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My name is SayRay I have been looking at doing the...

My name is SayRay I have been looking at doing the BBL for a few months now I live in MN and I wondering if anyone has input on any doctors out here or how traveling went if you left the state? any suggestions on good doctors or who to go see. I am so motivated to get this done and super excited that I found this website!!!

Good afternoon BBL Familia!!! So I have been...

Good afternoon BBL Familia!!! So I have been looking at different doctors I keep reading great reviews from Dr.Salama. How do you ladies feel about him and his staff? I'm also wondering if it is common for people to finance this surgrey? AHHHH! ! I'm so excited I just want to find a good doctor and set up a consultation!!! TTYL

Hey BBL sisters!! so I got my email from Nancy...

Hey BBL sisters!! so I got my email from Nancy today basically giving me more information on the bbl and to send her and the doctor pictures. I'm pretty sure I will be going with dr. Salama his work looks great and keep reading great reviews! thank you to all the ladies who have given out so much great feedback it makes this much easier to go through knowing support is a click away
: )!!!!! anywho I will be sure to update with before pix soon so you ladies can see what I'm working with here ; )! also has anyone ever tried staying at a condo for the week they were out if so how was your experience and any recommendations? Anywho some basics facts about me I am 22 years old 5'5.5'' 195lbs and round lol. I am looking for a much more curvy figure and obviously some BA-DUNK!!!! I am hoping to having the surgrey in may 2013 so I will have plenty of time to lose any weight and also start saving/paying for the surgrey. well I am out for now thanks for reading please feel free to comment or PM me whenever.

Hey my BBL sista's !!!!! how are you all doing...

Hey my BBL sista's !!!!! how are you all doing hope everyone is well. I just got my email confirmation from Nancy, Dr.Salama approved my picture for being an ideal candidate. I know this is nothing major but it makes me super excited to know he looked at them and feels I will get great results!! Anyways now waiting to get my 10 percent down and seal my date !!!!! Sorry this one is short but I got a party I need to attend lol. Talk to you lovely ladies later.

Hey girlies! So I booked my appointment today! May...

Hey girlies! So I booked my appointment today! May 14th is the big day!! Literally lol!! I'm super excited. Nancy was awesome answered all my question and super sweet I felt like I have known her for a long time very personable! I can't wait for package to come in the mail which won't be for a while since my surgrey is so far out but hey I'm still super pumped!!!! Now it's time to make plans for travel and hotel. I hope I can find a place decent and well priced. Wish me luck!!

Hey ladies so I took a break from bbl homework...

Hey ladies so I took a break from bbl homework over this last weekend since it was badly YAY!!! So I decided to try and apply for financing for the surgrey to see how much I can get and pay the remaining prior. Well I went through and declined me. Now my credit score is at 641 but I thought I would maybe get 2 grand. : (. Does anyone have advice for me on any other companies that you might of had success with for financing? I'm so upset I'm trying to figure out how I am going to pay for this. Ugh I just need to keep positive and stay focused I have wanted this for so long now and money WILL NOT STOP ME!!! Thanks for listening/ reading. Hope all is well and ttyl.

Hey ladies!! Happy memorial weekend!!!! So I don't...

Hey ladies!! Happy memorial weekend!!!! So I don't have to much to update you guys on except i have started to make my monthly payments towards the new bootay!!!!! So I came up with a budget plan to pay this off before the surgery date which actually feels pretty good to not have to deal with monthly payments and no interest!! Thank god I HATE PAYING INTEREST!!!! Lol anyways does anyone have advice on purchasing things I need? Is there anything I should wait for to purchase closer to the date ? Anyways I'm still booty obssed!! Till next time my beauty's!!

Hey my bbl sistas!! Happy Saturday!! So I made...

Hey my bbl sistas!! Happy Saturday!! So I made another payment towards my brand new booty, with each payment I get more and more excited !! I just can't wait May 2013 can't hurry up enough!! Did anyone feel up to it while in Miami to actually go and do anything like the beach or shopping, Im just tryna figure out what I might be able to do while down there ? Anyways I am on my to go a new car so I am being rushed by the hubby. I will write more later. Ta ta for now

Hey BBL familia so I just talked with Lily from...

Hey BBL familia so I just talked with Lily from medical and I was approved for two different loans. One was for 4g and one was for 6g. The thing with them is that they are not the bank they are basically the middle man, so there is a fee to have them help you find financing which is 10%. Not to bad however you also need to apply when your surgery is within 2 months or they can't lend it to you. So I think for now I am going to keep paying on my own and if I need the financing I will apply again closer to the date. It was a sigh of relief to know I can pay down a huge chunk and then borrow if something unexpected happens you know. Well ladies I thought you should know there is hope. Keep in mind my credit is garbage 640 to be exact so if I got approved I'm sure you will too.

