Breast Lift & Reduction on Sept 2011 - courtesy of The Boob God! ( * )( * )

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I will be scheduling my breast reduction/lift for...

I will be scheduling my breast reduction/lift for September. I am going to the #1 boob guy in the US at the moment (after many years of in-depth research).

I am a DD and will be getting a perky, Goddess-like, adorable C cup. And to address the "Under Arm Boob" I am having liposuction (courtesy of my wonderful doctor). I'm 45 years old, fair skin, about 140 lbs, never had kids.

P.S. the rate stated above is a special discount b/c I was referred by a friend of his but other than an almost cult-like following, he is known for his reasonable practice.

Wish me luck!

Um, that's "prices" not...

Um, that's "prices" not "practice". I wonder if my spelling will improve after surgery...

Yay! Scheduled my surgery yesterday - September 6....

Yay! Scheduled my surgery yesterday - September 6. I. Can't. wait.

Well Ladies, the day is almost here! Pre-op lab,...

Well Ladies, the day is almost here! Pre-op lab, mammo and EKG Monday and then surgery on the 6th!

I was at the office to meet with my PS yesterday and forgot to ask them all sorts of questions as to what I will have applied after surgery (bra? gauze? WHAT?) and how long and are there stitches and when are they removed. A ton of details that I guess I will find out when it's happening.

I got my prescriptions fo Valium, Keflex, Demerol and Zofran and tons of instructions.

Wish me luck!!!

I just called the doc's office to get some details...

I just called the doc's office to get some details on what I'll have placed on/around my boobs etc. the day of surgery and beyond and the following has come to my attention:

- I will leave the day of surgery with only gauze and tape.
- The following day, he will remove the gauze and tape.

That's it. The stitches dissolve (they're all internal) and I can wear a sports bra of my choosing and voila.

It is amazing how this surgery has evolved.

I think I'm going to try to post regularly from...

I think I'm going to try to post regularly from here on out so the next person that wants a blow-by-blow (or boob-by-boob) account can see it all here.

Today is 8 days until my surgery. I went for bloodwork, EKG and a mammogram. Per my PS' office, this is usually done 2 weeks in advance but I'm a chronic procrastinator, so I went today. I hope everything comes out ok.

The price of the mammo was $150 and the labwork and EKG combined was $71.40 although
this is a special rate a particular center is running. The other quote I got for lab and EKG was $190.

Now the rest of the week will be about preparation:

1. Make sure family knows exact dates and times of surgery and check-up the day after.
2. Fill my prescriptions for pain killers, antibiotics, anti-nausea med and Valium (oh, to be stoned AND have perky boobs! It'll be like college all over again!)
3. Buy a couple of soft sports bras that have good support but will not press against the scar under the breasts.
4. Clean, laundry, kitty litter box, etc.
5. This weekend, shopping for food, easy to prepare things I think I will want despite the nausea (crackers, bananas, bagels, fruit, soup).
6. Prep house: set up bedside area with pills, tissues, phone, magazines, water bottles, etc.

My mom will accompany me to surgery and stay with me for a few days afterwards which I am so happy about - there is no one in the world better to have with you when you're not feeling well than your mom.

Am I forgetting anything girls?

Got to see my lab test results yesterday. I was...

Got to see my lab test results yesterday. I was concerned about a few things but my PS confirmed that none of it would prevent me from having a safe surgery. Phew. EXCEPT that my cholesterol is 275! Must have that looked at after the surgery.

6. more. days.

Today. 4 days until surgery. As I was shopping...

Today. 4 days until surgery.

As I was shopping for sports bras and hoodies for my surgery my PS's office calls.

Them: "We haven't received your mammogram results back and we're closed Monday. We need them asap."

Me: "That's weird. I had it done a week ago."

Them: "OK, we'll call them. Thanks."

20 minutes pass. My cell rings again.

Them: "There's a problem with your mammogram. They detected a large nodule in your left breast. You have to go get an ultrasound this minute."

So it's 3:08 P.M. here in Miami and I sit on my bed, paralyzed, waiting to hear about the results. I'm either having breast reduction surgery Tuesday or something I can't even fathom right now.

What a rollercoaster of a day. The end result:...

What a rollercoaster of a day.

