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A little Background I'm 24 yrs old a mother of 1...

A little Background
I'm 24 yrs old a mother of 1. My son is 5 yrs old. I'm ready to have my body back. I have lost weight over the past couple yrs but that lower pouch is not going away, plus i want more booty. I'm 5'5 140lbs. Never really had a big butt or hips, when i was skinnier it didn't really matter too much because what i had fit my body type. I been thinking about the procedure for a couple yrs now, went to some consultations, but of coarse life got in the way school work and everything else. Now 2013 im not getting any younger and i want to enjoy my body the way i used too. I'm not sure if more kids are in the future maybe if i get married, but not anytime soon. I'll post some preop pics a little later.

Possible doctors
I been looking on this site alot and Dra yily and Dr. Jimmerson stood out to me the most. If i get the procedure BBL lipo, i want to be 100% happy with the result. No question Yily can do the best sculpting but Jimmerson has the J curves on lock. Not looking for a massive booty but i definately want projection that is noticable. Just a little worried that Yily might not give the projection i want, yet i know she can give me hips. I love her prices, Jimmerson's prices are crazy but look at the results he gives on the booty, i haven't seen good hips with him though. Also worried about going over to DR never been on a plane before lol!! Plus its kind of another country, so many good and bad things i have read about that but Yily is good at what she does and is very professional and open to questions. I been to ATL plenty of times. i haven't had a consult with either yet.
Expected Dates
I want to shoot for november for my procedure. Not in any horrible rush because i want to be sure of my decision. I am going to get it done this year no doubt.

I have my phone consult in two more days. I know...

I have my phone consult in two more days. I know for sure I want jimmerson because he just does the best job on the booty. I dont want to go back for a round 2 I want to be done the first time.
Has anyone had in issues with jimmersons work to the point they need a round 2?
I know everyone heals different and everyones expectations are different for their particular body type but we all have to be realistic. I think Jimmerson is very honest and he will tell u what to expect from the procedure. Ill see how the phone consult goes and post any updates. I know im in for a long journey. I really have to get the money together because I want to pay a majority of it cash, I know I do t want to finance 11, 000. Its like buying a car. Anyways I posted a couple pre op pics for now.

Ok bbl ladies, im back to being undecided. I been...

Ok bbl ladies, im back to being undecided. I been doing a bit more research on yily and I been seeing a couple more results to what I want. Im starting another job this month just part time. Not just for surgery but I want to pat off all my bills before I get the surgery. Jimmerson and his prices keep rollin through my head its a major chunk of change plus he is sooo booked by the time I do get ready I would probably still have to wait months. One of my good friends is thinkin about coming with me if I go to yily so at least I would have a buddy. I hate being in debt and realistically money doesn't always come so easy to a lot of people. Idk I'll keep doing research on yily and see how my finances go. I see a lot of ladies are going in march to yily i'm hoping to see all the beautiful results ;) I did have a phone consult scheduled with jimmerson last week but he never called that day. I called to see what happened they said he was backed up so they rescheduled but never told me. Then when that day came they never called again so I just never bothered callin back. In any case he is very busy and when I do come up with this cash I want it done then not have to wait another yr.

totally changing to Salama

I been back and forth for months now. I never made a definate decision but I been looking into Salama a lot more, mainly because I would like to stay in the states. One of my coworkers recently came back from yily she looks amazing but the story she had to tell wasnt the best experience. Im still not planning my sx for a while. I want to see more of Salama's work over the next couple months.

just more wish pics


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