Hey ladies sorry I have been MIA not much to...

Hey ladies sorry I have been MIA not much to update on except that i am still making payments to my BBL I'm down to 6500 I might have to end up financing some of it but I am ok with that I want this and sometimes feel like I need it as well lol!! So I had found a super nice house to rent for 680 for the whole time I am down there it came with cable wifi bedrooms kitchen the whole 9 yards, I wanted to check with Nancy to make sure Larry the driver would be able to get me since I am trying to cut cost as much as possible and it turns out the neighborhood is not that great Nancy called me right away very concerned letting me know it is not that safe and for me traveling there for my first time and having surgery she was very worried. I think that just shows me that even if the Dr. has a lot of patients they do still care, she didn't need to call me to tell me that the place is less than 20 mins away and she even said Larry will pick me up but she went above and beyond to mapquest it and tell me that she would feel concerned while I was there. So my choice for Salama and his team seems to be more and more like the best choice I could of made. I am really greatful for Nancy and prompt responses to all my question!! Well that's all for now ladies hope all is well will post more soon.

Hey ladies me again so I am going to start...

Hey ladies me again so I am going to start shopping for some of the misc items needed for the surgery and I am in need a good list of items to bring please please send me a message or if u want leave it on my comment board idc thanks again girls best wishes talk soon.

Hey ladies I know it has been a while since I have...

Hey ladies I know it has been a while since I have updated just stopping by to say hi and wish all of the new post op bbl sisters best recoveries hope all is well. Today I learned that my dad is buying my plane tickets for me and my fiancé for Christmas such a huge relief and def happy to be saving about 650$ always a plus. Well like I said I don't have much o update on starting my new whole foods diet tomorrow ugh lol wish me luck. Ttyl best wishes to all and have a great holiday!?

Hey ladies I am looking for somewhere to stay I...

Hey ladies I am looking for somewhere to stay I need some ideas on hotels or rentals that work for the driver Larry and aren't to ratchet lol you know ...... Please please message or comment me ASAP thanks much ladies!!!

Hey girls so I am writing this post with mixed...

Hey girls so I am writing this post with mixed emotions, my original plan was to pay off as much of the surgery up front I was hoping to get about half paid and half financed. I was planning on using nopaitentleftbehind and I just read a blog the other day saying its a scam and they don't actually give you the money and they over charge you. I am really looking for honest advice on REAL accounts on REALSELF cause I don't know what to do I will not have enough time to pay it all up front and if the only financing company that approved me is a scam I just won't know what to do I'm so nervous and really scared it might all be slipping away. Again please give real honest answers even if it is bad. I can take it :)

Thanks ladies much love either comment or private message me.

Does anyone know if you can get the pre op done a...

Does anyone know if you can get the pre op done a day or so outside the 30 day window...? I only ask because I know my physician won't do the actual EKG and will prolly send me to a specialist and I don't wana get delayed if I can't get in....

Thanks loves ttly

I am super nervous about medical clearance I have...

I am super nervous about medical clearance I have had in the past a kindy jumpy heart beat which has slowly gone down with diet n exercise but I feel it everyonce in a while n I don't want my EKG to come back bad... I obviously know this is something I have to discuss with Salama once I get there but. Am still nervous ... Any advice???

I am done with my appointment it went well I feel!...

I am done with my appointment it went well I feel! My doctor was super nice and actually seemed interested so that was a relief I was worried she might try to say something like dont do it lol!! She did give me a copy of the EKG so I googled a normal EKG n they look pretty similar I am getting more n more nervous n excited!! I had my first BBL dream last night UGHHHH I can tell the nerves r starting to set in. Hopefully I will hear back on my results by Monday, does anyone know if our doctor calls us or if it is dr. Salama...??

Also thoughts in prayers to our families in Boston today!! What happened is terrible and I hope everyone is ok!!

What kind of waist clincher should I buy... Vets...

What kind of waist clincher should I buy... Vets your assistance is appreciated n needed.... Thns ladies!!!

Got my Vedette today style 100! It feels super...

Got my Vedette today style 100! It feels super soft n looks great got it for 15.00 after shipping on eBay!!

Ttyl ladies

So it my doctors office a few times before the fax...

So it my doctors office a few times before the fax was actually sent and received, thank god they got them I was getting nervous. Still nervous cause I don't know how my blood work n EKG look to them!! Super nervous good vibes good vibes staying positive is helping!! 20 days til procedure date so I hope it all goes well. Wish me luck n keep fingers crossed!!

