After almost 2 years of wishing - 8 months post op - Aventura, FL

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After almost 2 years of wishing and researching i...

After almost 2 years of wishing and researching i have decided to go ahead and book my BBL. I have always been disproportioned, and being a Puerto Rican female with no ass or hips has always been depressing to me. Since i can remember ive always been self consious about my body. I am top heavy and carry my weight around my mid section. Ive decided to do my surgery with Dr. Ruben Salama in Aventura, FL. So far all the reviews ive read are positive, and all the results ive seen on here are Amazing!!. Ive been in contact with him through email since i live in CT. Im waiting for his response to my latest email regarding his available dates.

Im in conflict trying to decide if i should do it in Nov 2012 or wait until Feb 2013. I am trying to pay for my procedure in cash and have the $$ for flight & hotel and by saving here and there, if i do it in Feb 2013 then i can, but if i do it in Nov 2012 i might have to finance a portion. My credit isnt so good and ive already been turned down by CareCredit :( im still waiting on the other two financing companies to get back to me. If i cant finance ill have to come up with the rest of the cash somehow. My sister tells me to do it in Feb'12 and she has valid points but i REALLY want to do it asap. Im stressing, should i think about the $$ or my happiness? Seems like an easy question but Aaaah!! i just wanna scream!! Lol.... any advise??

I also need advise on hotels in the area. Any "cheap but nice enough to stay for 10 days hotels"?? Thanks to whoever redponds, i really need the help :/ .............................. Dr. Salama has quoted me $5899 all inclusive. - surgical, anesthesia, & facilty fees. 2 custom compression garments, 2 post-op massages and transportation services. Lipo areas: abdomen,flanks, complete back, and outer thighs >>TO>>> Buttocks (800cc-1000cc)

Can someone please clarify to me why Dr. Salama...

Can someone please clarify to me why Dr. Salama has 2 different adresses? Im trying to find hotels around the facility. Are both places close in proximity?

Another thing, what airport is closer to his facility, Miami international or Ft. Lauterdale airport, i see they are both airports in the area.

I know the package includes transportation, does it matter how far the hotel is from the facilty?

I did it!! I booked my procedure for November 5,...

I did it!! I booked my procedure for November 5, 2012!!
My budget is streched out to the MAX!! Imma be living paycheck to pay check for the next 6-7 months trying to save $$ every month for my surgery, but it will be worth it...hopefully!!

Now to research and decide on the hotel & flight.

Aaaaaaaaah!!! so excited, nervous, scared all at once.

Ok so does anyone know of a plastic surgery...

Ok so does anyone know of a plastic surgery financing company that wont give me a deadline for using the $$ im approved for. I applied to one from dr.salama's website and i was approved but i had to use it before 60 days, which would be late april. I wish i could but i havent accumulated enough vacation and sick hours. The very earliest i could do is september. But i want to apply now, just to know for a fact im approved. Help??!!

So my surgery date feels so far away, maybe...

So my surgery date feels so far away, maybe because it is.. Lol... November cant come fast enough. I come on here every so often to read posts and look at pics because im just so anxious to do it already! I hate that I can't upload my before pics through my phone, I don't have a computer!! Grrrr! Anyways I measured my myself today and I am 39" up top...26" at my waist...and 39" hips/butt area.... Maybe that'll give you an idea of my body type. I weigh 163lb give or take a few and I'm 5'7 tall.

**** I put the wrong waist size!! I'm a 32" at the...

**** I put the wrong waist size!! I'm a 32" at the waist.... Shiiiiit I wish I was at 26"....

I booked my surgery in February 2012 for November...

I booked my surgery in February 2012 for November 5, 2012 and it can't come soon enough! All I think about, talk about, dream about and research is my BBL and big butts! My Phone is filled with booty wish pics and I even downloaded a plastic surgery app to see what I would look like! Ive already been waiting 4 months, just another 4 to go! I haven't purchased my plane tickets yet or reserved my hotel (or vacation home I hope) yet. I'm waitin until September, I have to apply for financing in September and once they tell me how much I can get then I'll do all my reservations. I feel like once I buy the plane tickets and reserve my room it'll hit me! Im not nervous yet though just impatient. Any ladies going around 11/5 to Salama? Let's Get in touch, I wanna hear from you gals. I've started to gather info and making a list on all the things I have to do and buy before November, Im open to any suggestions. I will be uploading before pics in September.

