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For the past 15 years I have devoted my life to my...

For the past 15 years I have devoted my life to my children, making sure they look good, making sure they have what they want and need so they can feel good about themselves, and our able to focus on the important things in life so they can grow to be independent. Now it's time to do for myself some, you know??!! Pregnancy took its toll on my body, but my booty has always been small no matter how much weight I gained and lost over the years. Don't really want to wear certain things because of my shape, and feel embarrassed when it comes to being naked for whoever it is to see. I have a pretty face but my body don't match, I want to change this, and I believe Dr.Salama is the way to go and the one who will do it right. I am a smoker, I smoke weed and cigarettes. I know that I have to stop smoking both, but cigarettes first. When I first contacted Dr.Salama's office I sent in my pics and got a positive response immediately. I live in NY, and I did my research and felt confident enough to take the next step with this doctor. I have been pleased so far with just the way they treat me over the phone and by email. They work with you, and make you feel so comfortable before even meeting you. So far so good, thats all I can say about that, and this is before the procedure.

Dr.Salama suggested that I lose some weight, I agreed, I was weighing 197 standing at 5'7 , then I started working out immediately and lost 7 lbs in one week. Since that week I decided to do a Master Cleanse, and I am now at the end of my 5th day on it, I decided I will do this for 14 days. I have been successful. Its not easy but after the first 2 days, on that 3'rd day you will be looking forward to that lemon pepper drink. What makes this even harder for me is that I cook everyday for my children, boyfriend and my mother. Luckily I am a good cook so I have no need to even taste the food, and so I don't, the only person I would be cheating is myself at the end of the day. But since I started the master cleanse I was unable to work out until earlier today. It felt good but with my stomach is empty so I had to take little breaks in between working out to drink some lemon pepper. I feel good though. I decided I will take pics of my body when my 14 days is up, and compare them with the naked pics I took of myself before to send to Dr.Salama, all those pics I will put up here, including my after pics when Dr.Salama does his artwork on my body.

As for the smoking I decided that Jan31st will be my last day smoking cigarettes, for good. It makes no sense to start that habit again after I go so long without it, but marijuana, that's another subject. I decided the day after Valentines day I will stop smoking the weed until 2-3 weeks after my surgery in early March, but I won't smoke as much still, no need to.

I also eat Aloe Vera, I cut 8 1-2" slices from the Aloe leaf, boil it, cut it and then just swallow the pieces with water. It's best to just knock them back 1 by 1, it makes it easier because the taste is not pleasant but not too bad. The Aloe is truly good for the body. In 2010 I was having a argument with this girl when another girl hit me in the face with a piece of wooden log she found on the ground, it cut my face deep, but I didn't go to the hospital, instead when I got home I cut open a piece of Aloe and left it on my face overnight, I then repeated the same thing for that whole week, now Today, I have no cut and no scar on my face, Aloe really does do wonders. Understand, that to improve ourselves, it's all about discipline, and the determination to change and become better. Time is promised to no one, Life is our gift, lets live it. I will update in a week.

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