Also the vedette I purchased is super small so I am really hoping it fits after surgery lol I know Salama can do work :) so I'm not to worried!

Thanks for your support ttyl BBL FAMILIA !!

Nancy confirmed my labs r good to go and the nurse...

Nancy confirmed my labs r good to go and the nurse cleared me yay!! I also changed my hotel to the Best Western it looks much cleaner n should come with some kind of kitchen nook :) super excited n nervous n ready woo just a ball of emotions !! That's all I have for now !!


My lovely mother co signed the care credit loan...

My lovely mother co signed the care credit loan app!! Super happy now!! I just am wondering if any ladies know how this work... How do I pay the doctor is what I mean ... Also I heard no more Larry !! SMH never met the guy but heard he was late a lot lol !!

Ahhh I fel like a straight stalker on this site...

Ahhh I fel like a straight stalker on this site lol #bootycray. I think I have looked on here every hour to see results frm you ladies n everyone is looking great!!! Keep posting lol ttyl BBL FAMILIA

So I been looking up post op massages with massage...

So I been looking up post op massages with massage therapists in my area... I wanted to try n get as many dome as I can at dr. Salamas office but don't know if it is worth it for how much it costs n how long it's for.... If anyone knows please feel free to comment below. thnx ladies !!

Hey hey 7 days to go and the time keeps seeming to...

Hey hey 7 days to go and the time keeps seeming to go by faster and faster!! AHHHH SO NERVOUS!! But for the real question of the day or night actually lol ... How soon after surgery can we start using the waist clinchers to try to sculpt n mold our waists?? I just want to get a good idea of when to make the purchase... Thanks for your help!!

Hey ladies so I'm 4 days till surgery!! I can't...

Hey ladies so I'm 4 days till surgery!! I can't believe it is already that time the fly flew by!! I got a call from the office yesterday to confirm my flight times and sounds like I will be going directly from the office after the airport for my pre op so I'm excited nervous scared and ready to be done with it all in one !! Please pray for my safe surgery and safe recovery! That's all I have for now !!

Finally made it !!! Met with nancy and Cynthia...

Finally made it !!! Met with nancy and Cynthia both are dolls super nice and put me at ease ... For a little bit lol!!!the nerves r back in full force! I go tomorrow morning at 730 am I am the first one of the day AHHHH so nervous my stomach is in knots! Please please pray for me ladies that everything goes well and I have a safe recovery!

Hey ladies I am going in today @ 730.... I'm just...

Hey ladies I am going in today @ 730.... I'm just waiting for Miriam right now and I'm so nervous I'm sure I will cry lol!!! Please pray for me for a safe surgery and a safe recovery :) I will update as soon as I can or I will have my guy do it. Thanks for all your help ladies!! Now it's my turn :). :).

Got 1200cc per cheek, currently really sore and my...

Got 1200cc per cheek, currently really sore and my ass feel like a ton of cement. Have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9 am and I think I'm going to need a tighter garment. Having help is a big plus couldn't have done it without my guy. Check out my pics

Hey ladies when do the booty start to soften...??...

Hey ladies when do the booty start to soften...?? It's hard as a rock lol feels so funny!!

New pix day 2 post op

Hey ladies thought I would add some new pix these r frm today which is day 2 post op I am wearing my garment with pads n still swollen in my back I can feel the fluid thank god tomorrow is massage day so I should get a tighter garment!! That's all I have for now wish me well for 1st massage tomorrow now at 10 am.

New pix

New pix

Massage 1 down

Had my first massage today with Celia loved her!! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, my back hurt worst then my stomach but I took 3 Percs and breathed deep and talked my way through it! They moved me frm a 2xl garment to an XL and I look great my my stomach is getting flat and my sides are so small it's great the new garment is so tight n I love it!! I will try to post pix soon!



Booty yay


Sorry some of my pix are coming out upside down! I dnt kno why lol

Side by side!!

Sorry the angles are a little different but you get the idea

Waist regime

Ate BISH! I'm tryna figure out when I can start wearing the waist clincher and I would love to follow ur waist regimen step for step if you could drop me some advice that be great I love ya forever :)

Side view day 4

Back view day 4

I think the lighting on this one makes one side look smaller than the other which it is not thank God!! But just so you ladies thus far I am even on both sides.

