8.5 Month Salama Update w/ Pics

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So for years, I have been dreaming about having a...

So for years, I have been dreaming about having a big booty. I had a breast reduction several years ago and remember thinking about how all that fat went to waste! I should have been able to just move it around. Now, look where time and patience will get you! I have been prowling sites and butts for months. I didn't think I would be ready for a profile this soon, but like Two Chains says, "All I want for my birthday is a big booty...!" You know the rest! Well, that's all I want for my birthday too. I just want the big booty on me, without the explicative. So, I am on a mad dash to get this done by year's end. I'm almost 35, 155 pounds, almost 5'4 and pregnancy was not nice to me in my twenties. I went from 135-193, gained way too much weight and got way too many stretch marks. :(

Needless to say it is a confidence killer. Sex in the dark or the dim...babydoll tops...no swimwear, long shirts that cover your bum. Jeans tight enough to hug what you have, but loose or stretchy enough to not squeeze your muffin top. I'm an apple shape, so I where a lot of layers and cute jackets. Lawd, I just want to wake up and not give two shits about what I can wear, it's taking over my life. So, like everything else in life...if you don't like it change it. Basically, I called Credit Care and got pre-approved for some funds. I also have a Plan B as a second option. I knew I wanted this, but it wasn't until I this morning, when I burned it into my mind that this procedure is not optional for me.

As far as docs, I am looking at Jimerson, Salama, and Azurin. They all have pros and cons and look to be hit or miss at times. Jimerson is consistently Georgia Peach shaped...Salama's always starts off Spongebob-ish and you pray it all falls in place in a few months, and Azurin's are always fluffy teardrops and heartshaped...but I have a lot of lip area and I want it all gone and I am not sure how aggressive he is willing to be to get it out.

Needless to say, I called all three offices today and sent my pics to two. Dr. J, if you don't make sure your phones are manned you are going to miss out. I have called there three times and can not get an appt setter on the line. I just want the email addy to where to send these pics for a virtual consult. Sheesh! Anyway, I took the pics and some things looked better than I thought and some things looked way worse. Needless to say, a TT may be in order, but I am not on that right now. I just want lipo and a BBL. So, I am officially initiating myself into the BBL sisterhood, by putting these "neked" pics up here for the world to peruse with the hopes that something awesome will come of this in a few months.

I don't have 5-6 wish pics, the butt shape in the profile is the one I want. For now I have a goal to lose 10 pounds pre-surgery unless the doc says otherwise. That will put me at 145 pre-op and tight up that back/arms a bit. Ladies, I will keep you posted~

Ok, I have submitted pics to all my docs,...

Ok, I have submitted pics to all my docs, including Jimerson and I have started getting quotes in. Nancy with Dr. Salama sent me an email saying I was a good candidate and he could do it for around $7800. I see now this is the hard part, deciding who to give your hard earned money to for a non-refundable deposit. I have a phone consult with Dr. J in November, but hope to get this done by late December. So, I plan on making a decision by month's end. This feels really real now girls! Like, Dr. Salama...Thee Doctor Salama has laid eyes on my and my ladie parts and have given a green light. Now, I'm nervous. I am still leaning towards Dr. Azurin, just because I love his contouring, but I do need aggressive lipo. I just don't want a lumpy or boxy butt. I like my butt, like I like my weaves, good quality, no shedding, tight, long lasting, and no lumps, no humps, and no bumps! Lol! Later girls!

Email from Dr. Salama's Patient Coordinator,...

Email from Dr. Salama's Patient Coordinator, Nancy: "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are totally booked until June 2013, believe it or not. I would suggest picking the soonest day available for next year and I will put you on a list that I have of patients that want to have their surgeries moved up. In the event that someone cancels I will call you to move you up but if no one does at least you have a date secured. We are very busy and in a matter of two weeks an entire month gets full."

While I am not surprised...that is a long ways off and enough time to make me doubt myself and my doctor. I realize that while Dr. Salama probably has 10 great reviews for every 2 reviews with complications I read...and there have to be several others out there who just aren't subscribed to this site...good and bad, but seroma, holes, and lumps just freak me out. It only takes a handful of concerns like that to sway me. Grant it he gets a lot more work than other docs, so he will statistically have a higher margin of error...ehhh. I am impressed with him, but can't play with my health either. Let's see what Dr. Azurin comes back with.

On a side note: Dr. Salama must have dreams about asses and dollar bills. Like raindrops of buttcheeks and benjis falling from the sky, lol! That is a lot of ass to be around all day, esp when you are booked out a full year. Seriously, great for him. He found a niche in the market and capitalized on it. Golf Clap please~

So...dun, dun, duuun! I got a response from Dr....

So...dun, dun, duuun! I got a response from Dr. Azurin, "You can do liposuction to the back and flanks. You cannot do lipo to your abdomen. The cost for the BBL is $5650."

All of the above sounds great, less the "You cannot do lipo to your abdomen" part. I called and spoke with Lynne and she told me that my stomach would be saggy and wrinkly if they did lipo, because my skin and muscles are stretched due to childbirth. So, a tummy tuck would be recommended. I DO NOT WANT A TUMMY TUCK!!! Frankly, I think I should be able to decide if I want a wrinkly flat belly or a puffed and stretched out one. I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen pics of others on this sight who's tummys are bigger than mine and their results came out looking nice. I had a kid and I have stretchmarks and loose skin...got it. I do not have unrealistic expectations about what my stomach will look like post op...I just want it to fit in my clothes and not have a muffin top. Dr. Azurin's office assistant explained that I don't have a lot of excess fat on my stomach, just muscle and skin. I think that is difficult to assess through a virtual consult, but I am not the expert here. Lynne felt that with my flanks slimmed down and some post op weight loss I would still have great results. I don't want to lose weight post op. Less fat equals less ass! She also said that after you have aggressive lipo scar tissue builds up in that area and it gets more difficult to sculpt later...if you chose to have more surgery , such as a TT. I DO NOT WANT A TUMMY TUCK!! So, Azurin is not an option for me, even though I do respect his honesty and ethical surgical practices. I need someone to nip and tuck me, Boo! So...what now?! Salama may be the man for me depending on what Jimerson says. Will keep you guys posted~

Okay, so I went ahead and paid my 10% deposit to...

Okay, so I went ahead and paid my 10% deposit to have my BBL with Dr. Salama next summer. I am going to cancel my consult with Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Azurin pretty much is a rule out since he won't touch my abs. I am the type of person who gets something set in their mind and just goes in on it. I assess for calculated risks and take decisive action. While I am bummed Dr. Azurin could not meet me in the middle (literally), I still love his work and his prices and would encourage anyone with less stomach flab/fat to give him a go. I still feel 50/50 regarding outcomes with Dr. Salama and Jimerson. It's like with one I risk fat absorption and what I deem the "bad jean butt" with no crease...or the "double punch Georgia Peach butt" jacked up high on my back (but the fat sticks). I opted for the former, because no matter how many box butts I see from Dr. Salama there are several beautiful tear dropped shaped booties that he has created. Plus, I have almost a year to drill into him what I want, work on my on body, get my finances together, begin ordering my supplements and supplies, and read your amazing stories in the meantime. God Bless those hands and don't let anything happen to him in the meantime, lol! He will also be refreshed from a mini-vacay due to the fourth of July weekend right before. So, that makes me happy. This time next year I would have passed the 2 month hump and be posting pics of my banging boo-tay, God willing! @Miamimom, thanks so much for your transperancy (openess) and kind words. You seem like a gem of a person. I wish you a well recovery and hope you are loving that body. Also, to the ladies looking to have surgery towards the end of the year, the docs take vacay too during the holiday season. So, be mindful of office closings and staff time off. You don't want to have a crisis at week #2 and not be able to reach your doctor. Just a thought! Also, I put my deposit down using my Credit Care card which was 12 months no interest. Once I pay the remainder of my balance (if I use the card) they will do as much as 36, 48, or 60 months no interest. I think thats cool, so if you think you want this procedure, don't let financing be a barrier towards making your self happy and doing something good for yourself. Grant it, we don't want your mortgage to go unpaid or you sitting in the dark eating Beanie Weenies and Ramen Casserole on your big new bubble butt :), but if you can afford it with or without financing I think you should do it. We women spend our whole lives prioritizing other people. It's time for us to put ourselves first. TTYL~

Another thing, Dr. Salama is looking to hike his...

Another thing, Dr. Salama is looking to hike his prices again to $8299 soon, by this time next year he will be past Dr. Jimerson's prices. So, people paid around $4000 earlier this year, so that's more than double. Don't let that force you to make a rushed decision though. Think it through!

So, I guess I have 9 months to stress over this...

