*****NEW 2 WEEKS POST-OP PICS/UPDATE, ROUND 2 BBL TOUCH-UP this Nov. 26, 2012 with Dr. Salama*****

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I'm really interested in getting BBL surgery as...

I'm really interested in getting BBL surgery as I've seen many awesome transformations. I want a rounder, bubble butt w/ shelf & small tiny waist. I'm 5'3 &1/2" & my normal weight is 117-120 pounds. I purposely gained extra weight for this procedure, so doctor has enough fat to pull from me. As of now, my current weight went up to 132 pounds (see my BEFORE photos).

My top 3 choices were Dr. Salama, Dr. Salzhauer & Dr. Campos (Tijuana, Mex.). I'm flying in Nov. 26, my surgery is Nov. 28 & flying back home Dec.7. I'll be staying in at the Residence Inn by Marriott (Aventura Mall). The doctor's costs includes lipo on abdomen, flanks & back & fat transfer to buttocks. I already got special pre-op & post-op vitamins & arnica.

I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Please wish me good luck. I'm hoping & praying that my BBL surgery will go really well & that I'll be very happy & pleased with my end results. Thank you all who wished me well & prayed for me. I will later on post my after surgery experience & my after surgery photos.

Hello my bbl sisters! I met Dr. Salama Nov.27th...

Hello my bbl sisters! I met Dr. Salama Nov.27th for my pre-op consultation & he's super nice, super professional & super knowledgeable. He said I already have a good butt but definitely in need of shelf & over alI roundness. He promised at least 800-900 cc's. Surgery went well. But the anesthesiologist first had a tough time finding a 'good' vein because he said this happens when people gained weight prior to surgery, but no problem, he later found a good vein. After waking up from surgery, my body was shaking & had nasty bitter taste in my mouth. Soon, Dr. Salama came to me & said that my surgery went well & he put 1100 cc's on me, to make-up for 1/3 shrinkage & even when I later dropped my weight to my normal 118-120 pounds, I'm still guaranteed a nice, round bubble butt. He even lipo'ed my inner thighs & did not charge me extra. How nice of him. He said the shaking & bitter taste in my mouth will wear off later that night & it did. Anesthesiologist said, I now have JLo butt, lol. I was in minor pain & super sore & still to this day. The car ride back home was rough, as I was super sore & a little nauseous. I'm now 3 days post-op, in pain, sore, swollen & covered with dark bruises even on my butt. (I am the Queen Bee when it comes to bruising, I even bruise for 5 days even when I get my blood drawn.) So, even with the arnica, pre & post-op vitamins, other homeopathic meds, vitamin c & bromelain, I still got plenty of bruises. I guess some people bruise easily & some not as bad. BUT, the great news.....I'M SUPER HAPPY w/ my new flat tiny waistline & BIG, ROUND BUBBLE BUTT W/ SHELF & PROJECTION. I know it will shrink later on, and I'm ok w/ that since he gave me 1100 cc's, I know I will still have plenty of booty after 2 months post-op. I love the way he contoured my waist, flanks, back & butt, even with the swelling I could already see a huge difference already. He really gave me a beautiful hourglass shape body. The swelling gets worse 3 days post-op, even my knees are so swollen right now. My husband was w/ me & loved the way my body looks even BEFORE SURGERY, but he's 100% supportive & agreed that my body looks so much BETTER now. He said he could not wait for me to feel better soon, so we can do it again soon, as he misses me so much. Getting up from bed is super tough, as I'm feeling pain & super sore. I went to Dr. Salama's office the following day & had everything checked & bought extra compression garment w/ the butt out. I also saw Dr. Salama yesterday & had my 1st lymphatic drainage massage. The massage was uncomfortable but later on soothing. 1 free garment & 2 free massages included w/ his price. I will have my 2nd massage tomorrow here at my hotel room & I will pay extra for 2 additional massages for next Monday & Tuesday. as well. Dr. Salama said he will remove my 2 drains & stitches on my 7th day, this Sunday. The meds makes me dizzy & constipated. I just took swiss kriss laxative, because I have not gone to the bathroom for my #2. I will post pics soon once I feel better. Thank you all who wished & prayed for me!!!!

Today, I'm 6 days post-op & I just saw my...

