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I am actually a previous user on RealSelf who has...

I am actually a previous user on RealSelf who has had a BBL before...I have a very detailed review and loved my previous results, but finally came to terms with the fact that while I had huge improvements, I didn't get the hips, curves, or round butt I wanted. My previous surgeon is very skilled and I have had other procedures by him with stellar results, so out of respect for him, I have made a new name to document the new journey I am embarking on :)

When I originally started thinking about BBL, I wanted to travel to use Dr. Salama, but thought the traveling would be too difficult with two dogs and school. I've decided it's now or never while I'm young and I'm ready to make the trip (which actually is not far from me lol) to get the tiny waist and bubble butt I have always wanted.

I've selected a surgery date (unfortunately not until the end of November because Dr. S said I have to wait 12 months for the scar tissue to mature since this will be my second revision. My downpayment is paid, I've nailed down a few rental options on the beach, and I am soooo friggin excited!

I'm posting some wish pics... I don't want a huge...

I'm posting some wish pics... I don't want a huge shelf or anything... Just a lot more fullness and a little roundness. The most important things to me are: a flat tummy, an extreme hourglass figure, and HIPS HIPS HIPS!! I'll be posting some pics of me before any of my surgeries, as well as some from after the the first surgery and first revision. Then I'll post some of me now and where I'm starting from again. Since my first doc was conservative on the lipo, I still had a lot of fat there and it's not as flat as it was post op... Even with a 20lb weight loss :/ my goal weight is 135 but I'm holding off on that because dr. Salama told me not to lose any more weight.

On another note, will any of you girls be in Miami around nov 18th and 19th? I've been looking at a lot of nice condos and house on the beach.. I was thinking it would be more economical with a bigger place and more girls. If anyone has a surgery date around then and wants to work something out for an awesome recovery retreat, message me :)

I'm posting my before pics that I sent to Dr. S...

I'm posting my before pics that I sent to Dr. S for my email consult (Ughh so embarrassing). I'm about 10-15lbs lighter than I was in the pics but don't look much different. If you look at the pic of my back side, do you girls think it'd be worth it to lipo that little bulge of fat on my outer thighs? I'm tryin to harvest as much as possible and I don't think taking that pocket will hinder giving me hips. Also I had my inner thighs done and am considering giving them another go. Also considering my arms... I'll post some pics of those too.. I want your opinions as to whether you think it would be worth it. Would I see a noticeable difference and get a good amount of fat?

Posting these pics makes me even more impatient for surgery.. Since my first bbl I notice that I slipped back into some of my old habits and a lot of the fat came back. I am in a much healthier place and mindset now...eating clean, don't drink anymore, and eat almost no carbs! This time around I'm ready to get the results and body shape I want and work to keep it!

One more question for everyone... I really want to get a place on the beach. I'm not using Larry as I am driving down from N. florida. For the girls that stayed in close by hotels? Would you change it? Was it convenient to have your massages in the comfort of your own place? Was it easier to literally walk across the street to your appointments...or if you could do it over would you get a condo on the beach for the same if not less money and drive wherever you needed to go? The condo would be so much more relaxing and will have a full kitchen but I really cant decide. I go to school in Florida and have tons of friends there too who will be home for thanksgiving, but I don't want to burden anyone and have them asking questions lol. Any input would be much appreciated!!

Forgot to add that I'm 5'7" and will be around...

Forgot to add that I'm 5'7" and will be around 150-155 come surgery..I'll add pre-op measurements later :)

So I am beginning to get a little nervous...I've...

So I am beginning to get a little nervous...I've had my eyes on Dr. Salama since almost two years ago and now that I've finally scheduled surgery with him, I'm reading more and more reviews of people that aren't happy with their results!! :( :( I also noticed that he's not really giving the roundness he used to. What do you all think? I already put $700 down...but have to come up with almost another $ it worth it to go through with this? I'm not going for a huge booty, just want a round bubble butt that's proportional to my body and a realllllyyyy curvy hourglass figure with those hips he is so famous for. I'm worried he's starting to get so busy that he's rushing them and focusing more on quantity, rather than quality of his work. I've already had 2 surgeries and spent a ton...don't want this to be a mistake :/

well there is my rant for today thanks for listening..I guess I'm going to keep my eye on results before I pay any more money

So I just realized it's almost mid-july..time is...

So I just realized it's almost mid-july..time is going faster than I thought it would! I was hoping to move up to an early October date but looks like I'll be sticking with my date before's a good excuse for after break.."gee, I don't know where all that turkey and stuffing went...must have went straight to my butt!" ;)

I love how girls with the surgery dates around the same time, are meeting each other and becoming friends! I'm trying to see who's around the end of November so we can start keeping in, who's in November??!!

I'm still trying to figure out where to stay. I want to stay in a condo on the beach...or even just a condo with a full kitchen and such...I'll have my own car..but I can't find one reasonably priced! Everyone is getting such great deals and I'm coming up with nothing! I want to have it squared away because I know that's a very busy week...right before Thanksgiving..the few places I called two months ago were already booked :( So if anyone has any ideas or knows of any great places they stayed and want to forward me some info, I'd really really appreciate it :)

I have surgery scheduled for nov 19th and need to...

I have surgery scheduled for nov 19th and need to switch for a later date. Please please contact me if you have a mid or end of January date and would like to switch with me! Thank you!

Well ladies, in spite of the family emergency I...

Well ladies, in spite of the family emergency I had, I figured out a way to make November work. Switching my date wasn't going to be an option with the MCAT date I have scheduled...I still wouldn't even be sitting by then if I switched until January. I'm sorry to all the hopefuls I talked to...I'm sincerely sorry for getting your hopes up.

I am stressing out because it seems that this is creeping up on me faster than usual. This is very personal but I'll share on RS because this is a very supportive group of girls. Yesterday I found out I was having a very early miscarriage (I had no idea I was pregnant.) I am sad, but in a way I feel like it was meant to happen because I am in no position in my life right now to care for another human being. The problem is that the doctor told me it could take 6weeks PLUS to get a negative pregnancy test result. This puts me realllyyy close to not having my bloodwork done in time. I guess worst case scenario is my gynecologist has to write a letter of clearance verifying that I am no longer pregnant. Has anyone dealt with anything like this :(? On top of all the emotional stress and sadness, now I have stress that my surgery date is going to get messed up.

