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Hello everyone I'm new but not really, I've been...

Hello everyone I'm new but not really, I've been lurking around for a few months and I just want to say thank you to all the alumni on here you helped me make my decision to team Salama (clapping hands).
A little about myself, I am 5'5" 168 lbs, Two kids both c-section "stomach all messed up" I don't know my measurements never measured myself and i'm not sure I wanna know! Well I scheduled an appointment with Salama in July 2012 after an almost tramatic situation I almost put myself in. I scheduled an appt in Ann Arbor, MI for a bbl went for a consultation and was quoted 7500. It never occured to take wish pics. At my consulation the doctor said I had the stuff meaning fat I felt comfortable with him he was really nice however when he showed me his website I was kind of reluctant cause the booties weren't big!!!!He explained that they didn't have enough fat but I did. Okay so now i'm good cause i have lots of fat yay! Never thought I'd feel like that about fat. So I scheduled for June 20th and the wait game was on.

I couldn't stay off the computer (thanking GOD again) that i didn't cause then I found realself (clapping) you ladies don't understand how much you all mean to me. On here I'm not sure who but someone asked one of the ladies that was complaining of a bad job, shouldn't your doctor be a PS (red flag) I didn't know that! Searched my doctors credentials endlessly almost lol not a PS just a CS now I'm scared so scared that I SCHEDULED ANOTHER CONSULTATION. This time he wasn't as nice almost irritated cause I overheard someone complaining about the procedure they had. okay I'm scared now. but this time I took a wish pic and he took one look at it felt the fat on my stomach and said I didn't have enough fat "are you serious" I have enough fat for two procedures lol but to shorten this very long story he gave me all $2000.00 of my deposit back YESS!!! I struggled with going out of town but then after seeing one girl on here her name was different than it is now it's now GSMITH thank you lady, she took her pics down but i still read her blog when I have the doubts flying around in my head. I called and got a date with Salama oh yeah oh yeah and here I am I will post my consult pics later today as soon as I load them to my computer. Thanks ladies I'll be back

Ok so here are my preop pics! I know they're bad...

Ok so here are my preop pics! I know they're bad but that's why I'm getting a bbl. Oh i forgot to say in my last post my butt is flat as a pancake! If anybody wants a January date and you have November please inbox me!

I've been on this site for several months and I...

I've been on this site for several months and I haven't seen anything about anybody smoking cigarettes!!! Am i seriously the only one??? Well I called to make a payment cause I just finished paying off carecredit and I couldn't take the chance of them closing my account, (they closed my sisters after she paid hers off) And guess what I got my package early wayyy early. I take it as a sign because I USE to smoke cigarettes before I got the package I am now 3 wks clean. Ladies I shamefully say I have smoked for a good 15yrs never tried to quit ever, not even the surgeon general could stop it lol. But that package stopped it dead in it's tracks nothing can stop this bootie! nothing! For you ladies in waiting (like me of course) the package says (almost on every line) you must be smoke free for 4 wks before you have the clearance yes, smoke free no patches, no gum anything that looks like it may have nicotine in it can not be in your system. I hope I helped somebody out so they won't be in shock and find out to late!

But let me say this I've gotten my tastebuds back and food is really really good so watch yourself -gaining weight is normal! but not for us that wanna lose a little bit.

Sooo....my bf is tired of hearing about this bbl....

Sooo....my bf is tired of hearing about this bbl. Well so dam what. I'm gonna talk about it until I get it done. My bf supports me getting it done but doesn't want to hear about it anymore. WTfreak! He doesn't have much longer. I want this so bad more than I've wanted anything in my life and I know everybody on here that's waited 5 months and counting want it bad too.Nobody knows about it but my bf my ex, one sister and my boss and that's all that's gonna know. Some days I just wanna scream. I can't wait. It's like I'm10 yrs old waiting on Christmas again and it's all I think about! Yes I think about nothing else lol!

I previously had Jan 21st '13 But thanks to one of...

I previously had Jan 21st '13 But thanks to one of my bbl sisters my date is now 17 days away. I'm a bit older than most of the girls on here so I was a bit worried about the clearance and I didn't want to wait til the last minute to take the test just in case something needed to be corrected. So I was prepared to take them twice if I had to. I was taking iron and vitamin c anyway just in case someone cancelled last minute! All my test came back good so I asked if anybody wanted to switch Thank you lady. My urgent care doc faxed all my paperwork yesterday and the office has it all Yes!!

