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I am a mother of 3, and wife for 10yrs in Aug '12....

I am a mother of 3, and wife for 10yrs in Aug '12. My gift to me (and my hubby gift to him) Is this surgery! I have my own business in Real Estate (NC,GA) and image is everything. Knowledge/Experience is a given. I need a major self esteem and confidence boost to really go after the clientel I desire. I need to make me a better me. My shoe game is crazy. My "closet" wardrobe is official... (meaning the hangers r rocking 'em hard!! :( Time to remove those tags.. June 2012 is my sx, 8/2/12 is my 10yr anniversary & renewal of my vows ceremony....Im so hype and scared at the same time..... Its time to do me.... I take care of my family. God 1st Family 2nd, Career 3rd... This sx is like a final touch....The ladies I have seen & read their stories and I definitely can relate. It is nice to know Im not going crazy.

Ok going all the way to Mexico alone is scary. I...

Ok going all the way to Mexico alone is scary. I have never flown before nor have I been out of the country. I am so scared, but determined to do this...and will.. :) I am in the process of deciding btwn Recovery Houses (ClubMed or Beauty Care)...Awaiting Passport to come back and Booking flight in 2 weeks... Looking forward to the last part of the new me....

Ok, I cannot stop thinking about what is to come.....

Ok, I cannot stop thinking about what is to come.. i am constantly looking at myself more than I ever had... I can just c me now with a FAT A-- I have been praying over Campos hand... Lord knows I need them to be not only skilled, but BLESSED!!

Anyway, I will be getting ETT,Lipo w/ fat grafting to the buttocks. Areas of Lipo will be waist, lower back, and as needed...My quote is 5570 for everything.. The additional costs noted is for the necessities needed to make it all happen and then some. I am dieting to lose weight..Any1 got any suggestions??

Just told my mom and she said, "oh whatever be...

just told my mom and she said, "oh whatever be happy with yourself as you are"... thats it... mayb she doesnt blv me. She will c when I catch my flight or come back...either way... I am still doing it with or w/o support from others. I have the support of my hubby and Im good with that... :(

Ok. Ok. Okay... I had to slow down with my posts...

Ok. Ok. Okay... I had to slow down with my posts until I get closer to my sx date. I am going to get my Passport 2morrow though yeah!! Love seeing the stories and b4 & after pics by my Doc of choice. Got to stay up on him in the meantime too!! Couldn't blv had some local friends & associates in the same area as me researching similar procedures and came down to the same Doc... He is official..

Talked with Mom again, still don't agree, but praying for me throughout the journey for success (if I go she says, she doubts it....)

Whewww! I have been doing quite a bit of...

Whewww! I have been doing quite a bit of interesting reading. Some things I have come to learn from the other girls.. (no particular order and some info may be repeated bcs I am doing a copy/paste)

use suction hooks for shower for drains

Yoga mat for behind your needs. I am thinking any cylinder shaped pillow may work..

neck pillow, boppy pillow

Enduring the pain of the massages, because drastically reduces swelling.. (schedule as often as possible $$ is worth it..


benadryl for itching (also makes you drowsy) make sure Doc authorizes!!

Move around as much as possible after 2days post up, to be sure drainage is taking places. laying around doesn't help.

Ive seen mentioned meds/pills: bromelain, vitamin C, homeopathic meds, pre-op & post-op vitamins, arnica tablets ( I have sent an email to ask about some of these things to see if they are patient specific or in general or even necessary

laxative because stool softeners don't really help

epi foam?

Femaile Urinal (so you don't have to sit down when you pee) I have also seen funnel

I have seen posts that if your butt is too big a smaller garment will help with shrinkage if desired...

I am still trying to figure out how to select the garment as Ive said before. ??!?

There are some general things I know to bring, if anyone else knows of specific, important things or whatever helps. Please let me (and others who read our posts) know. It is so helpful, just as the many I have read are....


Ok today is not a good day for me....I just went...