Anyway, I'm faxing in the three page medical history with a letter explaining exactly what I just described above. Today I need a pick me up-I think I might fall can something like this happen, let alone RIGHT before a major milestone in my life? Leaves me wondering if it happened because God thinks I am being vain and selfish and shouldn't be having this surgery at all :( Hopefully getting through this week will make it easier.

Thanks for everybody's support and kindness, don't know what I'd do without realself! xoxo

Oh AND on top of all this, still have no clue...

oh AND on top of all this, still have no clue where I am going to stay :/ Looking to spend no more than like $650-$700MAX and preferably i'd like it to be a condo with a kitchen so my guests can cook and not be trapped in a hotel room. Any suggestions ladies?

Hey ladies..just realized today is 39 days left...

Hey ladies..just realized today is 39 days left until my procedure. I've had a rough past week and am finally feeling stronger and ready to move on. I keep telling myself, everything happens for a reason and it just wasn't my time. I'm starting to feel back to my normal self and realized that I'm behind on my to-do for this procedure. I just bought my vitamins yesterday...started taking my Vitamin C and Iron..also bought zinc for later. I'll be buying arnica and bromelain later, but I don't think I'll be taking any other supplements than that. I've had a bunch of procedures and those were the most effective, the rest to me were just unnecessary money spent.

Okay here's where I need your help. I want to stay in a condo so my guests are comfortable. Want to spend no more than $700ish. It doesn't have to be on the water or be spectacular just comfortable and clean....if anyone has any suggestions that would be great...The few places I've found are booked...if it goes much longer I may just have to book at the Marbay...blehhh

Another thing is where are all you girls getting these adorable form fitting maxi dresses?! I bought a couple on ebay but I think they are just going to hang loose. I want the ones that really hug you curves. Please let me know!

I'm also looking forward to hearing from the girls a few days before or after the 19th. I keep hearing about people meeting up and shopping and I think that's so cool. I think it'd be great to know someone down there that's going through the same thing. Well, I'm off to an exam. I'll be updating as the time counts down :)

Hey I finally found where I'm staying...

Hey I finally found where I'm staying and thought I'd throw out the info for all the future girls in the same predicament. The hotels are crazy money and you can't cook...not to mention you're trapped for 9 days looking at the same four walls. I found a condo in Hollywood Beach, 15 mins from the office. He is charging me $550 for 8 nights. It's a one bedroom (two twin beds) and a full kitchen, living room, balcony etc. I think it also has a pull out couch. It's just steps from the beach and the boardwalk...all the shops and fun places are close case your guests need a break while you sleep, lol

If you go on and search "hollywood beach designer condo" it will pop up. Tell him you were referred by a girl (Megan) getting surgery down there. He is really nice and was willing to work with me on the price. It has wifi and comcast and everything. That's half the price of hotels and condos i've been looking at!!! He also allows pets if you can't find a sitter for your babies :)

The owner's name is Tony and his number is (305) 785 3583. inbox me if you need anymore info!

28 days and counting!! woohoo!!

Hi the closer and closer I get, the...

Hi the closer and closer I get, the more I question if I want to add more areas of lipo. This will in total be my 4th surgery and I really want to make it my last.

My questions to you ladies are:

1. Was the chin lipo worth it? Did it really define your chin and do you think the scars are going to be noticeable?
2. Was the arm lipo worth it? Is there a noticeable difference in size? I hate my "thick" upper arms and no matter if I lose weight and tone I feel like there is too much fat there to be able to tell.

I'm stressed out, still trying to get everything together as far as my labs go with the miscarriage and all. Obviously the HCG urine test came back positive so I need to get an ultrasound and letter that I am no longer pregnant...and on top of that I have a minor UTI, so Nomie called in a prescription for cipro for me. She is so sweet and helpful.

Once I get the clearance to have this surgery then I'll be more excited and ready to fill my prescriptions and pack etc.. right now I'm just feeling kinda dumpy :( Any input you have would be appreciated :)

I have been trying to get in touch with the office...

I have been trying to get in touch with the office all day and there's nothing but a busy signal and sometimes a connection cannot be established message! WTH!!!! Grrrr is anyone else having this problem?

So today is November 1st and I am 18 days away...

So today is November 1st and I am 18 days away from surgery and 17 days until I leave for Miami! Today it really hit and I am ecstatic!! I finally got 100% medical clearance and I am all set to go, so I can finally enjoy the last little part of the wait. My boyfriend and I had a little argument last night, and he said something mean about having too big of a big butt....which is effing retarded because he likes big butts on every other girl...i laughed it off and tried to be comforting knowing that it's just his insecurities finally coming out. I've had this surgery before and a touch up and believe me, my butt is wayyyy bigger than it was before...(I know you all are like "wow, that's pathetic" But, I've been showing him Dr. Salama's miracle transformations and I think it's finally hit him that his patients are really head turners!!!! He'll get over it...he always supports what makes me happy.

so I added chin lipo to my procedure for $250..i hate my fat there and figured for $250 why not nip it now...I called and found out he does not include jowls. I asked Cynthia to pleaseee ask Dr. Salama if he'd be willing to make an exception because there is no point for me to just have the chin done when the sides are worse. She asked me to send pics so she could talk to him. I am keeping my fingers CROSSED. I also was wondering if you girls could let me know what you you think I should get my lateral thighs done? There is that little pocket of fat but I plan on losing weight a few months after surgery and don't know if that little area is worth spending $500. ahhh too many decisions!

I ordered a small squeem and it's about 3-4 inches from closing on me now, so I went ahead and ordered another in a medium for just after surgery..I'm going to start wearing a waist cincher a few days post op, I want the smallest waist I can possibly get.

I have so much left to do and feel overwhelmed..I've had family in town for weeks, then they leave the 10th..and my dad comes the 15th to stay with my doggies while I go down for my bootay. So i'll have 5 days to myself to clean, pack, shop, and blah blah. I was going to grocery shop the day before surgery after pre-op but I don't think I'll have time. I think I'm going to do that before I leave to drive down. I'm going to make a small turkey, homemade mashed, squash, and stuffing the day before so my boyfriend can still have Thanksgiving while he takes care of me. Our condo has a full kitchen so I'm sure I'll be up all night doing that.