Today, I'm 6 days post-op & I just saw my doctor & he removed my drains, yaay! But I'm still covered w/ bruises everywhere especially my inner thighs. Also, my swelling got even worse by 5-6th day, my swelling is moving downwards towards my knees, now even my ankles & feet are so swollen. My doctor said that I have a lot of swelling, but no blood clots. My ankles looks like elephant feet & I walk so slow like a grandma penguin, seriously, lol. My doctor eased my fears that all this excess swelling, bruising, soreness & pain will start to decrease by next week & will continue to get better weeks after that. He advised me to elevate my feet (by putting pillows) whenever I'm laying on my tummy. Since I have a short torso (long legs for my height), the upper portion of the compression garment is wrinkling up, so he put board insert on my tummy & foam pad on my back over my t-shirt to protect my skin from markings from the compression garment. Because of my HUGE booty, I'm wearing medium sized compression garment. It's such a nightmare getting in & out of my garment, because of my hips & HUGE booty. I dread it, cause it's painful because I'm super sore, even to the lightest pressure. I had to always ask my hubby to help me pull up or down my garment. I walk 10 minutes every 2 hours & yesterday I walked 1 mile in 1 shot, although I walk so slow like a grandma penguin, lol. Because of the aggressive liposuction to get as much fat from me, I'm still in pain, super sore, badly bruised & super swollen, so I will just have to be patient. I will continue using my post-op vitamins, arnica & other homeopathic meds, bromelain, Vitamin C, arnica gel, & drink lots of water & pineapple juice. I will have massage tomorrow & also Tuesday & I will see my doctor again next Wednesday morning, before I fly back home. Oh God, I dread that 3 hour flight, but he gave me doctor's note to show flight attendants to allow me to walk around when possible & I have a boppy pillow. He advised me to get at least 10 lymphatic drainage massages. I will have 4 massages here in Miami & 12 more massages back home, 3 times a week. This recovery period is slow & super hard. Please pray that I recover soon. I don't regret this, because in spite of the bruises & swelling, I could already see a curvier body. I will post pics once I feel better. Thank you all for wishing me well & praying for me.

Hello ladies! I'm now 2 weeks post-op. I'm feeling...

Hello ladies! I'm now 2 weeks post-op. I'm feeling much better. I'm now moving & walking normal. I've stopped my pain meds 5 days post-op & I don't even use Tylenol. My dark bruises that extended down to my legs, 90% of them gone. My swellings that extended from my lower thighs down to my feet, 80% gone. My massage therapist noticed my midsection keeps on shrinking but she said I still have a lot of post-op swellings left & will probably shrink 3 more inches once I'm 100% fully healed in a couple of months. The new AFTER photos (all 2 weeks post-op) shows me w/out my compression garment & w/out foam pads, so you ladies can see my new body & booty. Otherwise I'm on my compression garment at all times, except during shower & massage. I'm very pleased w/ my outcome & my healing process & I know that it will continue to look even better every week, as the swellings decrease. And I'm really loving my new booty!!! Thank you all who prayed for me & gave me support. My only regret is I should have done this years ago.

Hello ladies! I'm now 17 days post-op. My bruises...

Hello ladies! I'm now 17 days post-op. My bruises are mostly 96% gone, except for some discolorations left, which my doctor said it will fade later on. I'm shrinking daily as my swellings decrease. As of today, I've lost 4.5 pounds since my pre-op weight of 132 pounds, just 18 days ago. I now weigh 127.5 pounds & my booty is still the SAME size, voloptious, round, perky w/ big shelf & projection. My booty is getting softer each day, yay!!! I continue to pee standing up, facing the toilet bowl, (yup, like a guy, lol) w/ knees slightly bent while I stretch open wider the crotch opening of my compression garment. That way, I minimize getting in & out of my compression garment w/ all the foam paddings inside, it's really time consuming to do. Anyways, good luck to all ladies who recently had BBL & also to those having BBL in the future.

Hello BBL ladies! Happy New Year!!! I posted new...

Hello BBL ladies! Happy New Year!!! I posted new photos taken yesterday, which almost 5 weeks post-op (actually 2 days short of 5 weeks). I'm feeling much better, except for some feeling of tightness on my lipo'd abdomen. Doctor said this is all normal, as the skin still has swellings, tender spots & complete full recovery from liposuction could sometimes take up to 6 to 8 months & the skin discolorations from bruises will fade completely in time. I now lost 6 pounds & down to 126 pounds at present. My normal weigh is 118 -120 pounds but I intentionally gained 14 pounds & I was 132 pounds during surgery date. Overall, I'm very pleased w/ my results. I'm still wearing my compression garment w/ foam pads so I haven't showcased my new booty, as I still wearing loose fitting clothes. I still have another 3 more weeks of compression garment then I can finally wear whatever I want, I can't wait. My booty is getting softer each day, yaay!!! ****see NEW photos****