So, I guess I have 9 months to stress over this procedure! My most recent concern is my mind set post op and making sure I am all good with this. It's a bit like playing mad scientist on yourself. I mean will I be able to carry all that ass?! It might sound crazy, but I am soooo used to being top heavy I can't imagine what being bottom heavy will be like and I hope it will look proportioned...and not like and apple shaped with an ass. My legs are like two sizes small than my upper body. First it was big boobs, and when I got those reduced I realized that made my stomach more pronounced. So, when I trim down my back and stomach I guess my arms and shoulders will look more pronounced.

This procedure is like going through a rites of passage-entering womanhood. Remember in middle school when you were rushing puberty, so you could get your period and some boobs. Now boobs are throw back and ass is in and it's like will I really be able to pull this off? When I don't want my ass to scream here I am, what can I were to camoflauge it? Will I struggle to find nice jeans that fit, like I struggle to find nice tops now? Once I fix this will there be something else to fix after? Now guys like me for my face, my intelligence, and personality...but I am like a gazelle about to permanently alter my physique. It's like strapping meat on my back and running into a den of lions. I want to look nice and not be objectified. Well that's my am rant. TTYL girls~

Alright Ladies, time for me to get on the weight...

Alright Ladies, time for me to get on the weight loss bandwagon. Before I had my son (many moons ago) I was about 137 pounds. I gained a ton due to the pregnancy and got up to 193. I have never seen the likes of one thirty anything since then. I shed some of the weight, but due to being less physically active and getting a real job, where I could afford to eat out more I jumped back up to 187. I started working out daily doing a mile on the treadmill daily and weight watchers and lost 11 pounds. I started using Adipex several years ago and lost 17 more pounds. After a few months I gained 10 pounds back. Adipex is the business if your body can tolerate it. However, you will gain the weight back after you stop using it. Bummer :( ! Anyway, to date I am 155 lbs. I flucuate between 155-157 and have done so for nearly two years. Well, 35 is waiting for me and weighing 135 by my 35th birthday would be grand! It will kick off a fresh start for me and really give me my former self back. My pregnancy was a tough one (emotionally) and while I love being a mom...I want to find myself. I have identified myself as just that...a mom and I think I hide behind that a bit and have taken less of an interest in caring for and feeling good about myself as an individual, and that needs to change. So, while I wanted my BBL to happen this December, I feel better and less stressed with it being next summer. Now, I can really get my body and health in order during this prep time. I think that losing the weight will help trim my upper body and arms b/c that is where I gain. If Dr. Salama can "re-proportion" what's left to my boo-tay I think I will have a tight, petite frame. I have always been afraid to lose too much weight, because my legs and but go first and I still have a lil' poof in my jeans. Nothing major, but not a totally flat or introverted butt, but losing the extra weight would definately absolve anything back there. My guess is being that I am top heavy, whatever fat is left behind can be sucked out and will really given me the closet thing to an hourglass shape. So, the motivation is there...now I need a plan, lol! I haven't seen anyone lose a mass amount of weight post op, so my bet is I will still be around 135...just a curvier version. I will keep you guys posted on my progress. On another note, I emailed Nancy today just to make sure my date of 07/09/12 was locked in. That is the date for my pre-op appt and surgery is slated to be 2 days later, but my paperwork does not have a date on it and I don't want to get lost in the sauce and also want to start reviewing housing options in Aventura!

Hey Ladies! How are ya? It's been a minute, but I...

Hey Ladies! How are ya? It's been a minute, but I just wanted to drop in and wish all my Booty Bunnies a Happy Holidays, lol! I was so trying to lose a few pounds and was able to lose 6...then Thanksgiving came and those 6 pounds came hunting me down and attacked me. So, I will have to start this think all over come New Year, goodness gracious. I have been reading the posts and cyberstalking updates. I see a few of our fellow Booty Bunnies were not satisfied with Dr. Salama's work and that created BBL WWIII, wow! My take on it is...this is everyone's personal journey. This site is here for us to vent the good, bad, and the ugly and their truth is just that...their truth. You can't really challenge that, it is what it is. I saw a few pics of the outcomes and I would have the same concerns and I respect anyone for being transparent enough for posting whatever it is...good or bad. It helps us to make an informed decision.

I am going to Dr. Salama. I hope for a great outcome and don't want to feel dissatisfied after paying the cost of surgery...when I could have bought a KIA or something or paid off another expense...went to a resort...whatever. So, while, I am not unrealistic, I do want MY personal experience. Period. Ask questions, but hold your mule and don't pass judgement. With that being said I have paid for half my procedure already. I am so excited. I saw Labelle's pics and really like her results. I hope my tummy comes out smooth too. When I dropped my weight intially, I was like...ummm...135 is not a good look. So, perhaps I can get down to 145 before the summer and then still have enough fat to shuffle around without making my apple shape look too appley!

Oh...I had my annual physical in November and was anemic...Ewww! :( Sad face. I was not a happy camper, but I am hoping to remedy this soon. My hairdresser told me beet juice helps with anemia, but I will have to google an alternative, 'cause I ain't bout that like. I dislike beets and anything else they bring to the table...including the juice. I plan to start eating cleaner, being consistent with my multi-vitamins and increasing my activity level. Ya'll like how I said that without saying exercising, lol! No committment to that yet. Well I am still amped about my surgery, still pleased about my doc selection. I have my careteam in place, now I just need to settle on a place to stay and start collecting supplies over the next few months. I still have time on my hands. So, I will keep you all updated. Hope you all are well and blessed and again Happy Holidays fellow Booty Bunnies! :)

5 months to go! I am so excited. Dr. Salama's most...

5 months to go! I am so excited. Dr. Salama's most recent dolls are looking like his signature "earlier" work. I am in work out bootcamp. I have decided to go ahead and lose 15 or so pounds and most importantly get my muscles together, particularly my abs. Thank way I can begin to slowing nurture my tummy and hopefully have less tummy sag. I have told a few friends and some family members...I think that's enough. For the most part, everyone is supportive. However, my "ace" called today talking about lipo and blood clots, and saying I don't need to work out, because my legs are too skinny and a big butt and skinny legs look fake. WTF? Take a seat, boo-boo! You have fake tits and was asking our hairstylist about getting ass shots out of her apartment...and you just tried it. So, I think that's enough sharing for now, before things get ugly.

Okay ladies, July is around the corner and I am...

Okay ladies, July is around the corner and I am super excited. My nerves have yet to get the best of me. I have gained 10 pounds trying to lose 20...where they do that at?! I won't stress though, onward march! I plan to reserve my room, workout, and book my flight soon. I will post better pre op pics soon!

My nerves are tore down tonight. I can't sleep and...

My nerves are tore down tonight. I can't sleep and am beginning to spook myself out of this. Today I bought my airline tickets and confirmed the deposit on my condo. I got two tickets on Jet Blue for $527 ttl and found a nice condo on the beach with a kitchenette, bath, 1 bedroom, and living area with a sleeper sofa for $1000 for 13 days. I found a few cheaper spots like a 1 bedroom studio with kitchenette for $640. The one I chose it a bit more cozy since my friend girl is going with me and not a boo. I will need space and she will appreciate not having to be trapped in a studio room with me all day for 2 weeks. I have not lost anymore weight. I flux between 157 and 162 on any given Sunday. It is what it is at this point. I am dating someone now. I said I wouldn't date until after the surgery so I wouldn't have to explain myself, but it happened any way and he is amazing. All the more reason I am freaking out. I now have 2 men in my life that I will need to come home to. So, I am praying for an uneventful recovery and good health and healing. Ya'll pray for me. I don't think my man really understands the full extent of the surgery, but less is more with him. He doesn't want me to do it and the more I mention it the more janky side eye I get. I had this planned before we met and it's for me so, that to is what it is. I just hope I come out nice, Lord and I am a mom so I will let Salama know not to video vixen me up. On another note, I read somewhere that Ruebin isn't driving anymore. I will wait to address that closer to my date. I will order my vitamins next month. I am taking some supplements, but that's just what I do. This site is freezing up something fierce. Anyway, I think I will get two inflateable tubes, like big, lazy river ones and "sit" in those. The holes should be wide enough to fit in and two stacked up or a really big one should keep my butt from touching the ground. The two hour plane ride home will be another story. I will be in FL for two weeks so I hope I will be up to propping myself up etc on the plane ride home. I am thinking about getting my arms done and adding hips. I see some girls photos and they have apple shapes that look more deformed with the lipo, like big upper body, big booty, and little legs. I do not want the Ostrich Effect! I have broad shoulders, but if my arms were trimmer it would look more uniform. I will play it by ear and see what the doc says. I am looking forward to the procudure, even though I'm anxious. I look forward to post op recovery more though. Like September, when I can sit and feel normal I hope. I will update the site and pics post op. Initally, I didn't want to, but I need the support and other's stories helped me, so I need to pay it forward. God Bless everyone having surgery in May and June. I will be up in July, return the favor. VRBO is a great site to find a condo, you can throw out an offer and see who bites. Later Bootie Bunnies!

Thank you for the well wishes! You are so right....

