Does Anyone Know Anything About Ibrahim Srouji?

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Hi everyone! So I've just had a consultation with...

Hi everyone! So I've just had a consultation with Ibrahim Srouji through Transform and to be honest I went there with low expectations because there is literally barely anything about him online. However I have to say he impressed me, all the photos from his previous patients looked great, he answered all my questions to my satisfaction and I thought I would have my rhinoplasty with him. Then the patient coordinator told me that he has a free slot in 2 weeks, which works perfectly for me because I start my new job in 4 weeks so I could go there with my new nose and nobody would know me any differently! However a couple of people have tried to put me off, the first being a receptionist at a different surgeons office as Srouji is primarily an ENT surgeon whereas my rhinoplasty would be purely for cosmetic reasons (however during the consultation I discussed this with him and I felt that he put me at ease with this concern as he has been doing rhinoplasties for 10 years and has done over 400), and the second being someone who has had her nose messed up by a top plastic surgeon (her nose graft collapsed). And secondly because he has no reviews online. They are also telling me not to rush into this, but I've wanted it for 4-5 years now, and this is the perfect time because I don't know when I'll be able to get the time off work in the future, and it's at a good price.
I really want this, but obviously I'm so nervous that something could go wrong i.e. my nose ends up looking worse than it did before. If I hadn't interacted with these people who would generally be skeptical in the first place, I would feel confident in my decision. I really just want some reassurance from people who have had surgery with him before, but obviously honest opinions on him are very important because the last thing I want is an even more messed up nose.
Please help!
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