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Hello to anyone who may be so kind to read and...

Hello to anyone who may be so kind to read and hopefully comment on my story...
I am 5'3, 130 pounds and have a 1 year old daughter. I am not having anymore children so I feel I am ready to have my BBL! My concern I have is whether I have enough fatto achieve a nice round butt. I also am hoping someone can help me with finding affordable hotels? My date is set as I have paid my deposit for February 24th... I'm SO excited!!! ???? thank you kindly to all..... ????

Counting the days...

Here Is a pic of me... I am 5'3 130 pounds.

Salama Doll in waiting.... ????

Hello to any who may be so kind to read and hopefully comment... I am getting so very excited for my upcoming day to be "salamized"... ???? so after spending an exhausting amount of time doing my due diligence of research I decided to secure Dr. Salama as my BBLL doctor. Now I had previously done so much research on Dr. Mendietta who I determined was very good but did not quite have the amazing hands that Dr Salama seems to have with sculpting and as aggressive in lipo. I had also determined that Miami was the place to go for a BBL regardless ~ the question just was to who? I also considered Dr. Fisher but after consulting with them I decided that you get what you pay for not to mention also that Dr Salama has a longer standing history of success than the trending Dr Fisher. So narrowing down the 3 options I made my decision and paid my deposit. My surgery date is February 24th! I just pray I can go first... I always prefer fresh hands and I want the very best attention from Dr. Salama.

So because I am such a perfectionist and try to stay 100% on top of things I completed the second step of the process by scheduling and attending my pre-op appointment. I scheduled my labs at Quest Diagnostics. Everything went smoothly until I got there and they did not have my pre-op forms so in a panic I called Elite Plastic Surgery at 5:05 pm and thank God a gentlemen answered and kindly agreed to fax in my necessary forms so I could continue with my appointment... I was so nervous because I was certain the office would be closed for the day and that if I didn't have those forms I would have to reschedule but to my amazement Nomie actually called me and clarified the right fax number and if the doctors office had received the fax. I was extremely grateful they took the time to check on me. Very professional so far. I was very impressed and it gave me a good vibe that I chose the right place! So on with my appointment and the prick wasn't even that bad ???? after drawing blood. So upon leaving I felt even more excited that I am now one step closer to meeting my mission.

So just to update anyone who might be curious ???? ~ I am trying to gain a lil bit of weight. I weigh close to 135 and I'm 5'3. I feel like I have enough fat in my stomach, inner and outer thighs and love handles. I am inspired by a couple of other ladies on here that are around my size. I chose dr Salama because I carefully analyzed his photos and it appears he is very very good at finding fat and collecting it. That is why I feel like he is a good fit for me. I hope I'm right.

So I have booked my hotel for 10 days! I have also rented a car because I don't want to rely upon anyone else to have to escort me around! My BFF is coming with me so I am super prepared for the big 2 weeks. I want her to be very comfortable too so at least she has transportation for herself as well. I am now beginning to buy my supplies. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row... ????????????????

I survived Day 1 thank God.... ????

Hello to all my BBLL Sisters~

I am now post op and surviving day of the healing process.... My pain threshold is high but I would say my pain level is at a 5 right now and I have only taken a Percocet 1 time right after I got to the hotel. I am taking ibuprofen right now. I'm trying to avoid pain killers but we will see. When I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I could barely move and I was delirious. But I am very hopeful because my booty looks prett big...?!!! PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR HONEST OPINIONS.... I was so grateful I got to go first at 7 am this morning! Yesterday was my pre op as I had arrived into Fort Lauderdale at 5:30 am. I had no sleep! I was exhausted... I met with Nomi. The ladies there are beautiful and very kind. I was so nervous. It was sill hard to believe it was about to happen. I saw 2 patients obviously post op for them. They both had very big bootys. That gave me a lot of hope. Dr Salama is a master artist. So today came so quickly a sit was very nice cause I got to talk with Dr Salama for a substantial amount of time. That made me feel so much more comfortable and he was very amenable to looking at. 3 pics I bout and even said they were after I met the anesthesiologist I felt even more comfortable because he did a nice job of putting my needle in. It's hard to find my veins so I appreciated how easy he made it. When I woke up I was in pain but fortunately my very sweet nurse came and gave me some pain medicine. I felt so much better and fell back asleep. The. Dr Salama came and told me he actually got more fat then he thought he could! I was on cloud nine... He said he put in I think 1,100 CC's in each cheek!!! Please tell me what you think!

Here are my pics so sorry I thought they uploaded!

My post~ op pics! Please tell what you think!

More pics!

How much do you think will stick...? Dr Salama told me he added 1,100 cc's per cheek.
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