Thank you for the well wishes! You are so right. You really have to express what you want. We all have a different view on what we deem beautiful. I want an overall improved shape, suddle enough to be believable and noticeable enough to be sexy, lol! I told my friends I was going to make a portfolio of good pics vs bad to pin to my robe during surgery. He may need a muse or some inspiration to draw from, lol!

***Update on Transportation for Salama/Ghuarani!!!

Nancy is out of the office this week, so things are hectic down there. I had to call because I decided to add arms and I want to have Dr. G perform my surgery next month. I have yet to receive my packet and my surgery is 4 weeks out. They are supposed to mail it today.

Transportation: Larry is not the driver any more, the office is not handling that. They will credit your account $250.00 if you were charged for it, which is an extra $25 as the transportation fee was $225. They have another woman, Miriam, they use to transport their clients. However, they do not coordinate the transportation. It got to be too overwhelming. You have to schedule with Miriam on your own and pay her a $225 money order only (she doesn't want to carry wads of cash around). That fee includes airport pick up/drop off, all appts, pre/post/follow up/massage and 1 trip to grocery store/med pick up. If you need extra transportation it will cost you extra...if you fly into MIA airport it will be an extra $30.00 which is cheaper than rescheduling your flight, but come into FLL airport.

My arms were an extra $500 and I will know this afternoon if Dr. G can put me on his schedule. I am ready to get my labs and move on, I am over taking 1001 pills per day, ugh! Later

No Arm Lipo :(

Well, Cynthia called and said Dr. Ghurani is booked on my surgery day. Kinda bummed, but kinda not. I think Dr. Salama can give me what I need. It's after his vacation, so he shouldn't be too overworked. I don't see the need in trying to get there a week early for a Dr. G appointment when everything else is in place. Cynthia also said Dr. G said I have enough body fat to where will max out so he can't touch my arms. Sad face...and I may want to discuss a tummy tuck...double sad face! That's not happening...! So, we will see what goes down. I was 10 pounds lighter in those pics they have, so this will be interesting! I will have them take better pics to post in the office pre-op. Mine are grainy. I did get my pre-op appointment time, so that's a happy face. Just waiting on my package so I can get my labs done now.


I ordered a few things on Amazon and picked up drug store items, gauze, arnica tabs and gel, iron and calcium supplements. I want to get a shower curtain for the bed, inner tube floats to "sit" in, more dresses and a compression garment and stomach binder. Hopefully, my package will get here asap so I can get my labs and physical done. I'm ready, not nervous at all right now!

Outdated Generic Information

I received my packet from Dr. Salama's office today. It has pages of the same generic information with different headers. Some outdated and some overdue. It still includes transportation in the packet. It says I should be taking certain supplements 45 days before sx, medical clearance is required 30 days prior to sx. I am about 3 weeks out so all of that is impossible at this point. I now have my RX scripts and scheduled a physical for Monday. 9 antibiotic tabs per day for seven days, whoa! I am taking pre and probiotics now. Stop pain meds, aspirin, and supplements 2 weeks prior to sx. Hopefully, my labs will look good. Still worried about my iron. If I am not cleared will they refund my coins...? Anyway, I just needed to rant and rave this is too big and too expensive of a surgery for me to feel rushed at the last minute. Makes me feel a bit...generic. They need to do better. I want to start off feeling like a valued patient.

Boards and Foams!!!

Can anyone explain the what the boards are and where to get them? I saw lipofoam on Amazon. What exactly are we supposed to do with them post op?

Iron Overdose???

I received my iron pills today which contain 65mg of elemental iron and 325 mg of ferrous sulfate. I assumed since the packet said that I need 300 mg on one page and 325 mg on another. I took 3 pills plus my multi today which have 30 mg of iron. My backup brain says this was pretty dumb. I probably should have taken 1 pill and maybe my multivitamin. I run out of those tomorrow, so I should be good. I will call the office to double check. I hate chemistry!

Iron is good!

Thank God!

Thanks for the board info JLO!

Okay after a bit of research on make me heal and an overview from my girl JLO here is what I have come to understand regarding using the boards and foam. I am a visual learner...kinda, so reading it was not making sense to me. So, first you have an abdominal board. They come in different shapes and sizes, some people make their own or you can order them online on lipo express or ebay, etc. I one I plan to get looks like a "stumpy two tier snowman". This board goes against the front of your stomach over your abdominal wall. Then you have lipo or Reston foam sheets. They come in an 8x11 size (a sheet of paper), but are thicker and stiffer. Think science project poster board with the thick foam in the middle of the poster board sheets. You can buy individual sheets or a multipack. Amazon sells one brand, but that looks thinner than what I would like personally, so lipo express it is.

So for my visual girls, you start butt naked, put on your cami or smooth tank directly over your skin. Step into your compression garment and pull it up high around your waist and lower back, but don't fasten it. Then begin strategically placing pieces of the lipo foam around the circumference of your core (sides, back, bra line, etc). You will be essentially stuffing it around you inside your garment and over your tank top. Think stuffing your bra. This will help smooth out any lines, creases, and give tighter compression to help with swelling, bloating, and fluids. You want to place it over your cami and tank for conventional purposes, eliminate additional creasing on your skin and for good hygiene.

Okay, once you have the foam tucked in around your waist and back, place the ab board directly on your stomach against your abdominal wall and begin to fasten your garment over it. Once you have your foam and boards in place, and your garment fastened overtop of them, you will them get your squeem or your waist cincher of choice and put that on over your garment. Now, you can put on your cute sundress of the day, lol! Whoa, I take it you will feel a bit like a stuffed turkey and if you are going in the peak of summer like me...you will be hot as hell, lol! Temporary discomfort, think of it as helping you sweat off some extra pounds.

So, just to recap, if your body was your ring finger, then the ab board would be the princess cut diamond on the front and the foam would be your platinum band wrapped around your side and back meeting the ab board at both its sides. Then you would put a glove on over it, lol! Basically, pull your garment over it. You all see where my head is today! Anyway, happy healing girls. I hope this helps someone out there! :)

Foam/Board Correction

Put your waist cincher on over you tank or cami for better compression. Then add foam and board. Thanks JLo!

Done with Supplies...Does Salama Provide Boards???

Okay, I am done buying supplies outside of food, if I don't have it...I won't have it. Today, I ordered lipofoam and micropore tape...not sure what that's for, but it was in the packet from the office. I ordered a medium, Vedette 700 Elite...trying something new. It's a thong, I plan to rig it with cheap thick maxi pads to protect my crack. I have noticed on some Salama girls a small fold or crease at the bottom of their butt cheek. I think its from the garment to butt cheek ratio being too small. I'll rock those while I'm there, but after that I will let that monkey loose in a thong shaper. I bought a small squeem, decided against the vest since my garment has high back coverage. There were these disposable urinal packs that turn to gel when you pee in them...I got a few of those. Hoping I can pee normal after a few days. I also bought a yoga foam roller opposed to a mat for less "squish" factor. Lastly, I bought 2 inflatable pool rafts...I am going to find a way to sit and preserve my fat. If I stack two and sit in the hole (in my living room) I think I will have enough support to feel comfortable. Fingers crossed! The ab board was $20 plus $11 for shipping...Naw son! I will call the office tomorrow to see if they have one, I am sure they do. Alright, I'm obsessing or getting close to it. Good evening girls...one last thing...if your bowels are not sensitive by nature you may need something stronger than Colace. It's a stool softner, not a stimulant laxative. I had tummy issues this week and popped three...may as well have been Pez. Until we meet again! Dang it...compression socks and crocs...then I'm done!

Two weeks...

From today, I guess I'll be nipped, tucked, stuffed, and writhing in pain...I can't wait! :) Watch me eat those words, lol! My bf is a wee bit skeptical...and paranoid, but trying to be supportive. Depends on the day, he goes from you're perfect, why do this to...you are too excited about this what's up your sleeve, lol! I paid my deposit before I met him, so he knows he can't go too hard. My friends have emergency funds saved just in case and my grandma keeps making sure I know Dr. Salama won't use crazy glue or fix a flat like the girl on the Trisha Show?! Lol, she can't help it, but nothing has swayed me. I will pray for a safe procedure, happy healing, and great results! So excited for all the July girls! Paid my balance today (on my credit care card).

This time next week...