So I have 2 1/2 months left until my surgery! I...

So I have 2 1/2 months left until my surgery! I thought it would never come, I booked my surgery back in Feb and I felt like it was going to be forever. I still have not booked my flight and hotel, I'm waiting to to apply for financing and get approved first, just in case. Since my last post I have lost 13lb, I was 163 and now I'm 150.. In total I have lost almost 60lb!!!!! I started at 208 I had to send Dr.S some updated "before pics" to make sure I hadn't lost too much fat. Ruben wrote back by the next day which I appreciated, he asked my height and weight and told me I should be about 20lb more than my ideal weight. He also said it looked like I still had enough fat to use and that the dr could give me a beautiful shape. I stressed the fact that I want a really flat stomach and small waist an he said it most def. is possible. I have decided to maintain my weight at 150lb and one month before my surgery try and gain some fat. I honestly don't want to gain weight and go back to how I was, I was so self conscious. Im still trying to be more outgoing and stop being so self conscious but with my weight loss I feel like I'm holding my head a little higher and my shoulders back more. I'm happy about that, but my life will start after i get this surgery. My body doesn't match the person I really am inside and the person I should've been from the get go, and it this point in my life I want to "have a life". This is all I need. I can't wait for November 5th! I don't even are about the pain, seriously the pain will be worth it.... I still have to get to a computer to upload my pics so hopefully I can do it by by 2 month mark. I will update once I get approved for the financing and book my flight and hotel.... Thanks for reading....

Forgot to mention my updated measurements since my...

Forgot to mention my updated measurements since my weigh loss: 36" @ Bust....29" @ the small of my waist (where my curve is)....35.5" measured under my belly button...... 36.5" butt/hips.... My wish after surgery is to have 34-36" @ Bust... 24" @ my waist.... 38-40" Butt/Hips

So I applied with a company and got denied! I need...

So I applied with a company and got denied! I need advice or info on any other companies that would approve low credit applicants!! Please!!!!!

I'm sooooo sad right now, I had to switch my date....

I'm sooooo sad right now, I had to switch my date. My car got totaled and the money I had saved has to be used to get a new car, I got denied financing by myself and needed a co
Signer and that didn't come thru. I'm happy I'm still gonna get it done, sad that it's gonna take more time but Atleast I'll be able to do it. So, another 5 months waiting. Thanks to Scargirl for the switch!

I'm so depressed, i know i HAD to change my date...

I'm so depressed, i know i HAD to change my date because of $$ issues but I was so ready for it. I booked my sx in Feb 2012 and after having waited 7 months already and only having 2 months left before my sx had me extatic! Then I got denied financing and I didn't have a cosigner, then the money I had saved had to go into getting a car because mine got totaled! Everyone keeps saying it "a sign"!!! Bullshit! This is what Ive wanted for a long time, I never do anything for myself or have anything for myself and this was the one thing I was hoping for! I AM GOING TO GET MY SX!! I keep telling my friends and family this even though they keep telling me to just forget about it! Ive been so stressed lately, all I keep thinking is if I could have just been able to get my sx in Nov like I had planned I would have to be hearing all histories shit talking! I don't know what to do!! I've been trying to stack $$ as best as I can so maybe, just maybe I can have my sx before march.... All I can do now Is work on my arms and legs so when the day comes I'll be in good enough shape, since I had stopped dieting b/c my surgery was coming up, uuuugh!! I'm going to stop
Coming on this site because it makes me more depressed knowing my day was almost here. I'll update intermittently, if anything changes.

Yay I can finally add before pics using my iPhone!...

Yay I can finally add before pics using my iPhone! Current weight: 150lb

Got approved for financing!

I got approved for the loan! But I applied too early :( I spoke to the loan company today and even though I applied a couple weeks too early the representative says that if I keep my credit score how it is now or improve it that I will def be approved again. The rates they gave me where perfect! so I just have to make sure not to apply for credit or make late payments on any of my bills so that my credit can stay the way it is or get higher. They are supposed to call me back in the beginning of June to confirm everything and release the funds to Dr. Salama.

It's starting to feel real!

