3 Years in the Making

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Ok, so I've been contemplating sx for some years...

Ok, so I've been contemplating sx for some years now. I'm 38 years old, 5'2" & 191lbs. I want lipo on my tummy (don't let pic fool you. I'm wearing a girdle), back, arms and inner thighs and a BBL. I used to have a small waist. Always had hips and butt just need some definition. I'm anxious & excited.

Sent Deposit for Dr. Yily

Still haven't heard anything from Duran. A friend of mine said that around this time of the year (income tax season) all of the doctors get extremely busy. I can understand that. With that being said I made my final decision to go with Yily, who by the way, was my initial choice. I sent my deposit for Yily via Western Union to Daisy Checo who is in constant contact with Yily. Several friends of mine went through Daisy to get to Yily. They also stayed at Daisy's RH and informed me that the experience was great at the RH. They said Daisy's staff were on point and very attentive and always checking to make sure they were as comfortable as possible. So I'm looking forward to staying there after my sx.

Travel Buddy/Room mate for June 30, 2015

Though not set in stone, I'm looking for a travel buddy and a room mate for June 30, 2015. My expected surgery date is July 1, 2015. I will be staying at Daisy's RH. Pics from Daisy's RH Facebook Page.

I need to get my life!!!

Adding nude pics to show what body really looks like. In clothes it looks way better because I buy and wear clothes that fit and are appealing to this odd shape of mine. Taking these pics was the first time I got a real life look of what a mess my body is (which of course I created). I don't blame it on genetics or anything else. This is simply the results of failing to live a healthy lifestyle. Well since seeing these photos I decide to get my life. I've been eating healthy food, and trying to get in as much exercise as possible. EXERCISING will be the death of me. I hate it with every cell in my body. However, I know that I have to get it together, especially with having this surgery and maintaining it because what I don't have is money to waste.

Yily Responded to my Email

Finally got a response from Dr. Yily. She quoted me 4500 for Package 2:

· Tummy Tuck
· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to buttocks (hips optional)

I did tell her I wanted lipo and not a TT. I've seen lipo done on women bigger than me and the results were great. So I assumed I would be able to get lipo done opposed to a TT. However, I told her that I will discuss it further when I see her in person. Mainly because when I look weight, my stomach gets a lot smaller. I've never lost enough weight to get rid of the pouch which is probably why I will need the TT. ???? Didn't want that scar.

Makes a total of: $4,500 USD *

Decide to get TT

Hey darlings, so I was in touch with Yily via email and after reviewing my photos that she requested, she recommended I get a TT (What I initially wanted but decided against after I saw women bigger than me getting lipo). Anywho... I was set on having lipo and BBL only (but not much of the BBL because I already have a nice size butt and hips. Want the bbl moreso for definition of my butt). Well, after considering my options and my evaluating what it is I'm looking for and future plans (no more children) I figured let me go ahead and do the TT. I will have the time necessary to heal because I don't work in the summer. So I might as well get the TT.


I received confirmation that Yily received my deposit last week Wednesday. I booked my flight today. I will be heading out to DR in 13 weeks (according to my app, lol). I'm so amped! In the mean time, I've completely changed my diet. Found out I was anemic (well, always bordered on the cusp, but his time Hemo levels were all the way at 9.9... Go Me... SMH). Anywho, started dialy iron pill (increase iron mineral) intake, along with folic acid (build and maintain white blood cells, where iron is found), vitamin b-12 (good for damn near everything) and vitamin C. I've also, started eating iron enriched veggies EVERY DAY, grilling my chicken, salmon, bakin fish and shrimp, juicing with the green Veggies. I'm praying my iron levels improve. I'll be checking with my doctor next month to get an update on Hemo levels. I have 3 refills left on my iron pills so I will be takingt them until and after if necessary, I have my surgery. I've decided to repost some pics. I know this site is very informative for me and I love to see the before and after. Anywho... Dolls, until next time.