I've rearranged my pre-pics and wish pics so they can be easily seen. I'm hoping I can look a quarter as fine as some of you ladies on here.. NiniFernandez and FabNewMe are the ones coming to mind, but there are so many others. My expectations are reasonable and I'm just hoping to come out on the other side looking better than I do now. Well that's all for now ladies..let me know what you think!

I called the office and confirmed my pre-op time....

I called the office and confirmed my pre-op's 5-6pm on Sunday the 18th, which is good because it gives me time to drive down from Tallahassee. So far I'm still scheduled as the 1st case on monday morning and that's what I was hoping for so I'm excited about that :)

Nomie said to talk to Dr. Salama in person about my chin, and he may give me a little bit of jaw defining without necessarily lipo-ing the whole jowl still hoping on that exception!!

I met a really sweet girl who got my number somewhere on my blog and texted me...she's new to RS and has surgery scheduled in July with Salama!!! She is really awesome and I can't wait for her to update her blog..we have a lot in common and are already planning a few days of partying on Las Olas for her birthday right before her surgery hahaha! Her RS name is Nikki628 so be watching for her!!!

Hey girls..I'm starting to make lists of what I...

Hey girls..I'm starting to make lists of what I need to buy and pack and I cannot find any of the lists all of you had posted...

to all you vets..what would you say are the most important things to have that you could not have done without????

Or if you could send me links to reviews where I can find the lists that would be great!!! 16 daysssssss woop woop!

Today I thought I'd check the flights to see what...

Today I thought I'd check the flights to see what the airfare for two round trip from Tallahassee to Miami was...never thought to look because it's usually about $800 each. Today I looked and I found them for $150 each! It was $300 for my boyfriend and I, which is what it would cost me in gas both ways...only thing is I'll be there two more nights, which is fine with me because I'd like to leave the drains in and have more massages :)

Now I'm getting really excited! Usually the drive is a breeze for me but I've been through this before and I CANNOT see kneeling and facing backwards for 8-9 hours of misery. For 11 days I found a rental car for $233 bucks, which is AMAZING too..i feel like all of this worked out for a reason... If anyone will be down there the same time as me (Nov 17th-27th) and you don't have a car, I don't mind bringing you shopping etc...Also don't mind carpooling to the office. I heard Larry can be unreliable and late...and will only bring you shopping once.

I also called Tony for my condo and the two extra days are open and he's only charging me another $140. So a total of $690 for 11 days in a condo on the beach?!?!?!!?! um YESSSSS. I think another RS BBL sister is checking out of it the day I arrive...glad he's getting more reservations, he is really nice and more than reasonable. If anyone wants the info, inbox me :)

Okay here are a few questions I have after reading...

Okay here are a few questions I have after reading blog after blog

1. What kind of suction hooks do I get
2. What is this "shot" people are talking about giving themselves?
3. What kind of extra garment did u buy for when you wash yours? Butt in/ out? What brand? Where did you buy it?

Thanks for everyone's help.. Ill have a lot of posts like this coming up.. Questions pop into my head...

I just closed my old account...I don't know why I...

I just closed my old account...I don't know why I made a new one..i guess It was painful for me to see the pictures and know that I'm going through this all over again. For any of you wondering...mschangy and me are the same person. Hopefully some of the girls I used to talk to will get back in touch!

Time seems to be going sooo slow. I've been...

Time seems to be going sooo slow. I've been checking all day to see if Miss.Incredible and scargirl have updated! Praying that everything went smoothly for both of them!! I can't wait to be "on the other side"...12 days til I board my flight for the journey to the new me!

Hey girls..just wanted to share a few things I've...

hey girls..just wanted to share a few things I've bought that I thought would help others. I wanted a bunch of maxi dresses but didn't want to spend a fortune seeing as they are probably going to get ruined and thrown away. I have an ebay business so I do a lot of shopping there and I found some great deals on dresses and skirts...they have tons of colors, so you can get a bunch. They are really thin and comfy and stretchy and have the wide racerback, which I'm hoping will help hide the garment. They are a little thing and with staining, I recommend black...

Here are some links to some affordable post-op outfits :) nothing'll be living in your garment...just planning on these for when I have to leave for appointments. If I find some more stuff, I'll post it here. ********about $16 w/ shipping******* *****about $8*****

Forgot the skirt http://www.ebay...

forgot the skirt

Hey girls, when I went for my clearance tests...

Hey girls, when I went for my clearance tests before, everything was good except a minor Nomie put me on cipro for a week. I finished the last dose last night so have to go for a retest today..hoping everything will work out and that it has cleared up.

On another not I can't wait to spend two days in the sun before's friggin freeeeeezing up here in North Florida!!!!

Here's a cute tube maxi dress I got...comes to...

Here's a cute tube maxi dress I got...comes to about $14 with shipping. I got beige so hopefully my garment can blend in under my jean jacket, but they have tons of colors...

Here's a link to all types of garments etc:

I am so excited I can't sleep the past two days....

I am so excited I can't sleep the past two days. Sorry, I feel like my posts EVERYDAY now are pointless, just so excited it feels like it helps from being so ansi. I was so aggravated I had to drive bc it's almost 8 hours...not I just drive to the airport 5 mins from my house and I'm in FLL in 45 mins!! I'm almost all feels like I'm hiding someone in my rolling duffle..don't think I'm going to avoid the checked bag fee...

Planning a beach day on saturday when I get there..or at least shopping at aventura mall...

I'm excited I still get to have a great thanksgiving on the is flying down while i'm in surgery and we pre-ordered a turkey from Honey Baked we'll have all the fixin's of a real turkey day :)

I feel bad...yesterday I rolled my mom's hand up in my car window and broke the middle finger on her right hand and dislocated the end joint....after screaming with tears rolling down (and me laughing so hard I almost died and crashed the car because I have a horrible nervous laugh) she goes "great, I can't wipe my own ass, how the hell am I going to wipe yours?!?!?!?" LMFBO!!!!!!!!!! she's a nurse so it's all good...I feel like I've reverted back to infancy. I've handled my other 3 procedures well and pretty independently so I'm hoping this one will be the same..I'm weird about people helping me in gross ways....ew.