2 MONTHS POST-OP: Hello ladies! Just 2 days ago, I...

2 MONTHS POST-OP: Hello ladies! Just 2 days ago, I reached my 2 months post-op. My body is continueusly recovering & each week I feel so much better. I still have more residual swellings left on my abdomen, flanks & back. My stomach is softening up as the semi-firm scar tissues are slowly dissolving & decreasing. Nomie from Dr. Salama's office assured me that it takes at least 4 months for scar tissues to soften up & dissolve & improve. My booty has gotten really soft & it now jiggles when I walk fast. I'm very pleased with how Dr. Salama contoured my body. I now have a super skinny waist, midsection & still very round, plump, big but natural looking booty, yaaay!!! I have kept most of my volume while my waist has shrunk a lot. My hourglass figure looks amazing with tight clothes on & also naked. When I reach 3 months, I will start my exercise workouts to maintain my shape. I just posted my 2 MONTHS POST-OP PHOTOS for you to see. Good Luck to you all!!!

Sorry ladies, last night my computer was freezing...

Sorry ladies, last night my computer was freezing up & not uploading my new 2 months post-op photos, but now I FINALLY got my new photos uploaded. This photos taken shows my 2 months post-op. My doctor removed around 2 & 1/2 litters or 2 & 3/4 litters of fat & injected 1100cc's to each butt cheeks. Most of the fat survived, which I'm very happy. My height is 5' 3 & 1/2". When I purposely gained 14 pounds for this surgery, most of the weight, around 60% of the fat went into my midsection & waistline, ughhh.
Here's my weight & measurements:
BEFORE gaining weight at my regular 118-120 pounds,
35 &1/2 - 27 - 35 & 1/2

AFTER gaining 14 pounds for this surgery, my weight went up to 132 pounds, 36 &1/2 - 29 - 36 & 1/2

AT PRESENT, 2 months post-op: 125 pounds, (lost 7 pounds, but still got a BIG booty)
36 - 25 - 39 & 1/4

Hello ladies! Many of you have requested a new...

Hello ladies! Many of you have requested a new update on how I'm doing & how I'm looking now this days. So here I am, now 3 months & 9 days post-op. My current weight & measurements have been steady & still the same as my 2 months post-op. I'm glad that I'm way past the rough early days of long recovery & also thankful that I kept my volume. My booty is still big, plump & juicy. My stomach is now smooth & the scar tissues have softened up & dissolved. I'm feeling back to normal except I still have some very minor swellings especially on my lower back. I've been sitting down now (no more pillows), but I still feel minor soreness on my lower abdomen whenever I sit down for extended long time & quickly get up, the minor soreness & burning on my lower abdomen linger for 1 -2 minutes & it quickly goes away, other than that I feel great. So to all ladies preparing for this BBL, just know that the FULL, COMPLETE recovery is long, although not painful. I chose to postpone working out. I have NOT exercised since July of last year, but I will start exercising again this coming weekend. ****SEE MY 5 LATEST PHOTOS TAKEN AT 3 MONTHS & 1 WEEK POST-OP*****

****5 months update with pics*****Hello BBL...

****5 months update with pics*****Hello BBL ladies! My hubby & I just got back from vacation recently. I feel great & I'm almost 100% back to normal. As I mentioned on my last blog, I'm way past the danger stage of re-absorbing anymore fat. Re-absorbtion of fat ONLY happens up to 7 weeks & then whatever remained is now permanent. I gained 5 pounds recently especially during our vacation, but most of the fat went to my booty. I have a hard time finding jeans that fits me, except the jeggings I had on. My waist is so small for such a huge booty, that even a size 30 semi-stretch denim jeans will NOT even go up past my booty. Everywhere I go, men & women stare at me, lol. I have not really been exercising much but I will start working out again this week.

Here's my new stats at 5 months 5 days post-op & you can compare them from my last 2 updates: (my booty increased 1 3/4 inch since 1 month ago.)

HEIGHT: 5'3 1/2", CURRENT WEIGHT: 130 pounds,
CURRENT MEASUREMENTS: 37 inches - 25 3/4 inches - 41 inches
****see my 5 months post-op pictures & 1 picture of me at 118 pounds BEFORE I gained the 14 pounds for this BBL surgery*****

Happy Thanksgiving BBL ladies!!! I have not...