I will be on Hollywood Beach, sipping on something good and virgin and eating a good meal...waiting for my preop appt next Monday. Craaazy! This week was a beast my cycle came on cramps and headaches from hell. Everybody second guessing me...luckily I'm not easily dissuaded. I went to church today, chatted with my boo (Jesus) and we'll keep it moving. My flight lands at 1 next Sunday, check in is at 3. I have all my supplies. I want a few more dresses, but don't want to buy new, cute stuff to get bloody. Yuck! My Amazon supplies came...yoga foam roller, get one! It feels great, has good support for thighs, doesn't move or squish, and fits in a chair. Put a pillow behind you and you're good. My raft is big as hell and I can't blow that hard or long. I think my hair dryer might work. The hole looks small, so we will see. My small squeem, lol! That's a joke. It only goes around my back and sides. Its not close to closing and the medium Vedette I bought looks like a five year old's ballet leotard. I can't get it up my thighs. HAM, lol! Anyway I have rededicated myself to losing weight. I know... but I work best under pressure and the smaller girl's results look best. I was 155 to boot and jumped to 164. I have been eating raw fruit and veggies all weekend. No soda, low carbs, just fruit, veggies, water, and one carb serving a day...small carb serving. I don't want to starve myself, so I am eating reasonable portions. My goal is 155 lbs sx day and 140 lbs 2-3 months post up. We shall see. Ttyl

1 week Preoo

Just Strange to Me...

So, I got a call from the office today and I was on the other line anyway, so I was really on my "get to the bottom of it" game. They were asking when I was coming, where I was staying, if I had transportation, and who I was coming with...I was like why? They don't offer transportation anymore, so my curiosity was really piqued! Then, the staff member proceeds to say there is someone else coming around my date that needs a..."No, no ma'am, I don't do that!" I didn't even let her finish...it was just so odd to me. I know this is a very open forum and FB, Twitter, and RealSelf has us feeling like sisses from another mrs, but in reality that is not the case and unless Salama's office is willing to contract and agree to pay defaulted expenses for the party in need, I would suggest from a business perspective they stay out of that arena. Let women post up here and elsewhere looking to bunk up and figure that out for themselves, but to call down your client list trying to match folks up is tacky and unprofessional. Can we all say HIPAA...Dr. Salama still has a medical degree and I think that move is walking a very fine line. I understand the expense of this investment, the time, and due diligence, and disappointment that would come having to cancel, but we all need to be smart and think rationally and I think a medical office should encourage the same. I mean surely they could invest in a boarding and recovery house and make big bucks and provide 24/7 coverage. They probably need to do that anyway, but don't call me with that really. I have been dancing around my approach with Dr. Salama in terms of how to really get my "vision" across to him in potentially a limited amount of time, but after this i see the best way to go is with my usual approach...frank and direct, lol! I just think that was out of control...sorry had to vent it! It worries me that they would take the "pound puppy" approach of hoarding clients together opposed to having the client step back and rethink their options give we have 1 week to go. Stay in your lane~

Miriam vs Guys Taxi Co.

Okay, so the hotel where I am staying offers shuttle transportation to and from the airport, cool beans! I am now thinking if its worth it to pay $225 for transportation for 6-8 trips, idk? This guy taxi company has great reviews 25/30. You can RSVP 24 hours in advance and apparently they are always early and run from 8am-11pm. Not sure if their prices yet...I'll call tomorrow. I read someone's blog where they had to wait nearly 30 mins on Mariam...post op. I hope that's not true, but that's what it said. I need to weigh my options. I will need airport pick up and drop off, groceries, pre, sx, and post op appt. and 4+ massages. It may end up evening out in the end.

Sticking with Miriam

The cab company has yet to have an operator answer the phone. Ain't Nobody Got Time for That #SweetBrown. I bought few extra skirts and dresses. I need to decompress a bit. I am soooo anal. I like things in order and I know something will aggravate me next week. I found out today that the preop appt is with a nurse and I won't see Dr. Salama until 15 before my surgery...Woosa...in too deep. I can tell I don't need anymore contact with the office until my appt. I spoke with Miriam and she mentioned RealSelf drama and bad reviews and people not having proper support. I couldn't follow the whole convo...but things sound hectic down there, lol! So, ready to be on the mend. Pray for us and with us, lol!

Wouldn't Leave Ya'll Hanging...

Hey girls, the time has come! 3 days until I'm bottoms up, lol! I am packed and ret to go. I told my g'ma I have so many medications, rx's, and gauze packed they are going to think I'm Dexter! Anyway, it's been a helluva week for me, but I am ready. I used to trip when I saw other girls putting personal relationship deets on here and other stressful life events, but after this week I get it. My bad! Things happen everyday, but they are magnified when you are about to do something this big. I never get stressed out about my job, but this week my cup runneth over. My bf...ex...I need to get used to saying that...texted me that he does not feel like being locked down right now...okay...and ofcourse everyone else is hoping I survive this. Needless to say I began unplugging from the Matrix today. Phones, visits, and soon this MacBook, lol! I think physical strength is important before having this procedure, but more important than that is mental toughness. So, I refuse to let these tricks kill my vibe okay! Work, I will catch ya'll in two weeks, ex...if at 35 with no kids, never been married, and in stage 1 of hairline recession you still want to mix and mingle knock yourself out ninja. I wanted to be mad and upset, but my brain must be running on my back up generator or something. I can't focus on any one thing long enough to stress about it, because so much is happening at once. I really can't let anything break my spirit or take my focus...the devil is a lie, lol! So, I will board my plane in the am, and not look back and my the restored me will be an equal opportunity employer, because I can't deal with this ninjas right now. I popped a few arnica pellets today. I swallowed half and as I struggled to get them down, I remember reading to chew them. I was to lazy or too tired to go read the bottle. They taste like Pez, so what the hay! My raft idea just might work. Using just one had me too close to the ground and I didn't blow the second one up. They are hard to deflate. My foam roller fits in my carry on. My homegirl is ready and wants to leave bright and early and my friends and family have all banded together to help me out and take care of my little dude. So, as long as my son is good and I can make it through this healing process, I'm new money. This has been a long time coming and I plan to use my powers (booty powers) for good and not evil, lol! Kick this game up to the next level as well as my self confidence about my external appearance. If this week has taught me anything, it's that I'm above all this ish and I need to elevate myself in a few areas of life...and keep striving for better. Well ladies, wish me well! Good Luck to all my July girls and I will see you on the flip side! Bottoms Up, lol!

Pray for Me Guys

Hi Ladies, well here goes everything. Tomorrow is my day and I am ready. My nerves want to act up, but my brain is still on autopilot, lol! I love this area. It's just refreshing and laid back. I love the ocean (can't swim, but love it). I staying in a nice place. I will share the deets post op for other ladies who are looking for a place. Miriam is really funny. She stays busy, but she does her best. Everything here is on island time as they say in Hawaii. So, expect to just go with it. Its not my personality to be that way, but its working right now. Schedules and appointment times are pretty much rule of thumb, but things can change. Just go with it. I met Nomie today. She is sweet, she made me laugh and was really nice and helpful. Going into the office is like a wizard of Oz experience. You imagine what its like and what the characters are like based on things pieced together on real self, but its totally a real place of business. Professional staff, nice waiting area, etc. I was happy to step out of the Matrix. I will provide more deets in days to come. Good night and good luck to everyone else.

I am doing great

Drowsy and feeling heavy. Hungry too! But pain is not too bad. Ate standing up. Drinking and walking. Love my doc.

Realself is freezing up!

Okay girls my sx was yesterday at noon. I feel good. I had a followup to day to take off my dressings and check things out. I'm looking good. I like the shape of my butt, nice and round. Dr. Salama sucked the life out of my stomach....lots of loose skin. Hopefully it will retract. Nomie and Yaniesy are amazed at my strength and Miriam calls me BBL Queen. She said I walk like I'm strutting the runway, lol! I feels good no dizziness and near fainting spells. Lupi areas are tender. First massage tomorrow, shower today. Percs make me drowsy. I took one before my appointment and now every 5 hours or 6. Shower curtain helps me slide off the bed. I eat day and night. I really think this is a mind over matter thing girls. I am not super strong, don't workout, etc. but I'm positive and my home girl has been really helpful. You guys can do this and recover well. Dr. Salama is great and you will love your results. I got 1400ccs. Hr said my hips were tight so he couldn't get as much as he wanted in there, but that's good, because they look natural as is today. I can shower today and wash my garment. I will post pics then. You guys have been the best support. Thank you so much!






Day 2 Post Op

Things are still good. I am pretty stiff and am kinda looking forward to my massage today and kinda fear the pain. I was nauseated while eating breakfast yesterday but popped a Zofran and it went away immediately. Drains are emptying nice. Showers totally drain me. I get out and have to go lay down for a few minutes. No bowel movements yet. Use a cup to pee. I wanted to be sophisticated with my disposable urinals and pissed all over my garment day 1...several times... yuck. We washed it yesterday and I just take the garment off when I need to pee now. Butt and hips look the same. I don't do the measurement thing, but if they went down some I'd be good, if not that's cool too. Good luck ladies this week!

Forgive the skirt print...its distracting.

We are heading out in a bit and I am trying to play it down if that's possible, lol! Wanted to show hips. No ab board or foam here, just garment. Its too loose so I get a new one today. Drink fluids and stay moving around ladies!


