Breast Reduction Chester, UK. Should have done it years ago - brilliant results

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Manchester Plastic Surgeon

I am so pleased with the result of my operation, I hope this review may help others who have been contemplating a breast reduction. I am now the proud owner of a beautifully, symmetrical pair of breasts, which stay firmly in position when I remove my bra. It’s all down to a very talented surgeon, so please read on. About me [34F - still in recovery period 3 weeks to go before bra fitting.] I naturally had, large, heavy drooping breasts. I have always been self-conscious of the size and embarrassed by their appearance. Finding clothes to fit my top half has been a constant chore. On many occasion, I have gaffa taped my breasts flat to my chest so I could fit into party dresses. You would never find me sunbathing topless on a sun kissed European beach. Until the launch of Bravissimo, most sexy/pretty lingerie & swimwear ceased to exist after a DD cup. I empathise with other women who have posted their stories regarding shoulder/neck pain. Years of weight have left permanent grooves in my shoulders from the discomfort of bra straps. Finally after many years of deliberating, I decided to do something about it. Operations make me anxious, the less I know the better. I spent little time researching the pros and cons of breast reduction and was pretty much oblivious to the whole procedure. Naively, I assumed that the desired cup size could be magically made to order. At the consultation, it came as a surprise to me, that it didn’t quite work that way. The Consultation After my examination, I discovered that my breasts are wide and sit low on my chest. Mr Adamthwaite managed my expectations of what was achievable for my body, regarding size and shape. He drew a diagram to explain how the breast naturally sat and where the nipple would be cut and repositioned. He said he could reduce the weight of each breast and as for the size, he recommended that they be kept in proportion to my body. He explained thoroughly the details of the operation, recovery time and the general risks involved. I was invited back for a second consultation free of charge to discuss any further questions I had regarding the procedure. I had envisioned myself as a C cup - but I understood there were certain restrictions which my body allowed, I trusted his judgment and expertise and booked a date in the diary for surgery. The Day of the Operation The Nuffield Chester is an excellent hospital. The health care and attention from all who work there was first rate. The operation took a over 2 hours. I woke up feeling good, which is unusual for me as I normally suffer with chronic sickness due to the anaesthetic. At first, I experience a pinprick tingling sensation which was slightly uncomfortable, that decreased after I had taken painkillers. I had decided to stay overnight, although I was signed off that evening by Mr Adamthwaite. I could immediately tell by my cleavage that the breasts were smaller, however due to the surgical tape and the support bra I could see little else. Post Op. I took a week off work. I was advised not to drive for at least two weeks. I rested the first couple of days and found myself drifting in and out of sleep. Sleeping was difficult as my breasts were too tender to sleep on my side so I was limited to my back, until the forth day. Pain Control No real pain involved. I took codeine in the evening for the first few nights. After that I didn’t take any drugs at all. After Care. I attended the clinic 3 times. 7 days post op. The removal of large surgical tape was replaced with smaller tape which just covered the scarring. It wasn’t really until that point that I could actually see the final results - although they were still quite swollen and slightly bruised, the result was amazing – they looked fabulous. 14 days post op The end knots of the stitches were cut off and then new surgical tape replaced over the scarred areas. 6 weeks post op. The stitches dissolved. I stopped wearing the tape. The scarring now is pink and has healed nicely. To sum it all up... Yes, it’s expensive, but it is worth it. What is the price tag to feel good about yourself? I feel different - I know I look different. So many people have commented that I have lost weight, I haven’t! My clothes fit without bulging at my chest. I would recommend Mr Adamthwaite 100%. It’s a surgical genius. He took photos before and after. I am happy for him to tag them to this review, I haven’t seen them, so I hope his photography is as good as his surgery! And finally, to all who made this happen, from the nurse who held my hand taking me to theatre, to the anaesthetists who brilliantly managed all my sickness issues...thank you. The care and attention I have received before, during and after has been outstanding.

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