Picked up Some Dresses

As per my Jet Blue app, I have 13 wks before my scheduled flight. So, slowly but surely I am gathering the necessities. Ordered a "Go Girl" female urniation device (It allows me to use the bathroom while standing up, which I'm sure will come in handy since, I'll be sore or in pain), picked up some sun dresses from Burligton Coat Factory for about $15 each, started looking for some compression socks. Someone sent me some info on purchasing a BBL pillow (BBLpillow.com). I checked it out, it's $99. Haven't decided if I'm going to purchase it or not. This process is extremely tedious. I still have soooo much more to buy. I'm not going to worry much about the clothes since I won't be going anywhere other than the RH. I probably will take just enough clothes for a week, and use the laundry services of the RH to wash my clothes. If I need more clothes, I'll buy them while I'm out there. Anywho... That's all for now...

Oh Wait... Sent Yily My Flight Itinerary

Oh Wait! I sent Yily an email of my flight itinerary and she responded "Hello dear. Thank you dear". Lol So, July 1, 2015 will be the start of a new me. I'm still looking for a travel buddy if anyone is interested. I'll be heading out of JFK on Tue. June 30th at 9:46am, arriving in DR at 1:43pm. I plan to go straight to CIPLA from there. As stated in a previous post, I will be staying at Daisy's RH. Hit me up for more info. I posted some photos of Daisy's RH that I got from Her FB page.

Some sundresses I found at Burlington

Some More Wish Pics

The girl in the nude pic is bigger than me and it doesn't look like she got a TT, just Lipo and a BBL. If I don't have to get a TT I wont. I'd much rather not anyway.

Picking up Bits and Pieces

As my time draws near, I've been picking up bits and pieces. Just received my "Go Gil". It's pretty much a rubber funnel that allows a woman to urinate while standing up. It was very inexpensive, I think $9.99 without tax and shipping. It's very flexible. I'm sure I'll be able to make use of it after the surgery as well. I also purchased some tank tops from old navy for only $5, just to have for the summer. How does that relate to my surgery you ask? I bought them in a size MEDIUM, opposed to the L-XL that I would normally wear. I'm not top heavy, but this tummy sure is. Lol I buy all my fitted shirts in a L-XL to avoid my tummy standing out. My non-form fitting shirts I get in a medium already so I may go to a small after surgery. I'm not buying many pants and other bottoms until after my surgery because I don't plan to do too much during the summer after my surgery. I don't work in the summer so I plan to relax as much as possible to help aid in my recovery before I head back to work. I've read so many stories of people saying they've done too much which caused pain at times and prolonged swelling.

Had to post pics separately

Had to post pics separately because they won't post with the message

The Bits and Pieces

Talking to a Friend... My Au Naturel...


Maxi pads
Baby wipes
Feminine wipes
Feminine wash
Compression socks (20x30)

So I literally was just talking to a friend who has gotten work done with Dr. Cabral and I was telling her how a I was gonna get a BBL to fill in some flat areas on my butt. Now, as I stated in a previous post, I've always had a big bottom. So I know I don't need a full all out BBL. However, I wanted more definition, particularly in the flat areas. After talking to my friend I'm rethinking my decision because I know my butt literally stands out already. I know that by having a TT and Lipo it will really draw attention to my butt (unwanted attention. I'm doing this surgery for me and me alone so that I like what I see when I look at my body, so I'm not doing it to draw extra attention to myself). When I consulted with a surgeon some years ago, she informed me that having a BA (which I used to want) and TT will have my body like "va va voom". She asked me where did I work and told me that my shape will draw a lot of attention bc I have a small waist (despite the fat around it now). I say all that to say, I don't want all of that attention. I want to have a "natural" looking shape and I fear that I may lose what I have if too much is done. Posting a pic of my 100% au naturel bottom. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. Keep in mind I'm only 5'2". I weigh 186.

Check out the reviews and forums on arm Lipo

So I was considering getting arm and inner thigh lipo. However, after checking out the reviews and forums on arm lipo, I've decided against the arm lipo. I read about 6-8 reviews and only 1 of them expressed liking their results. Others complained of being worst off than they started, wrinkly skin, sagging "old" looking skin. I'm not sure if I want to take this chance. Another even talked about getting an arm lift to correct what the arm lipo did. So before you make your final decision, do some extensive research.

Carrying All of That Cash

Hey ladies. So recently conversations have been had and questions posed about carry all that cash on us when we get to DR. I initially was just going to separate my money so that it's not all in one place. However, last night I got this idea to leave it with someone I trust (likely my sister) and have her Western Union it to me to pick up when I arrive. