Looking for an 2013 date with Dr. Salama..

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Well after a few hesitations of whether to write...

Well after a few hesitations of whether to write my own review, I decided why not. After all had it not been for wonderful people out hear that shared thier storie I'd be at square one. I've wanted this procedure for quite some time now and, it's all I seem to think about this days. After the birth of my first child my body bounced back but, and even after my last. But due bad eating habits stress, life and age my body is not even close to where it use to be. I'm not very tall so all the short women know any weight that you gain is like double on our short stature's. I'm 5'1 and half but, I have booty hopes of n person 5'10 LOL

Now on to the good stuff I have several doctors in mind from all over the place the list as follows: Dr. Salama Dr. Azurin both in Florida then there's Dr. Afifi in S. California followed by Dr. Cardenas and Dr. Campos both located in Mexico. I've gotten a few quotes and I'm waiting on a few. I have concerns about each doctor that I've named because my body is weird and I know someone that shapes well and that is aggressive with lipo and generous with the cc's and of course knows safety is first and foremost.

I want a butt that's slightly wider at the bottom but, plump through the middle and mid projection with some added hips or the illusion but, noticeable from the front. I love curvy shapes it's so feminine. (imo) I don't have unlimited amount money so I'm trying to figure out bbl first without tt or bbl and tt. I have some sagging and skin laxity so I'm affraid I'll end up looking too lumpy and sagging with just the bbl/lipo, I know everyone's body is different because I have seen results from ppl and their skin retracted nicely,

I'm in need of insight and more information so please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

I'm looking at pictures reading profiles and...

I'm looking at pictures reading profiles and weighing my options and I must say it's hard to narrow it down to one doctor. I've learned that the more fat injected the higher the chance of fat necrosis and more absorbtion. I wanted 1500 cc's but, now I'm thinking more like 1250 in one buttock and 1200 in the other. fyi I have one cheek that's smaller than the other one that's why I need two different amounts. Is it true that,Dr. Salama injects the fat the same weigh way for everyone? I have a square wide upper buttocks with a narrow lower buttocks so I wouldn't want a doctor to just transfer the fat to my buttocks without doing lipo to the sides of my upper buttocks. I've seen butts shaped like mines and fat transferred without any contouring and they ended up with bigger squares and nothing at the bottom, Not a good look. (imo)
I have a date set with the famous doctor in Aventura, I like his work and love some of the girls he's done but it seems like women shaped like me are left the same way but, just with bigger square butts from the back but they have decent side projection. Dr. Campos fills the mid buttocks and top but, leaves the bottom part lacking. I'm thinking about risks and that brings me to wanting to try to stay local just in case I have to see the doctor more than the usual post ops. Dr. Afifi is closer she's new on the scene but from what I saw she produced good results.

Until then still searching... I applaud those who have already had thier surgies because, it's not easy finding the right the doctor let alone the recovery.

I've gotten all my quotes back from the doctors...

I've gotten all my quotes back from the doctors that I was interested in and so far I have two scheduled dates all for 2013. I posted some wish pictures of what I'm hoping to come close to. I'm paying cash so I have to be sure of the right choice because I don't won't to have to do this again. But I know I can't predict my outcome things happen. So I will pray for my best outcome. After my bbl I'm planning a breast lift as well, the girls need a pick me up. I'm ready to show out and feel good about my outward appearance again. Ladies and gentlemen if there's any out there reading this, I'm a true believer in self improvement by any means whether it be physically mentally socially or financially. I will post more before pictures closer to my surgery dates and once I'm cemented on my doctor.

Good vibes to eveyone!

I haven't updated my profile in a while but, I'm...

I haven't updated my profile in a while but, I'm back in research mode for a doctor. My surgery with Dr. Salama is off due to the fact I have the trait for sickle cell. I made sure I disclosed my medical history at the time of my booking so it wouldn't be any surprises later but, as luck would have it guess what? Surprise no surgery new policy now. I prepared and set my vacation time off and was ready for my day but, now I have to look for a new doctor. I came on here one day and saw another bbl sister was canceled due to her having the trait. So I immediately contacted to see if this was true and, was it just for people with the sickle disease and not people with the trait. I was told both. I was heartbroken and sad due to the fact I had been telling everyone I was getting a new booty.

