27 Y/o. 150lb Weight Loss Left Excess Skin. Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift/augmentation, Armlift and Lipo

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4 years ago I reached the biggest I had ever been...

4 years ago I reached the biggest I had ever been in my life, I weighed over 23 stone (approx 320lb/145kg). I not only was at my heaviest but I was also at my lowest; I stayed at home all day, and worked from home, and just ate. After trying to change my life by losing weight the old fashioned way my knees started to go and my back would constantly hurt from just walking. I gave up and got worse.

...Until my sister became pregnant and I got worried that I would die before he graduated. I booked myself in for a gastric band. I have since lost 11 stone 7 lb in the last 3 years but I have serious amounts of excess skin that I need to get rid of. I have taken to wearing a lovely piece of 'sucky in' underwear every day as the skin just jiggles and is highly annoying and unflattering. I also will never, ever, under any circumstances have my arms out as I am scared I may just take off.

I have booked a consultation with a group that was recommended to me by a friend and will find out my options on 29/03/16. I am going in with the view on arm lift, lower body lift and potentially a breast augmentation, as the 'fun bags' are more like empty bags now. I miss my boobs. I don't want to get a thigh lift though, they're also a little jiggly but with tights or leggings on they're sucked in enough and quite honestly I always had little, out of proportion, legs.

I have this strange feeling of excitement and fear about my consultation. It will hurt, I'm aware, this terrifies me. I will probably also look a little like Frankenstein's bride, though I can always tattoo over the scars if they bother me that greatly. I need to do this though, this is the last step I need to take to the goal I have been working on for 3/4 years.

I'm hoping that someone out there has been through a similar thing and can give advice!

Initial consultation

I had my initial consultation today. Didn't get the news I exactly wanted to hear. I may not be able to get it all done at once, which puts a massive cog in the works as I only have limited time before I never truly get time off work again!

I have two options now, the surgeon local to me for consultations and check-ups who cannot/will not combine more that 2 procedures or the surgeon I have to travel 3+ hours for who is more open to combining procedures. The plan is now to send over some pictures to both surgeons to get their initial opinions, discuss who is best suited for the job and book my next consultation. I'm swaying towards the far away surgeon, partially as he is nicknamed 'the god of surgery' by his patients on the company's forums but that all could change.

27 Y/o. 150lb Weight Loss Left Excess Skin. Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift/augmentation, Armlift and Lipo.

I'm 27, 5'5 and have lost around 150lb. My weight loss has left me with serious excess skin which thanks to this website I will be getting removed in July. I have been lurking on this website for awhile now; looking at the before & after pictures, reading peoples stories and building the courage to finally get it done myself.

After several consultations with several surgeons I am happy with the surgeon I have chosen. After my meeting a few weeks ago we have decided upon a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation (I miss my old boobs), liposuction and arm lift.

My next appointment is on June 15th; surgery is on July 16th.

Sadly I have already started packing.

Surgery day and day 1

Surgery day

I didn't sleep the night before, so when the alarm went off at 5am I was shattered. After an hour drive I arrived at the hospital with my partner and dad for moral support (and to carry bags).

The staff made me feel very comfortable from the outset and I was told I was heading down to surgery in an hour! Swiftly, Ian Thomas, my anesthesiologist, came in to check some details and to introduce himself. He gave me the lowdown of what was expected to happen and told me that Anthony MacQuillan would soon be in.

And soon it was indeed. I was intricately doodled on and every step of the procedure was explained along the way. I felt like I was completely aware of what was going to happen to me. Which was a great relief.

Next thing I knew I was out the door, saying my goodbyes and 'I love yous', and getting on the lift. Mr Thomas made me feel very comfortable as he put me under, my nervousness disappeared pretty quickly as he talked to me.

...10 hours later I was in recovery surrounded by people and feeling rather sick. Everyone did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and even surprising me with the news that my dad had waiting around the entire time for me. Mr MacQuillan and Mr Thomas both came in to see me to let me know how everything went then I was taken back to my room.

I don't remember much past that...

Day 1

Most of today I have been sleeping. The morphine has me sleeping through everything. I have had several visits from my surgeon and the other doctors, it's lovely to feel like they are really here for you and care that you're feeling alright. I can't praise the nurses highly enough either, from painkillers to chats to keep my sanity, they have just been amazing.

Throughout the day I have been feeling much better. I felt so rough this morning that I couldn't even hold my phone or swallow water really. Now I've had a lovely dinner and I'm texting away on my phone to family. My arms probably hurt the most, my tummy only hurts when I try sit up or shuffle around and my breasts just feel a little like constant pressure rather than pain.

I have already had two drains removed from my arms, I can now move them properly! However, that was after the horrible ordeal of having to get out of bed. That was agony. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so bad when I have to do the same again...

Day 2

Today was much better. I didn't feel sick when I stood up. I wasn't in complete agony when getting comfortable in bed. I haven't even used my morphine pump much. Feeling more human again!

Day 3

Today has been the best day so far. Been able to get out of bed with no help. Morphine pump has been taken away. Had the catheter and the last 4 drains removed. Never have I been so proud to go pee on my own!

Now I am untethered and off the strong stuff I have officially been given the okay to go home tomorrow. Binders and dressing changed will be on first thing in the morning before getting loaded with morphine to take the edge off the journey home. Can't wait!

I haven't seen the full effects of the surgery yet because the mirror is high up and quite small, plus the fact I'm hunched over like a 139 year old. From the picture I've seen my boobs look mental, but that's expected this early and I look a little boxy and square. I don't know whether it is the swelling making me boxy or that is my natural shape, either way it doesn't matter to me. Getting the surgery at all was the icing on the weight loss cake, being curvy would've just been the sprinkles. I'm thrilled with the results thus far.

Day 5

My PS came to see me again yesterday. Apparently I'm healing very well! My dressings were all changed and not a single stitch has come away, which is a surprise considering how much I had done.

I am home now, the journey home wasn't terrible and apart from the AWFUL back pain from being so hunched over all the time I'm doing okay.

1 week post op

Pictures from 2 week post op (Saturday 23rd). Walking for more than 5 minutes hurts my back as I'm so hunched over. I can't get myself dressed or cook my own food. It is getting frustrating.

Along with the massive swelling that still makes me feel fat I have the biggest bruise I have ever seen in my life. I was briefly concerned it was a hematoma that would need to be drained b mutual my PS said it's not a concern.
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

I have no regrets about choosing Anthony MacQuillan as my surgeon. I knew right away from meeting him that he was the person I wanted operating on me. He has done an incredible job and really cares about his patients, not just the physical aspects either, how you feel emotionally after your procedure.

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