Ok today is not a good day for me....I just went through my pics for the 3rd time today and am completely unhappy that my body looks the way it does. It doesn't fit the face that everyone so love to talk about.. the uniqueness of it.. blah blah blah yada yada yada... I just got a strong reminder as to why I am doing this.. I just truly hope that I can get a body like my wish pics. Its really hitting me that you should get in shape as much as possible prior to this type of surgery. I know some ppl with want to gain..I say cool if your skin is tight already and you dont have too much fat currently, but if you are needing a ett or got a couple rolls :( we should definitely work out. .. Ok Ima stop bcs I am down today... Going Through.... :(:(:( #boohoo (not really though ;)

Ok Wish Pics and Deposit slips that Ive paid for...

Ok Wish Pics and Deposit slips that Ive paid for SX made me feel better.. :) MUCH BETTER!! (so did HUBBY)

These are some pics Ive found through Excellent work and models online...

Decided definitely working out my legs since I am...

Decided definitely working out my legs since I am not having them lipo'd. The tighter the body, the better the results ladies!! :)

MORE STUFF FOR SX.... Swedish Bitters to help...

Swedish Bitters to help scar lighten up quickly
vitamin e palmers oil for scar after incisions closed 2 1/2-3 wks

Feminine wipes –

Stool Softener and Laxative – The iron pills and pain meds will make you so constipated that you get crankee Antiseptic spray to clean your incisions

Slip on shoes like crocs – you cannot be trying to tie or buckle anything Carmex – your lips get dry, loose clothing, tank tops, BIG Grandma gowns, Yoga Pants


Boppy Pillow – this will become your best friend just like a “binky”

Depending on the doctor, you may need to wear both a Stage One garment for the first 1-2 weeks of post-op (garment is designed to be less tight and bigger due to your swelling and has zippers for ease) and then switch to wearing a Stage Two garment (smaller and tighter since you have less swelling) during 2-8 weeks post-op or longer. Wearing garments for both stages gives you continuous compression, which speeds recovery. TYPE of Brands: Vedette, design by Veronique

Some Info:
Tips to reduce swelling

Check out this link @ design by Veronique's site....

Check out this link @ design by Veronique's site. Good Stuff :)

This site scared me from just buying any compression garment. I definitely will get my long term garment customized. It is very important. A girl posted about large black spot on her stomach after post op and had to remove her garment after 5 days for 10 days. Her swelling lasted much longer she said.. When I seen the pics on this site I instantly thought of her. Her end results came out pretty good from what I saw in her pics. I dont want to post her name, but she had her work done in Miami, FL and paid a substantial amount for it... 15k+ :( for the added stress :) for the blessing of nice work and no major complications long term..

OMG! Im so hype. Im taking my bestie to the...

OMG! Im so hype. Im taking my bestie to the airport next sunday to head out to TJ to Campos. sx date 4/9/12.

Ladies keep her in your prayers "wana2780" She is so excited. Everything is on deck and in place!!!

Today I am been really thinking about size. I want...

Today I am been really thinking about size. I want a nice booty, but I don't want it to be overwhelming. I am the corporate industry and I want my overall look to be as close to natural perfection as possible. I am beginning to think that a Waist 25 Hips 43 is too big. I don't know.... What do u ladies think?? My biggest concern is an hour glass figure. Focus on my back and waist and transfer fat to the booty. My hubby says "1000 ccs" Doc said 850ccs in the quote. I will see whn my girl goes. She wants to go 1200ccs "a true fatty" My bestie and I are almost exact in height, size, and shape. She has been working out more than me because she was focused more than I was initially, but now its game on for me as well. My GIRL is GONNA B HOTTTT!! I know it... I know I will too. I just want to be a tiny bit conserative, but not really...

(I did get a quote from Cardenas bcs of blaqdiamond pics who I also have as my wish pic (the one who has had surgery recent)..

I just decided to find something to stuff in some jeans to try and get a visual... LMBO Im tripping... Good Night ladies..