My surgery is in less than 2 months, and from the looks of it I won't have to re schedule for any reason!!! I got approved for financing for almost my entire remaining balance, the other bit I am saving and should have it 2 weeks before the surgery. I will be booking my flight and hotel and possibly a rental car sometime this week! I have questions for those who have already gone through the surgery:

1. Did u really need all the "supplies" you bought? Which are the absolute necessity?

2. Did you use a rental car? Is it worth paying for one? Did you leave your hotel room at all that week?

3. Are there any additional charges they charged you when you got to your pre op consultation?

4. I might have to go alone, is this wise? I know I would have to her a nurse, for how many days and for how much?

I have sent Ruben an email asking the same things but he has yet to respond so I was hoping someone here could help me.

booking my hotel and flight

I need advice!! Is it worth renting a car???? Are there any hotels close enough to the surgery facility where i can walk to and from, or take a taxi that wont cost too much?? I have a certain budget for the flight, hotel & car but I cant find anything in my price range, so I'm thinking of scratching the rental car idea. Good or bad?? please help!

Before pics- 5'7 164lb 1month 20 days before surgery

It's really happening this time!

So I received my packet on Saturday and today I signed the financing paperwork! This is happening for real this time! After rescheduling twice before I didn't want to believe it would happen and it really is. The funds will be released about 2 weeks before the surgery date and I will then pay the remaining balance. I am starting to freak out but I'm so freaking excited and ready for this. I have been wanting this since I can remember and I'm finally doin something for me!

I can't believe it really happening!!!

After having rescheduled twice I didn't think I would ever have the surgery, I told myself "until it's paid for and I'm there I won't believe it". But OH $hittttttt! The day is almost here and from the looks of it it's gonna happen! I got the call today that the financing company will be finalizing and releasing the funds any day now. I still have to buy some more dresses and my waist cincher and a couple other things but in preety much all set. I'm freaking out about the pain but I'm strong mentally so hopefully I can take my mind off the pain after the procedure!

So nervous! Waiting for Monday!

I have to wait until Monday for Dr. Salama's office to open to talk to Nomie about my lab work. I was looking over my labs and noticed that my RBC was out of range and am very nervous about what it might mean for my surgery. I have booked my hotel an bought all my supplies, the financing company sent out the payment and now I'm just waiting for the office to recieve it so that I can pay the remaining balance. I'm soooo ready! Hopefully tomorrow I get good news or Atleast am told its an easy fix, especially since its 2 weeks away!!!


Finally got the clearance letter from my Dr and faxed it to Nomie!! She hasn't called me so from what she told me, if she doesn't call its a good sign. I am so ready for this to happen and be over with. I'm all set with supplies, clothes and medications. I will be paying my portion of the balance tomorrow and Cynthia spoke to my financing rep and they should be getting the money no later than Monday. I should be receiving my thong under garment on Friday, hopefully it will fit after surgery because I got a Medium. Since we're driving my own truck down I got an synthetic oil change, tire rotation and new wipers today to make sure nothing happens. I checked the weather and supposedly it will be raining while I'm down there, which I don't mind since it won't be as hot. I honestly can't believe it only 12 days away! I have been waiting for this moment my whole adult life and it's finally happening. I'm so proud of myself for finally doing something for me!

Pre-op measurements

Hopefully I measured correctly...

25 y/o....5'7....160lb

40" bust
32" small of waist
36" under belly button
38.5" hips
23" left thigh
22.5" right thigh

Leaving tonight!

I can't believe this is really happening!!!!!! I rescheduled twice and finally my dream comes true! Surgery is paid, I got medical clearance, hotel is paid, car is serviced and checked, bags are packed and I'm on vacation from work! Everything is working out this time and I couldn't be any happier. I have a good feeling about my results, I'm scared of the pain but am hoping I can deal with it... Let's see... Omg!!! I'm so ready!

2 days after procedure

I'm in pain but I can deal with it... I have my first massage tomorrow, kinda nervous! My butt looks bigger in person and I looooove my waist and stomach!

Vets: how long until I start to feel better with less pain??

First massage today

I got my first massage today and it wasn't so bad. I did get switched to a small garment without the butt out! I thought I couldn't breathe before with my large one but this one is out of control!!!! I can't breathe!! I feel like I'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen or die in the middle of the night!! I'm dealing with everything else but this garnet is toooooooooooooooooooo tight!!! Is this normal????


Thx girls for all the responses and feedback, I wish I could answer each and every single one of them but I'm in so much pain from this stupid garment that I can only be on my phone for so long. I totally appreciate everyone's kind words, thx again!

