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Hey ladies, I've been considering the BBL...

Hey ladies,

I've been considering the BBL procedure for couple of months now but especially after my vacation to Mexico last week. As I was walking along the shoreline in my bikini..... I thought to myself "this is nice....BUT IT WOULD BE INCREDIBLE WITH A NEW BODY."

So here I am.

There's really nothing like the RealSelf Community or what some of the ladies here call each other.... "BBL Sistas." That's seriously cute. Reading everyone's goals and experiences helped me not to feel alone anymore and also figure out what the best options there were.

So I began my search of a BBL surgeon in the California (mainly San Diego/Los Angeles/Orange County) area, but the results were so poor... I had to stop looking. I mean, I thought this was the land of plastic surgery but apparently I was wrong. I guess big butts are not that sought after here. So which parts of the country do?

Hmmmm.... I KNOW. Miami and Atlanta? ....Bingo.

My first option was Dr. Jimerson in a city near Atlanta, GA.
When I saw the before/after's, I was like WHOA!
Then I saw his fees, and I was like OH....
I guess your dollar does go a long way here, (and he's like some reality TV celeb now?) but here's the thing: I don't have that much fat to get lipo'd. I'm a tall, slim girl. 5'8" + 145 lbs to be exact. Jimerson is the doctor you want for extreme lipo/fat grafting that will result a big donk. No big donk here, please. I just want a petite waist, rounded hips, and a natural looking bubble that too much to ask?!!?!?!? (*breathes inhaler*)

Now onto my second option, not just one doctor but several in Miami/Aventura, FL: Wendell Perry, Rami Ghurani, Moises Salama. All somewhat popular, exceptional work, and better pricing than Jimerwho? The only thing is they're booked for months and I wanted this done like yesterday. (Realistically I'm aiming for March/April.)

Third option, Dr. Campos in Tijuana, MX. Way better pricing than all these mofo's and I don't need to catch a flight?? Only takes me 45 min to drive there?? Too good to be true and honestly I only saw one review that I really liked. There was another review I saw and couldn't tell which was the before or after pic. The worst thing to see here is ladies getting this operation and little to no results. No bueno Campos!

Okay now to end my ridiculously long post and list my 4th yet last option. Her name is actually in the title of the post and she is the reason that encouraged me to sign up to vent. YILY!!! Why does it take 3 to 30 days for a response? I know what the quote is, I gave you my dates....all I want to know is "Sí" or "No"! I must say this woman is good. As much as you want to give up on her, you can't help but to still wait.... and wait. In my opinion, I think she's got the best results.... produces teeny waists and focuses not only the butt but hips as well. She's a woman and knows what women want.

Till next time!

I've read in a lot of reviews, that if you call...

I've read in a lot of reviews, that if you call Yily's office they will give you a date on the spot. I tried and her assistant said that Yily has to look over my photos and confirm. I'm worried March is fully booked because I was planning to heal all April/May. I will try again on Monday.

Also, I'm kinda worried that a Bbl might not be successful for me because I'm slim, with just a little belly. Most of Yily's patients had something to work with (hips, love handles, etc..) I'm trying to pack on pounds but it doesn't seem to be sticking. :(

Happy Valentine's Day, loves. I got a date with...

Happy Valentine's Day, loves. I got a date with Yily! FINALLY.

March is booked but after looking at my schedule, looks like I got my hands full so April 26 is what I'm going for which is great because this will give me 10-11 weeks to work on my jelly! Yily advised me to gain 5-10 lbs so she's going to get it. 15-20 if possible.

I'm going to take my measurements tomorrow + post some before pics.

But any tips on gaining weight without having to eat too much? I get full pretty easily.

And if there is anyone looking into getting the buddy bundle discount.. my date is on 4/26. Holla!

2 months away till I get to "the other side." I...

2 months away till I get to "the other side." I need to start prepping now!

1) Passport - need to find my old one or apply for new one.
2) Flights - any cheap flights from San Diego/LA to the Dominican Republic? And when should I fly in if surgery is on 26th?
3) Vitamins/pre-op meds - what can be purchased through insurance?
4) Extra garment - what is a good website to buy faja/squeem/etc?
5) 10-15 more pounds - what do I drink/eat?
6) Buddy(s) - who's trying to group up and save some $$$?

Sistas, if I'm missing anything.. please let me know!

This site is my new obsession! I check it almost...

This site is my new obsession! I check it almost every time before I go to sleep and after I wake up. My date is on the 4/26.. but so eager to get it sooner, might bump it a week or 2 earlier. I have yet to purchase my flight... and gaining weight is hard! I think I went from 145 to 148 and that was with excessive eating.

I think I can pack 5-7 more before surgery. It's been an emotional roller coaster though, is there any one else going through a bit of anxiety?