....Ok seriously, I used my husbands boxers rolled...

....Ok seriously, I used my husbands boxers rolled up as flat as possible. it came out kinda square but the one pic I took whr I pressed across the top to round it out... was kinda okay... this is truly going to be interesting..... :)

I debated on posting this, bcs I am still...

I debated on posting this, bcs I am still #teamcampos (for the moment). I have even sent in quite a bit of funds to Campos..However, I heard about Cardenas a little late.. I like her though. I would like to see more of her work in order to see the same consistency that I see in Campos. The great things I have heard and see in her her volume, sculpting, care, patience, etc... Are just to name a few things I like. But the verbiage in this email and the quote provided.. made me feel like she is a Dr. I need to continue to research further. I am going to ask if I can get some more pictures similar to my size besides what is on her websites and want I have found on mmh & realself. In this email she seems to be very focused on the pictures and not the price she is charging for this and that, etc... So, I have excluded the quote figures.

Ok ladies. It looks like I may be switching teams...

Ok ladies. It looks like I may be switching teams and going with Cardenas. I weighed the pros and cons.

**Ultimately I prayed on it.
1. sx inclusions
2. aftercare (RH)
3. work itself
4. patient services
5. knowledge/Q&A
6. pricing
7. overall feel about the decision

Campos is a strong Dr in PS. I am not sure that communication will be as effective as I do with Cardenas. I know many ladies have gone to him and their results are great. Same concerns. Same fears. Same questions. I just want to be clear in what I want & need done. I have to be confident that he is going to hear me out 100% and I don't want any excuses in a worse case scenario. Overall Cardenas thinks outside the box. She knows that communicating quotes and estimates is best from her directly. Her facility BCRH shows she has a passion for all that goes through medical procedures regardless of where you go for the actual procedure. Her entire team (including @ BCRH) has reached out to me and answered any and all ?s I may have. I actually called to Campos and asked about what my refund would be if I cancelled.. The coordinator who answered told me the amt and was like ok....dead silence.... She didn't try to c what my reservations were or anything. I must say I was a bit disappointed as minor as it may have been. Im excited still, but helping my bbl sisters is important. Many of them are closer to there day than I and they are going through....I will be there beyond healing. Who knows what could be friendships could develop... I am sure I will be blessed with the same in return as I have been already...Ladies continue to be strong and if you do not find support at home, please vent here or mmh... Be Blessed and relentless in your journey. You deserve the best.

I am so excited my day is coming for what I...

I am so excited my day is coming for what I consider my Picture Perfect. Not just a Booty but a BAD A-- BODY!

I am spazzin out right now since last nite!! My...

I am spazzin out right now since last nite!! My girl was on her flight last night and this morning in sx with Dr. Campos! I know she fine now and she will be GORGEOUS after. Can't wait to c her on skype and back home and hear all the details.... Still Praying for ya wana2780 and all my other BBL Sisters of April!!

Ok ok ok ok... I have been trying to get my refund...

Ok ok ok ok... I have been trying to get my refund from Campos for 3 weeks now. Ive gotten its been sent. Verified address a 1000xs. It doesn't take 3 weeks for me yo receive mail from TJ Mx. I need them to cancel the check and reissue another. It hasn't been cashed, sooooooo. Accounting get it together. Now that Giselle is gone what good customer service they had is gone and Tonya... Just xfr me to Angie bcs you getting on my last nerve with ur lies. I called and she was like we sent ur refund b4 I told her who I was.. I was like who am I... She was like spell ur name? I was like its the normal way, tell me how you got it? She couldn't!!! I messed with her for a minute. Now i paid half so i expect this to be handled better than this. Keep the 250 but send me my dang nabbit balance. I debated on posting this...ladies the reasons i posted this is to share the experience good or bad. I speak highly of the Dr C however it is well written that his office is like "can't get right" from the movie Life!!! so be clear sure confident and thorough before can ng ur money. Things happen and things can change. Best wishes my BBL sistas :^_~

Ok My Girl told me she got 950ccs. Again her body...