Going to bed

I ended up taking the garment off to shower and couldn't put the damn foams back on right so I put the garment on without them, hopefully it doesn't mess anything up. I'm going to bed now and going to my appt tomorrow at 9 to voice my concerns, I really don't want my butt shrinking because of this tight garment!!

Home sweet home!

Finally back home! The drive from FL to CT was a Biatch!! Lol but I managed to get home without sitting on my butt! I went back to my small garment and now am dealing with the pain but it's not as bad as before. Being home makes me feel more comfortable and in turn the pain is bearable. Once I take this front drain out (hopefully Friday) I know I'll be feeling way better, that's where most of my pain and discomfort is. I'm wondering if buying the arnica pills or gel is worth it? I know it's for the swelling and bruising but does it work? Where's the best place to buy it?

My spirits are high, my butt is dropping and my stomach is flattening! I couldn't be any happier at the moment.

Back to work tomorrow, lets see how that works! I'll keep u guys posted, hopefully I can make it through the day! 7:30am-6:00pm! I'm crazy, but I gotta get this $$$!

1 week PO today

Today makes it a week since my surgery and even though I'm still in pain and am still swollen I feel good! After reading others reviews I've realized everyone has different results and recoveries. Some feel so bad the days after surgery that they can't eat or take any meds, not me; I was eating a full meal that same night (grilled chicken, rice & beans) and I've been able to take my antibiotics as prescribed and not really needing the nausea pills. I do however have to eat slower and get full faster since this garment is so tight, so sometimes I take it off to eat. I don't have tingling on the lipo areas as others have described, but when I stretch I do feel weird. The garment and the front drain is what's been the biggest annoyance yet, the garment is too right and the front drain hurts when I lay on it too long. In a couple of days I will be able to remove the front drain and be done with these damn drains forever! Lol... I tried waking up for work today but couldn't do it, the pain from my drain was unbearable so I had to take a perc. I've been trying to slow down on the percs because the first 4 days I was going in on the percs! Every 2 hrs I was taking one! Not good! Now I take it if I have to. I haven't really sat on my butt except one day I tried sitting on the boppy but it was for less than 10 min. My neck, shoulders and elbows hurt but I'm dealing with it. Once I heal better i will go get neck massages to help with that.

If u have questions of something I didn't mention feel free to ask. I will update as things change!

Front drain removal

I am finally able to remove this drain that has been an annoyance from day one! I cut the stitch and let the air in just like Dr.S told me to but when I pull it doesn't budge. I called Nomie this a.m and she told me I have to pull harder and when I did it hurt so bad I had to stop. I think
I'm psyching myself out, it's going to hurt I know but the pain won't last longer than a couple of seconds. I know this but I still can't seem to go ahead and just pull it! I start to pull then I freak out, cry a whole bunch and then lay down and start all over again. I don't know why I'm freaking out so much! This was the day I was looking forward too!!!

Any girls remove their own drain? How did u do it? Did u just pull as hard as you could not caring about the pain?!


I did it!

I exaggerated so much! I really almost had a panic attack for nothing! The pain was not bad, it was just an uncomfortable feeling for less than 15 sec... I laid on my back and my boyfriend pulled it for me... What a relief! I feel so much better now! I don't know why I ever doubted my strength! It got stuck halfway through and I just yelled "keep going".. It was out in less than 20 sec... On the pic, where my thumb is it's where the drain starts to go in...


So I was looking at my butt and realized that its not as big as I thought it was going to be. But I'm not upset, I know I have to give my body time to do it's thing. I think I'm not that upset because I look waaay better than I did pre surgery, I love my new shape. I will give my body time to heal and after the 6-8 weeks I will determine how I feel about my results. I refuse to stress myself out about my results before I'm completely healed because I my do more damage to my body that way. People don't understand that stress during recovery can alter your results in many ways! At this moment I'm ok but there's no telling 2 months from now. I will keep everyone posted.


I took my garment off this morning to let my body breathe, I've had it off a couple of hrs. I noticed I'm swollen around my waist and back, the pic i posted earlier kinda shows it. I can't wait for the swelling to go down indefinitely!

