34 Yr Old Mama of Two Breast Fed Boys. 5'4'' 120 Lbs. Ready to Fill out a Bra! - Leawood, KS

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I have a similar story to many. I was a 32B most...

I have a similar story to many. I was a 32B most my life and always wanted bigger boobs. I would put in my 'chicken cutlets' to stuff my padded bra and work what I could. Then I had my awesome boys and they sucked what little I had out of me. I went to a 32 barely A. Bras now ride up since there is hardly anything to put them in place. My chicken cutlets don't work anymore because they are too big for my A bras. I am finally at a point in my life where I can be a little selfish.
My boys are currently 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 so not picking them up will be a challenge after recovery. My husband is able to take some time off to help, which i really appreciate. He does not think I should do the surgery and since this is an "elective procedure" I am fearful he may not be as supportive as he claims he will be. I am appreciative that I found this website for all the added information and support!
My hope post surgery is to be a small D. I showed several friends my photos with the 375 high profile implants I was thinking of getting, and they all said to go for the 400cc implants which is the max suggested by my doc. I'm now confused, which size to get but have another visit to my doc's office on the 3rd to make a final decision. I keep reading people regretting going too small and don't want to make the same decision but also don't want to increase the chances of saggy boobs or back discomfort from bigger boobs (even if only a few tablespoons!). Also, I will be getting the Natrelle Inspira implant. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Now pics

Just wanted to add some before pictures for comparison later. I don't know what's up with my wonky nipple

Decided on 385cc Natrelle Inpira

Today I met with Dr Hodges nurse Kimber to finish my paperwork, decide on final breast implant size and pay the surgeons fees. After two weeks of going back and forth I decided to go a little larger with the 385cc implant. I'm fairly confident I will be happy with this choice.
Post op bras purchased as well as ice packs. Surgery is scheduled for 1pm on the 15th. 12 more days!

Telling my fam

I decided to call my grandma yesterday who is like a mom to me. Well she wasn't home so I thought "what the hell" and told my poor grandpa who never answers the phone but did this time. Hilarity insued. I tried to get him to tell my gram for me but he called me a chicken and said he wouldn't! A few hours later I called my grandma again and told her. I was really surprised by how supportive they both were about this. I come from a very opinionated family and to have their complete support ( although they didn't think I needed it) was not only surprising but so appreciated. At 34 I thought I'd be in trouble by my almost 80 yr old grandparents! Now I just have to call my dad! Eek!
On a side note I am three days away from surgery and ready to get it over with. The only thing I dwell on is how everything will look when I'm a grandma! Will I still be getting new implants when I'm 80 and have saggy thin skin? I'm sure I am going to make my boobs look worse in the long run with implants. I'm such a planner that living for the moment is a challenge. I also have fun NYE plans two weeks post surgery so I hope I will feel up to fun at that point!

Surgery is in two hours!

I'm not feeling nervous at this point but I could punch someone I am so darn hungry. I get craaannnnnky when hungry. Trying to stay busy by prepping meals for my family to forget about it. Hard to do when hungry!
I have my bed set up with saltines and water for my return home and think I'm pretty well prepared. Like I said I'm not really feeling nervous but I am second guessing this decision. It seems crazy right now that I am doing this. All this risk for bigger boobs. I am 34 yr old mother of two. I have a awesome husband who thinks I should leave them alone. It better be worth it. I know I sound ungreatful I just am being negative nancy right now and have I mentioned I'm HUNGRY. See you on the other side!


Went into the surgical center a bit early. The place was clean, nothing terribly exciting to report there. The staff were all great though. Super sweet and comforting. I think my surgery started at about 1. I was wheeled to the OR after getting some "juice to relax" then starting breathing in a mask. Next thing I know I'm waking up and it is around 2:30. I felt really tired, my throat was sore and my boobs were about 6/10 on pain scale. They definitely hurt. I took a Percocet before leaving and another when I got home and that took the edge off just fine. It has now been a few hours and Ive been able to rest comfortably in my room at home. Dozing in and out, icing the boobs and munching on saltines. No nausea at all so far thank goodness. I hope things stay like this because it isn't bad. Tummy is a tad itchy.
I haven't gotten to check the girls out yet, but feel that they are tight as expected. Will update tomorrow with photos.

Surgery day photos

My bandages aren't very tight resulting in easy visual access to my girls. Looking big!

Post op day one

Today was a long one. I woke up feeling pretty darn good surprisingly but as soon as I got out of bed I was nauseous. I tried to eat but that seemed to make me nauseous but I had to eat to take the pain pills and not be nauseous. It was a vicious cycle. I went from taking 2 oxy's every 4 hrs to 1 every 5 hrs to reduce nausea and sleepiness. I seriously think I slept 80% of the day. It was the only way I felt decent, even with anti-nausea meds. Never really had any pain just didn't feel good. I did get my first look at them and am happy with the results so far. They are big but they will chill out over time
The surgical center called and checked on me as well as Dr Hodges. My first post-op appt is tomorrow. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow because it is going to be a busy day. Ugh! ????

Post op day 2 and 3

Day 2 was significantly better than day 1. My 3 yr old had a Xmas pageant that I was supposed to be hosting. It went great with the aid of a babysitter who helped pick the kids in and out of their car seats and held my 1 yr old. I was able to take a two he nap in the afternoon which was needed. I was pretty tired from then on but hung in there until about 9pm and slept pretty good. My post op appt was yesterday as well. Besides some swelling and still no BM I'm doing really well!