I've already reserved a hotel and a car just have to book flights. I'm staying at the Knights Inn 10 days they had a special for $593.00 on the internet when I called the lady didn't know about the special she had to pull it up on the internet herself, I'll let you all know how that hotel is nobody has mentioned it that I've seen. Well I'ma bit nervous but I soooo happy.It's gonna happen ladies let me tell you God is good, nothing ever comes easy for me there is always a trial but he always makes a way!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! 17 days!!!!

Not really worried about the pictures anymore as...

Not really worried about the pictures anymore as long as I can take them down at some point, but I may never take them down I don't really know yet. It was a shock at first but I'm ok with it. I just remember the one girl that helped me make my decision about doctors took all her pics down a while back and I was quite disappointed :( but who am I to say people should update for the rest of their lives I know the novelty of this site wears off once you have what u were looking for.Like for instance if I wanted a new hair style I looked everywhere and everyday for it, found it, and got my hair done I probably wouldn'tt be as enthusiastic about it anymore! But I would love to see her results today.

I am excited about my new body thought 11 days to go. I'm a bit scared but I was scared with every surgery I've had so I'll be fine and since you can speak things into existance I suggest everyone going through with this surgery no matter who your doctor is.KNOW that your results will be everything you want it to be and SPEAK it, better yet CLAIM it no more negativity in your posts cause GOD is GOOD ALL the Time Ladies!

Well I was gonna post but the day I got back on to...

Well I was gonna post but the day I got back on to do it there was so much drama I said I wasn'tgoing to post anymore and told kristy to just take down my picks I was done>>>>>but I'm back. I'll update a little at a time so it won't be hella long...

I arrived at the Miami airport Nov 29th about 11a.m.. I flew to Miami cause it was cheaper and we were renting a car anyway so it didn't matter that it was 10 more miles than Fll airport. I stayed at the Marbay/Knights Inn motel. When I got there they only had an upstairs room they were booked :(! I didn't know it was a motel the pics were deceiving to me so when I got there I told him to let me see the room before I checked in. It was updated really well and clean it had a full refrig and a microwave it was pretty darn decent so we checked in and went straight to the office to sign all my rights away lol! Met Naomi and Nancy they were both sweet especially Naomi, after buying the insurance Nancy gave me a boppy pillow and we left.

Nov 30..
My appt was second of the day. The surgery center is right across the street from the motel you could walk I didn't but you could lol. I met the nurse there can't remember her name but she was nice and had a nice ass...I asked her if she had it done and she said no just lipo she grabbed and said this is all mine ( some people are so lucky) lol. Well the sleep doctor came in asked me a few health questions basic doctor stuff said my hemoglobin was excellent and left. He's really cute ladies Dr. Salama came in asked me some questions asked me what I wanted and I told him to put as much in and take as much out as possible yes. He took pics from all sides asked me my weight and about my health and took me to the surgery room. I was told to lay down on the table it was warm the sleep doc put the iv thing in my wrists and started telling me exactly what he was doing. I thought that was great because when I had my first child c-section the nurse thought she would push in my sore stomach without warning me and I slapped the shit out her hand she should have told me hehehe, He told me to relax and the next thing I knew I could hear the blood pressure machine and I was laying on my back. I wasn't cold or anything when I woke up actually i didn't feel a thing they put me in a wheel chair and then the pain kicked in and she asked me if I needed something for pain (she must have saw the shock on my face from that pain) it wasn't the worse I've felt maybe an 8 on a scale through 10, she gave it to me and after a few minutes I was a 3. My friend was there wisked me off in the back seat probably only 50 ft away to the hotel. I had to walk up a couple flights of stairs, I did it but very handycap like. I didn't even look in the mirror yet just ate took two oxycodone and was out.

December 2 Went to see doctor Salama today to...

December 2
Went to see doctor Salama today to check progress. He put my foams in and put my tee shirt on and told me my stomach would not be flat, oh well I knew that anyway beacuse that pudge that makes you need a tummy tuck well mine was huge. I just rebuke that tummy tuck scar I already have one at the top of my stomach for having my gall bladder removed no more scars for me, not from a tummy tuck anyway. Other than that evrything was looking good he said.I went back to the room and he told me to make sure I schedule my massage for tomorrow.All I could think about was pain!!!!!Oh but I wasn't in any pain at this point those oxycodone aka oxycotton are the truth.The pharmacy didn't give me percocet. I was taking 2 not 1 but 2 every four hours 1 does nothing.