Does anyone know Salama's earliest availability......

Does anyone know Salama's earliest availability... I've been hearing more and more bad about Yily (particularly the aftercare, facilities, etc..) and seeing more and more good work by Salama.

But on a good note.. I gained 2 more lbs which makes me 150... want to gain 5 more lbs and I think I should be good.

My original date was 4/26 but I pushed it back to...

My original date was 4/26 but I pushed it back to the 5/18. Will be getting in day before.... anyone staying at JMSPA that wants to share a room? I will be staying there 5/19-5/25.

Please send me a message if interested so I can make the arrangements!

I'm getting so nervous and excited!

I pushed my date to 5/18 and I will be flying in...

I pushed my date to 5/18 and I will be flying in day before. I will be staying at the JMspa from 5/19-5/24 and is looking for someone to share the cost/room. Please inbox me as soon as possible if interested so I can make the arrangements!

I'm beyond excited but even more nervous.... I pushed my date back twice already but I think it's time to just get it over with as Summer is approaching. Ladies, please pray for me lol.

***7 DAYS TO GO*** Booked flight, recovery house,...

***7 DAYS TO GO***
Booked flight, recovery house, got my meds & supplies. I'm ready to go!
I will be staying at Yasmin's (thank you @lovingmyskin), there is a full time nurse and she charges $50 for a shared room ($65 for private). It includes transportation from and to the airport and all the doctor's appointments, three meals, and before we head back home... she gives you a sight-seeing tour so we leave with the feeling that we were on vacation.. those were her exact words! I couldn't be more pleased and it definitely sounds way better than that overcrowded JM Spa if you ask me.

I will be getting SX on 5/18... for those getting BBL around the same time.. I'd love to pay you all a visit, just inbox me your dates/names! After all, most of us are going solo and it's nice to have some emotional support during the first days of recovery. :)

I will be posting my pre-op pics and measurements soon!


***6 DAYS TO GO*** Alright, pre-op pictures are...

***6 DAYS TO GO***
Alright, pre-op pictures are finally up! I finally got the courage to post. These were taken in February and I have gained about 10 more lbs so hopefully I have enough fat for Yily... I just hope she gives me a super small waist and I think my goals are realistic... right?

5'6" // 38 - 34 - 36 // 151 lbs.

I noticed in an earlier post, I said I was 5'8"......

I noticed in an earlier post, I said I was 5'8"... that's what I thought but everyone around me was like no way and I measured myself and it turns out I'm 5'6" and maybe a 1/2 and the last time I weighed myself was last week but I definitely have been eating A LOT. I might be 153 actually. Aw well.. just wanted to make sure I have clear records of my

Just got into Santo Domingo...

***4.5 HOURS TO GO***

Landed in Santo Domingo couple hours ago.. Boy, was it a long flight. Didn't get a wink of sleep but lord knows I will be resting all week. So I arrive late night, purchased my tourist card ($10 US) and exchanged some dollars to pesos for emergency cash.

Went through customs, got my luggage, and proceeded to walk towards the exit of the airport. You can't help but notice the men out here have no problem staring and making hisses at you (their version of catcalling). Don't get me wrong, I saw a handful of good looking Dominicanos and that was just on the plane and inside the airport.

Now the airport itself is a whole 'nother story. It just felt shady and when I stepped outside to look for my ride, it was dimly lit and there were numerous strangers creeping up to you to see if you needed a ride. They insist heavily and suddenly it feels 10x more shadier. I assume it was because it was so late in the night or I smelled like tourist but when I saw Yasmin, who was picking me up, waving excitedly... I sighed with great relief!

I never met this woman until today and I feel I could trust her with my life. Right off the bat, she was so warm and friendly, funny too! There was another girl in the car who I guessed was her friend or sister... I was quickly acquainted with both of them and we laughed till we got to the house. I then find out the other passenger actually got in the day before, and is having SX same day as me but by a different doctor. I think she said her doctor's name was Augustina or something like that... supposedly she is "the bomb". She also peeped some Yily patients today and said they all looked really good!

I am so glad that I chose Yasmin's home for post-op recovery and that I am going with Yily after all, these past few months were nerve-racking. But it's time to kiss this ol' body good bye. CIPLA in the morning. Wish me luck!

POST-OP Day 1.

Yesterday I arrive at CIPLA around 7am. It's quite fancy especially under D.R. standards. Yasmin and I dropped off one of the girls at another hospital that looked so run down and old and she said CIPLA is the nicest clinic here. See photos attached.