Post op day 3 has just started but I'm feeling pretty good. I'm trying to ice in between my breasts because I am visibly swollen there. Pain isn't bad with 1 oxy every 5 hrs. I have started really itching today though. Pretty brutal. All in all recovery is going really well. First day after surgery was rough but since then I've been pretty darn good! Hope it continues this way!

Magnesium Citrate

The pain meds had made me constipated so my doctor told me to take a 1/2 bottle of Magnesium Citrate (or how i will from now on refer to it as devils juice). I drank it and within an hour I was in the bathroom with the worst stomach pain I have ever experienced. I was freezing, teeth rattling, vomiting but sadly after 5 hours of this pain, I was NOT pooping! I just wanted to sleep so bad but the sharp pains wouldn’t let me.
In conclusion, if you are ever constipated and a stool softener isn’t working for you, do not take Magnesium Citrate. That is, unless you feel the need to be punished for something.

8 days later

Things are going fairly well on this end. The only big discomfort I have is in back from sleeping funny. My docs nurse had said I can sleep any way that is comfortable so I stopped with sleeping elevated, which I hope will help.I do have a little soreness and tightness of course but otherwise doing well.
I am at the stage where I just feel like I have a foreign object in me. They don't feel like part of me yet, which seems common as well. Tomorrow I get my stitches out so hopefully that goes well.

Before and 8 days later

I wanted to add a little modesty to my photos. Sorry!

Things are moving right along!

Christmas Eve was a turning point for me. My back stopped hurting, general pain was down and my energy had improved. Starting to feel like myself again. They are starting to get soldier and I am trying to remember to massage them but I don't really feel like I know why I'm doing. Still wearing sports bras round the clock. Pretty happy with my current results and look forward to firing into my NYE dress!

Holy sensitive nipples batman!

I am two weeks post op today and all of a sudden my nipples are so sensitive to the touch. I put small band aids over hem to prevent anything from rubbing on them. Apparently it has to do with your nerves being severed and should fix itself.

I bought a whole bunch of bras for VS semi annual sale. I know it is too early to know size for sure but they have a 90 day return policy so once I am finally allowed to wear underwire I can exchange if needed. Here are two of the bras. My size is 32DD to 32DDD. I may be one of the few people that is worried she went too big. They don't seem that big but when you struggle finding some bras in your size you have second thoughts!

The girls I thought were changing nicely but my 16 yr old sister saw them, poked at them and said they felt like balloons that we're going to pop!! I know 'this too shall pass'. Looking forward to the boobs chilling out a bit.

I also feel like I don't know what I'm doing with the massages. I was told to just avoid the middle second but don't know how often or how long I'm supposed to be massaging. Going to research now.

Hope everyone else is healing well and happy early New Years!

My bras came in! 3 weeks post op

Very glad I went with the 32dd. The VS employee was leaning towards 32ddd. I know they still may change but these are fitting very well. I've never worn an unlined lace bra and am so excited to be able to!
In general, I am feeling good. I can feel the right implant rubbing against my rib cage (I'm guessing), which feels bizarre but I've read should fix itself over time. I will ask the doc next week at my one month. Thinks are looking up and going down! :)

Just over 1 month

Not much to report. I had my one month check up which included photos and approval to wear any bra as long as they don't cause discomfort. I have been wearing a bunch of new bras and no issues with my scars at all! They are still high I think hit in happy with my progress! Hope everyone else's recovery is going well!

Two month update.

These photos were taken at 6 weeks but I have just passed my 2 month mark. Every once in a while I have a pinched feeling on my right (dominate) side but otherwise no pain or problems. I think they look great and am glad I went with the size I did. Fitting comfortably at a 32dd/34d. Some bras rub a little (on my chest near my arm pit) with these high profiles, which can be uncomfortable . I've learned what to look for in a bra.

1 1/2 yrs post surgery

I've been meaning to update this forever and am finally making the time. In general I am happy with my surgery decision. My breasts definitely look better now then they did prior to my surgery. I have more confidence and feel more proportional. However, I would definitely change things if I could go back.
The biggest change I would make is NOT choosing high profile. My doctor recommended it and I didn't second guess him. I wish I had studied more before and after photos of high profile implants. Mine look very fake with clothes on and often look like I have the dreaded double bubble with so much upper projection. I would MUCH prefer a more natural shape. If you are debating this for yourself look at tons of photos. This look was not my goal.
My other regret is size. I went back and forth on size and went too big. They don't look big with clothes off but with them on my size two frame looks bigger then it is. It can be a challenge finding size small shirts that don't pull too much in the chest. Mediums can swim on me. I find myself wearing bandeaus or light sports bras to push them down so I can wear certain shirts. Most bras are lined and even padded making me look even bigger so I've bought a lot of bralettes.
They don't hurt at all but still do feel odd when I'm playing with my kids on monkey bars or something. I still avoid sleeping on my stomach in fear of popping one! I wish I could minimize my gap between breasts but apparently that is genetic. All in all it was a good decision but my results aren't what I'd hoped for. Hope this helps someone else!

Dr. Hodge and staff made this experience much less stressful then it could have been. I did consult with other doctors and though the price point may have been slightly lower with them, Dr. Hodges professionalism, patience, and attention to detail could not have been beat. If you want quality results then I would suggest Dr. Hodge and his lovely nurse Kimber. I have no regrets, and if I ever want another surgery, I would go back to Dr. Hodge without hesitation.

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