me the following afternoon. Dr Simon Lee was absolutely amazing explained everything and knew that I was going to be happy when he came to see me after my surgery as he walked in with a beaming smile! I am soooo lucky that I had him as I explained before I had very very little breast tissue and what I did have was really very mushy stretched. He has made me pert little mountains and they are just like the boobs I had at 15 .... I say 15 because I breast fed at 16 so that's when they first got a bit mullered. My tummy on dressing change is fantastic my scar is very low as I requested and neat. I will definitely be wearing hipster jeans for the fist time ever since hipsters weren't in fashion when I was 15 and when they came in I was devastated to miss out Haha Now I'm in!
I know the technique that Dr Lee used on my breasts is tailored to his own as I cannot find what I have had done anywhere on the net and I am a total researcher .... Yes there are similar techniques but not exactly the way he has done it.... I have spoken to him about this but feel I am not in the position to explain it to anyone wanting to know correctly as I am not a surgeon ..... However if you want this done you should call him to ask for details ( Lifestylesurgery.com )
I stayed 3 nights in hospital because I asked Dr Lee for an extra night because of the long journey home and my baby being looked after by my husband and thinking I would find it so difficult going home in a sports car that drives like a plank. He agreed and my journey home the next morning was extremely comfortable and I was in good spirits due to feeling so much more human !
The nursing care team I feel have let Dr Lee down as they are rude and lazy and do as little as possible, not all obviously some were diamonds but there are a few in there that need sorting out. When the anaesthetists and surgeons arrive on the ward they all change their demeanour like your would not believe almost bowing to to them and acting like they are super efficient when 5 mins previously they should not be called nursing staff in any shape or form. This has been put on a feed back form and I will be complaining to Dr Lee because he will be really disappointed to know this and will also want it sorted! However I was extremely lucky during my stay to have a tall black lady called Naomi that was on a shift who was absolutely fantastic and without her I would have gone mental, she removed my drains was very careful with me and had a proper caring manner about her got me meds when I asked straight away and chatted very friendly to me while she worked and was what I call a proper nurse by nature not just someone there to take a wage. Anyway moving on from that,
I had a full on day yesterday 5 days post op going back up to Bristol going out to a cafe and doing some food shopping later that afternoon that I felt a bit worse for wear last night and think I over did it so have had a real lazy day today.
Friday I will be able to shower as I think all my tape comes off so I will update then and let you know how my day went as regards recovery , if I had an office job I could manage to be there already provided it was just a little walking and sitting at a desk... Even feel like I could drive but wouldn't be allowed as here in the UK you would not be covered by insurance I don't think.?.... Luckily for me I'm a house wife so I can take as long as I like ;))
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

I originally found this provider by researching and researching the Internet then going to see 4 of the registered experienced/qualified surgeons that were top notch with good reviews ! Note it's English pounds not dollars in the price box. This is the second time I have had surgery with Dr Simon Lee and you can't fault him in anyway. Very friendly and professional with an excellent bedside mannor and has impeccably neat scaring !!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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