Day 4 Went to get my massage today took two oxys...

Day 4
Went to get my massage today took two oxys before going. I'm not real good with names but i think it was celia? I got undressed and layed on my side and she started OMG it burned so bad but I'm a trooper didn't make a sound just breathe ladies breathe that's all you can do. When she got to my back it wasn't bad at all I could feel the liquid coming out of the back, it felt like it was running down my but yuck! Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought but I didn't feel better afterwards like everybody else says.I felt just the same. We changed garments from a butt in to a butt out.I swear it took 20 minutes to get that thing up I went from an xl to a large.

The first two pics,the dates are wrong oh well! But I see we can delete our pics again so whoever had a problem with it it's fixed now!

After I got my shirt changed I woke up and was so...

After I got my shirt changed I woke up and was so itchy you really can't scratch that good but I took a brush and went to town very soft you can't scratch hard it burns bad I learned that it itched so bad I felt like crying. So I got in the shower and let the warm water run on my back and stomach and that helped a lot.

Day 7 Went to see Salama today to get checked out he's so sweet he actually dressed me and said I needed a medium garment. Nope not gonna do it yet. the large was still super tight to me but he said he shouldn't be able to close it as easy as he did but to me it looked like he was struggling. I don't like the but out garment just because I can't stand having to keep pulling it out of my butt feels horrible.

Day 8
My second massage was a lot better than my first one, I had a different lady this time and she came in the room with a radio turned on some music not really my type but it was soothing and it helped me relax more than the first massage, I may have been more relaxed because I knew what to expect now but I just closed my eyes and listened to the music and let her do her thing. It wasn't as bad as the first time and after this massage I did feel a lot better this one actually helped I felt like I could run a marathon ok maybe not. Most of the ladies stop taking pain pills after the first few days well not me. I had two prescriptions while I was there and I wanted more more more.

I did a lot of walking my friend was so great like I knew he would be he got up with me every two minutes to help me use the bathroom a couple times I would look at him and he would be sleeping so peaceful I would just slide off the bed and wobble to the bathroom myself the bed was pretty high but it was so comfortable if I went back I would stay at the same motel. I used a kfc cup that cup will be your best friend and I could pee like a champ with no spillage you just have to position it just right.

Day 9
Going home tomorrow couldn't wait I missed by boyfriend bad. I missed my kids too but my oldest is married and doesn't live with me and my youngest is living on campus so they wouldn't be there anyway, but I couldn't wait to see my grandbabies ages 2 and 1.
Went to see Salama again so he could take my drain out the back. It was painless didn't feel a thing. He asked me if I found someone to take my drain out I told him no. I think leaving them in 2 wks is a good idea. I told him that if I coudn't find anyone I would take it out myself, he told me to call him and he would walk me through it. I said goodbye to everybody Nomie actually hugged me I just love her especially since she gave me another perscription to go home with. If you go home with your drains you will get another prescription of antibiotics so no the pills don't stop just yet.

Day 10 My flight was for 7:45 a.m. and I had an...

Day 10
My flight was for 7:45 a.m. and I had an hour layover in Atlanta. Nancy gave me a letter for the plane but I didn't use it. My flight was 3 hrs. You have to sit when the plane is taking off but when the light went off my friend asked could I stand cause I had back surgery and it's hard to sit. Oh when we got to the airport I had on a long maxi dress and they wouldn't let me go through the regular scan i had to go through the full body scan, The lady saw the drain in the scan and asked me what it was I told her it was a drain I had surgery and she wiped my hands with a strip of something to see if I had any kind of explosive residue on my hands smdh can you believe that? Like I would actually want to blow up a plane I'll be on seriously!!!!
So I sat on my boppy and then I stood the rest of the flight. The plane in Atlanta we did the same thing but only this time they had empty seats so I had a whole row to myself it was still uncomfortable though. There is no comfort on those planes ladies.