So here is the timeline of events:
7:30 AM - Blood test
8:30 AM - Cardiology test
9:30 AM - Payment (I encourage cash or Chase wire transfer, international card fees charge 4.5% fee)
10:00 AM - Consultation with Yily

She comes inside the room where another girl and I were waiting and greets us with a kiss and hug. Then it was straight to business- asked us to remove our clothes (individually) and started marking.. After she was done, she gets up and was about to walk out the door until I stopped her to ask, "do you know what shape I'm going for?" I'm sure she's heard it a million times (small/flat waist, hips, hourglass shape) She said "trust me it's gonna be bonita." And that was all she assured me. Lol.

The other girl was supposed to go before me but her hemoglobin levels came out low. Yily had to wait until the girls drugs wore out so she can get proper consent for blood transfusion. Yily was agitated and had to schedule her for Monday. I guess that meant it was now my turn. I get wheeled in to the operating room and the anesthiologist (?) stuck me with an IV and I was OUT. Mind you I never took the blue pill they said its only to calm my nerves and I was already super relaxed. And it's true I mentally prepared myself, not just the surgery but all of it - the entire process.

I opened my eyes, and it was kind of hazy. I touched my stopmach and it was wrapped with all sorts of padding, gauze, and tape. I thought to myself I made it!!!

And then I felt sharp pain all over the bottom half of my body. I couldn't sit up, my legs were unable to move and my throat was unbelievably dry. I yell for water, the nurse said hold on. I said no now, I began hyperventilating and then boom- panic attack. I cried, kicked, screamed and they held me down. Put pain reliever in my IV and I went back to sleep.

Woke up around 4AM and been awake since, just laying down and trying to switch into multiple positions. Laying on your stomach is the way to go. My butt is so hard that when I tried to sleep on my back in hopes of it softening sooner, it put a strain to my swollen lower back. I'm still in this bed as we speak and I have just been drinking juice and feeling a little better.

I'm unable to snap photos but honestly it looks like my wish pic. It is undeniable I have hips and booty and my waist looks amazing. Two nurses put on my faja and they said I look perfecto.

It is now 8AM and hoping to get picked up by my Yasmin soon!

Whoops Forgot Photos of CIPLA


Lipo'd sections are still tender and swollen and butt is not as hard as it was yesterday. It seems Yily advises her patients that it's ok to sit down and a lot of them haven't lost any fat/projection. I believe it's the way she injects fat under the muscle, not over it. I sit on it here and there hoping it can soften up sooner. She gave me exactly what I wanted... almost identical to my wish pics but I am going to wait till I take my drains out to take pics. I went from no hips/flat booty/big waist to a round hips/bubble/small waist!

It does get easier, ladies. But I do wish I can fast-forward to 1 month PO already.


Now before I can put you all up to speed with my post-op details, there has been some major issues at YASMIN'S "RECOVERY" HOUSE that I must absolutely relay to you all as I would hate for anyone to go through what we went through...

I know, 3 posts ago, I was raving about this person but as we all know.... first impressions are not everything. I also didn't mention in that joyous car ride, that the other passenger in the car and Yasmin got into a crazy argument on how Yasmin constantly has something slick to say and that she has been disrespected a number of times while she was there. I minded my own business considering I just met these 2. It was quickly diffused but that was a warning sign that I should not have ignored.

So after I was released from the hospital after Yily's approval.. I was taken to Yasmin's to get reunited with my belongings and make myself at home. The living room was transformed to as we'd like to call it "the refugee camp"... beds were sectioned and covered by home made curtains. This was supposed to be my room? (see pics attached) Turns out Yasmin overbooked but she promised me the same privacy and good rest.

I obliged as I had nowhere else to go and thought this was my best bet.. not to mention I was bedridden from Day 1 through Day 4. I couldn't help but think throughout these past few (but loooooong) days, that this was not right. Why?

1) Let's get this straight. This was no recovery house, it is a tiny apartment that only housed Yasmin and 3 of her relatives whom were all staying at the time. All 3 bedrooms were occupied by girls that arrived before me. With "the refugee camp" in the living room, there were a total of 11 people in this apartment... oh and when her sister and the nurse would come by each day, that makes 13 people total as it wasn't stuffy enough. Where did Yasmin and her family sleep, you ask? On the kitchen and dining room floor. Before our arrivals, she said there would only be 3-4 other people here. Yeah f*cking right.

2) There was absolutely no privacy as my door was a sheet and her family would be up all night politic-ing in Spanish. I was restless due to this and the bed I was given was harder than rocks. I tossed and turned with my body that just went through some intense surgery! I weeped in pain every morning and dreaded going to sleep. I tried to stay on my feet majority of the time.

3) Even if we wanted to walk outside, we couldn't.. because it was either raining and we were in the middle of a unsafe neighborhood. We were actually forbidden to go outside... the refugee camp became realer than real.