First Massage

Hurt like hell! Felt a lot of burning sensation and stinging. In a large garment now with foam. Its sucking the life out of me, lol! Ate now nap time! Next massage Monday :(

Morning Routine Takes Forever

Lord, I have been getting dressed since 6:30am. I had to get the cg off shower, put peroxide and Neosporin on. Tried to go poo...nothing yet. Cleaned up again, put cocoa butter on and then tight cg...several breaks in between. I feel good enough to go out today though. The new cg is squeezing the life out of me. Took naked pics. No shrinkage yet, less draining, stomach is punish. I have a lot of extra skin, but it should smooth out and retract. I can't use my board for until 2 weeks post op, but I have my foams.

Meant to say stomach looks prune-ish...not punish

But it should even out and retract!




Sorry ya'll RealSelf is having Technical Difficulties

Today was good

I have more energy today and am taking fewer percs...maybe 2-3 a day. I think they are causing me to itch at night. I tried to Moltrin PMs last night and they made me groggy, but did nothing for the pain. So, I will itch for now. Appetite is healthy no nausea, etc. I'm really hyperfocused on hygiene now. I shower with Dial anti bac, then Hibiclens, then spray myself down with hygrogen peroxcide and neosporin to go spray. Its important to wipe down your tubes they snake themselves all over so you need to keep them clean. My large garment finally feels cozy...the thought of a medium makes me afraid, lol! No loss of volume yet. I had some drainage from an opening at the bottom of my butt. I cleaned it and put a silicone sheet over it. I walk a lot...did laundry yesterday. I'm ready to get more massages and fluids drained so I can see what my stomach is going to do. I want to see that slim down more. Ttyl

I Wish I Was an Octagon!

So, yesterday got tougher as the day progressed. Last night, was sheer misery. I guess I can tolerate pain, but not discomfort. I could not get comfy in that cg to save my life. I had been eating more than I usually do and less clean foods. I have always struggled with constipation and narcotics and iron do not help. I felt and looked pregnant...again...but with triplets this time, one in each butt cheek and one in the tummy, lol! I kept dozing off during the day and having lucid dreams...crazy side effects of the percs I think. I have switched back and forth from my new garment to the old one to relieve pressure. Hate these drains and the bathroom process which is like 12 steps. Ugh! I wish I was an octagon so I can find some side to sleep other than my tummy. These next five weeks are going to be looooong! Not looking forward to massage tomorrow or stuffing foams and boards into a smaller garment. Thank God there was an organic farmers market downstairs in my hotel. I woke up craving peaches, plums, and cherries. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. Even though I hate going to have a bm its feels good to sit, be free from the garment, and have a moment t of silence.


Also taking Aleve now. I felt that I was getting overheated last night and just needed to strip down, take off layers, and poop! Felt better. I'll save the Percs for massage days.

Thanks for the inspiration and support ladies!

Okay, so today was massage number 2 and day 6. I feared it would be a horror. I didn't stick to my garment regime and spent almost a full day out of it to wash them. The good didn't hurt half as much as the first. In fact, part of it actually felt like a...massage. I did enjoy it for the most part. My back has little fluid build up and my back drain came out. That didn't hurt either. I just counted to 8 over and over and over. The bad...there were some pockets of fluid in my stomach and the scar tissue was starting to form and Celia worked hard to break it up and soften it. I found myself having PTSD from the first massage, like reluctant and anticipating the pain. It wasn't as painful, but the stomach massage was deeper. I had to deal though. I want my results to be optimum.

So massage one...think anal sex...the Oz or male prison version, lol! Massage two... think planned anal sex with lube, consent, and a patient partner. Hopefully, number 3 and 4 will be straight blissful, oral on the receiving end, lol! I'm not sure what your prefs are, but I can do without anal anything, lol!

The Ugly...my stomach's still fugly, but there is still hope. Celia showed me how to smooth it out with the foam the right way and not just slap it in there and close up.

All and all, I'm feeling great, missing my peeps at home, but reward is sacrifice. Still love my results. This ass and these hips have yet to budge. Looks good and natural per other ladies in the office. I asked Dr. Salama to make me a professional vixen... not a video vixen and he did! I can put on black slacks and tone it down or high waisted jeans, skirts, and show you what you've been missing! Bam!! Lol! I lost my dragon tail...back drain...happy that's out, got my boppy, ate some banging Cuban food, and feel better in my large cg. This has been a cool experience. Glad God pulled me through it and okayed Dr. Salama tweeking his creation. Some of old my dresses don't fit. I have to start thinking A line and not hide the gut and flat butt. I'm excited to finish my antibiotics tomorrow. I have an appt with Dr. Salama Wed and massage 3. Front drain may come out before I leave on Sat. Idk...no rush...health first. Keep drinking fluids ladies, remember mind over matter! Some days I want to complain but in the words of Yeezus..."ain't this the life that you asked for!" No regrets! Good luck to everyone with upcoming procedures. Happy Healing and thanks so much for supporting me guys.

Leaving the Way I Came :(

Few things have gone on since my last post. I had my 3rd massage... it felt less comfortable then the 2nd, but still not as bad as the first. I had less fluid, but I am healing very fast, so breaking up that scar tissue is a beast. Stopped pain meds. I still have my front drain. Its looking janky so I hope it comes out today. I fly out tomorrow and don't want to deal with it or risk infection. I have one more massage before I fly out. My friend had a family emergency and flew out Wednesday. I was so bored yesterday and I am definitely ready to go home too. Missing my bed and my comforts! :)

As for the volume...omg! My butt is shrinking by the minute. Almost to the point of irritation. I see like a 20% increase from where I started as of today. I am definitely sad faced to be leaving with these scars, scabs, and tubes and a poof of a booty. My one prayer is that of the fluffing gods. I have milled this site for a year and realize 80% of the girls come to the point during week 2 and then something magical happens week 3-6. So, we will see. Dr. Salama did his best, I don't doubt that, but I surely don't want to face the fact that I shared I was doing this with some people and I look close to the same. I will continue to work the regime and keep you guys posted, but as of this moment I am feeling like, "is it worth not sitting and stomach sleeping to salvage this little handful of fat???" Pray for me ya'll. I will try and post pics.

A few additional points of clarity: Iron Pills...take 1. If its 65mg Iron and 325 Ferrous Sulfate take 1.

If you wear a bra put your bra over you shirt and garment. Tank first, then garment, then bra. Otherwise, it causes lines.

Heating pads are to be placed directly on the skin, not over your garment. It has no impact that way.


Final Appointment

I had my last appointment today. 4th massage, got my flight letter, and front drain is gone. The office was out of an boards and will mail it next week. I have a seroma. Dr. Salama noticed it...they drained it and I need to keep an eye on it. The Dr. and staff and Miriam (lol) feel really good about my look. I still have some inflammation and the fat has to settle. So, they said give it more time. After 3 weeks it will look different, 3 months even better, and so one. I need to realize I have been sculpted and reshaped despite just being focused solely on the butt. Dr. Salama says things will get worse before they get better. I may experience inflammation due to the flight home tomorrow. At 10 days out they said I can't tell how it will shape out. So, I will give it some time and work the regime full force and post some nude or semi nude before and after pics for comparison. So, for now I'm going to get some crab legs, wash a load and then pack up! Dr. Salama is still #1 he really sculpted me out and I feel he did his personal best. Fat retention is individualized and I still have some ways to go. So, thanks for the uplift ladies. I so appreciate it!

Hips Don't Lie!

Hey Ladies, thanks so much for the uplift this week. You guys are the real deal. I just hit a real slump during my last post. Long story short...there is some ass back there. I can't fit any of my old pants/slacks...even the ones that were looser, won't go near the bottom of this ass. :) I definitely need to train my waist get these abs down. i still have swelling and probably inflammation now after my flight home. My small squeem ain't working, I may have to order a large for now and a medium lipo express garment to use when this one falls apart. I came home in the large and it's still snug. Those squeems run small. The other thing I realize is that my former wardrobe complimented my apple shape...I now have to dress to rock these hips...high waist/pencil skirts, etc. I don't even want to think about shopping for jeans. Luckily, I am still paranoid and my butt is still tender so I'm over playing dress up until everything settles. So, don't fret girls you may feel like your losing volume or your booty's gone...it's all in your mind and your waist in my case. I will post a pic at week 3 and see if I can tolerate putting on real clothes then for you guys, lol!