Ok My Girl told me she got 950ccs. Again her body is tight!! We are very similar in size height and weight. I already have hips. I just got too many!! LOL She got like 300ccs in her hips. Cant recall if both hips or in each. But my date is coming... In due time Ladies... In due time...

Happy Bithday My Beautiful BBL Sistas! It all...

Happy Bithday My Beautiful BBL Sistas! It all starts all within. We just gonna bring it back to the day before we were Mothers!!! Lol

Ok a fellow bbl sista named Gris stated there are...

Ok a fellow bbl sista named Gris stated there are you tube videos of Cardenas up. So I went to you tube. They under Dra. Cardenas. Great to see her in action and the tummy tuck she was working on how low the cut was is on point and it was straight.

Hey My BBL Sistas!! I had to update you on this...

Hey My BBL Sistas!! I had to update you on this find. There are so many ladies on this site that we don't always connect. Well even though I am decided. I still search in general.. I came across a young lady review named "chyynadoll" She is definitely worth mentioning! SHE IS a true Lady TRANSFORMER!!! She looks awesome. Her doc is Dr. Sanjay Lalla!! Have u heard of him? I know I haven't. I am not sure if he handle what many of us got in mind. He is located in NJ. His website (http://www.drsanjaylalla.com/) his website is interesting especially that lipotherme. Some ladies who need to go back for 2nd rounds may want to check him out on this or ask around about the lipotherme.

sn: I didnt see results on BBL at ALL :( he does them, but I didn't see any pics on his site. His TTs are really good. He does massive transformations, so he definitely got some skills... I know the folks on his site are HAP-PY!!

3o Day Cocktail (PILL ORGANIZER, pill...

3o Day Cocktail

(PILL ORGANIZER, pill cutter)
4weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 500mg
Iron 130mg

3weeks & 2weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 1000mg
Iron 260mg
Bioflavonoid 1000mg (1 w/ ea meal)
garlic,tropical fruit, citrus fruits,
RedBell Peppers -raw form)
•support blood circulation, as an
antioxidant, and to treat allergies,
viruses, or arthritis and other
inflammatory conditions

B-100 Bcomplex vitamins (1/day)
prevent vitamin deficiency
due to poor diet
Zinc 30mg
vital for growth and development. Zinc is instrumental in immune response, brain function and the ability to reproduce/helps control the release of hormones and the transmission of nerve impulses.zinc-rich foods. These include red meat, poultry, crab, lobster, nuts, beans, milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grain bread and fortified breakfast cereal (oysters no more than 3/ highest zinc source ) max 40mg in a day

1week Pre-sx
Arnica Montana 30c (3/day)
Bromelain (3/day) helps w/ swelling bruising healing and pain after sx (from pineapples)
Iron 325mg
Arnica 2/day and gel as needed
Vitamin C 1000mg
Pineapples/pineapple juice ( slow blood clotting)
Water (often)
Percocet/Oxycodone/(pain) 1/ 2hrs on schedule vs just when in
Bicorneum (scars)
Acidophilus (yeast and bacteria infections ( can be caused from pills)
Sleep Aid (ask doc)
Stool softener (colace) /laxative
Benadryl pills and cream (itching)-or.
Tynelol Pain cream
Muscle relaxer
Motrin PM

•no sodium/salt
•no vitamin E
•no aspirin
•no diet supplements (during 30daycocktail

**compiled from bbl vets with common lists***

Sx Item List Stage1&2 Garment ...