Happy Thanksgiving BBL ladies!!! I have not updated in a long time, as I did not have time. I am now 1 year post-op & I have gotten so many pm asking me how my booty is holding up & wanted to know if I lost any volume since I last posted at 5 months post-op. I'm very pleased that I NEVER lost any volume. I am still happy with my overall results. Dr. Salama sculpted my body beautifully, he gave me a sexy booty & body that always gets PLENTY of attention & compliments, even though my aim is solely for ME. My only issue is that I just wished that Dr. Salama was more aggressive on his liposuction of my upper back & bra strap area. I have a small build & when I had it done 1 year ago, he only removed LESS THAN 3 liters of fat, but he left some remaining fat on my upper back, I don't know why. Even though the remaining back fat is minimal, I just hate it when I twist, I can see the fat. So I have decided to come back for Round 2 touch up, so he can lipo those remaining back fat. I have decided NOT to waste those fat, so I will add those fat into my lateral butt. Since I don't have enough fat in my entire body, I will add my inner thigh lipo to add to my lateral butt, because according to Dr. Salama, my back fat alone is NOT ENOUGH FAT to add to my lateral butt. I DON'T want very huge, wide hips. I like to maintain my naturally slim build, I just want a more rounded hip/lateral butt & remaining back fat GONE. My normal weight before my 1st BBL last year was 118-120 pounds, but I purposely gained up to 132 pounds for that BBL surgery. After BBL, my normal weight was 125 pounds. But now, I had to gain weight AGAIN for this Round 2 touch up, so the past 4 months I've been pigging out & I stopped working out completely since July, so that I have enough fat to lipo & I now currently weigh 135 pounds & this is the HEAVIEST I've ever been in my entire life. I'm 5' 3 & 1/2" in height & I would like to stay at 125 pounds again AFTER this surgery, as I feel this is the perfect weight for me, my arms, legs, shoulders & face looks more sculpted at 125 pounds. My body can NOT gain anymore, even though I tried to gain more, so it seems like 135 pounds is the MAXIMUM weight my body allows me. I will fly to Miami this Sunday morning & my surgery is the next day, Monday, Nov. 26th & will fly back home Dec. 3rd. The cost for this touch up surgery is free, but I just had to pay for the general anesthesia/facility fee & extra charge for inner thigh lipo. I will update my blog when I get back home AFTER Dec. 3rd. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments & well wishes! Good Luck & happy healing to those ladies who just had surgery & also to those waiting for their surgeries. PLEASE keep me in your prayers, please!
*****see my I YEAR POST-OP PICS, weighing 135 pounds, my 41 inch booty looks bigger in person than in those photos*****

Hello BBL ladies! I'm now 3 days away from my...

Hello BBL ladies! I'm now 3 days away from my round 2 touch up surgery scheduled for this Monday, Nov. 26th. I am the second patient that day. I'm now finishing my packing & will be flying there this coming Sunday morning. My husband & I will be staying again at the RESIDENCE INN by MARRIOTT (AVENTURA MALL), same hotel we stayed at last year. This hotel has a full kitchen with stove, microwave & refrigerator. It's very clean & very close to Dr. Salama's office. It's a little pricey but it's worth it. Since this is only a touch up, my transformation is probably not as drastic or dramatic as my 1st surgery results, but I'm expecting & praying to come out looking more improved than now. I am NOT looking forward to experiencing again those painful lymphatic massages & no seating down for 6 weeks, lol. But I will again follow all my doctor's advice so I recover well. Since I have very minimal fat to lipo, I hope that my recovery this 2nd time around will be easier & faster. I will post a new update AFTER Dec 3rd when I come back home. PLEASE pray that everything turns out well & I recover well.

Sorry BBL ladies, for not updating sooner, but I...