On to the good stuff. I flew home today it was a two hour trip. Airport wait wasn't bad, about 45 minutes. By the time I good some grub it was time to board. I flew with Jet Blue and paid the extra $38.00 for even more room and even more speed. That's an expedited check in and I sat in row one with more leg room. I made it the whole flight "sitting" and even dozed off twice in between cracking up at old Dave Chapelle shows. Jet Blue offers free Directv on all flights...gotta love it. So, the set up, I had my letter and handed it to the steward and he looked at me as though I was giving him an envelope full of anthrax, as did the other 3 passengers on my row. So, I quickly moved to plan B. Put the letter in my pocket and just asked for an extender belt (for the large at heart passengers) and instructions on how to use it and also got the okay to sit on my foam roller. So, I positioned my foam roller towards the front of the seat and put my boppy pillow on top of the roller for cushion. It was most comfy with the fullest part of the boppy over the foam roller. That also minimized boppy butt contact. I then put a folded fleece throw (my own) in between my lower back and the seat. The foam roller was under my mid, lower, and upper thigh depending on whether or not I wanted to lean forward, sit straight up, or recline back. I did all three to relieve pressure and not let my legs get numb. I was able to hold each position for about 35 minutes each and then adjust. I was sitting up high, but my butt never touched the seat at all. I recommend you all get a fleece throw as well. I was like Lionel on Peanuts carrying that thing everywhere to and fro. Miriam drove me and she transports a lot of girls. I would place my throw over the pillow and blankets in the back of her car so I wasn't laying on something someone else may or may not have used.

Miriam was cool! She has a lot of personality. She was worth her price, because I had several appointments and trips, all together at least 10. I liked her company a lot towards the end. She was cool to boot, but I am slow to warm up. I have to feel you out first.

Heating Pad

My middle and back were feeling very tight today. So, I am using a heating pad. 15 mins on back, front, and sides. Then I will use my hand massager on my stomach each day. Also, I weigh 3 pounds more than I did on sx day. 166 lbs. My cycle is on its way this weekend so pray for me ya'll.

Massage #5 Today

So, I'm back at home and trying to get back in the swing of things. My energy is touch and go. Sometimes I feel normal and then I will feel drained. I had a massage scheduled before I left Fl, got there yesterday and girl could not not even pronounce lymphatic...??? Pissed. So, I called good ole Massage Envy and they have a therapist there certified in post surgical lymphatic massage. I saw her today and she is great! She gets excited when fluid drains and scar tissue pops, lol! You know when someone lives their job, lol! The massage felt great. She was tempted to rub the booty, because she could tell there was post surgical fluid there, but I told her she had to wait. The massage felt fantastic! We do 90 minute sessions, because she said the fluid can repool if you do less than that. She said Salama really gave me a nice shape and contour and left not fat on my back out ribs. She could tell he used that pneumonic sleeve on my legs during surgery. She's rocks! She said Celia did an awesome job draining fluids. So, I bought a 6 month membership for $350. That includes 6 one hour massages or four 90 minute massages and each subsequent massage is $39 for an hour of $53 for an hour and a half I think, for 6 months. Love it! I plan to go 3xs per week. Amber is my therapist. She recommended using hot towel compresses at home opposed to the heating pad because the moisture helps, Emergen C packets to replace electrolytes because it has less sugar and calories than Gatorade and has 1000mg of Vitamin C. She also recommended Coconut Oil or Mederma for my stomach and advised me to wrap my waist and stomach with Saran Wrap after applying Mederma to it. So, we will see how that goes.

I itch so bad I think I will scratch the brown off at night. I must be having an allergic reaction to detergent or something. I was getting welps and bumps. They disappeared after I took Benedryl. I take one before bed. I hate this garment. I have been in it for almost two weeks and I just think bits gross. I wash it often...but still. My new one and squeem will be here Friday. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. Ready to toss this one.

Let's see, what else...booty is still the same. Not as big as I wish, but there is a 20% diff and once I start dressing for my new shape it will pop. I do like that I can choose to play it up or down. My ex once removed was travelling through town and stopped by yesterday. He said he could tell I was still swollen and my butt sits low and will round out more in a few weeks...he had a medical background. He tried to downplay the fact that I know he came to check it bout, but before he left I saw him contemplating slapping me on the ass...and I had to say, "don't even think about it!".

My monthly misery is one the way...ugh! Feeling cramps already and bloating. Hated it! I have been driving. The foam roller is a life saver. I try not to drive unless I have too though. I'm back to work. I work from home and its still tough. Props to those with office jobs...2 weeks off is not enough. That's it for now. I will post a 3 week post op pic next week.

Still Holding On to What's Left Thank Goodness

Still Need a New Wardrobe

I can't fit not one pair of my pants...not one! I'm still praying to the Fluffing gods. Cause right now to my naked eye its cute and I do have a butt, but its not POW! I am happy with my overall shape and have weeks and months of waist clinching and massage. Week two is always the worse look to Mr based on profile reviews. So fingers crossed! I will have to dress in more form fitting clothes to compliment my new shape, which is not my norm, but I am game for it. Let's see what week 3 brings! Happy Healing Ladies!

Apparently I'm Still Losing Volume

Noe yesterday the booty looked big.vi finally had to put on some real clothes and be around family and friends. Everyone noticed my waistline being small and my butt looked bigger, but not huge. Today it looks damn near back to square one. So much so that I tried on some old pants and they fit. They are more snug and I definitely have less stomach so my butt is more full, but not a show stopper. Sad face. I'm a realist so its best for me to accept things as they come opposed to being disappointed later. The fat didn't take well. Period. My waist is smaller, stomach I'm happy with, butt not so much. Period point blank. Now if something miraculous happens and I double up in the weeks to come. I will let you know. I got my large squeem Friday...today I'm in the original small one I had??? I am in a medium Vedette 138 I think the boy shorts one and I really think I should stick to the squeem and foam. Then only thing that needs compression is my stomach right now. I will post pics on Tuesday (3 weeks po). I am really like over it at this point. I just want to sit down. I still have this seroma. I'm going to my doc in the am to have it drained. It doesn't bother me but it is there. I'm ready to be recovered already. So, I am in the minority perhaps. Salama booties are real. I have seen them with my own eyes! It just didn't work for me. Be back Tuesday.

19 days Po

Patience is a Virtue

I received my an board today! I had a massage early this am and could not wait to come home and get in my garment and foams...so love hate. My seroma hasn't repooled yet, but I have another appointment coming up just in case. Still in medium Vedette, foams, board, and small squeem on second row of hooks as tolerable. Booty is still holding no shape. It has a pretty shape and although I can get in my old pants is all ass and not gut in there, lol and the booty looks slappable. My weight is still holding at 165. Anxious about how my tummy will heal once it goes down...hence my handle skin tight. I hope it retracts well. I have had 9 massages and have another scheduled for next week. I will go weekly for a while and then monthly and still do home massages. Starting to have pins and needles shocks in my back and abs. Nerves are regenerating. Can't believe I will be one month out next week! Its like you can't wait to have the sx then you can't wait to recover. Thanks for all the up life ladies from all walks of docs! You da best, lol!

Meant booty still holding, nice shape!


Dr. Salama has me feeling like a natural woman!

Shape still holding. I still have a little fluid and swelling...I can feel it. Massage therapist said like 8% which is minimal, but I am pleased. Things will continue to change I know, but I feel grown and sexy! I can't wait to go shopping. I tried on more of my closet today and not much fits of flatters. Esp my shirts...I was looking at them today and thought...I have the most glittery, sparkly, billowy, printed and bowed closet full shirts ever! Who the hell let me buy all this crap. I really thought I dressed cute?! But dressing to shape is very different from dressing to taste and I am elated that I have more clothing options know. I had to call my doctor and tell her to get her RX pad ready. I will need all the Diflucan she can prescribe, because my new wardrobe will be what...skintight, lol! It's weird walking with a semi-soft booty. I feel like I have the stank walk. It's loose and weighted down at the same time. If takes so practice to carry this extra weight back there, lol! Dr. Salama has hit his stride. This season he has perfected the shape and volume. I hate I ever doubted him. We will have a bbl reunion and I will be looking at at girls like, "Oh, you have the vintage Salama Fall of 2012 edition!" He's had a few phases. Spring and Summer 2013 is good money though! I will be one month next week. If anything new happens I will post a pic.

2 Weeks to Sit...?

Hey Chicas! Tomorrow will make 4 weeks post op. I plan to post pics on the 9th...one month. So far so good, booty is still changing from soft to semi soft. I'm over focusing on minor evolutions of my butt. I just want out of this garment. I over did it Sat. Doing laundry, cleaning, and shopping with just my squeem. I was having company...yes, Mr. Not Ready to Be Tied Down was allowed to visit after 6 weeks of ignoring his a$$ for his previous tomfoolery! I really shut things down to focus on me, this sx, and my recovery. I had two men on the side anyway (Dr. Salama and Jesus), lol! So, he came correct bearing flowers and a gift for my baby's birthday...and most importantly...some sense! Long story short we did the do and I kept the squeem and cg off for 24 hours. Felt like I broke out of jail until the pain set it. Had to take a perc! I just overdid it...period. Not just with the nookie but with the household tasks too. Nookie was interesting, I had to keep moving his hands to my waist and off my butt. I was thinking...props to my married girls who have to fend them off every night and share your bed space. Grant it, that's how it should be, but its tough, because I sleep in the middle of my bed now and don't have to worry and another bad sleeper, lol! Well, I get massage 10 tomorrow and get this seroma checked out next Monday. I am ready to sit but so afraid, lol! Two weeks to figure that out I guess.