The end result: after speaking to the radiologist, my plastic surgeon has decided he will remove the nodule during my breast reduction (as it is located in the exact spot where most of the breast matter is removed) and send it to pathology. We will decide what to do then.

But I'm getting my breast reduction Tuesday!!!

Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts and prayers. Believe it or not, they helped.

Sorry if I panicked any of you. :/

GIRLS! I have no words to express how good it...


I have no words to express how good it made me feel to be in the doctor's waiting room receiving good wishes and prayers from all of you, people I've never met and many in far away countires. THIS is when the Internet kicks ass!

I'm home, gauze and bandages but not much else. Sitting in bed, watcing soaps with my mom. I've had wisdome teeth that were far worse than this.

I'm going to rest for a bit and write tomorrow.

P.S. He was able to excise the troublesome nodule and also give me the small C cup of my dreams.

So all of your wishes and good thoughts worked!
Okay girls, So who's next??

P.S.S. I sent the office custom cupcakes in the shape of boobs to thank them for their amazing work.

And again (sorry, it's the Demerol talking) cyber-boob-sisters, a million thanks for the love and support.

Hi girls. Pardon me if I over-report but I'm...

Hi girls. Pardon me if I over-report but I'm psychotically happy right now and it warms my heart each time I get a note from any of you and to share.

So today has been very uneventful. It's just padded gauze affixed w/ tape (no stretchy gauze wrap-around or anything) but I peeked and see surgical tape underneath. Good news: total nipple sensation! Also, very little bleeding from the scars and none from the lipo (although they said I shld expect some there). Brusing only around scars. But it is only day one...

Also, no pain, malaise, exhaustion, nausea. Once in a while a little irritation as if wearing a lace underwire bra over a mild sunburn. I do feel lighter, freer, more nimble and unencumbered. Not feeling the Pink Eggplants rubbing against my arms and resting on my stomach has left a wonderful void there with which to fill with hugs. Can't wait.

Also despite the Demerol, a Valium and an Excedrin PM, I can't sleep! -I'ts 1:39 A.M. And I am wide awake!! Hmmm.

Tomorrow back to PS for check ap and removal of all gauze etc. They will then place surgical tape over all scarring and I am a free woman! Thr tape slowly dissolves over a period of three weeks, even through showers. They help keep the incision nice and tight. Will try to post pics tomorrow.

Again, no words to describe how much your
support and well wishes have done for my psyche.

And one more thing girls, if applicable to your situation PLEASE explore lateral lipo as part of your procedure. It has made a world of difference.

I didn't sleep a wink but woke up this morning...

I didn't sleep a wink but woke up this morning pink in the face, no pain and ready to get this overwith!!!

I've attached 2 pics - one shows what they sent me home from the doc's office with and the other I took this morning in a tank top that didn't fit me before. I look boxy b/c of all the padding (reminder I had quite a bit of lipo all around the armpit/bra ledge area).

Speaking of which - I couldn't figure out why when I weighed myself when I got oback from surgery yesterda (like 7 more lbs!) and after peeing every 1/2 hour all through the night it dawned on me how much Lidocaine they put inside you when they lipo. It was my body getting rid of all that fluid. I am down to 143 today and just, overall, I am so happy.

Will update later. Again, if too much BS to read just skip it.

Have a great day!

Hi! TMI Girl here. Went to Doc's office, he...

Hi! TMI Girl here.

Went to Doc's office, he removed the gauze and scotch tape and left the strips on the scars. They're to stay that way until they naturally disintegrate. No bras with wires for one year (won't miss those babies at all).

I won't be submitting bare pics just yet, until I can shower tomorrow and get rid of some of the blood because they look like waaaay too Frankensteiny still. But here are more with clothes.

MY BOOBS ITCH!!!!! All progressing nicely. Some...


All progressing nicely. Some of the ster-strips have started to come off because of the little bits of blood/discharge coming off the stitches so Doc says okay to let them fall off, clean the area with anti-bacterial soap, and put bandages over them. I bought those super large band-aid things and they're great. No leakage.

I'm including two more pics of me dressed. I really wish i would have taken before pics in these same articles of clothing. The grey blouse I couldn't wear because the spillage in all areas gaveme quadruple-boob, I could barely breathe. The little coral beach dress - forget it. It would just roll off. Seriously, I feel and look like I got implants.

All good today girls, thanks again for the ongoing support.