I'm glad that I didn't get there and on pre op day find out that I couldn't have surgery once I filled out my paper work stating my medical history. But as I stated earlier I did let his patient coordinator know of my sickle cell trait during booking but, I guess at that time he was still operating on patients with the trait.

I hope to find a doctor soon so I can still get summer time fine.

Out of negative there's always a positive.

Here's the deal, well I had a physical last week...

Here's the deal, well I had a physical last week and had an complete work up including blood tests. My tests came back normal hemoglobin was well above 12 but, now here's the weird part when asked did my tests show the trait for sickle cell the doctor's office said your results are normal. I said huh, how's that shouldn't it be abnormal since I have the trait? They asked when was the last time I was tested for sickle cell trait, I replied about 17 years ago during my pregnancy. Wow, they said that was a long time ago, and I said yea it was. To make this short the doctor's office said well most likely since you we're pregnant at the time you had an anemia that is referred to as iron deficiency anemia which is common in pregnancy and more so in teen pregancy in which I was just that a teen at the time. I always that is was weird that there weren't any mention of that ever again in my patient charts as an adult. I guess at the time I was young and really didn't understand what was going on and let it alone what all that health jargon meant. I just recalled hearing something about the trait. Which I now know was typical and routine testing during pregnancy.

Now for the bad news..
Since I contacted Dr. S office about the trait , I'm sure my date was canceled and, given away. It would be amazing if my date is still available. I'm going to contact them tomorrow and, see what they say. If after I notify them of the new findings concerning my health and, he still doesn't won't to or can't do my surgery then, I feel it's just not meant to be with him ( Dr. S.)

Wishing everyone good health and great results!

This is frustrating, I contacted Dr. S office...

This is frustrating, I contacted Dr. S office earlier this week letting them know I had labs done and, that my results came back normal also, about me not having the sickle cell trait nor disease and, still no response. It's weird because, usually they get back promptly. It's like this either you do or don't want to perform my surgery. It's fine but, don't leave me hanging so I can get my deposit back, and move on. He's talented but, I refuse to beg anyone to accept my money. So I'm hoping to hear something back soon.

So I've sent my medical reports to Dr. S office...

So I've sent my medical reports to Dr. S office and called them but, I still haven't gotten my deposit back yet. I don't see what's the hold up since my surgery was canceled I'm off the schedule and, even after I supplied my new blood work showing them that my levels are normal and, I was told no he still wouldn't operate. I asked Dr. S office coordinator what's going on with my refund, she said they needed a doctor's note stating I have the trait, um that's not that possible do to the fact my blood work is fine. My doctor will not write a letter stating something that's not in the blood work. I was asked if the doctor reviews my blood work and finds it to be normal would I want still have surgery? No, I will explain why. I feel that they think I lied originally in order to get my deposit back, and then later on changed it so that I can get surgery. I'm a mother first I wouldn't lie about that and risk something happening, how vain would I be? But if you refuse to my surgery then you have to reund my money.

I was told I'd get a call back and, guess what no call. This is bs because, if you won't do my surgery after I clarified that I had a iron deficency anemia not the trait then, all there should be left to do is return my money and part ways.

Please excuse typos and grammatical errors, I'm upset.

Please excuse typos and grammatical errors, I'm upset.

I still haven't had my surgery but, I have good...

I still haven't had my surgery but, I have good news well it's good news to me. I may still go to Dr. S we worked out the kinks so to speak. Bad news I'm waiting for a date so it's a waiting game now. I see lots a transformations out here and, it makes me even more anxious for mines. I applaud anyone that has went through surgery and that's healing because, there's so many ups and downs associated with surgery. It's prom time in my household and, I also applaud the moms and dads, who has went through this as well. GEESH things cost so much. Okay that's it for now.. Ta ta

Looking for an earlier date for 2013 with Dr. Salama.

Hey it's been a while since I updated and, yes I'm still bootyless if that's even an word lol. I'm looking for an ealier date with Dr. S. as of now I have a 2014 date.
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