14 Year Old Mistake - Bridgewater, NJ

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At 18 my best friend wanted to get a tattoo. She...

At 18 my best friend wanted to get a tattoo. She choose a combination of our initials and made the design herself. Via poor judgment I ended up with the exact same tattoo on just a little above and to the right of my pubis. I have regretted it deeply and been highly embarrassed anytime another person saw it. I have looked into having it removed several times and always been too afraid of the amount of pain people mentioned and the blisters and blood I saw. I decided to try Bridgewater Reflections as they were near by and have a reputation for being pleasant. I meet with them and had the first round the same day. They said I was a good candidate and to expect it to take 4-6 visits at $200/visit in order to have it gone without a trace.

Six Weeks After 1st Treatment

Six weeks after the first treatment I can see some lightening of the black to a dark brown. The edges are a little blurry. It is not a huge improvement but I am hopeful that after three to five more treatments it will have disappeared completely. I had a few drops of blood on the day around the area where the laser was applied. I did not have any blisters, bruising or discomfort. They used Q switch lasers and there was no pain before and only a minimal discomfort after.

Round 2

I just completed the second round of laser removal. Again no pain. I am attaching photos of what the tattoo looked like before they put any salve or bandages on in the morning, the second photo is in the evening about 7 hours after it was done. You can see there is some redness but no pain or discomfort. Next appointment is in eight weeks and I am very hopeful that I will need only two more.

8 weeks After 2nd Treatment

I am 8 weeks out from the second treatment. I have the third one scheduled for next Tuesday evening. I am hopeful that with two more treatments the mistake I made will be gone forever.

8 Weeks Post Round 2

The fading is going very well, I have experienced no pain or ill effects. I have my next appointment in 4 days and I am hoping that only two more will be necessary.
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