4) Santo Domingo has been 88 degrees with light storming and heavy humidity consistently for the past month... The weather inside the apartment was the same. There was NO A/C !!!! I spent my hours in front of a fan blowing hot air in my face and sweating in my sleep. Generally the reason why hospitals are always cold to discourage bacteria and germs, where warmer temperatures make them flourish. Infections, anyone?? Aren't we supposed to be recovering? The conditions made my swelling go apesh*t and I almost fainted twice.

5) Ok now the food... it wasn't that bad. We had Dominican home cooked meals made by Yasmin's mother 3 times a day, not the healthiest but not the worst. When she wasn't around, Yasmin would attempt to make the meals. We were all starving one night and Yasmin comes home at 9:30pm and tells us our options for dinner are a) bowl of cereal with milk or b) grilled cheese. You've got to be kidding me... so I politely asked her if I can order take-out and she laughed and said "really?" and went on about how they don't usually do this "here" and it's considered a luxury. OK... what does that have to do with MY hunger?? Again she fails to meet any of my needs.

6) The list is really endless and every person that stayed here have their personal complaints (check out @iwantawaist)... my tipping point was that we finally get out of the house to visit the mall earlier today. After some walking around, I felt leaking from my drain because it came out, I tell her and she says it happens all the time and that she'll take me to get it checked after she drops the girls off back at the house which is further out. UM what?!? Rush me to the clinic you moron! The girls knew she was tripping and had to convince her to take me. S M H, That was it for me !!!!

Ladies, don't let her gas you with her English and that she will take you to go "sight-seeing" when she wouldn't even take me to the pharmacy because it was raining. There are plenty of other recovery houses other than JM Spa that will take way better care of you. Check out Virginia's or Angela's... I can't personally say they're good but nothing can be worse than what we went through. Her money greed is absolutely disgusting. All I've ever seen her do is go on Facebook and tap numbers in her calculator and let her poor family do all the work.

Me and 4 other ladies are leaving in the morning and getting our $$$ back, and warning everyone who is deciding on Yasmin's. She has a fake Facebook account and lures girls to go to this recovery house on Duran/Yily's fan pages but she's already been outted by couple members warning others to avoid her and her messages! What a JOKE.

If I could do this all over again, I would stay at a hotel and hire a nurse/cook. Trust me, your well being and sanity is worth it.

Guess where Yasmin is right now??

At some karaoke for the past 7 hours! I wish she brought all of us but oh wait, we're all trying to recover with no one around!

YILY + DURAN support!

Yily and Duran will no longer be referring girls to Yasmin's bogus recovery house! Yily was so mad and one of the Yily's doctors straight cussed Yasmin out through the phone and Yasmin accused me of being a liar ! Well, how do you lie about this infection I got?!?! Yily was so concerned, she hugged me and said I will be alright..

Fortunately, the infection can be controlled by taking an extra dosage of antibiotics but still I went through all of that.... everyone at CIPLA is now aware and do not want that woman popping up. So now she sends her aunt to bring in the girls to the hospital.

Dr Astralia from another clinic also made a house call the night prior to us leaving for one of the patients and was disgusted by the house's conditions where there were centipedes crawling around and felt so bad for us.

We used the money we had and checked into El Florida, a super nice hotel just one block away from CIPLA. I almost cried when I saw the room, it was a palace... their version of a Westin hotel. It cost the same as us staying at Yasmin's who lives in the slums far away from CIPLA.


**sorry Yily and Duran never referred anyone to her, they only recommend JM Spa or hotel/hiring a nurse.


Ladies, I only wanted to share you with my story. I never had one bad thing to say about anyone else staying at the house. If anything, I was grateful to meet them all. Of course not everyone had the same experience as I did because either they had their private room, didn't get infected, or was treated differently, who knows...

But I'm going to put that behind now and put the focus back on my recovery. I am now officially ONE WEEK PO and feel great! No swelling, very minimal bruising, just been taking care of myself and eating right. I thought I was crazy to go back to work so soon as some people take longer to heal but I feel almost 85% back to normal! All except wearing this faja day and night but my long-term results depend on it. My butt doesn't feel hard any more and my waist is 28 inches. Time to get a new waist cincher soon.. I'm determined to get it 26, maybe even 24! Thank you all for your best wishes~ I will post pics sooner than later. :)

ONE WEEK PO pic finally up

The swelling already went down and I'm liking my results so far... not complaining. Some days I find it big and some days I find it small... I totally get when people say that now! But all in all, it was a major improvement... my hips were nonexistent and now I have such a ladylike shape. When does this glorious fluffing happen??


Swelling is very much there, just all over my stomach and back. I thought it was just tightness but I was wrong. I can't wait till it goes down, my waist is only going to get smaller and smaller. :)
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