All the girls coming up today, tomorrow, and next week, good luckkkk!!!

What is the style number of the vedette garment...

What is the style number of the vedette garment everyone is talking about. Like the style number? I found vedette garments really cheap online and they have the butt lift bands too... Idk if its the same style number though!

So I finally got the final clearance today for the...

So I finally got the final clearance today for the UTI I had. The cipro cleared that up and I am 100% cleared for surgery. Unfortunately...I had one disappointment. I was set on getting a small chin implant because my face is soooo flat from the side. I figured with the chin lipo and already being under, why not go for it? I never brought this up in case dr. salama didn't agree. Well he didn't agree. He says that flipping me on my stomach to do my butt even if he did the implant first would move the implant, which i understand. He also can't do the butt first because the chin implant takes an hour and he doesn't want me on my back that long. I understand that. For some reason, I think there were ways around it like putting my head on a pillow so that my chin doesn't touch. I have a feeling it's more of a scheduling issue because it would add an hour to my surgery. That's okay though, I'm just grateful I'm having surgery and the whole office has been soooo helpful, especially Nomie, I can't wait to meet the team..

So with that being said. lettttttttssssgoooooo



I'll be adding more pre-op photos the other ones I was at about I am about 185 :( ah I hope I don't have too much fat for the 4000 limit..I want my arms done too but won't sacrifice the skinny waist!!

Oh and forgot to mention...the condo I have is...

oh and forgot to mention...the condo I have is booked from December to April...sorry it filled up so fast. Anyone after April that wants to look into it should be okay. The owner's info is in previous reviews

I'm adding some more recent before pics :( notice...

I'm adding some more recent before pics :( notice how much weight I gained since my consult pics. I pray i don't hit the limit before my middle is whittled :)

I AM SO EXCITED ITS CRAZY!!...leaving for ft....

I AM SO EXCITED ITS CRAZY!!...leaving for ft. lauderdale tomorrow at 930 am, will be there around 11...

Yesterday I was sick and throwing up a bit, today just some congestion. I'm trying to stay extra healthy to kick this cold before surgery on Monday...I pray it's gone or I cannot have surgery. I usually get over things quick..I'm guessing It'll be gone by tomorrow.

I'll update you all when I'm in Sunny Ft. Lauderdale. I'd never believe I live in Florida, it's so in the 50s here now, tomorrow it will be in the mid 80s :) yay

Well ladies I made it to ft Lauderdale. .I checked...

Well ladies I made it to ft Lauderdale. .I checked into the condo which I'll be posting pics of soon. Just spending my last real day getting some sun. . We rented some jetskis and now aremay cruising down a1a. Our rental car is a fiat 500 (google it) and my boyfriend is messing around racing ferraris and lambos haha he cracks me up. Well girls, ill be updating later.

Oh and btw, have a safe flight ladythickness and call me tomorrow!!!!

Getting ready to head to the office..absolutely...

Getting ready to head to the office..absolutely can't wait to meet everyone there!

Here are my pre-op measurements:

Height 5'7"
Weight: 184lbs :(

Waist: 35in
Hips above butt: 44in
belly (not sucking in) 38.5in
around butt: 44in
arms: 13in (not sure if I'm getting those done yet)

Hoping to get my waist to about 28-30..i'm gonna cinch the hell out of it, haha.

Hey girls..Had my pre-op tonight. I got there a...

hey girls..Had my pre-op tonight. I got there a little early and the office was closed (obviously), so I went to wait on a bench and got a call and almost wasn't going to answer but I did...It was Ruben calling to tell me he was on his way :) I thought that was awesome. He came and brought his wife who is really sweet.

After I filled out all the paperwork, my boyfriend and I went back to his office to talk about the procedure etc..I asked him when the last time I could eat was and he said 11, which was great. I told him I was anxious to know because I wanted to go to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (YOU HAVE TO TRY IT, ITS RIGHT NEAR THE OFFICE) and he said that he loved the place....Ruben looked at me and told me the areas he thinks I should have lipo-ed...he's really cool. Before I left he said Have a good dinner at Anthony's you might see me there, and to text him with any questions...well, we had just ordered our food and I decided to text him and ask if I can take my sleeping medication as long as its before 11...before I even had time to finish the text he was behind me saying "I knew I'd see you guys here!" lol...I told him I was justtt texting him and we all laughed. I think he called Dr. Salama to check and see if it was ok for me to take the medication. It's a go. So thank you Ruben, for everything...!!

So now, I'm at my condo cleaning and getting my surgery back poor boyfriend is sick. I gave it to him right before we left, and I hate to say it but Im kind of glad I did because I didn't think I was going to be able to have surgery (sorry babe). Thank god I have my mom flying down tomorrow..she's a nurse and since my boyfriend's sick and I'm going to be an elephant-assed invalid, it's going to be good to have her around for both of us, lol!

Well ladies...I guess that's all for now. I will update from the other side tomorrow. I'll try my best to get pics up..I know a big part of the reviews for me was trying to gauge what to expect immediately after surgery. My mom and boyfriend have strict instructions to snap pics no matter how conscious I am..I'll post them as soon as I'm half alive. omgggg HERE WE GOOOO!! I never thought it would come..been dreaming of Dr. Salama's bums for 4 for now, goodnight!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know I made it. I'm...

just wanted to let everyone know I made it. I'm too tired to update now but I'll do a review and post the pictures that were taken today. I am so happy

Hey girls. .. getting ready for my post op...

Hey girls. .. getting ready for my post op appointment at 930...I have pics To post when I get back, as well as a review and pics with the garment off :) dori I didn't get them up yesterday. This had been much harder than my first bbls. Ttys!

Oh and my prayers are with lady thickness. ..
Talked to her at 7 and she was headed in :) good luck girl! !

Hey girls..sorry this took me so long to get up....

Hey girls..sorry this took me so long to get up. The first few days have been hell. I've had two BBLs before, but never as aggressive lipo as this.