Sorry BBL ladies, for not updating sooner, but I was concentrating on my post-op healing first before anything. I thank you all for all your prayers & support. So, Nov. 26, 2012, I had my BBL touch-up with Dr. Salama. He remembered me well, even though I'm from out of town. He knew, I'm "Enjoyself" & told me that so many of his patients requested my results & brought my post-op pics & he recognized my body from those post-op pics. After surgery, when I was starting to wake up from my anesthesia, Dr. Salama came over to me to let me know that my surgery went well. He said he did NOT use any drains on me this time, because it's NOT necessary because I don't have that much body fat left in me. But he said, he was still able to remove a total of 600cc's of fat from my upper back/bra strap area & my inner thighs combined. He told me, he then put 300cc's per lateral side. I asked if that will be too wide or too big for me, but he assured me that it will go down a bit & it will be the perfect size for me. I continued laying there face down for another 1/2 hour & I was cold in spite of the blanket. I also had a bitter taste in my mouth & scratchy throat due to the anesthesia. The nurse then helped me get up & wheeled me out & they gave me my surgical document with all info, including the written amount of 300cc's per lateral side. She wheeled me towards our car where my husband is waiting & he drove me home. I was EXTREMELY SUPER SORE on my upper back & especially my inner thighs, but not painful & NO nausea, NO vomiting, NO fainting, NO fever. It took us 10 minutes to get home to our hotel. My entire face, especially my eyelids were so puffy & swollen from laying there face down. OMG, I looked horrible, lol. But other than the post-op swelling, extreme soreness, I felt fine. I was active & hungry immediately, so I ate a good amount of food & drank lots of water, gatorade & pineapple juice. I walked around in my hotel room every hour or two & I peed every 20 minutes the next 3 hours. Sleeping was rough. Not only I had to get up every 1/2 hour to pee, but I had to struggle getting in & out of the bed, because my upper back & inner thighs were extremely super sore. The first 3 days was the worst soreness while the first 4 days was the worst swelling & bruises. My thighs & knees were so swollen & looked like tree trunks & covered with bruises, so not a pretty sight, lol. Anytime, after it gets better & better. I got 3 massages while in Miami, both from Celia & Eilyn. Both very good, (massages did not hurt this time) & both very sweet. Immediately post-op surgery, I was wearing a large compression garment with the sheer soft butt cover. I liked this garment so much better, even though it's way too loose on my waist, but the material is so soft & comfortable & I can manage getting in & out of this garment. But 7 days post-op, they changed my garment to small size LIPO EXPRESS brand, butt cut-out & I DON'T like this compression garment at all. This garment I feel that it's way way too small for my hips, but the waist line fits really good. I always need a helper to put & remove this garment, because it always gets stuck on my hips/booty area & will not stretch much to fit my hips/butt area. Although the small waist is perfect fit for my waist, but too tight on my hips. They should have given me medium size instead. Also I don't like the rough, course material of this LIPO EXPRESS garment. It's so uncomfortable. I flew back home to NY, on my 7th day post-op after Dr. Salama examined me. My flight was almost 3 hours & I alternate standing up & sitting on my boppy pillow every 20 minutes. My ankle got swollen like last year due to the flight & being on my feet all the time.

I am now 2 weeks post-op & so far so good. Other than the extreme soreness, bruises & swelling post-op, which are diminishing each passing day, I'm recovering very well. I love my results! My tiny remaining upper back fat/bra strap area fat are now gone & my lateral butt/hip is now a little bit rounder & curvier. I did not have that much area to get fixed for this touch-up, so I knew that my result for this touch up will not be as dramatic as my 1st BBL. Since I'm only 5' 3 & 1/2" & currently purposely gained up to 135 pounds for this surgery, which is my all time heaviest weight ever for me, I did not ask for a giant wide hips, but just a little bit more roundness to my lateral side is what I needed & I got just that. (My average weight is around 125 pounds). My hip/booty pre-op touch-up was 41 inches & now it measures 42.5 inches post-op. Dr. Salama & his entire staffs, (Ruben, Nomie, Nancy, Celia, Eilyn & the nurse & anesthesiologist) have always been professional & caring. I am continuing getting my lymphatic massages here in NY, as I still have plenty of post-op swellings remaining everywhere including areas that we're not lipo'd but still got swollen post-op like my face, fingers, my entire body especially my inner thighs. My soreness has decreased a lot & my bruises is now 95% gone, yay!!! (Liposuction complete full recovery could take up to 9 months to 1 year, so patience is needed)

For those ladies in NY wanting to know where I go for my lymphatic massages, I go to NELLY CABRERA from Bayside, Queens. She charges $90 per 1 hour massage & she is a licensed massage therapist & trained in lymphatic drainage massage. Her website is www.nellycabreralmt.com

****I had a great pleasure of meeting in person, BBL Train, she is so nice & she now has a nice new body & booty. I hope you healing well!!!****
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is by far one of the best BBL doctor & all his staffs at ELITE PLASTIC SURGERY, (Ruben, Nomie, the anesthesiologist & nurses & Celia, the massage therapist) are all superb!!! Dr. Salama has great bed side manner & does not rush his patients. He's got great aesthetic ability & a true artist. I highly recommend him to all especially to those smaller patients wishing to have a big beautiful booty.

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