Going Off the Beaten Path

I ordered an ab binder and arm binders for these turkey flaps off Amazon. The squeem isn't doing it for me. Everyone's body is different and I'm not getting good compression in my lower abs where I need it. If you look at my profile in the pics with Saran Wrap you can see that my stomach sits lower than my butt and things tend to roll/bunch up in my lower back. That causes things to slide up on my stomach. I would have to actually wrap the squeem around the top third of my butt to get it tight around my lower abs. Not happening, lol! With the ab wrap I am hoping to be able to jack it up in the back and swoop it under/over my tummy and get it really, really tight. I have come to except while there are great tips and protocol on here only you know your body and its mechanics, lol! So, it will be a bit of trial and error for me. Even the Vedette isn't tight on my lower stomach, but they suck the life out of my back and ribs so much so they were tender to the touch. I can't be stupid about this, lol! I realized those items are just not right for me. Squeem is great for someone who needs an even distribution of pressure around their truck and core. My back is pretty tight in the area the squeem covers.


Its coming along...ready for my ab belt!


I bought these high waist compression shorts with soft mesh over the butt. No compression there...just lift! Omg...love it!

Pics with Squeem and Compression Shorts

This is the business. These pics can't really do justice. My new fave pair of pants. Online pics are a bit deceptive. Its like iPhone vs Jumbotron in real life, lol! If I can maintain this here I'm all good!

Lipo Sucks

Today was tough! I have blisters on my side from garment/squeem friction... the Yeastie Boys finally caught up with me despite taking pre and probiotics, I feel swollen, bloated, and constipated. I hate the cg, but feel like crap without it. My back and sides are tight and raw my stomach is tender and swollen and I will get a jolt of nerve pain a fee times a day. Ughh...I have like cg cabin fever. Like get me out of here! I don't know how I overlooked this stuff in previous blogs, lol! Thanks for letting me vent! Woosa! I just want to feel normal.

6 Weeks Tomorrow

Ok, massage number 12 tomorrow. I will go monthly after that and just use my heating pad and rolling pin at home. I am going to practice sitting this week on my boppy though. No more seroma, but I still have one hard spot on my stomach. Time will resolve hopefully. Volume is still going down, but it has slowed. It still looks just 20% bigger than pre-op and people I didn't tell about the sx haven't seemed to take note. Lets see what happens in the next few months...? I have faith in my outcomes still. Will post pics at 3 months and then 6 hopefully. I ordered a x-small Rago waist clincher. Vedette M is too big. I can't wear that coochie cutter any more. Squeem small is too loose, but I am sleeping in it at night until my new cincher comes. Its longer and has more vertical ab coverage. I do wear my ab belt all day. Its a sweaty mess when I take it off. I plan to start some light work out tomorrow. Abs, arms, and glutes. Happy Healing Ladies!

The Unveiling

So, I had dinner with my BFF's last night. The four of us have been friends for almost 25 years and are like sisters. They knew about my sx, but we all live in different cities, so I hadn't seen them. I was struggling to find an outfit. No jeans or pants or anything with a waist band to cut into my stomach or crease. Nothing baggy or loose cause they will want to look me over and thumbs up or down me. Nothing sleeveless or too tight, because I bruised my arm with those stupid arm slimmers and my monthly misery is back and I didn't want anything touching my skin. Let me tell you shopping is a trip. I kept going back to my habits, puffy, loud print, loose tops, and I would try it on and be like oh no. It will take a while for me to be able to eyeball my fit off the rack. Long story short, I saw this 3/4 sleeve CK dress in Macy's that was cotton, fitted, long, striped, and classy...did I say fitted. It was belted at the smaller part of my waist (string belt). I put that thing on and bought that size 6 to life! Yes, ma'am I did. This rack, tiny waist (even though I still have an swelling and period bloat), and this popping booty did the damn thing. I was too hot. So, the girls, the valet, and every other man approved Salamas work! Its that view from the front with these hips walking towards them that's the ice cream and the butt is the cherry on top. We were in public so my girls tried to be discrete, but after I gathered my dress and asked my Ace what she thought. Mind you I've been telling her it shrunk and looks the same as before for the past month. She said its a definite difference and it looks really natural, and sculpted into the perfect shape. She did the whole air drawing thing of a perfect butt. So I was happy! I tried on another skirt yesterday it was cute too, but almost made my butt look too big for my legs. Anywho, I have not worn that garment but a few times this week. Slap my hand, my cycles on. I wear my ab belt and am waiting on my xs waist cincher. When I wake up without my garment my back burns like hell in the morning. I will get back on the job the end of this week. My eating habits are decreasing (getting back to normal) so I have lost a couple lbs. Ready to see how this stomach shapes up. Its softened and is dropping. It was really protruding and distended, but its dropping now. I'm still going to post my 3 month pics. If I do fluff I will be really sitting on something. Right now I am a Salama Sculpture, lol! I sit like normal, but prefer to lay on my stomach still. Sitting creases my stomach and the garment makes it more uncomfortable. My back scar is raised...gross. its not smooth and flat like my other holes. I hope it flattens. If not I'll get it lasered off on day.

Its coming along for 6.5 weeks...

One Cheek Has Given Up the Fight!

No real obvious changes! My back and stomach are loosening up and I had my last massage Tuesday. I still feel slight pressure when I sit and I feel like one butt cheek is not as rounded as the other. I can't say losing volume because I can't see it with the naked eye, but I can feel the difference when I run my hand over it. One cheek feels fuller and firmer than the over...idk. Overall at this point I'm just over recovery and ready for January when I can get off this roller coaster and really see my final results. Right now I'm 60/40. I love my waist and hips about 85% more than before and my butt is still about a 20% improvement. So, no regrets about having the surgery or my doc, but I'm still saddened by the volume loss in my butt. I can dress it up nice and my overall body is 200 times better than before, but I wanted more butt...period, and I still get booty envy when I see girls with nice butts. I know I still have time to fluff or whatever, but unless I get a 30 to 40% increase from it...I'm over it. This is not a vent or down moment, just keeping it 100 like I said I would. Right now my goal is to get to 3 months with no deformities and see what happens at 6 months out. I told myself preop that Round 2 was not an option. Its still not unless something crazy happens, no time soon anyway. If I have more kids are something, I'll get the works at 46. ;) Adios Chicas! I'm wishing you well today!

I need some Vitamins

Well, I am finally getting out the house and putting on real clothes. I work from home so I am often in lounge wear. Apparently, I am delirious. I got up with my girlfriend who went to Florida with me for my surgery and she said while it's not close to what it was post op with swelling, it is a 50% increase from pre-op. I told her I felt it was 20% or close to the same as before sx and she goes..."Ah, Hell No!" and busted out laughing. I guess I didn't realize how flat I was before, Lol! I have noticed a lot of attention when I am walking towards people, this hourglass is crazy and it makes people mesmerized. It's the hips, small waist, and boobs. People naturally size me up and men like to walk behind me and watch me walk by. This happened before, but definitely not as much and I always felt like there was disappointment that came when they looked at my butt before. Now, it's like "Knock yourself out, go ahead and look love!" I am not a pants person. I hate crap around my waist for some reason so I have found some really nice dresses for Fall and next summer that cinch high up on the waist. Real Cute! I visited another friend today and I hadn't seen her since January. She knew about the surgery and gave me a thorough inspection. She loves the shape, she says I definitely have a nice butt, and my hips are prominent, which balances out my shape a lot. She says I am definitely more hourglass and no longer an apple and I don't need to lose weight. She agreed that my thighs look thicker too...idk. I told her about "fluffing" and she asked does that mean my butt will get bigger. I told her it might and her eyes just popped out, lol! She asked if I thought it looked bigger and I went into my usual 20% and she was like no, it's hard to notice on your own body, but it's definitely a strong improvement. She thought I had a tummy tuck...no ma'am. I do notice that men and women of all races stare, I guess beauty is beauty in all colors! :) It's so weird the butt cheek that "felt" smaller than the other, looks bigger. It's just fat settling at different rates of progression I guess. My stomach is smoothing out. I still get swelling without the compression. I wear an ab belt and/or cincher at night and 60% of the day. I feel like crap without it. I need to buy some vitamins, get tired and winded very quickly. I know the cinchers put pressure on my lungs, but I have no stamina. I guess laying around for two months takes its toll. That's all for now. I will try to keep my emotions in check, lol! This surgery will take you through the motions, but all in all my confidence has improved greatly. Some of that is do to age, the rest Dr. Salama. Happy Healing Ladies~

Fluffing Gods Missed the Mark!

