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Went for my first consultation for Rhinoplasty...

Went for my first consultation for Rhinoplasty with my co coordinator she seemed lovely, brought mum along which she asked loads of questions and good responses, we were given a book of the before and afters of Dr Lahouds work, seemed pretty good !!
my first consultation lasted roughly half an hour and seemed happy I then booked a consultation with my surgeon for the following Saturday (DR LAHOUD RHINOPLASTY SPECIALIST)
The consultation went well, lasted roughly 25-30mins, I didn't really need to tell him anything as he pointed out all the issues I have with my nose,
apparently bent slightly, bulbous, hump( which I no of ) and he wanted to shorten my nostrils slightly,
He drew images and explained what needed to be done, he has a very strong accent so I had to listen really carefully, mum understood,
I did tell him how I wanted my nose, he was honest and told me he cant give me an Angelina jolie nose (which I don't want) but he said he would do something that suited my face, he also said 95% of his surgeries are as expected.
anyway surgery is all booked for 18th august which is a month away,
I am so so so nervous words cannot explain, one minute im happy next Im sad and im thinking do I really need this but then I want it for many many reasons mainly confidence, I think this could change my life for the better then I worry for the worse!!
its such a confusing feeling!!!
mixed emotions

Dr lahoud

Surgery day!!!

Day of surgery -

I arrived early 7.30am, cannot explain the way I was feeling however I new that was it no turning back I'm here now,
The nurse had come and had taken me and mum to my room where she did the usual blood pressure, questions etc,
I then was given circulation socks and had to change into my gown and appear pants and of course the glamorous hat,

It was then a waiting game,
The general anaesthetic guy came to see me explained the feeling and what it was like then about an hour later Dr lahoud did come to see me he was sweet (rushy but I think that's generally him) and he went over what he was doing,
I did feel a bit more at ease then,
I new before me there was one girl before and I was after so at approx 11.30 I had been called upstairs for the op to take place,
I can remember my mouth was as dry as anything and I felt a bit shaky,
I was taken into a room with a big red chair where they went over the questions again blood pressure again and then I was taken in the ROOM :-)
All I can remember is lying on the bed thingy and the theatre nurse guy held my hand (so sweet) and 5 4 3 2 1 ...... Knock out .....

After op-
I remember waking up and trying to breathe woow ! I had to breathe through my mouth, was not in any pain at all however was all high lol in can remember dr lahoud walking past as I asked how it went and he quickly but calmly said "it went very well"
I was happy to hear it from his mouth.

I had then been taken downstairs into my room where mum was waiting for me.
The day was fine after that slowly started feeling normal again.

Went home approx 6.00 and had to go back next day for packing removal.

Week after surgery !

Day one -
Today packing was removed .... Omg I hated this part the most I guess people feel things different but I cried my eyes out because I am generally quiet sensitive. My left nostril didn't have much blood but right it came pouring out.
It was literally like your brains being pulled out, the lady doctor was wonderful so so caring. Went home after that still couldn't breath it was extremely clogged up of course, couldn't eat at all so just had cold soup as you shouldn't have warm foods, my bruising wasn't bad just slight under eyes and left eye was swollen .

Day 2 -
Feeling the same really, face was slightly worse with swelling no bruising, couldn't do anything spent majority of the day sleeping. (Sleep upright)

Day 3 -
Day 3 I felt really fed up , quiet emotional actually was staying away from parents coz I couldn't look after my dog so was missing him so much !!! Just felt like cr*p.
very up and down

Day 4-
Still the same, kept looking in the mirror felt fed up and worried, cheeks were swollen.

Day 5-
One nostril slightly very slightly opened which made me feel a tad better but was still taking it easy and relaxing not going out or doing any thing.

Day 6-
Sameeeeeeeeee as day 5

Day 7-
Nostrils really cleared up swelling gone down feeling alot better (also went home to see my puppy :-) )

Day 8 -
So much better breathing was great although I did not put to much pressure and didn't try to breath to hard, cast off tmro so was excited but so scared.


Arrived at transform for 11.15
Was seen to straight away,

I was so scared because of cast removal and stitches coming out.
The nurse was lovely ! Took her time did not rush at all , in fact I was in there for an hour because she was so calm and gentle and it did not hurt one bit, not even the tiniest,

I then got up looked in the mirror and to be honest I am very very shocked,
I love the sides and the fact that my nose is now straight instead of bent but the front view is so swollen ( I hope it's swelling ) I look like an avatar.
I did cry when I got in the car but then spoke to 2 friends one who used dr lahoud in the past and another who had travelled to poland for the procedure, I had sent them both pics and their response was " U LOOK AMAZING " not in my eyes however they have been through this and understand the swelling will go and the nose will re gain a bit more shape which calmed me down a lot,

One friend said her nose looked just like mine when her case was removes but now it looks amazing I guess it is a patience game now,

Over all I love the shape but the front seems very wide but everyone is telling me give it a few weeks each week the swelling will get less and less. And off course the nose will be swollen it's just undergone trauma.....

I haven't posed a pic of the front just yet but will do when the swelling goes down.

2 weeks post op

I am still very early in the healing process and my nose is still swollen but I can say it is beginning to take shape and im starting to like it very much. I will up load pics soon when I am all dressed up :)

5 weeks post op

Before and after ..... Sorry for the awful scribbles lol

9 week up date

hi guys,

here's an update 9 weeks post op,
starting to get use to my new nose, I do have my love my nose hate my nose days but when I look back at my old pictures I cant believe how hooked it was it looked awful lol,
it still gets slightly congested certain times of the day, I've also noticed my T ZONE is sooo oily since my op, has anyone else experienced this? if so how can I sort it ?

Thanks guys xx

1 year post

My surgeon is amazing ! That's all I can say . Thank you Dr lahoud xxx
Dr. Lahouds

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