Sx Item List
Stage1&2 Garment •Vedette,LipoExpress,Faja,Veroniqe
Waist cincher
Tank tops/female tees(smooth)
• Wear under garment
Maxi dresses
Over sized pajama top (mens)
Compression Stockings/long socks
Robe, gloves, anti-septic spray,shower cap, toothpaste/brush
Rolling pin -self massages
Suction hooks or headband
•to hang drains
Female urinal
Anti-bacterial body wash (Hibiclen)
Sugar scrub/olive oil, loofa, body scrubber
Heating pad for stomach and back
Ice packs for booty
Maxi pad va-jjswells wear beneath
Pillows (many) boppy, body, neck, roll
Sheets towels shower curtain ( for bed) dark in color
Small trash can
Firming lotion
Foldable chair (cut out bottom) bbl sista
Wet wipes,Tide pods, Carmax
Neosporin (lipo incision) gauze(clean around drains) band aids (lipo incision)
non stick medical tape, qtips, cotton balls(navel reform)
Steri strips (nexcare) lipo & TT scar
Scar guard (fades scar)
EpiFoam, Mederma
Silicone sheeting, gel zone gel wraps, kelocote
(Some items are used to treat the same just diff type/brand)

I am finally in 2013!!! Game time. Less than...

I am finally in 2013!!! Game time. Less than 90days!! I am going to buy some masks so I can post video reviews and updates. I'm going to talk with Dr C to see if we can video my procedure. I'm calm right now but the closer it gets my nerves r gonna be racked! I'm sure I swear I wish I cld just skip to March.

Anyway I still read several bbl sistas updates regardless of Doc. I'm still going with Dr C obviously. Others are very talented equal to my PS.

I'm ok right now and not overly excited bcs this is my 3rd or 4th go at this surgery date. I don't want anything happening that cld cause me to delay any further. Every thing is good and I nd it to stay that way. Positive thoughts. Ok enough with the boring review. Update in a month or two.. It's about to go down...(in my kHart voice)

I really wish I had someone to go through this...

I really wish I had someone to go through this with me. I'm scared a little....

Recommitted 2014 #teamCARDENAS

Ok Chicas!! I'm back in it to get it!! No more other stuff to get in the way. I have planned way ahead for emergencies!!

Now lookin At the updated boards nothing much have changed. I just stay focused on the reason I'm here. To encourage/be encouraged to inform/be informed and to support and be supported!! I appreciate all the reviews the posts and PMs from those checking on my status. I will update you guys closer to my date. It will be next year spring.

For now I'm just reviewing what I already know and already have. I must say I'm looking for more specifics on how to prevent loss o volume when traveling so far in my BBL having both procedures at the same time is goin to be rough.

Time to recap and review

Have a blessed night


Ok I am officially obsessed again.. I've read and re-read my own posts. I have 2 journals filled with research. Anywho I was on YouTube researching and found a video of a tummy tuck by a doctor named Mike Kelly (miamisurgery) He does a tummy tuck and its like 33mins long. I saw how the pain pump is inserted during surgery. and all this other stuff that prompted other questions and things I should look into. Well just wanted to share ladies. I'm pretty sure many of you have already seen Cardenas videos which explains/shows the TT lipo and bbl in some detail.

Ok, life has happened over and over and over again...

Ok, so I have a date coming up, but I am not going to post it until it is within 30 days. Its definitely this year....but I am getting superstitious... SO with that said.. I am just making sure that I am overly prepared for any life events, emergencies, etc.. I know you can only prepare for so much... For the rest, all I got and need is prayer.. It feels right so I know it is right.
My next post will be with any new info that Ive found. I have been off track for so long.. I am reviewing my own posts and written notes. :) Cardenas is still my number 1 choice. I don't foresee that changing either...

I'm close now... B4 p1cs

Ok so I'm working out 6 days a week... I've lost inches and pounds.. Don't want to know how many, but it's noticeable. Yayyy me!!! My planned date is 2/2015, but my tired of waiting date would be around 10/2014. I say this because work is pushing me to wait until next year. But I tell u things kp going the way it's going Peak season or not I'm using my 3weeks PTO and I'm out. The booty thoughts\dreams are starting to consume me again. I am finally posting some pics bcs as I sd some time ago.. The closer I get to my date I will post pics of my journey. I'm thinking I am going to vlog about it the last 30-60 days pre/post sx.... I dunno. I may disappear like some f my other BBl sistas... Nah!!! Sike.. Too many have provided me with great insight I will definitely do the same.

