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Hello ladies, I am a lurker & finally decided...

Hello ladies, I am a lurker & finally decided to sign up. I'm a 20 yr college student in hopes of achieving my dream body so of course I want a BBL. I can only have the sx in December or over the summer based on my schedule so I have time to choose wisely on a surgeon. I'm 5,1 about 140 lbs. I have a butt, some hips but all my fat is in my stomach. I'm more focused on my waist and defining it rather gaining a butt. I'm either hour glass or pear shaped, but it's hard to tell bc of all the fat stored my midsection. So I am looking for a surgeon who specializes contouring the waist & stomach area w/o a tummy tuck since I am planning on having children in the future ( :

After extensive research I finally have chosen a...

After extensive research I finally have chosen a doctor. Drumroll wait for it. Lol. I had 2 docs in mind Salama and Campos. I feel like everyone is jumping on his ship but he isn't delivering the results back when charged people 5-6k. Some of his most recent work is not looking good, but thats my opinion. Campos. Wonderful doc who delievers well but told me I needed an EXTENDED tummy tuck. Now I know I may not have the flattest stomach but I damn sure know I don't NEED a tt. More research Dr. Perry. His communication is great, answered all my questions, gave me realistic expectations & told me I don't need no damn tummy tuck. After considering him for some reason I got on mmh & found my doctor. Dr yily de los Santos! She is exactly my type of surgeon who contours the body wonderfully. Like I said I'm not too worried about my butt since I have some back there, I just need some filling and rounding. The smaller the waist the bigger your butt appears and I'll tell ya her patients waist are beautiful! I've been contacting Herr recent patients & feel like I'm in good hands.

Hello everyone. I've neglected you guys for...

Hello everyone. I've neglected you guys for sometime lol . Sowwwwy school/work & pledging. I put my deposit down bck in November ($500), and I was suppose to go March 16th. But things happen so I reschd to June. I want to thank everyone for wishing me luck & checking up on me. Really appreciate it and sorry to those who messages I haven't responded to. I will reply now!

Any Cabral Barbies or Duran Dolls sx Summer 2014?

Hey guys this journey has been far more complexed. Yily had sent me my deposit back, I want to thank her for being understanding. Anyway as I been away I've noticed a new & upcoming doctor, Duran. She's gives fab results so I am now considering her, as well as Cabral. He secretly has never left my head despite all the drama surrounding him. It is definite that I am going the summer of 2014- leaning towards June/July so I can still show of the body. I will finally be done with undergrad so this will be my reward. Since none of my friends approves and the rest don't know, I'm really hoping to find travel buddies! Feels good to be back. Good luck & safe recovery to all ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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