Other side day 4

2nd massage

Well it still hurt go figure but its still bearable I believe the ladies name was Ilene ? She was so nice super cute n super comforting! She said I should be able to get both drains out Wednesday as long as I don't drain more 25 c frm now til then! So let's all pray..... Thnk you. I did still take some Percs which are helpful n she showed me a new way to put my foams in to get a curvy shape thank God we all I know I want that! I signed up for another massage on Wednesday so I will be going in again at 11 am for another one. No new pix yet sorry will try to get some updated!

Leaving Miami tomorrow after 3rd massage!

To,or row is my last day! Can't believe it's already coming to an end. I really don't want to go back home it's so nice here !! I will be stopping by the office tomorrow at 11 for massage and to hopefully get these drains removed, do they give us the ab board at the office? I want to keep the compression tight! That's all I have for now!!

My Boom Boom Pants Lol

Hey ladies I made it home yesterday around 8pm central the flight did suck but I managed to kneel on the floor in the seat I would recommend carrying on your hoppy pillow to hug onto when leaning in the seat and something fluffy like a blanket or robe to kneel on. I used and a robe n it was most helpful. They did take out my back drain at the office but left in my front so I will have to take that out n I'm nervous as fuck. I just wana make sure I do it right and the whole thing comes out. I have some inflammation/possible infection toward my V so Salama gave me a strong antibiotic and it actually feels a little better okay so please pray for me ladies!! Updated pix frm today! Enjoy

Boom Boom Pants

Boom boom Pants

Lol I'm such a tard I didn't realize we could upload multiple pix at once. Here I am doing it one at time lol!

Front drain

I took my front drain out today! It wasn't to bad it stung at the entrance site but I just pulled and it came out and it feels great to not have to carry that lil fucker around lol! That's all I have for now I will put more pix up at 2 weeks so look out !!

2 weeks

Tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks post op! I will be contacting Massage Envy to set up my remaining massage. I was able to get 3 done at Salama's office so I need to get at least 7 more and then possible more depending on how my skins look. Tomorrow I will also start using my board to flatten my tummy even more ! I already am in love with my waist so to think I can make it smaller is like icing on a cake lol!! I will try to post pics tomorrow it's hard to take them on my own, but I will try or have my man do it lol!

Massage Envy

So I called to try and set up an appointment with the Massage Envy close to my home, and the lady who answered my call said they typically dnt work on patients who had surgery within the last 6 weeks and that they would need a letter from my doctor. Now it's not a huge issue but we all know how long it can take Salama's office to get things done and I haven't heard anything from the massage place so I'm thinking they haven't faxed anything yet and idk if I should keep looking for massage places that dnt need one or if I should wait... Idk!?

4th massage tomorrow!

Everything worked out well with the massage envy by my house and I got an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. They have a guy there who is specialized in post op massage therapy so I'm excited to see how well he works. I can tell me body wants a massage I always feel so good after one so I'm excited!! Hopefully the pain is down to a minimum, I have been having my man give me mini rubs down and they dnt hurt to bad just in certain spots. I started the board today and thought I was never Guna get my garment to shut it was tight which I love! I want this tummy n waist to stay small so ima wear this thing forever! I haven't done ne measurements cause I know I will become obsessed so I decided to wait till 6 weeks n then check them again at 12 weeks. That's all I have for now.

Massage Envy Today!

I am about to leave to go to Massage Envy! Im a little nervous just cause I dnt know if they will know what I need, but I have faith and I know a few people on here have gone to Massage Envy so I'm sure it will be fine. I'm in a dier need for a good massage ! So wish me luck and I will update how it went once I am back!

Massage number 4 down!

So the massage wasn't to bad, they use similar techniques and some new ones it felt good and my back is less tight which I love! Ugh how I hate tight muscles!!! My masseuse said I was really strong I guess most whine more lol idk! But I made it and I have another appointment on Friday at 11 am so I will have my two done for the week and I signed up for a total of 12 more with there lil membership plan, so that will give me a total of 16 massage hopefully I'm good by then!! And ER thing is smoothed out lol!!

Post op pix day 16

Hey ladies! I know these are couple days over due from what I promised so sorry! I love my waist my butt looks great I wish I could take each of you through the computer and show you a live version these pix dnt due it justice at all!! I can't wait for the booty to soften more and start to jiggle I have great booty control so it will be fun! Left cheek right check left cheek lol!! Lemme stop Ctfu! Not much has changed in overall size for me my waist seems to get smaller day by day I think I might try wearing the vedette early next week it is super small so I hope I can squeeze into it and make it work lol!! Happy healing and safe journeys ladies!

Post op day 16

P.S. I haven't worn a swimsuit in years so the one in picture is really old and NOT a reflection of my fashion sense lol!?

Side x Side pix B & A pix!!