So I am going to a local clinic for 30-60 days weight loss programs. I want to lose about 15lbs from where I think I am. I am going to detox after that for 2 weeks and then we will see. If I can do the early or late date??!! I'm even considering doing this procedure that melts some fat away if I do the 2015 date. I have to do research first and speak with Cardenas to c if it's ok... $100/session 3xs a week for 3 weeks. I'll kp u ladies posted. Now to my research... Good nite ladies

Just a another angle

Reaearching YILY

Ok so the more I research YILY. The more I love her work. I don't see as many bbl sistas needing to go for a 2nd round. Her lipo is aggressive. Her sculpting is awesome.. Her ass work is official!! I haven't seen enough tummy tucks. They come out pretty nice but the scars are kinda Ehhh... Not so great. I would like to see a more thin.. straight scar.. Now I must say that I've probably seen about 20 tts that she has done and I'm used to seeing the consistency of Cardenas' scars. We know that she is known as a TT Queen!! So much to do so little time!! February is looking rough by the first week of March is perfecto!!!

Straight Up REFRESH/Review Retest

Ok for real straight up review is in order. After all my own research I thought I had this thing in the bag. I really appreciate my BBL Sistas on both sides of their journey.

I definitely need a Buddy and May have to sacrifice some bday/holiday time. Like how do you know who to trust at the airport in DR or Mex... Sh***t I ain't tryna get locked up abroad for knocking somebody out try me bcs I look/am a medical tourist...smdh

Chicas stay safe in your travels/joinery and prayed up!! Do everything to take someone or buddy up. Learn Spanish. I appreciate your research. I guess going through such a major event you are bound to check and recheck 6 or 7xs lol

Still amazed.. But never scared.. #determined


Resealf is like my FB. I am on here more than any other social networking site. It is definitely much more beneficial. I decided that I am going to update videos of me right before my surgery and post-op. I am going to use this mask I got from Party City to hide my identity lol. It is funny though bcs my bbl sistas hide themselve pre-sx but the exude confidence post-sx like "BOOM HERE I AM!!" I love it... I am 50/50 on the tummy tuck depending on my physical appearance one month pre-sx. I have seen a few sistas on here get aggressive lipo and xfr to the booty w/o the tummy tuck and their results were awesome. They were slightly bigger than I am pre-sx... Also, the risks reduces greatly. As i have said before.. one round for me.. But we will see come Feb 2015... 90days clean eating and working out 7 days should yield a hell of a transformation. I will definitely post my diet .. You see me now and I will post me 30 days pre-sx.. Take care ladies.. What do yall think about going w/o Tummy Tuck as I am now???

RH..very relevant

Ok so, I have been researching the RHs in DR for my upcoming procedure. I am wondering if there are any popular ones missing from my list to research: JM Spa Medical, Upscale, Armonia, Luxury, Heaven Haven, Silhouette, and/or Angie's/Angelas (not sure if she is at one of the others or there is one out there. If there is any information that my sistas have to offer before making a decision. It would be greatly appreciated.

Resources on ReALsElf

I think I may have posted this before.. But if you type BBL Calendar in the search you can locate other sistas upcoming sx. It will tell you the location and then you can review their profile to connect from there. I definitely think buddying up is the best thing to do for us chicas traveling away from home. We have a great support system here on RS, so anything I find I will share. :)


NJPRBeauty body is snatched

My new wish pics.. is this bbl sista who is vet.. YOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yily broke you off.. I am definitely taking these pics to Yily .. We are the same height. I think this sista may have had a tt before her sx with Yily.. (I may nd to re-read on that note) But, really..

This is exactly what I am looking for.. My goal weight pre-sx is 140 .. I am now 159lbs.. The weight is coming down slow. Losing more inches than weight. Im going to update and send Yily updated pics 2/4/15.