Monday morning I got to the surgery center at around 7:15am. My boyfriend was really sick and as we got out of the car to walk in, he starts throwing up. We made it upstairs to the 4th floor where the bathrooms were locked and he gritted his teeth not to throw up again. The nurses showed up at around 7:25 and immediately took me in to change. He was not allowed to use the bathroom or anything, which I guess is understandable in a surgical suite. As I was changing into the johnny and the compression socks he texted me that he couldn't hold it down anymore...I went out into the waiting room and told him to go I would be fine...but I started to cry...he said he would stay but I could see how green he was. I basically yelled at him to go home and sleep...I was about to meet the anesthesiologist and Dr. Salama and head into surgery anyway.

So I went into the office there, which was a really beautiful white, clean place with great views of the city. I met the anesthesiologist, who was really nice and personable. He asked me a few basic questions about my health history and Dr. Salama walked in. I was so excited to meet him and he was very outgoing and kind. he immediately said "hi ____" and I felt comfortable.

After the anesthesiologist was finished, Dr. Salama and I talked casually about the procedure. He was honest and to the point about the risks and I liked that...As he drew on me he asked what I wanted and I told him. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me hints as to what areas should be lipo-ed to get the best result with what he was going to do for the fat transfer. He and I talked, took pictures, and drew for about 30 minutes and then I was taken into the OR. I laid on the table and the anesthesiologist gave me an IV...all of a sudden my eyes crossed and I felt like I was going blind..I didn't realize he had already pushed the fentanyl because every time I've had surgery they've always told me step by step...after I told him he scared me, he said you're going to go to sleep now...i tried to fight it for about 10 seconds then I was OUT.

When I "woke up" I was belly down on the recovery bed, but for some reason thought I was still waiting to be put to sleep haha....then the pain kicked in and I knew I was already done. I told the nurse and she gave me some more medication. I kept asking for my mom and boyfriend because I wanted them back there and they've always been allowed to come into recovery when I'm awake but the nurse wouldn't bring them back lol. I understand they don't want your family to see you until your cleaned up, but it would have made me feel more comfortable and they've been through this with me before. The nurse got me up (even though I dont know if i was quite ready, head was bobbing around) and I was pushed out to the car...which by the way DO NOT RENT THE FIAT....omfg was it painful to get in. I made it home and laid down and went to sleep for a bit.

Yesterday I had my first post-op with Nomie..she changed my pads and re-bandaged some of my wounds...she said I had also split a stitch...I took some pics and put on a t-shirt and was told to come back the next day to see dr. salama.

When I got home I felt a pain on the bottom of my cheek and rubbed it lightly...there was some kind of air bubble and all of a sudden it popped and started bleeding :/ not sure what that was but I'm going to ask the Dr. today. I'll be going to the office around 11..I'll update ya later :)

So I went to see Dr. Salama today.. He showed me...

So I went to see Dr. Salama today.. He showed me pics on the table And boy was stomach flat! !! He said my skin was very very tight so he really had to fight with it too Hey if in which caused my skin to be a little more damaged than normal. Yesterday at my post op everything looked good except a couple of split stitches. Brilliant me decided to take an almost two mile walk on the boardwalk and didn't realize the garment was rubbing the same spot salama had s problem with. .so long story short, I got a nice bleeding blister on my left butt cheek. He prescribed me an ointment and fair it should feel fine. He said My surgery was rough because my skin was so tight. .. I'm just hoping everything drops nicely and if looks nice and round. My first massage is Friday at my condo. . Then I see Dr. One more time before I leave. I'll make updates soon.

RS is making me used to be a place of so...

RS is making me used to be a place of so much support and excitement while updating your review and with all the drama, I feel like the support for the people who have just had surgery has gone down :(

Here are some pics 4 days post op..loving my new...

Here are some pics 4 days post op..loving my new shape. My waist before surgery was it was 31 with swelling and all...looks like ill be getting below 30!!! yay!!!!! Just hoping these blisters heal soon..I get a new garment on Monday so I'm thinking of cutting the butt out of this one to take the pressure off my blisters :/ oh well, i knew there could be some complications..its just freaking me out

Hey girls..sorry it's been so long, it's not like...

Hey girls..sorry it's been so long, it's not like me to not update RS..haven't been feeling too good but things are getting better..will be updating on Tuesday when I get are some day 5 pics for now :)

Hey girls..I just made the journey home tonight.....

Hey girls..I just made the journey home tonight...I was planning on reviewing but can barely hold my head up. Here are a few quick pics from tonight, I have a LONG review to write tomorrow, it will cover day 4-8 IN DETAIL.

Hey girls! wow, sorry it's been so long. It's not...

hey girls! wow, sorry it's been so long. It's not like me at all to not update RS. I had a rough first week recovery and got terribly sick on top of it so I was barely hanging on. Now things have started to get easier but the main problem is finding a position I can be comfortable in long enough to right out the detailed review I promised you all..don't mind my typos, I'm trying to get this done fast..

The last time I updated it was Thanksgiving day...I'm going to try and go day by day from there in detail:

11/22 (day 3) evening (thanksgiving night): I had a good thanksgiving and slept a lot. Around 8pm I realized my blisters had gotten much worse, almost as if they were spreading. There was a big area of skin that was raw and pink and the rest was covered in huge blisters. I have a horrible phobia about skin problems and I'm also pre-med so I had a million worst case scenarios running through my mind...including that i would wind up a one-butt-cheeked asian girl who told her family she was "just going for a little lipo"....SOOOO..I texted ruben frantically and he got in touch with Dr. Salama. Ruben set up a three way call so we could all talk.. I was a frantic mess and I felt bad about calling them on thanksgiving. They were both so kind and the told me to ease my mind I could see. Dr. Ghuriani in the morning to have him take a look. That made me feel better and I called Ruben at 9am the next morning like I was told to do.

11/23 (day 4): Talked to Ruben who told me Dr. G was driving down from the West Palm area to meet me at the office around 2:30. When i got there at 230 the office was closed and Ruben let my mom, boyfriend, and I into the exam room. Around 5 minutes later Dr. G walked in and was very down to earth and caring. He took a look at my wound and said: "you were worried about necrotizing fasciitis weren't you?" I said yes and he said, "you have nothing to worry about, if that was what it was I would be shitting a pickle." I died laughing. He was so down to earth and made me feel like family. I was still in my garment I left surgery with, which was a 3X, and he said it was way to big so they helped me get into a XL butt-out garment. Let's just say I didn't think that thing was ever going took me, ruben, Dr. G, my boyfriend, and my moms hysterical nervous laughs to get it on...that's what I love about the EPS one ever made me feel like they were above me..they got down and tugged my garment on to the point of pure sweat lol, even Ruben and the doctor!! Dr. G said that he was going to pop all the blisters (GROSSSSSS) and then put the meds and bandage on it and I was on my way..

