Bad Experience with Davin Lim and Nurse Emily

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My face has been scarred by a Picosure...

My face has been scarred by a Picosure rejuvenation treatment I had with young nurse Emily in July at Westside Detmatology. I was originally seeking help from Dr Davin Lim in May to help heal micro scarring I had on my chin, nose and between my eyes caused by an overly aggressive Dermapen treatment I had elsewhere the year before. Dr Lim performed two laser treatments to help reduce redness with a v beam laser. I asked him to be conservative but as I was lying down for the first treatment with eye shields on he said 'I can't help myself' and turned the machine up to a higher setting - he seems to always want to go for 'more bang for your buck'. After this treatment there were a few marks in my chin and nose that looked like raised infected mosquito bites that wouldn't fully go away and I still have the trace of these small lumps on my nose & chin. On the second treatment with Dr Lim I told him about these marks but he wasn't really listening and blocked me with the standard speil, 'I use this laser in babies all the time.' Even so, the machine setting was obviously too high for my skin and he marked me again. I looked into the Picosure laser as the marketing states it's the safest laser and doesn't cause scarring - just like the false marketing promise of the Dermapen. Be warned: in the hands of gung-ho practitioners who go against protocol and advised settings by the laser companies, you play Russian Roulette with your face. I asked to have Emily perform the picosure on the areas of scarring, thinking she would be more conservative than Dr Lim. Not so. Before the treatment I asked Emily if the laser had ever caused scarring. She said no. I asked her to be conservative and told her I only wanted it done on my chin, upper lip, nose and forehead and chest area where the Dermapen treatment had caused marks. The treatment was quick and lying there, eye shields on and covered in numbing cream, Emily said, 'I'll just quickly feather in the rest of your face.' I had no time to consider this or say no - she quickly ran over the rest of my face - which was unscarred. After the treatment my face was red and steaky looking. I looked down at my chest and saw white trails - I guess it must have been frosting from the laser. By the next day I looked normal. About 1-2 weeks later after washing my face, I noticed small balls of soft skin come off my temples as I dried my face. After that I started noticing pits on my forehead where Emily must have been burning sun spots and keratosis, but went too deep and I also noticed abrasive streaks on my cheeks, chin, upper lip and crows feet area - my cheeks and eye area were never a problem to me - they were smooth and natural, but to young Emily they must have been awful so she thought she was doing me a favour my treating areas I didn't ask for and fried the life out of my skin. My skin then started to sting and feel raw in these areas and still does now, 2 months after treatment. The effect of this treatment has been traumatic. I wrote to Westside Dernatology two weeks after the picosure treatment letting them know what happened and asking for advise on what to treat my skin with as I was about to leave for overseas. I got no response - which sums up the level of care and lack of professionalism in the practice. Young girls man the reception at Westside Dermatology so there's no one to show compassion or give advice, but Dr Lim seems to head the show, so responsibly as my consulting dermatologist falls to him. As I am still overseas, I want to make an appointment to see Dr Lim as soon as I return home in 2 weeks so I sent another email to outline the problem. I have again received no reply or appointment. They are no doubt hoping I'll disappear. So much for Dr Lim's measured responses & advice on Real Self - the reality is that he isn't a caring dermatologist. Whenever someone has a problem after a laser treatment the advice on Real Self is to make an urgent appointment to see your consulting dermatologist - that's what I'm trying to do, but they are not responding.
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