Girls, question: The steri-strips covering the...

Girls, question:

The steri-strips covering the scars are coming off (wet with blood and discharge stuff from the scars). Office said ok to let them fall off and also ok to cover those areas with gauze. Can you tell me about your experience? Did the strips stay on? how long? And if they didn't in places, how did you protect the scars?

Ok girls, brace yourselves. I'm posting my first...

Ok girls, brace yourselves. I'm posting my first topless post-op photo. Please keep in mind that I am a championship-level bruiser. I bruise if you walk too close to me, so they look frightening but the scarring looks nice and flat already and even though my boons feel bolted on, I'm insanely happy.

In this photo there are only strips around my nipples (which can be seen from space they're so, um, at attention right now) and there is also a lot of lipo-related discoloration and swelling. But, here they are. The champagne-glass breasts I've wanted all my life...

One more thing - this doc has a specific technique where he overcompensates and creates a lot of volume in the area over the nipple so when they settle you still have upper pole fullness, so yes, they're "bolted on" right now.

Not much to report. All steri-strips have...

Not much to report.

All steri-strips have fallen off so now it's the scars and nature doing their thing.

My boobs are all different colors (they actually look tie-dye), the bruising from the lipo is in full force, my nipples look like a kindergarten Play Doh project, one breast is square and the other is round - I'm just glad I did my research before this procedure and know that it takes a while for them to settle because right now it looks like I did them myself.

But... I GET TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW AND NOT SPEND AN HOUR TRYING ON STUFF THAT WON'T FIT AROUND MY GARGANTUAN TA-TAs!!!! Not to mention not having to deal with the end-of-day burning and then numbness created by my bra straps. And that, Ladies, is worth the Frankenboobies a thousand times over.

More tomorrow. I'll let you know how the pain was/wasn't.

I'm posting a picture of a green dress for a...

I'm posting a picture of a green dress for a specific reason. I bought it almost ten years ago. It's a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress that never fit me because it just would not wrap around my boobs. When I lost a ton of weight and it did (sort of wrap) around, it just looked vulgar. I tried it on last night and - well - this is why I did this. It may seem trivial to some who have suffered with back pain and rashes and all sorts of things, but to me it's been about looking on the outside like I feel on the inside.

First day back at work. 10:30 A.M.: "Aaah......

First day back at work.

10:30 A.M.: "Aaah... I'm not wearing a bra."


All is good. I feel skinnier, taller, younger and my, my - NO SHOULDER PAIN!

I posted a funny to hopefully brighten everyone's day.

I posted a funny to hopefully brighten everyone's day.

All going well today. I find that I'm sore at the...

All going well today. I find that I'm sore at the end of the day but better in the mornings. I also find that I am more comfortable with no bra at all but I know some docs prefer you wear some support.

I am posting another clothed pic just to show how great they look. I'm not ready to post topless pics because I am still to Frankensteiny and I don't want to scare people. Once I have healed a bit more I will post the pics retroactively.

Next weekend, 3 of my best girlfriends and I are renting a house in Key West. Only those on this site would understand how stupidly excited I am to be able to wear strapless stuff and little summer nothings WITHOUT A BRA.

Day 11 and I am just today starting to see how...

Day 11 and I am just today starting to see how this whole thing works. How certain draping starts to fall into place, how the breast shape is created... this really is like cotoure when you think about it. Anyway, I posted a photo today now that the bruising is starting to go away.

I went to a gallery opening and dinner lsat night and was able to wear a long, strapless, beachy dress and felt like for the first time in many years I can finally dress the way I like.

I'm off to visit one of my best girlfriends who ironically got breast implants yesterday! Enjoy your weekend!

2 weeks post-op. I can feel that I'm turning a...

2 weeks post-op. I can feel that I'm turning a corner today.

Went for my first post-op check yesterday, Dr. H is pleased with the progress. I asked all of the questions I'm sure he hears a million times a day: "Will this drop?" "Are they even?' etc. etc.

Here's the thing: I haven't posted any detailed post-op pictures because I was honestly shocked at the Frankenstein condition of my breasts. Beyond the horrifying discoloration my scars looked ropey, my nipples pointed in different directions, my breasts were square and flat, one was larger, the wrinkling and extreme, deep puckering from the niples to my rib cage in all directions (imagine a sun carved in wood - I'm not kidding) was beyond explanation (you will get to see them later, read on).