I nd to blink and New Years need to be here. Blink again...thr goes Valentine's Day!! lol If I had the xtra time off from work.. I would be like IM OUT!! Just got a promo @ work.. Gotta wait it out..

So, I replanned the sx for the umpteenth time...I think I can recite it day to day.

21days til my flight ????????????????????????????????

Hey babes I am so excited about this journey. It's getting really real around here.... Everything is lined up!! No crazy thoughts or anything just trying to stay calm. Stress causes me crazy anxiety. So it's best to stay calm. My body is gonna be stressed enough. I'm not sure what more I can really say pre-sx.. Just please PRAY FOR ME & our other sisters going in: it is something I do daily for us all considering and on this journey. Until I am about to fly out... BE BLESSED!!! Check back in 2/28/15 XOXOXO

HOLY CRAPOLA!!! ????????????

Babes!!! I leave this weekend @630am. When I land in DR Jules will be taking me to get my labs done the same day. I am expected to arrive there @ 1:15pm. I will take my iron pills, hemaplex, and drink my beet shots on the way there. I'll meep yiu babes posted as much as possible throughout. Otherwise when I am up to it!! PRAYERS UP BABES!!!

Pre-Sx Review Healing HavenDR

I arrive at the airport 2/28/14.. Completed forms giving to me on the plan right before landing. Got off the plane went down steps, down ramp to a big open area. Passed by people offering currency exchange. Heard best to do in the states so I didn't use. (Tip money) I went through line to verify forms completed (they do have a little area you can get more forms of you messed up..I did) they verify forms and passport about 2 or 3 times before going to baggage claim and then once more to exit. It was busy. Walking out of this area had me a little nervous because the crowd where all the food places and when you get out the airport was crazy. People are moving around and very close to you. Personal space is unheard of. Walking down the ramp to exit the airport everybody is staring.. You look foreign i guess. Anywho Jules was waiting with another sx sista. She got out and gave me a big hug and welcome. It was about 8pm. They drive crazy as hell Jules is from NY so she rolls with it with ease. I feel very comfortable and safe with her.. I did before I even got here. Which is why I switched to here. Now when I got to the house I was introduced to everyone staff and sistas everyone was very cool and helpful. Jules interaction with her staff and girls is like a family. A lot of laughter jokes talking helping cleaning. Everyone was relaxed like you would be at home. The moment my tour was done and I sat down on my bed the Shylynn was offering to unpack my bags and Asked if I was hungry. I chose to unpack my bags bcs Its pre-op.

1week post op


Tummy Tuck Scar

My tummy tuck scar is low and healing. I am happy with it. I had my drain removed 12 days post op the day before I left DR. I still have a little bit of fluid 3 weeks post op, but I am getting massages and keeping my compression garment on 23 hours a day. My ab board is in for the most part. I don't know how i feel about the lipofoam just yet. I am going to add a triangle above my booty. Just put a wash rag with a piece of cardboard wrapped in it probably. I havent decided. Not really pressed about all the extras. I think it is going to turn out just fine.

Waiting on RS TLto make an edit

then I will update many pics and videos... So much to share

Post op Videos

Remove of bloodcclot from drajn

Clot removal from drain

Explicit - Click to view


Tummy tuck pics

Here are pics of my tummy tuck. I am very happy with the scar. I love the placement because naturally I wear high waist panties. I do not wear hip hugger panties or pants.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Yily was a doll. Very humble and sweet. Dra Ana her (right hand) was great as well. I am very happy with my choice. Happy with my results. The office was clean. Everyone was professional. Dra Yily is not mean. She and Dra Ana has a passion for what they do in my opinion. It is not about the money for sure because there were girls who stayed at my RH who were turned away if their health wasn't right. I highly recommned Dra Yily. Just know the country is very different from the US so be sure to be patient, humble, and kind. You have waited this long what is a few minutes, hours, or days to be certain that everything is right?? You are worth it!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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