11/24 (day 5): Had my first massage at the condo with Eilyn. She is so sweet!! The massage was not bad at all and she got sooo much fluid out into my drains. I didn't yet have the boppy so for the front, I had to stand in front of her and keep balance while she did her thing. It was sooo tiring. When she left I ended up sleeping about 5 hours..I just didn't feel good. LIttle did I know I was also getting sick. By that night I had a headache like i've never had before, and was throwing up because I was soo nauseous. I was sick again with the same thing I kicked right before surgery... I was so dizzy I was tripping on my drains and getting down on both knees to throw up in the toilet just made me want to die. I was up and down all night (like I am after any lipo) but this time falling all over myself in the middle of the night.

11/25 (day 6): Sunday was the same way. Ruben happened to text me and ask how I was and I told him what was going on...he called Dr. S who then texted me himself. I told him I thought I was sick but he insisted that he thought the headaches were from not eating enough..even though I thought I had been eating a drinking plenty. I increased my protein intake and took some mucinex and after another 2-3 rough nights I was feeling a bit better.

11/26 Monday (day 7): Went to the office for my last massage with was great. she used the ultrasound massage machine on my back which felt so good. She said at home that is the purpose of the heating heat the tissues at the deepest layer like the ultrasound machine. She also told me what to tell my massage therapist at home so that I could get what I need. She said to tell the therapist that the massage is a combination of deep tissue and lymphatic: the pressure is for the deep tissue aspect, but the movement toward the lymph nodes is the lymphatic part. Some massage therapists don't understand that lipo massage is much, much different than a deep tissue or lymphatic massage separately. Eilyn said my stomach looked great and was perfectly flat..and that I wasn't collecting any fluid. When I was done with her Nomie got me everything I needed to go home: note for the airplane, another prescription for pain medication, another garment to work down to, etc. On the way back to the condo I stopped at the OR to see Dr. Salama. He said everything looked great and my wound was healing nicely, just to keep doing what I had been with the thermazine cream and the gauze...he took my back drain out and it was so quick, I had no idea it was gone, lol..I didn't feel a thing :) He told me to keep in touch with him and I was on my way back to the condo :) I saw BBLtrain coming out of surgery while I was waiting. She looked great and much more alert than I was...when I was wheeled out my head was rolling like a bobble head and I looked like the 7th circle of hell..she looked like she was on a wheel chair joyride..I never would have known she had surgery, CONGRATS GIRL!!

11/27 (day 8): Woke up and took a shower...then packed and returned the rental car. We flew out of FLL so it was much easier and I didn't get too tired before I made it on the plane. The plane was very small and I used the boppy but it really didn't help, I could still feel major pressure on my butt...I made it home and everything looks ok :) My first night back in my bed I had the most amazing sleep (on my stomach) that I'd had since surgery..instead of getting up to talk every 20 mins..I only awoke twice but fell right back asleep...

11/28 (day 9): Nothing to eventful...talked to Ruben who has been so amazing...they are so down to earth, I feel comfortable texting any time I have a little question.

11/29 (day 10): Nothing really, just getting so sick of laying on my least with my other BBLs I didn't have fat injected hips, so I could rest on each side for a bit....I think that's the hardest thing

Today: Today I feel great. I woke up VERY stiff and the pain was very intense...I think it has to do with nerve are bad...then better...then terrible around the 10 day mark. That has to be what it is...I can feel a lot more sensation now so that means more pain. My butt wound is healing nicely...will probably be completely gone in another two weeks. My butt is still very hard and high, but is softening sightly. My left cheek has always been smaller than my right and Dr. S was going to even them out. He said my skin was SOOOO tight that it was very hard to get the fat in, especially in that side, without it flattening can see it in my pics...not too noticeable. I don't want a perfect "OMG that is definitely fake" look so I'm okay if it stays like that...once the swelling goes down it will be nice I'm sure. I had very realistic expectations for what I was working with and I am in awe with my transformation. In about another 3 weeks I am going to get back on my high protein, low calorie diet to slim down. To me, my booty looks kind of like a kim K booty, which I am happy with..I'll never have small bones and am naturally curvy so with the teeny tiny waist he gave me I figure If i lose some pounds, my body will most closely resemble hers. NO COMPLAINTS HERE :D!!

I'll be updating with a list of absolute essentials I wouldn't leave home without if I ever did it again. I way over packed..but the things I found essential are different then a lot of I guess it might be nice to hear what I used the most/couldn't live without. From now on I'll be updating almost daily..if you have questions don't hesitate to ask. I am doing this review by memory and probably forgot a lot of important points :) My next pics will probably come on Monday on my two week booty anniversary, as not much has changed since two days ago :)

Okay is my list of essential items..I...

Okay is my list of essential items..I WAYYYYY over packed for this, but didn't pack some things that I ended up using multiple times a day. Everyone's list is different, this is just what worked for me and I'll explain why..

1) Hanes boy briefs/boy shorts from walmart- SIZE 2X+++: I brought about 12 pairs of these and still it was not enough. I lived in my garment, but didn't want to walk around the condo with everything hanging out..these were light and easy to put on. I bought them huge and they fit snug but covered my huge elephant a*s (lol). I changed them multiple times a day because my front drain loved to leak and stain everything...I wish I brought 30+ pairs of these...and they were cheap. Make sure to get the ones with no band...I think they are labeled no show...this will ensure you are not left with lines. Some girls say don't pack underwear...i do not agree

2) medical gloves: self explanatory...i literally went through a box of 100 in 8 days

3) cheap clear shower curtains: covered every surface I laid on so I didn't ruin the condo linens..I was leaking everywhere

4) no skid socks: had to get up in some crazy positions, would have done a split had I not had these

5) pillow pet: this sounds so stupid but my NOLES pillow pal was a savior. He was nice and soft to lay my chin on after lipo, and I could velcro him up in half to prop under my thighs, lower back, kneeds, etc. $30 very well spent

6) benedryl GEL: helped the itch and was really nice and cool on my skin. works wonders

7) travel size baby oil: to "milk" your'll see what I mean after your first massage

8) T-shirts: bought mine on a 5 for $20 sale at Wetseal...the cotton short sleeved t-shirts they sell. I brought 5, but should have brought at least one for every day I was there.. they are so cheap and after washing them they were not the same. They really laid flat under my garment.