Look at how well the Master did !! Lol so amazed at his technique if I do decide to go through with a round 2 it's no doubt going to be Salama!!

Foam Roller?

Hello ladies! Has anyone ever used a foam roller on themselves as a self massaging technique? My masseuse recommended this for me to use between massages to help break down n lumps or scar tissue, I was just wondering if this was helpful for anyone else?

Thanks loves and happy healing!

5th Massage down!

I had my 5th massage today! It's still tender mainly on my sides where the lipo was most aggressive. I am going to Massage Envy and they do the massages a little different then the girls at Salama's but I can tell the lumps are going down and my stomach is getting smoother so something must be working. I will also start working with a foam roller to help with any scar tissue. I have set up a total of 16 massages so hopefully that's enough to eliminate any scar tissue or lumps. I did check with the office on the foam rollers and NOMIE said that it was just fine, but no ice on the lipo'ed areas. That's all I have for now happy healing n safe journeys!!!

Ladies im scurred, is this normal?

Hi ladies!! So I have been noticing that one butt cheek is getting softer than the other, is that normal has anyone else had one side soften up faster than the other? Also if I stand p or walk around for to long one of butt cheeks gets sore near the bottom where my garment is but only one butt cheek I feel like that is weird and I dont know if anyone else has gone through this? Please comment or PM me thank you!! Happy heAling!

Nothing new.

Hey ladies!! Not much has change since last update I am 20 days post op and lov'n my results!! I went out to Grand ol Days in my neighborhood and the stares would not stop lol! I had the occasionally upset girlfriend as I would like to call it but it was fun and a lot of walking lol which I know is good for me! It appears I have gained a lil negative stalker on this site hopefully she/he finds some meds for that illness lol I know my Real Self girls got my back @gmlatina1 so it's all good! I will try to post some more pix soon! I got this killer leggings with the Aztec tribal print so banging on the booty, some girl even asked me if my ass was real lol! That's all for now happy healing and safe journey!?


Ok so I measured my waist today and it is at 31!!! Amazing I think before I was like 42 or 40 so I am just in total awe Salama is a master at his craft and I can't believe how small he got my waist line!! Super happy with him and my results!!! I'm starting to wear my Vedette over my garment with the foam and pads in so it's really tight but my goal is to knock of 1-2 more inches!

Foam Roller

I am also using a foam roller daily now to try and break down the scar tissue, my massuese recommend doing it on each side (stomach, both sides, back) for 5 mins each and that it should help with breaking down the scar tissue or lumps my back is actually fairly smooth and my stomach I would say is about a 7 out of 10 for being almost lump free, my sides need the most work, they were sculpted the most I feel! One side is actually lumper than the other, so wish me luck! I wana have smooth sides n smooth stomach so bad !!

Foam roller and vedette

Here are pictures if my foam roller and a front shot of the vedette which is over my garment and foam and boards, super tight but I love it I wana trim this waist down a few more inches! My foam roller has a coat of Line-x spray on over it so it makes it a little firmer to hopefully help break down the scar tissue lumpiness lol.

4 more massages @ M.E.

So I scheduled 4 more massages at massage envy in the next two weeks! Super excited to get these bad boys over with my massuese does them a little different frm the office so they hurt more but he focuses on breaking up the lumps and working with the connective tissue, all I hope for is that it works!

20 day post op!

Tribal leggings and booty shorts sorry the pix aren't best quality lighting in my room is dim!

Possible Infection :(

So over the last couple days I have been noticing this red area on my left butt cheek it's sore at times when I stand or walk for too long and it feels as though a portion is raised more than the other almost like a bump, I sent photos to Salama and NOMIE and now I am just waiting to see what they think I should do I praying that I just need an antibiotic or that's it's fine. A scared I don't want anything to go wrong and I wana have a safe healing process. Please please pray for me ladies! Thank you safe journey and happy healings!!

I uploaded the pix I sent to the doctor so you ladies (vets) can see if anything looks familiar!

Another Massage Down.

Hey ladies just got back from Massage Envy I've lost track of how many massages now I think 6. On a positive note frm last my post is that my massuese says my stomach is doing great as far as lumps and that my sides and back are doing much better. He said its about an 80% improvement frm the first time he seen me so that we can celebrate about. I am still waiting on NOMIE and or the doctor to get back to me about the possible infection, I want to say thank you again for the support and prayers you ladies really help put me at ease and I know God is looking out for me, so thank you again. I will update as soon as I hear anything from the office. Happy healing n safe journeys!!

Response from NOMIE at Dr. Salama's office.

