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Hey Realself, I’m a 31 y/o African...

Hey Realself,

I’m a 31 y/o African American woman. Currently my measurements are 38-33-42. Like some of you my breasts appear larger then my hips and butt. I began my research wanting to get a breast reduction but since I don’t have any children I figured the BBL could contour my body. Last week I flew to Miami for 2 consultations. I first saw Dr. Salzhauer. His office was a bit small and the waiting room looked like a party of 12. We were all very close; however I did get to meet a woman that had the BBL done. She looked great. After about 40 minutes of waiting I got to see Dr. S. I loved Dr. S. He was nice, he told jokes, and he was honest about what my results would be. My issue came when I spoke to his coordinator about pricing. It seems as though Dr. S has raised his prices in October. Which I wish his staff would have informed me since I made my appointment for my consultation in September. I was given a price quote of 9,500. The coordinator stated that the anesthesiologist raised their prices so the Dr. was forced to raise his prices but I think is more supply and demand.

Hours later I went to the office of Dr. Salama. The office had no wait. As I entered I spoke with Ruben, the patient coordinator who informed me that Dr. Salama had an emergency and was not in the office. I was really disappointed. But I continued to speak to Ruben for about 40 minutes. He showed me pictures, the boppi pillow, Dr. Salama’s credentials, explained the surgery in full detail and answered all my questions. It was great! It felt like I was talking to my older brother. I was quoted a price of 5,200. This includes, transportation, 2 garments (even though I might get my own), and 2 massages. They even took off 200 dollars for my flight since the Dr. was not present. I was sold. I was supposed to see Dr. P but I decided to cancel that appointment and enjoy my weekend.

I am really excited about my BBL. I want to have my surgery in January 2012. I hope to book my date next week. For now I am starting to gather all my supplies. I read many threads where people bought funnels and knee pads. Smart! I live in NJ so near my house they have a garment store that sells fajas salome garments I’m going to start with a large.

**My question for people that have had the BBL is I have back fat top and bra strap. Should I buy two garments one for my back to be tight and one for my butt and legs? A shapely back is so very important to me. Any suggestions would be great! :0)

Hey guys. Just found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant. No...

Hey guys. Just found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant. No surgery for me. Good luck to you girls. I'm gonna continue to read all the posts and live vicariously through you all. :0)
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