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I am so freaking excited! I just booked my surgery...

I am so freaking excited! I just booked my surgery for May 29, 2012 with Dr. Salama in Aventura, Florida. It is so long away, the anticipation is going to kill me. I am stationed in South Korea and after seeing the reviews here on RealSelf, I knew that Dr. Salama was the right doctor for the job. I have been wanting this procedure for so long, I can't wait to get it over with.

I was thinking about getting 800 to 1000cc in each buttocks. I am about 145lbs and 5'5''. I wanted to get 1000cc because I know that some of the fat is going to get reabsorbed in my body but I didn't want a "big stupid" booty. I just got my husband warmed up to the idea so I don't want to push my luck!! lol

I think I'm going to book a room at the Marbay. I am trying to talk my friends into getting procedures do that we can save on the hotel room.

I'm happy that I booked the surgery on special! It includes lipo of the upper and lower back, flanks, upper and lower abdomen; 2 post operative massages; 2 compression garments; transportation to and from airport, to and from all appointments.

Before pics coming soon!

The anticipation is killing me!! lol. I changed my...

The anticipation is killing me!! lol. I changed my surgery date from May 29th to May 18th!! I wish I could do it earlier but since I am in the Army, I had to make sure that I had enough leave day accrued. I really love this website and it has helped me tremendously in choosing the best surgeon for me. After looking at some ladies before and after photos, I think I want about 1100 cc's in each buttocks.

Kim K., who?!! lol

The closer I get to the date the more concerned I...

The closer I get to the date the more concerned I become. When I first booked my surgery with Dr. Salama, he was charging $5499 and RealSelf still had posts of people who were paying less than that. Now he has went up $1000 in his fee. I am coming from so far away that it is no looking back for me; I am going to just hope for the best and pray to God that my results are what I want.

It seems like the higher Dr. Salama's price has increased, the worse his results have gotten. Maybe I am just tripping but some of these women on here just looks like they got "Walrus" butts (huge and wide but still flat) and I really don't want that to happen to me. I really want a good profile and silhouette (you know that "S" curve ladies). I just hope that he can give me what I wan because I have not seen him do it lately. You will know what I am talking about if you see the shape that Dr. Jimerson gives his clients.

Anyways, I have been shopping like crazy ordering things that I think I may need. A lot of what I have has been suggested by the ladies on this site so Thanks Ladies! I was able to get all of my lab work done by my primary physician and I have gotten all of my prescriptions filled. So, I am good to GO!

New booty here I come!

I am now 8 days post op and I applaud the ladies...

I am now 8 days post op and I applaud the ladies who have felt up enough to post right after their surgery! I swear I have never experienced something so freaking painful. It felt like I got hit by all of the on coming traffic on I95. Even though I wanted a bit more, Dr. salama was only able to give me 1000cc per cheek even when I added the arm lipo. But I LOVE my results, my rump shaker is very natural looking, full, and curvaceous.

Sorry to say I am a huge punk when it comes to pain and I had to get a second prescription of the pain meds. My husband and I are staying at the Marbay and I only paid 684 for 12 days. Even though it's not a five star hotel, our room have a microwave, hot plate, and full size refrigerator so we were able to go grocery shopping so my trooper of a husband can cook for me everyday. The hotel was very convenient since it was only 5 minutes from Dr. Salama office and directly across the street from the surgical site!

Even though this surgery was excruciating, I would do it all over again. My lower hands and arms are back to normal, they had swelled a greet deal. My stomach is super flat now and I am very happy with how it turned out. One gross thing is that my vagina is still swollen. The post operative massages were very painful but necessary. The staff was amazing, so helpful and nice. I got my drains out yesterday and that made me feel 100times better. I am able to walk a whole lot better and get around much quicker.

One more tip, ladies if you are as pissy as I am you are going to need a bucket right next to your bed. This garment puts a lot of pressure on your bladder so every time you get up it really makes you have to go. Once again I love my new bod and I am ready to shake what my doctor gave me!!!

Now that I am back in DC for a couple of weeks...

Now that I am back in DC for a couple of weeks visiting, I am having some trouble finding a good place to get my lymphatic massages. I have alot of lower back pain and I still have swelling in the lipo areas and my vagina (awful). I don't know how long I am supposed to have the swelling but I been wearing my compression garment religiously even though the heat and humidity is killing me here! If you ladies are familiar with the area and can tell me where to get a good massage in the DC area PLEASE inbox me. I am going to have my husband take some photos of me today in my clothes and post them so you guys can see how much my booty went down.

I really hope that I don't loose any more volume. Dr. Salama said that my skin was too tight to get more than 1000cc, I was hoping for at least 1100. It starting to get soft and jiggly so I am a very excited about that. I still have some bruising but it is going away nicely. My overall shape has definitely improved. For some reason and I reluctant to give away my old jeans that I can't even get above my thighs now just in case I wake up one day and don't have an ass! I have spent a lot of money on my jeans so I am a little scared to give them away but I know I need to. Decisions, decisions....lol

I have been too annoyed to post any new pics but I...

I have been too annoyed to post any new pics but I will. I spent a lot of money and I really feel like I didn't not get what I paid for. I only received a 1000ccs even though I wanted more. My results were terrific at first but I have had so much volume loss it is ridiculous. My ass has gotten smaller and smaller like I am living playing in the new movie "Honey I shrunk my ass" lol. There had been no change in the profile and shape of my booty. It is still shaped the same way as before, just a little more volume and definitely not $6000 worth. I love Dr. Salama and his staff but I am a little upset. My shape does look better but I don't see the results that I wanted. If I ever get an excess of money and am going to definite get a round 2. My stomach and upper back is back fat and he did nothing for my arms! I am scared to go to the gym because I may really not have an ass then! I see ppl with some great result from Dr. Salama but only when they have had at least 1200ccs. It seems like a lot but his technique allows too much fat absorption. I will post some pics really soon. I had taken some about a month post op and will snap some recent ones and hopefully you can see the difference.

I have been going back and forth with my opinion...

I have been going back and forth with my opinion about my results because my ass isn't as big and round as I would have hoped. But at the end of the day, I would not have changed anything. Dr. Salama did a great job and my ASS look a whole lot better. If I had a dollar for how many people have complemented my ass since I have had my surgery, then I would be able to afford another one! lol. All in all I look and feel much better about my body. Unfortunately I got lazy and now the mid-section is back chubby. There has been one side effect...one side of my vagina is still enlarged so now I have a lump-sided vag! Initially I was told that it was a normal side effect and that everything would go back to normal but it has been over 3 months and no change. I called the office and left a message but no one has gotten back to me. I am definitely upset about that and I don't know what arrangements the office can make to help me.

As promised, I am finally updating my pics!
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