NOMIE was able to email me back and Salama requested that I go and see a doctor in my local area to make sure that nothing is going on and to give them a call once I know more from my doctors conclusions. I know to set up an appointment with my family physician can take any where up to a week to get in and I just don't want to take that risk of extra time if it is an infection so once my guy gets home we will make a trip into the ER I know it will cost us more but it's worth it to me especially if we can start an antibiotic right away or they tell me I'm fine I will pay more for either. Please keep me in your prayers still, I did take my temp a little earlier today it was normal 98.2 so that's a good sign that nothing as spread lets hope we can get this under control whatever it is. I will update you ladies when I get back from hospital. Thanks again for all your support!!

Just got back from Urgent Care

So I just left Urgent Care, the doctor there didn't really know what to do. He is having me visit my primary physican on Friday to see if they want to do anything specific with me. He also put me on an antibiotic, he said that without knowing what the infection is taking an oral antibiotic may not due the trick and it still very possible that I will need an antibiotic via IV at a hospital for a couple days. I'm just praying and praying that this does of antibiotics does the trick. Surgery is no joke ladies I knew of this being risk but I never thought it would happen, i took all of the meds the dr gave me after surgery and followed all directions at all times but it just shows even if you play it right something can go wrong. So please again ladies be safe and be prepared for the possible. Please pray for me and cross fingers that this dose will knock whatever this out. Thanks again ladies!

Doctor Appointment Friday

So I have scheduled a doctors appointment for Friday at my primary physicians office and we will see what they say and try to figure out if there is something more I can do, the urgent care doctor says they might be able to admit me there so hopefully whatever is done it takes care of this ASAP. again please keep me in your prayers! Safe journey and happy healings.

Going to ER today.

Hey ladies just checking in, I am going to the ER today around 1 pm once my mom gets home to take me. My primary doctor called and said that if I haven't seen an improvement to just go to ER to get antibiotic via IV. The area looks less red but not enough for me to turn down something stronger, I will try to update once i get there if they have wifi otherwise keep me in your prayers I am sure everything will be fine. Happy healing and safe journeys!!

Surgery done and recovering

Well ladies it has been a day! I got to the ER at about 11 am the doctor started my IV and told me they were going to have to drain the infection. He then spoke with a local plastic surgeon and the surgeon decided I needed to have surgery to drain the fluid, so I had an ultrasound done to locate the infectious areas and I was off. Thankfully they put me under, no pain! They did however drain about 100 cc's so I'm super nervous to see what's happened to the booty I know 100 cc's isn't a large amount n it wasn't all in one spot but its not going to be how it was before. I'm avoiding looking at it till I'm emotionally ready it's been rough. The plastic surgeon here did tell me he would help me fix it if I wanted to in about 4 to 6 months once fully healed. I will be in the hospital for a couple days so this should be a blast lol! Thanks again for all the positive vibes!

Read my last comment

Hi ladies sorry my update is the comments I just kept typing in response to a few comments I have on there :)

Going home today

I am finally leaving the hospital today! Thank God. The Infectious Disease Dr finally found an antibiotic that is helping kill off this infection the redness and soreness is getting better. Thank God for medicine! I will need to go back to hospital tomorrow to follow up with surgeon on the booty. I'm hoping n praying everything works out and nothing is too badly damaged.


I will update with pix ASAP so you ladies can see what happened.

I'm home!!!!

Finally back home!!! Gotta say there is no bed like your own bed!!! I am back on oral antibiotics the bootay is looking ok nothing major so far as far as dents or dips that I can see. The drain is still in my butt and its annoying semi painful they gave me more percocets and some strong ibuprofen thank God lol!! I will go back to the plastic surgeon tomorrow so he can take a look at my drain and butt to determine how everything is and if I need anything else, the plastic surgeon that worked on me at home was Dr. mahjouri, super nice guy very experienced over 25 years. I feel really lucky to have been able to have a plastic surgeon fix this issue versus a general surgeon. I will update with pix soon!

Revisions at Salama's

Does anyone know how much it will be to do a round 2 with Salama? Has anyone ever had to go back for a revision and remember how much it cost? Thanks ladies!!

Go back to Dr today just for follow up.

I am getting ready to go back to Dr. mahjouri for a follow up from surgery on Friday, hopefully he will take one of these drains out they are the most painful thing about this surgery! But whatever he does I'm sure it will be for the best :) i will update when I get back to let ya know how it went!

Doctor appointment tomorrow!