I'm getting better everyday, the first 2 wks Iwas home I could feel the whole lipo area it sort of felt like Ihad hundreds of really tight rubber bands around my waist for lack of a better description and I knew exactly where i was lipoed and where it stops so if an area doesn't fill tight you probably weren't lipoed there.

At night the garment get tighter very tight and you have to get up and walk around for a while. I am a stomach sleeper always have been but the arch in my back makes me never wanna sleep on my back again it get so tight. Acouple nights I even had to come out of it and take a warm shower to ease it up. I use the heating pad every day but it makes my body feel so heavy and for me it makes me tighter but I'm soldiering through I want the best results possible.

Ok I think I caught up but I know I left out a lot I will post as I remember! Good luck ladies here are my most recent pics at 5 wks. Oh Dr. Salama told me my stomach would not be flat but he did a great job on me check out my stomach. I'm not a nacked pic posting person sorry for the ones who inboxed my to see me naked makes me feel kind of weird.I know they just want to see how the body looks naked but it's still weird to me. When I first started looking at realself nobody was naked they showed off their body in clothes I'm gonna go that route.. because I've said from the begginning I want to look good in clothes and I do yay! Everything I've tried on so far looks beautiful I can't believe this is me. When I went in I was 170 lbs when I got home I was 182 wtfreak but now I'm back at 170 so I guess the fluid we still have in our bodies makes us heavier. And at 4 wks I couldnt fight my slobbering bf off anymore. I think the best way to do it is on top because you have control don't give him control they don't know how to control themselves.And hell no it didn't hurt we been going at it ever since lol I know TMI.

Any questions ask away except for me to get naked I'll TRY to do that may at 6 months

Well ladies I will be 6 wks friday and I can sit...

Well ladies I will be 6 wks friday and I can sit on this new booty haha! But I guess my body is going through a different stage now! It's been 3 days since I haven't waken up with that horrible back tightness. I pray that stage is over but now I am sore in flanks,and back not really my stomach though. Everything else is pretty much the same. I need a smaller garment which should be here tomorrow I ordered the squeem waist cincher, everybody else hates the butt in garment from the offfice but I actually love it. I'm gonna take it to my sister this weekend to have her sew it for me so i can still wear it with my squeem. I i'm think safe from losing my butt so back to the butt in garment for me.

IMO Don't bother buying the waist cinchers with the little metal wire in them cause if you wear them everyday the wire loses its shape so the one I'm wearing in the pic is out the window.

Well after reading for months how everybody kept measuring and getting depressed afterwards, I decided I would not measure, not before and not after.I mean I never measured before I just looked in the mirror and I know that I now have an ass (blushing) and I know I have hips and I know that my stomach is at least 8" smaller probably smaller than that. I really don't think I lost any volume at all just swelling! Is it because I didn't measure myself? I don't know but I never went through the OMG I lost an inch now I'm depressed thing. I just look at my body and smile cause it looks awesome to me. I did go through the is my butt smaller today thing though and the answer was always it's huge or it looks the same that rollercoaster ride I think everybody will be on (sigh). That was just a little tip for those that may not wanna go through THAT type of depression anyway! There's plenty more smh!

Also I just wanna give you a run down on the things I bought and took with me just in case you may wanna save money like I did......I did not get the colace or bromelain or arnica pills, I didn't get the arnica cause they give them to you at the office the other two I just didn't get cause I didn't want to lol! I got everything else, the iron pills make me go not constipated. I didn't get all the make me heal stuff cause no doctor recommended it and whos to say it will help and you will still go through all the stages of this surgery regardless I have full faith I'll heal anyway.

They say pack light and that's exactly what I did. I took:
4 fitted t-shirts
4 pairs of footies
1 robe
3 maxi skirts (to cover those horrid drains)
flat irons
hair scarf
hoodie(cause I thought I would be freezing after surgery but I wasn't at all)
band aids
I took 3 shirts also but i didn't wear any of them I just wore my hoodie over garment and tee shirt. I had everything in a carryon suitcase. It was a few things I bought while I was there like peroxide and baby wipes but I didn't need anything else and I saved a ton of money.

You may feel better but other than my appointments and going to the store to buy food I didn't really feel like doing anything else cause I hated lying in the back seat with my legs raised up feeling like I was getting leg cramps.

I ordered the squeem a wk ago I was so excited....