Didn't wear my garment

Omg! Big mistake!!!! I didn't wear my garment last night, over night or at work today and by mid day my stomach looked deformed!!!! It was hard, lumpy and swollen... Man I thought I would be good not wearing it to work but I guess not! I will wear this damn thing for my remaining 4 weeks and maybe go another 2 weeks after that just to make sure I get my optimal results... Smh, I thought I could get time away from this darn annoyance but I guess not... No pain no gain!


Oh and on top of that, today is my first day wearing my board! My garment isn't as tight anymore so I will have to buy a girdle too...

3 weeks post-op tomorrow

3 weeks post-op!! Already! These 3 weeks have been a rollercoaster. Pain, discomfort, annoyance is how I can describe it. Another 3 weeks and ill be able to sit and get rid of this garment and only have to wear my faja. I'm not gonna say I'm 100% satisfied with my results but I will admit my body now looks way better than what I had to deal with these last 25 yrs of my life. I see some imperfections but since these are not my FINAL results I won't over think it. My right butt cheek is slightly larger and my waist isn't the same on both sides. And lastly, my stomach isn't smooth evenly but that's what the board is for and I've been doing my part in wearing it. I will continue to do what I have to so that my final results are what I want and if by then I still have concerns I will decide my next steps. Pics attached...

3 week PO pics

I have to buy a smaller garment or faja

I've been swollen these past couple of days and I thought it was the weather but I realized my small garment is too big, I need an x small. Any suggestions on a garment or faja?

Possible abscess?

I'm scared! I think I have an abscess! I emailed Dr. Salama but he hasn't gotten back to me! Anyone experience this?

Not an abscess!

Dr. Salama told me it wasn't an abscess, he had to lift my skin because that cheek wasn't taking all the fat which I knew but I was worried because it was too soft; but he says it's normal. I don't have fevers and its not red so I'm good..

6 weeks!

I'm finall 6 weeks post op! No more restrictions! I've started sitting but I have to sit with the boppy because my butt starts to hurt otherwise.... I stopped wearing my garment and bought a waist cincher but bought it too small so I have to buy another one this weekend... I will post pics up soon.

6 weeks p.o pics

Don't mind the newer pics, my phone's camera broke and I had to use my boyfriend's crappy iPhone 4 camera...

I lost some volume as u can see, and one cheek is bigger than the other. I'm trying not to pay it too much mind because I know it's nor my final results. My hips went down too :( significantly, to me that is; my man still thinks my hips look mostly the same as weeks 1-3. I'm going to start going to the gym slowly, I want some abs! I still get swollen but that's to be expected, I have to get a new waist cincher to control the swelling.

I feel so much more confident in clothes, I don't have to worry about my butt pads being noticable anymore or having to put them on all together! I can wear alot more things now! I haven't gone shopping yet, gotta get my bills on track but I can't wait until I do!

Hopefully my results get better in time, I'm happy where I'm at but could be happier. I can't wait until the 6 month mark!

Will update if anything changes...


Almost 4 months post op....

Hello everyone, I am currently almost 4 months post op and I can truly say I don't regret this surgery at all. It has given me a boost of confidence and had allowed for me to feel free with my body. I'm not gonna lie, I am thinking of going back for a touch up. Even though I'm happy with my results I'm not completely satisfied. I want it a Lil bit bigger and rounder and I have gained some extra fat in certain places I wanna get rid of too. I figure I didn't have a lot of fat to begin with so what I have now is Def an improvement. The last couple of months have been good, no real complications. I have noticed that one but cheek is still smaller than the other one but it's not noticeable to others. The color of my skin where he lipo'd is still not back to normal either. Other than that everything seems to be going well. I look 100 times beget in clothes and catch myself wanting to try new styles because my body looks amazing in them. Since surgery I Have not worked out and noticed my waist is not as small as it was, that changes now. .I am working with a personal trainer to tone me up and help me shrink my waist. I've added some pics just so you can see the difference between me before and now; Even though it's not as big as I would like it to be.

4 months po


8 month review!

Hello all, it's been almost 8 months and I feel great. My butt hasn't lost any volume since the last time I updated, I stopped working out for a while so I did gain some tummy fat but I still have my hourglass shape! Will be working on that before the summer hits... Other than that nothing much has changed, my clothes fit way better and my pants fill out way better. The only thing is the SCARS! I can see every scar I got from the surgery, soo obvious! Anyone have remedies for scars???

adding pics?

Can I no longer add pics through my cell?

8 months p.o pics

more pics... 8 months p.o

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Will review after 6 weeks

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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