Alright, I am 13 weeks post op and things change daily. I still have swelling in my stomach, there is a rough spot/hardness where the seroma was. One spot on my lower belly is puffy and jiggly like loose skin or fat and the other side is hard. I'm not sure what its supposed to look or feel like in the final stage...but I hope this is not it. My butt...Lord, I think the flufffing gods hit my stomach and not my butt, because that's what it looks like, lol! Its not really funny, but it is what it is. My butt is not what I wanted projection or volume wise. Disclaimer: This is not a knock on my doc. But pics don't lie, my results are minimal in comparison to others I have seen. Why?...idk...I don't care...I am not happy about it. That's my truth, I'm standing in it. Nuff said.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program. My butt appears to be getting smaller as time passes. I'm sure its swelling because my hips are going down too. Not as worried about that, because they are symmetrical now. I really don't want to think about round two, because I still have swelling and discomfort now, but I do plan to submit these pics to Dr. Salama and see what he says. I feel like by month 6 I will be back at "square" one.

Grant it, people notice my shape, but its more my hourglass opposed to apple. I say I have been working out. Grant it I still use compression and wear a garment when I go out. So things are sucked in and lifted...but I didn't pay for that.

I will see what Dr. S says and wait it out. I have to wait a year anyway, because the summer is more convenient for me to take the time off. If I have to get a revision or touch up I will consider it...but I do not want another hole or scar on my body ;( . I be the second to admit its tough not being happy with my results and seeing more recent surgeries come out great, but I'm not a hater. Everyone's body, metabolism, and outcomes will be individualized.

I will let you guys know what the office says, what I decide, and if anything changes.

Last Thing

I weigh 2-4 pounds more than I did on my sx date.

Ode to SexeeAngel

I have on a powernet butt out garment in these pics. I put on the same tights so you can see the difference.

Just a Check In Ladies

So, I am about 4 months out. Lord, time flies when you can sit and get on about your business! Well, to boot I have started a weight loss regime. I got up to 170lbs, my butt looked larger, because my legs looked thick as heck. My mid section was fuller and my arms and breasts were getting out of control. I was afraid to lose weight, because I didn't want to loose any more butt, but something had to give. Now, my waist is tiny after losing 7-8 lbs and my butt might be a little smaller, but not much if any! My body is definately grade A based on the reactions when I go out in public...I still don't see what others see though, lol! Guys are always asking if I work out and saying they want my workout regime. I tell them I don't workout and they say I must have great genes and or "wow, that's just natural?". I wore jeans to the mall yesterday and I felt like vultures were circling...idk. I definitely don't have a prob getting a date. Hence, why I needed to lose weight...eating out everyday. No good. My butt is wider and it sits high. I can see where the fat is still up near the top, not sure if that will shift down or not. I know things start to shape up around month 5. I have two garments I wear at times just for continued compression and to smooth things out. My Leonisa garment and my 3/4 compression garment. I didn't wear either on a date last week and she was still popping. This older White guy drove by and gave me a thumbs up. Its nice to look good and not have to try hard or look thirsty. I am a true figure 8. I hope my boobs go down though. As far as fluffing...hasn't happened yet. I'm kinda over watching my body for changes and being afraid to lose volume, etc. I'm ready to just live life. I emailed Nancy and sent pics like 3 weeks ago regarding my stomach. She responded immediately and told me to send them to Salama...he never responded...shame?! I've solved my own problem...diet. I've started having pain in my hips this week. Like sharp, tingling nerve pain. Hate that. Still have mild tightness in my back, sides, and stomachs some mornings, but not nearly as painful as early on. I'll be back at 6 months. Happy Healing ~

Salama 5 months: Pics & Update

Hey Ladies! Happy Holidays

It's been a minute since I last posted, but things change day to day and week to week, so I am more tactical in my efforts. This procedure will make you feel a little bipolar, up and down, up and down. Anyway, I hit the full 5 month mark on the 9th. My butt has dropped, I haven't noticed any fluffing though. When I say dropped, I mean last week it was riding high up on my back. I take it that was swelling, now it's a smoother transition from back to bump and it looks less squarish.

Some days I feel like I'm still losing volume, other days it seems on point. I just roll with it. It's a bitch recovering through the holidays, after Thanksgiving I was swelling like hell, lol! Salt in not your friend. My stomach and back were tight and I was feeling that nerve pain again. I just massaged myself and jumped back in that garment. One of my hips is flatter than the other. I think it's because that's the side I sleep on . I still have shooting nerve pain on that side to date.

Pointers for Pre-Op Girls:

1. Take adequate time off work (Recovery takes months, not weeks)

2. Try not to sit as long as you can hold out. I feel like when I sit too much my butt flattens out, but if I sleep on my tummy or wear my garment or shaper the next few days things plump back up...might be my imagination.

3. Don't throw your garments away. Your weight will flux and swelling and creep back any time. So, just because things shrink down initially, if your swell you may need an older size for good compression.

4. Stay in a stage one power net, butt out garment as long as possible. I recommend 6 months truthfully. The compression is needed to prevent fluid build up. It's a necessary discomfort. I hated wear that thing, but I find that I still need them even 5 months out.

5. Try to get in shape before surgery. I am 7 lbs heavier than pre-op and was 10 lbs heavier than I wanted to be pre-op. So, now I would have to loose 17 lbs to get to my desired weight...I will definitely be back to pre-op butt at that weight.

6. Find a local plastic surgeon in your area "before" surgery if you plan to have sx away from home. It's good to have an existing relationship with a PS in case you run into complications or have questions about things once you get home (Drains, fluid, seromas, lumps, bumps, pain). Dr. Salama has yet to respond to my email to him when I had questions about swelling. That's distasteful. He loses a star for that one. Find a back up close by in case our doc throws you shade.

7. You will not heal symmetrically. Something will end up bigger, higher, or more even than the other side. Period.

8. Have realistic expectations and hope for the best, but brace for the worst. My butt is not as big as I wanted it, but it's not a chop shop, horror show by far. It's nice and round and has more volume than before. I wish I would have went larger...I had the fat to harvest. People say your fat will act according the source it came from. Like if you gain weight in your tummy first and transfer those cells to your butt, your weight will go there first if you start to gain again...Lies you tell!

Your body has a mind of it's own and if fights to find the balance it had prior to your surgery. I was an apple pre-op and now that the swelling is dissipating, I can see that topsy turvy shape fighting it's way back. As I gain weight it is showing in my arms and face...and stomach. It doesn't look as bad as before due to my sculpted silhouette, but if I let it get out of control it will. I notice girls who were pear shaped or had hips or butts before, retain their transferred fat at a much higher rate. Just my observation.

All in all, I'm okay with my results. I wouldn't do it again. I think a redo would result in a bigger butt, because it would be fat on top of fat, but I don't think the recovery or risks are worth it (now...ask me again in 5 years). I'll just work with what I have and exercise. I don't want any more scars either.

I like my shape it's not a drastic difference to friends and family, those I haven't told don't seem to notice. On the other hand, I can play it up or down depending on what I wear and I don't wear my tight hoochie gear when I visit friends and family, but when I need to accentuate...I can, and people do pay attention and give compliments. I feel much better about myself. I'm glad I did it. I will continue to update sporadically. Good Luck to ladies with upcoming surgeries and thank you to all my girls who had it this summer and have been my supporters!

Last thing...

I meant to say my shape is not a drastic improvement to family and friends, but it is a long way from where I started, esp. my stomach and ab profile. I have always been able to dress slimmer. So, in clothes people couldn't tell how big my stomach really was...but I knew. I feel like out of my clothes I have had a major overhaul and that's what I wanted. So, I am very happy about that. My skin is still redraping and my stomach is still hard and has swelling, so we will see what things look like come July 2014.

6 Months Next Week

Okay, so I was putting on my sweats today wondering why they were looking so highwaterish! It's because I have two hammocks back there. My butt was tingling and sore for the past two weeks...no exercise, but it felt like I had been kickboxing for days. I think it was nerve regeneration...idk. Anyway, just a quick pic and post to give a little hope to my other Salama girls (Esp. MissRT). Things keep changing, be patient. I'm on my way to join a gym, so I can soon and kickbox this body into perfection. Will post more and better quality pics at 9 months. Happy Healing!

Holding Steady...

Hey Ladies! Just a brief update at my nearly 9 month point. All is well, things have stabilized, I feel sane again. I am happy with my booty. There is some slight asymmetry, but it's not very obvious as all. I still get some swelling around my lowerback and stomach. It's hard to say what triggers it, maybe salt and sex (exercise) if I had to guess. Things look the same, I weigh the same, im still holding on to the weight I gained preop...must be age. All in all I'm glad I did this. It helped boost my confidence and self esteem. My butt is proportionate and round and my man loves it. He doesn't know I had work done, so the scars are kinda annoying. I feel they are a bit of a giveaway. Hopefully, they will keep fading. Ready for the summer! Wishing all my summer 2013 sisters the best. Hope y'all are behaving! Lots of love!

High 5 Dr. Salama!

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