I ordered the squeem a wk ago I was so excited. But it's not tight enough and I can fasten it on the second row already. I wore it anyway to work and when I got home its like a had deep welps and lumps all over my body. I am still swollen in my stomach and back at almost 7 wks. when will it end? Can somebody answer me? (experience only) I know everybody is different but can I get a non clinical estimate lol?

Anyway I havent posted anymore pics cause I don't think anything has changed. Not anything but I am gratefulthe the back tightness seems to be gone. I can sleep better in this garment and it don't feel like i'm gonna die. I know I'm all over the place but before I had my procedure I couldn't understand why girls were saying if you haven't had the procedure you don't know. Now I do while I never gave any advice before, it tickles me when someone hasn't had the procedure and they say something like don't take off your garment. I smile cause ladies you have no idea. Most people cant wear a cincher all day under normal circumstances it comes off. Well just imagine well you cant but try to imagine how it feels after surgery burning, itching, tightness you have never felt before I can't even explain that dam tightness, and soreness hopefully there is nothing after that. Like I said you have no idea but you will understand.

Well ladies I will be seven wks in a couple days...

Well ladies I will be seven wks in a couple days and I feel a lot better still swollen but still no back tightness in the morning so thats a blessing. Last night I took my garment off to wash it, was watching tv and woke up at 10 am.I panicked and flew down the basement (literally flew) and put it on while I was down there,won't do that again, it feels so strange to have it off that long,but everything is still in tact.
I added a couple new of the infamous bathroom pics. haha. and......none of my pics are or will ever be photshopped, I'm not standing in anyway to make my butt bigger,not standing on one leg Not sticking my butt out except to take the pic my phone camera shutter is on the front and i have to see it in order to snap the picture I only have a flash on one side..So if you're one of the seekers that's the only reason. No offense to anyone I just wanted to put that out there.My pics aren't real clear but it's not from anything I've done to them! Blame it on the real culprits my lighting and my phone haha!
My stomach is still pretty dark but it has lightened up a couple shades soIdon'tthink it will stay this color the topunder my breast just has a drop of darkness left so I'm posting a pic of it. I can't get a straight shot of my butt cause like I said before my bf won't take it and my kids don't live here so until my job upgrade the phones it is what it is.
I am still very happy with my results and I must say Salama's lipo is no joke he did the dam thing on my stomach and flanks and my tight flat butt wouldn't take more than 1000cc but hey I love the size.I will not be going for a round two of anything I am truly satisfied. I can be satisfied at 7wks because my little fat cells are stable now. But I keep hearing it gets better so bring it on...

Does anybody know of a waist concher that doesn't...

Does anybody know of a waist concher that doesn't leave lumps in your skin ? I need one asap! Preferably without the wires!

I don't want to scare anybody believe me that's...

I don't want to scare anybody believe me that's not my intentions, but nobody ever really talked about the actual recovery that I have seen. I have been through so many different stages it seems that as soon as you get over one thing here comes another. I don't know if everybody is going through these things but I definitely am.

First it was the initial after surgery pain, the pain didn't last but a couple days after that I guess you can just call it discomfort. then the itching and the horrible tightness that wakes you up.Then Your body is starting to really heal I had really bad soreness in flanks and back.I was hoping that would be it but for a few days now I guess my stomach is waking up (it's pretty numb for the first 7 wks) and no the hardness is not muscle lol, my stomach is really sore and it feels as if a hundred needles are being randomly poked in my skin. My skin doesn't feel like it's attached to my body when I twist it's like my skin is moving separately.The itching is still bad some days i swear i scratch holes in my back. I washed the foam just in case that was dirty and making me itch worse but it wasn't the foam. I just need it to stopppppp help!

Now about me my stomach is still flat however now that my stomach is really softening up my stretch marks are highly illuminated and I have some loose skin at the bottom of my stomach but I don't care about that I still look awesome even without panties, my butt is the perfect size it didn't go down much, at first I thought I wanted this big giant butt but looking in the mirror I am so glad he must have secretly known cause I don't think I would have been comfortable if it had been any bigger (Salama)and I finally measured 36-28-45 I don't know my before never measured. My stomach ranges from 28-29 I'mhoping after sweeling is allgone it will be stay a 28.