I have a massage at 1pm and doctor appointment at 230pm so tomorrow I will jam packed with things to do. I am really hoping for some good news it's been quit the journey for this last week or so and I really just want things to start looking up finally. I really want to enjoy my new body and heal properly. I will update you ladies when I get back from doctors office :)

Doctor appointment today

Doctor appointment went well yay!!! They are upping my dose of antibiotic so now I just pray I dnt get sick lol!!! The infected area has minimal red and the drain is draining less and less so that's good too!! We all know bout these damn drains lol! I will go see Dr. Mahjouri tomorrow Salama's Office faxed him over the Operating Report and pre op pix, omg do those look terrible!!! Im really hoping he will take the drain out but who knows?! My massage really hurt today I think it was from beings the hospital and not having my garment on for a few days so I was still swollen ugh I was not happy, at least I am not lumpy so that's something positive! Well that's all for now I will update cha when I get done tomorrow !


So the doctor order an ultrasound to make sure there is no fluid building up in by butt, everything looked good from what the ultrasound tech said. This damn drain in my butt is making it impossible for me to put my tighter garment on and I feel so swollen I managed to get into the one the is looser but I need more compression any ideas would be great ladies?!? Also I am exactly 4weeks post op today!! Yay for me what a journey! Lol. Salama called me himself to check in on how I was doing and what happened, I brought up something about the shape of my butt and he said to focus on the infection and getting better and we will work on the cosmetic part later, that was comforting. Also very nice of him to call I know he is a busy man so to call n check up n leave his number for me if I need anything very comforting and def makes me happy about my chose in doctor!! I want to upload pix soon I just have this drain in and changing clothes is a bitch lol.

Getting drain removed Thursday!

Hey ladies sorry its been a couple days I visited the dr yesterday and he took out one of my drains and said as long as there isn't more drainage he will take out the other one on Thursday, let me tell you girls if you hate the drains that are in ur side or on your butt crack you would really hate having one directly in your ass it makes everything you wear look fucked up going to the bano is a task and if it gets tugged on or bumped against it hurts ! So I'm more than thrilled to find out I get it out soon!! I have another massage on Wednesday apparently massage envy didn't actually book my Monday appointment like they said they did so now I only have one for this week FML! I am also going to have the masseuse switch up his techniques I had my 6th massage and it hurt so bad I was like this can't be right! So ima walk him through it lol !! That's all for now I promise to update with pix once this drain is out!

No more drain!!!

Finally got the butt drain thank God! It didn't hurt either even better. I had another massage and this one felt much better!! I will be 6 weeks in a few days so I will get pix up to show you guys how everything is looking! I had sex with no garment on for the first time last night, it was weird cause there is still some numb spots in my back but the booty is jiggling nicely and babe said its looking good lmfao!! TMI sorry! I will still be watching my booty for the next few months to see how it goes shape wise and determine weither or not I need to have a touch up!


I bought a small squeem waist clincher and a small vedette thong CG. I have a few days till delivery so I'm excited to get those on cause the CG Salama gave me is now getting to big, if you can wiggle its time for a new one lol!! I will upload pix of those when I get them, I got both from Amazon for 115 with delivery much cheaper than the actual website!

Not much changed

Hey ladies! Sorry it's been so long, not much has changed in size or shape. I did receive my Vedette and waist clincher, unfortunately it's to small and one of the bra claps is missing so it doesn't really work lol so I have to return that and get a bigger size this week. My infection is slowly going away, but it is going!! The butt cheek looks a lot better n the redness is basically gone thank God! I'm still off of work due to multiple appointments a week I just wouldn't be able to get that time off when I go back. I have almost finished my massages but I think I will keep going for a while I really like my massage therapist, he is funny!! Right now I am waiting on NOMIE to complete my FMLA form again lol she prolly has my info memorized for how many times we have filled this out! Such a sweet lady!! The waist clincher really cuts my waist down looks soo good I can't wait for the 6 month mark n then year!! I just really wana jiggly n free to sit n sleep however I want !!

Little past 8 weeks

Hey ladies!! Sorry it's been a while I have been getting all my ducks in row! Finished all my massages, bought new work pants, working on get back to work, finishing all doctor follow ups, etc., its been a journey. I do have a flat area where the infection took place coming through so I will be going back Salama to get that fixed. I took a few pix of it but its hard to tell so ima try to get my guy to help me take the photo against a dark wall or something. Is nothing terrible but you can see it and I dnt want to see it! For the ladies who have gone back to Salama for a correction, how does that work? Do we have to wait to set up another surgery date or what?! I just am so anxious to get everything right n round not flat spots lol! So shopping was a blast! Lemme tell you ladies this booty don't fit no size 9 no more!! It was crazy how my ass fit in jeans n work slacks I will upload those pix too! All n all I am doing much better I would say pretty close to 100%!! So thanks for all your continued support!! I will upload pix this week. Please ladies any advice you can give me on how Salama's revisions will work or how they works for you I would really be thankful to read your advice!! Safe journey and happy healings as always my beauties!!