9) straws: you don't want to have to get up every time you drink (which is always) so get the bendy straws so you can still drink laying down

10) pill organizer with morning/noon/evening/bedtime: you have to take so many pills/supplements a day and even my sober minded caretakers couldn't keep was nice to rely on the box..i organized them all the night before surgery.

11) pair of comfortable sandal slides/flats: easy to slip on and off without bending but also good to walk in. Got mine at Bealls for $7..have worn them non stop since nov 19th...they're still going strong

12) TUBE maxi dresses/jean jacket: tube maxis because you can step into them without raising your arms, which hurt from the back lipo...and you can also pull it right down. the jean jacket is a must to cover the garment and tshirt underneath..

hm...there may be a few more things. Again, this is the list of absolute essentials...there are other convenient items...but these I could not have made it through without. I'll keep you updated if I remember more.

Not feeling so great today girls..back and forth...

not feeling so great today girls..back and forth with being sick and also being weak and tired..trying to eat more, but I thought I was already eating enough..if I don't feel better tomorrow I'm going to ask Dr. Salama to order a hemoglobin test..this is not like me to feel so weak and tired after surgery. I have been struggling to stand and even stay awake :/

When I finally managed to drag myself out of bed...

When I finally managed to drag myself out of bed an hour ago, I went to Publix for stuff to make wonton soup (yes how Asian of me, lol). I used chicken broth, wontons, eggs, tofu, chicken, rice, and was amazing and made me feel so much stronger. For anyone that likes this, it's definitely comfort food and provides all the nutrients you need after surgery. You can make a lot at once and just reheat it and it's easy on the stomach..almost day 12 and I realize that still not eating multiple times a day will make you very weak, tired, and lethargic.

On another note, I haven't measured in about 4-5 days :) my boyfriend commented today that he can tell I've lost butt is not so ridiculously huge now and its starting to take a nice shape with my new tiny waist. I'll post new updated measurements 8 my measurements were 36-30.5-53.....yes lol. I guess it makes sense seeing as my hips were 44 before surgery. I need to shrink everything down proportionately by losing weight...I can't be walking around with a 53 inch bottom end...ahhh lol. but I am loving it ;D

Measurements with garment (no foam) and sweatpants...

Measurements with garment (no foam) and sweatpants on..


and I've lost almost 10lbs since surgery :) this is going in the right direction :) :)

Well girls, today I started using my size M waist...

Well girls, today I started using my size M waist cincher on the second clasp. I am trying to make use of this garment as long as possible to keep the pressure off my bum and hips. When I bought my 3rd garment at the office I asked for a butt in because I was scared my butt was never going to go down. Now that I'm home, it's been fine shrinking all on its i'm a little afraid to use the butt in in a smaller size....when I eventually have to use that I guess Ill cut the butt to release the pressure. For now I am just going to use the squeems on top of my garment to give my butt a little more time to decide what fat its going to keep.

In a day or two I'll be able to get into the small squeem on the first clasp..then move to the second...

as of yesterday with my garment on my measurements were....36-29.5-48

I had a breast augmentation with 600cc saline HP last april so my bra size was a 36g...since this surgery i'm guessing i'll be moving down to a 34, which means my cup size will be moving up to an H. oh my I know you girls are probably like WTF?!?! lol but implants are different than real boobs. So you end up being these crazy sizes when you are actually sized right..they're not as huge as they sound. My boobs look HUGE with this little waist..had I done this first I might have gone with smaller implants...oh well..I'm tall and implants are easy to conceal. I'll be updating my measurements in a few days after I get into the small squeem.

Here are some pics just before my two week mark....

here are some pics just before my two week left cheek is smaller than my right..always has been...I just hope it evens out a bit. he did tell me he couldn't get as much in as he wanted bc it was too tight :/

take a look at my new pics and let me know what you honestly think...I know its not a huge deal but I wear a lot of yoga pants and im afraid you'll be able to tell later. I don't think swelling going down is going to help that any...maybe when I put on my new butt in garment...i'll cut the left side to release pressure but keep the right side compressed that way it gets smaller? do you think that will work?

I forgot to add one of the most important things...

I forgot to add one of the most important things to my list...instead of a urinal or cup, through all my surgeries I found that it was easier to use a 16ox water bottle with the bottom cut off. It fits better against you and is a little bit soft so you can really push it to yourself and prevent any leaking. The mouthpiece guides the peepee into the toilet kind of like a boy so it doesn't splash, sounds weird but it works better...I never leaked on myself once. just a tip for you girls. that was my biggest pet peeve..getting my garment wet while peeing, it made me feel so gross

Well I got into my smaller garment today.. went...

well I got into my smaller garment today.. went from a 3X after an XL 4 days later..and now just got into a large. I asked for a butt in garment bc I thought my butt was never going to go down..but now I'm scared its gonna make it shrink too much! when you put the compression on, it doesn't even look like I had it done!! :/ so I may have to buy another garment online, but I'm not really sure what size to buy if it's another brand.. hmm

did anyone wear the butt in garment 2weeks after surgery? what was the outcome? I was in a butt out 5 days post op...I think it really helped me hold onto volume. ughh I said I didn't want it too big, now im having booty envy. BOOBIE envy lead me to get a breast aug. revision....I do not want that happening again!!!

Hey girls i'm getting my last drain out today....

Hey girls i'm getting my last drain out today. Also I switched back to the butt out garment even though its a little big..i just put a cincher over it. i'm waiting for the smaller one to come in the mail that I ordered from the office. i'll update you on drain removal when I get home. Ughhhh the front one looks NOT's about 9 inches long and encased in scar tissue. :( :(

Sooooo. I came home with a drain still in the...

