19yr Old, Had Tuberous Breast Pre Op Size 14AA, Post Op Unknown - Brisbane, AU

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I have never been a person who wanted plastic...

I have never been a person who wanted plastic surgery just wasn't my thing but I have had a lot of health problems in the last 4 years and thought that is the reason why I didn't develop, wasn't till a ex of mine compared my boobs to a 12 year old, I then knew I had to do something about it.
I was already looking at getting a BA but thought maybe in a couple more years. I did a lot of research with surgeons and decided to have a consult with Dr Phill Richardson, I found out I had tuberous breast and that is part of reason I never developed.
After the consult I did some thinking and realised I needed to do this for myself as I have never had any self confidence and the time was right.
I booked in the date of the surgery and then had my 2nd consultation.. I was worried I would go to big all I wanted was to be in proportion to the rest of my body. They showed me what each implant would look like with 3D imaging and I chose 400cc silicon both sides.
2 weeks before my surgery I went back as I was worried I was going to big but once I put the implants on I knew they were right.
On the 14th of May I had my surgery at North lakes day hospital, have never met such nice staff. I wasn't nervous I was just excited.
I woke up 3 hours later with some boobs!! Yay :)

Post op day 5

It's already been 5 days since the surgery I can't believe it!!
The last two days I haven't felt myself been feeling a bit low but I have read that can happen. Feeling much better this morning just the thought I have finished all the drugs makes me happy. I got sick from the pain medication so I stopped that on day 2.
Once I got over the fact I finally got some boobs, I have been worried about the shape, they seem to look flat from the front especially in the sports bra. I'm trying not to worry over it untill I go back and see my doctor on wednesday.

Post op day 5

Pressed the wrong button meant go add this photo too.


It's officially one week post op and what a week it has been!
From waking up happy I am not flat chested, to having to stop the pain meds on day 2 as they were making me so sick. Then thinking there were to wide and not perky enough, worried I picked the wrong size to now where I couldn't be happier!
I saw my surgeon today ,1st time since the surgery and finally saw how he reconstruct my nipples ( something I have being stressing about not knowing what a normal nipple should look like)
It looks amazing! He did such a great job!!
He also told me I didn't get 400cc put in as he wasn't happy with the size with the width of my back so he put in 450cc, which I am glad he did now they are in :)
I know I am still extremely swollen but I am already so happy with how they look can not wait for the next couple of months to see what happens.

Not happy with the shape

So it's nearly 3 weeks since I had my op.
I'm really worried they are to far apart, it doesn't look like I have any boobs when I put a bikini on, I know everyone says it takes months to take shape but I don't see how it will change. Feeling pretty crap about it all at the moment :(

Laying on your stomach

I'm about to go away for 4 days to a spa resort with a friend wondering if I can lie on my stomach for a massage it's been a month since my op.
When did everyone start lying on their stomachs?

Just over 4 weeks and finally getting a bit happier with my result

It's been what feels like a long time but I think they are finally getting some shape, well hopefully!
Had a great week away with my best friend, am we had a spa in our room and for the 1st time I put on a bikini and actually wore it around someone, have so much ore confidence even though I wish they were a little bigger and more defined.
But slowly getting happier :)

8 weeks post op.

I saw my surgeon today as it has been 8 weeks post op, was suppose to see him at 6 but I have been sick.
I went shopping last week and bought 4 bras it was very exciting to be able to pick anything I wanted and not just go to the push up area and see if there's enough stuffing in it.
I got fitted at Myers and Bras and things, they were both different.. 14C and 14D, I am wondering if it's just the different brands. But can't wait to get more!
I am so happy... Even though my doctor won't let me wear them for 3 more weeks becuase I'm still swollen I took a couple of photos in them :p
I now get to take my tape of the insicion and start massaging them so they can drop more.
I can't believe how fast the time has gone and can't wait to see the end result!!
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