I began to panic. I sent the office pictures: "Is this normal?!?" "100% normal" they replied. I started to worry (as much as a defiantly positive person like me can).

But here we are at two weeks. The puckering is all but gone. The bruises have faded. The scars are starting to flatten and my nipples look less Play-Doh, art project. Best of all, the breasts are starting to round out and lose their squarish appearance. When I got up this morning, and felt no pain or discomfort and almost forgot about the surgery until I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "Aaaaah. Ok, I get it now."

And as soon as I have a good collection of photos for all of month 1, I will post them all, because for every before and after series we see on-line there are very few "in-betweeners". RealSelf is the closest I have come to seeing the Frankenboob stage, but frankly, we need more of that.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded post. I look and feel great today. At the doctor's suggestion I began to look for bras without wires yesterday but then realized I had a ton of "Hope Chest" bras as I call them (bras I bought under the illusion that I would one day, somehow, fit into them) and simply removed the underwire! I can't remember the last time I put on a bra WHERE NO BOOB MATERIAL OR FAT HUNG OUT OF THE PERIMETERS OF THE BRA. Ya'll will get that concept. No smushing, no engineering. Everything nicely, smoothly in its place.

And all is good with the world.

Have a perky day.

By the way, my doctor removed 272 grams from my...

By the way, my doctor removed 272 grams from my right boob and 364 from my left. 1.6 lbs. But I can still wear some of my smaller D bras (the slinky, petite ones, not the "parachutes"). And, yeah, I still weigh the same. :(

I'm posting that because I know a lot of pre-op women are curious - will I lose weight, what cup size will I be, etc.

The doctor thinks once swelling goes down I will be a C cup.

Hmmm. I wonder what they do for breast reductions....

Hmmm. I wonder what they do for breast reductions...

You know, if this were a group of men talking...

You know, if this were a group of men talking endlessly about the minute details of their pre and post-op penis enlargements we would be outraged!

... or maybe not. ;)

Ok, Funmi, just for you! New picture. Today is...

Ok, Funmi, just for you! New picture.

Today is 2 weeks and 3 days. Things are still a bit wonky especially because some sutures have begun to dissolve and some haven't so the breasts are settling in areas and still "gathered" in others. I still have some swelling in one breast so it's a bit bigger but overall very happy.

Hi everyone. No pics (my BlackBerry is broken) but...

Hi everyone. No pics (my BlackBerry is broken) but a quick update.

Monday/Tuesday I noticed two things that concerned me and for which I went to see my PS yesterday:

- A newly bruised area (lower inner breast, above and below the lower anchor scar) with a "hardness" inside. I was convinced it was a Hematoma.

- Some edges of right nipple are not "integrating" into the skin. In other words, that nipple looks like a knob (like you could easily turn it, like the knobs on older stoves).

It turns out the bruising is just my lymphatic system doing its thing, moving the blood down and out. Sure enough, this morning the hardness and the bruising are slowly dissipating.

The nipple was also not a concern. (Luckily, one of the counselors there who is my Boob Bible said she had the same thing and eventually everything "melted" together.) He basically told me that I shouldn't start judging anything until I'm at least 3 months out. I'm past the point of infection and he wouldn't fix anything now anyway so "unless something falls off" I had a long way to go before I could start making an assesment about the results.

I believe my PS has a special technique that yields some pretty amazing results because I looked in the mirror this morning and almost cried from happiness. I can't believe that at only 3 weeks there are perfectly round, the scars are fading and already totally flat in some areas - it is remarkable.

Every facet of the job Dr. Hochstein did seemed strange to me at first, and they looked like no other post-ops on the entire Internet. But each day I see why he "sews" things the way he does. How "over draping" in one area results in a perfect, perky "drop" weeks later.

So, I am beyond thrilled. The left one is close to the final size and it is perfection. My nipples are starting to "sit" at the peak of the mound like I wanteed. The "flatness" at the bottom is rounding out and they... no words.

How's everyone else?

Twenty five days post-op. Not much to report but I...

Twenty five days post-op. Not much to report but I thought I would post a recent pic. I still have quite a bit of swelling and the stitches are just now starting to dissolve but I see progress every day. The "corrugation" I had is all but gone and my nipples are relaxing and the scars continue to flatten and blend. After this pic I think I will wait a couple of months to post again.