Sooooo. I came home with a drain still in the front. Dr. Salama said as long as I have a plan for someone to take it out, he'd like to leave it in. I called my primary care doctor at the hospital we have on campus to make sure they would do it before I left down south. They transferred me to the medical director, who said there would be no problem as long as there was no machinery suction hooked up. Ours are manual aspiration so all was clear. I flew home happy of cutting my chances of seroma.

Fast forward 8 days...went to my apt today. First of all the scheduling lady had wiped my apt out of the I had to wait an hour to be fit in. They wanted me to see an M.D. because apparently only they will take it out. To make a long story short, I spent another hour getting checked in and waiting for the doctor to come to the exam room. I'm standing with my garment around my ankles and the drain in my hand and I'm doing a pee pee dance. If one more person told me to sit down I was going to scream.

The doctor finally walks in and says he will not take it out no matter what they told me before leaving Miami, but he would ask another doctor who was "more experienced"....umm excuse me, did you say you were a DOCTOR? We're talking a drain here, not brain surgery. That doctor refused. I explained to him that I had called prior to leaving town for a reason and that I was all cleared by the director...he said he doesn't know who I talked to because there were no notes in the system. Of course. The he said "let me go talk to a Dr. that used to be a surgeon...he's in gynecology upstairs now...his name is Dr. LIPPS (how ironic) but I don't think he'll do it"...I couldn't take any more pathetic BS so I said, that's okay I'll find another way to get it out...I've been standing with my garment around my ankles for an hour..

Sooo...I had already made up my mind to take it out myself. I'm pre-med and figured what better time to experience this than now? I called Ruben to make sure there was nothing special about the front drain, who called Dr. Salama who I think was in surgery (!!!!). He walked me through step by step until I told him I was in the car....LOL I never fail to call them with something stupid at the worst times, and they don't even get annoyed! HAHA I told Ruben if only Dr. S could walk me through BBLs over the phone I'd be in business :) :)

I got home..milked it, put on my rubber gloves (with a *snap* I might add, living my surgical pre-med dreams), released the suction and snipped the stitch then followed his instructions. Wow that thing was long and he wasn't kidding when he said a slow gradual tug...let's just say releasing the suction does not make it not After taking it out, my nerdy self just had to fill up the sink to see how it worked before I threw it away...I know TMI.

Anyway..moral of the story: GET A REAL DOCTOR, NURSE, WHATEVER TO AGREE TO TAKE YOUR DRAIN OUT BEFORE YOU LEAVE MIAMI. NOT A DOCTOR AT A CLINIC OR SCHOOL...and now I realize the reason they made me wait to "see the doctor, he might do it" even though he was NEVER going to do it, was so they could bill my damn insurance, SMDH.

But anyhow the drain is out and I feel like running, I feel great!!! Oh and Ruben called me before all this after I texted him my measurements! He wants pics tonight so he can put me on the website!! I've already lost 6-7 inches in my waist since pre-op!!!! I feel on top of the world :) that's all for now

Finally got in the mood to try on some clothes..i...

finally got in the mood to try on some clothes..i always think of it when my garment is on

Sorry..double uploaded pics..and since we can't...

sorry..double uploaded pics..and since we can't DELETE, it will be staying right there

Can someone please tell me how to place the board?...

can someone please tell me how to place the board? it's curved on one side, flat on the other..not sure how it goes

Hey girls got my new garment and board in the mail...

Hey girls got my new garment and board in the mail yesterday. I got the garment on but I was doing it by myself and I was TIRED so I got lazy and buckled on the first clasp. I can definitely make it to the second..i'll probably be in medium in a few days. I'll be putting in the board tonight.. I didn't know how it was supposed to go, lol. My measurements now are 36-29-47.5. My butt has shrunk a bit but that's ok considering my waist keeps getting smaller...I think a 46 when all is said and done will suit me well :)

I just wanted to say thank you to all you girls...

I just wanted to say thank you to all you girls who have left me the sweetest's been really hard lately because I keep getting sick. Terrible headaches, vomiting, weakness, and lethargy that I think I shake then it comes back full force. I thought I was eating enough but Dr. S says I have to eat a lot more. I'm going for another CBC blood test tomorrow to rule out any hemoglobin problems. Your comments keep me going though, so thank you xoxoxo

Well ladies...I just got into my L garment...

well ladies...I just got into my L garment yesterday and started using the board today. I have it on the 2nd clasp and it's already started the dreaded bunching and I feel that swelling pain you get that tells you it's getting too big. I guess it's time for a Medium but I don't want to spend another $150 only to move down again to a few days (if that's possible?!?!?!).

Sooo...I put on my squeem cincher (M) on the second clasp over my garment... I already have the small I can squeeze into if I can in a few days...hopefully this will prevent me from having to buy another garment, which by the way I also am afraid to do because I don't want it choking my butt. So this gives me more compression on my abdomen...but no more around my cheeks or my hips and lateral injections, I think this will save money and solve loss of volume problems. At first I thought my hips were too I'm afraid they'll run off...LOL. I have a few dents on the bottom of my left cheek that i think came from the bandaging and tape for my blisters..hopefully it'll drop and fill them out...if not oh well, it's not the end of the world. The first time around 2 years ago I had some dents and they all filled in.

p.s.-don't ever get your boobs done before your BBL...I made the horrible mistake of getting them done before I was definite about booking with Dr. Salama and HOLY HELL THEY ARE HUGE...WAYYYY TOOOO HUGEEE. They fit my old body nicely but now they are ginormous!! I have the awesome side boob that looks great with curvy hips but I totally feel self conscious and I refuse to get another revision! aahhh! Had I known, I would have stayed with my 325s! I like the big juicy butt/ perky handful may not be able to tell in my pics but i'll upload one around 3 weeks and show you girls what I mean. :( it's a dead giveaway bc you can't have a waist this tiny, a butt that big, and boobs this huge...don't get me wrong it looks great on everyone else, I just don't have the confidence to pull it off....that's my rant for now..sorry for my complaining, hopefully i'll get used to it

To read part 2 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Salama years ago but decided not to travel and used a surgeon where I live. After three years I realized that Salama was really the right doctor for me and I wasted a lot of money and time in other places. I trust him and see that his results are spectacular. The office has been a great support and help with my complicated situation so close to surgery. I will make a better update after I have surgery and all my post op appointments!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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