Hey ladies here are some pix these r about 9 weeks I think by now ahhh it's all such a blur the time flew by fast but I made it. I will be going back to Salama for the correction on the area that was drained n more possibly more volume. I'm going to wait till I start working again to set the date!!

Update on pix frm yesterday

I thought I should add more info about the pix. They are about 8.5 weeks PO. No garment I have a cheap waist clincher on frm Walmart while I wait for the exchange of the one I bought on Amazon to arrive. I am not standing straight up and down so my booty is pooped!! Who stands straight all day ne ways lmfao! My infection site started a small leakage the other day and I have a dr. Appointment tomorrow to try n figure that out. I can't think of much else to say at this point but any questions feel free to ask!!

More pix

Hey ladies I am updating with some more pix. I was texting dr Salama the other day and he wants me to send him pix so he can my results frm after surgery and the draining of the infection. I have decided that I am going back to him and having him do my revision and add more volume so I'm nervous again lol not as bad as the first time but still on edge. Some of pix cam from Instagram so they have filters sorry about the quality but better something than nothing lol!! Also follow me on Instagram @thesayrayy u can see a lot more pix of my booty lol that's all for now my beauties talk to you soon

Round 2 and revision.. Hopefully all in one

Hey ladies so I just got done send Salama some post op pics via txt message, he responds super fast!! He did agree with the difference in my two butt cheeks. He said I will have to wait one year to have a revision and round 2 he said that round 2 n revisions are not the same thing which I basically took as one cost more than the other but I did tell him I would do a round two with him so he said its possible to do them at the same time. I will be in touch with Nancy sometime this week in regards to scheduling an appointment for next may or around that time. I will let y'all know what she says :) good night

New date

Hey ladies I just talked to Nancy I scheduled a date for may 16th 2014. The revision costs 1500 and a round two cost 10% less than what you paid first time so for me it is about 6900$!! It's spends but I want what I want I haven't decided if I am going to just do the revision and go back and the round 2 later or do it in one shot everything cost money so it's not like I have a free option you know. Either way I am excited I want my butt cheeks to be even that's for sure!

I'm Back n with pix!!!

Hi ladies!!!
Sorry I been so MIA lately, this new booty has me going crazy lol !! Not much has changed the booty is big I am planning on going back to Salama for a revision to fix the unevenness cause from the infection. I'm going to try and search for a date in oct or nov of 2014 so I can hopefully come up with enough money to pay for a round 2 at the same time :) I uploaded pics too these are all within the last month or so :) that's all I have for now ladies.

Safe journeys my loves!!

RealFriends Rewards Program !!!

He ladies I hope everyone is doing well and having safe and successful journeys!!! I am doing really well still planning on going back to Salama for a revision n the fall/winter of this year I just need to make my deposit of $500. I am writing this review to inform of everyone of the RealFriends. Rewards Program, I actually received my package a few weeks ago but I have been super busy with work n staying shape I haven't had the chance to update- sorry :(. I was actually surprised to see how much they gave me wen though they are sample sized there is still a lot of each product and my most favorite is Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid it works ladies my skin has always been pretty clear but this makes it look new new and the few blemishes I did have are gone!! I'm really grateful the RealSelf Team starting doing this it is awesome!!! The picture I uploaded is of the product I received I plan on uploading new booty pix soon so you ladies can see where I am and my overall shape - big booty lol!! I am about 9 months post op and have no further issues since the first infection- thank God!! Many prayers to the ladies going into surrey soon may your procedure be safe and fast healing!! Muah!

BBL Revision June 2017

Hey ladies!!! It's been a while but I finnaly summond the courage to get my revision done! I'm beyond excited, my 1st BBL I ended up getting an infection and needed to drain one side to remove infection so I have abnormalities I want fixed. I love Salama his work is amazing and even with the infection I am still going back him as I trust his experience! I will try and get pics up so you guys can see what I need fix!

Does Salama Snapchat?

Does anyone know if Salama uses Snapchat? I'm seeing some short clips here on RealSelf but not sure if he has a snap we can follow ?!?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Overall I love the Salama Team they all work so hard to make everything as smooth as possible while we go through this,life changing journey. I do wish I would of had more time with Salama himself but with how professional and educated his staff is I didn't feel like I missed a thing. I will recommend him to anyone who asks and will go back to him if I ever have a round 2!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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