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Michael E. Decherd, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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7 months post op

So my worst fear when getting a BA was getting a capsular contraction and I think that’s what’s happening to my left breast! I’m in love with my right boob I feel like it’s completely dropped it’s so soft and not painful, BUT my left idk what’s wrong with it?! It definitely a different shape it’s still high and hasn’t completely dropped. My doctor said to drastically massage real hard I’ve been doing it but when I press to massage it hurts so I know something wrong. I go back to see him on October to see what’s the next step will be? Hopefully it’s just staying behind and hasn’t dropped , so I will keep massaging and taking my singular pill and hope everything falls into place!!

4 1/2 month post op update

Can’t believe I’m almost 5 months! Sure went by fast and with no complications thank god! Everything is healing very nicely. Both of my breast are dropping evenly now the pills he prescribed me really helped with the dropping and me massaging. They’re both softer and dropped more. I still feel a little numb under my breasts but it’s less now, and I notice some small stretch marks under my boobs but you can’t really tell. So I finally went to get a fitting and I’m at 36DD I’ll probably go again in 2 months to see if anything changed on my size. Idk if any more dropping will come but we shall see. I love love my breast size still wish I could go a little bigger but they go good with my body! My next appointment is in July let’s see what my doctor says!


So I had to stop using the scar away strips cause I was getting a rash on my scars. But other than that they’re looking good and not having so much pain in them. I’ll probably put the strips back on but won’t leave them for 2 weeks like it says.

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
414 West Sunset, San Antonio, Texas
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