Ladies, I've been using a cream on my scars twice...

Ladies, I've been using a cream on my scars twice daily (given to me by my PS) called bioCorneum. It is a silicone cream (with SPF) that forms a clear, flexible "sheet" over the scars. The stuff really works, I can see the difference if I forget to use it just one day.

Anyone else using this cream?

(1 month post-op.) I just posted a close-up of one...

(1 month post-op.) I just posted a close-up of one of the girls so you can see the progress of the scars. While it is still pink, the scars are completely flat and flush with the rest of the breast. I'm very happy so far with the healing.

New pics from this morning. As you can see, there...

New pics from this morning. As you can see, there is still quite a bit of swelling (especially on the right breast which is making it look kind of squarish) but the scarring is fading nicely.

The stretch marks I had before the surgery are very obvious on the left breast bc of the swelling and the fact that there are still sutures in place under the nipple. PS tells me that too will go away in time.

Overall thrilled. Later!

Nothing has drastically changed, just posting for...

Nothing has drastically changed, just posting for those trying tracking the healing process and what to expect when.

It has been 1 month and 2 weeks since the surgery. I no longer have any soreness at all (I can sleep on my stomach, sides, whatever) and often forget I had surgery. The scars are almost faded (this has been a big surprise to me, I have other scars on my body that are not as clean and neat as these) although I still have swelling (especially in the breasts are still not fully rounded.

Still, by all accounts, you are not supposed to gauge your results at least until month 3 and most doctors say by month 6. Anyway, I couldn't be happier and I hope everyone undergoing this procedure has a similar outcome, even those that are not happy at the moment.

I tried to post a picture but it's not working....

I tried to post a picture but it's not working. Will try again tomorrow.

Okay girls, I was finally able to post recent pics...

Okay girls, I was finally able to post recent pics. The front shot was taken on a morning when I had just woken up and the heat ws on in the house so you will see the scars are pink. Most days, they're not noticeable, but I wanted you to see them in their worst case scenario.

The other pic is a side view especially for those concerned about drooping or bottoming out. As you can see, I was left with rounded, full breasts that are also perky. Very pleased. Hope everyone is doing well.

Ladies, I've seen much discussion about post-BR...

Ladies, I've seen much discussion about post-BR bras and after 7 months of searching I have found the Holy Grail - Gap Body has a bra called "Favorite Wireless Bra". I will post the link below.

It has INCREDIBLE support, nice perky shape, and best of all it feels like it's not even there. It makes an underwire obsolete. I won't buy another bra, this is as good as it gets. (D, DD and + girls who are reducing to a C can order the C cup without a problem, it supports a full C).

Hello everyone! Long time no updates so I'm...

Hello everyone!

Long time no updates so I'm uploading a recent picture.

This coming September will be ONE YEAR since my surgery and every day I am newly thrilled with my new brests. This photo has not been retouched, the scars really are that faint. You can barely see them. They may even look darker in the photo. This has been an added bonus because I would have been happy with the surgery even if the scars were far more visible.

I wear a 36C and don't need an underwire. Most days, I forgo a bra altogether. That still hasn't sunk in - NO BRA!!!

I hope everyone who is decidign whether to do this or not finds a good doctor and has wonderful results. I should have done this 20 years ago.

Love to all!

Twenty One Months After Breast Reduction.

This September will be two years since my breast reduction/lift.

In hindsight, I would have gone a little smaller but overall I'm so pleased, I can say it literally changed my life.

Thank you Dr. Hochstein!

Two Years and 8 Months since My Breast Lift/Reduction.

I wanted to upload a picture of what The Girls look like almost 3 years later. All is good.

And yes, best thing I've ever done for myself.

Thanks to Dr. Hochstein.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

They don't call him "The Boob God" for nothing. This doctor's work is EXCEPTIONAL. The results far exceeded my expectations. 1.5 months post-op and my breasts are perky, symmetrical and look and feel natural and the scars have almost disappeared! I'm glad I chose the best doctor, it has made all the diffrence. Also he has the best staff one could hope for: responsive, involved, knowledgeable and professional. There are boob doctors everywhere - Dr. Hochstein is a master at the art of breasts.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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