I havent worn anything but jogging suits to work (reason) my bf, since I've had surgery he has been here every night and that is unheard of for him because he doesn't live here. I work a couple mornings but mostly afternoons and he stays until I go to work now I always dressed pretty nice and he always told me he loves the way I dress complimented me, told me how nice I look etc,,, before procedure but the couple times i decided to put on normal clothes cause I don't wear jogging suits I just bought some for procedure he's like oh so you going to show off that ass today in a nasty like way I ended up putting my jogging suit on to kill the noise he was making. He even made a comment about my garment telling me I don't have to wear it i'm just trying to make my stomach little like when they corset train I guess. I love this man yes I took my ex with me but it was just to help me out, my bf couldn't go, my baby on campus and my other is married with kids, job and husband there is nothing between us but friendship and I have never and will never cheat on him period. I'm just a little down today and I'm rambling.

Anyway I decided I wouldn't wear my garment last night,I'm 8 wks today I slept like shit it's like my body needs to feel that tightness now,like my stomach is gonna fall out without compression it sucks. I use to love the garment but now I'm just over everything I wanna feel normal again.

One more thought ladies when you have this surgery please read those papers you're signing. I was a lucky one that haven't had a lot of the problems that can occur but I keep reading about the seromas the un evenness or assymetry and everything that people are complaining about are things that are in those papers yet we still get this surgery hoping and praying that we are among the lucky few. No doctor is God and you have to take into consideration how your body may heal. Your body is like no other on this forum. We will never be perfect only better!
I'm gone for a while I'll be back though if anything changes before my 6 months

To all the ladies before me, Thank you, to all the ladies after me, ask God to guide his/her hands xoxo

I'm feeling 80% better than last post. I'm so...

I'm feeling 80% better than last post. I'm so happy with myself and I'm not sugarcoating. This is truly the best thing I've ever done.
Recovery is hard but dam it's so worth it. I also have/had pretty bad bouts of depression but it's getting better,it's truly an emotional rollercoaster but still worth it. I was going back over the package we received in the mail and we still have to wear a waistcincher for 2-3 months after the 8 wks. I haven't found a cincher I like yet. Oh I thought I would stop wearing my garment at 8 wks but I'm still wearing it. I have this love/hate relationship with it.

For the ladies that pm'd me the band aid is to...

For the ladies that pm'd me the band aid is to keep my belly button from collapsing.I have a cotton ball in there but one of the ladies on here suggested a tampon that works much better than the cotton ball.

Well I'm 12 wks/3 mnths now and nothing has really...

Well I'm 12 wks/3 mnths now and nothing has really changed.I'm still happy with my new body I still look in the mirror and can't believe this is me! But since I've had the surgery it gets harder and harder to come on this site. Not because I'm not happy but because I am happy! I just want to forget about this site and pretend like this was always me lol. I could take a billion pics and post them lord knows I take a shit load daily cause I'm still in disbelief, but honestly I'm tired of doing it becuse it just takes to long to do it from my phone to computer. I have returned to my normal life and this site no longer consumes me as it did before. I don't eat, sleep, and breathe it anymore most days I don't even think about it. Another reason is it is so disheartening the turn the site has taken, I log on to read somebodys blog and it's nothing but bickering back and forth and arguing about who's doctor is the worse.(I love my doc) I don't care what anybody says he did my body good! I didn't post anymore pics because like I said nothing has changed, but the color of my stomach is normal again. I'll post pics of that soon and I wanted to cover my face on a couple pics and I keep putting it off, but someone just asked why people don't post anymore so I just wanted to give you MY reason. Ladies you all made the right choice for you and if you don't think you did then change it. I'll be back soon!

Hi ladies, just wanted to update with a couple...

Hi ladies, just wanted to update with a couple pics. Yep I'm still here I just don't log on much now, I'm still not fully recovered the healing process is long! Some days I feel like crap and some days I feel almost normal (almost)so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still can't believe this is me but somedays my butt looks small and somedays it looks lovely I can't understand that for the life of me. Hope everybody heals quick and smoothly good luck ladies til next time.

It really took the whole six months for me to feel...

It really took the whole six months for me to feel back to myself. Well one wk shy of six months. No more discomfort. The only thing is I'm still swollen a bit in the stomach my stomach still takes on the shape of my pants laying on it, which makes lumps but they come out if I massage/rub it.

1 yr. 5 months post ops "Salama"

Its almost summer girls!

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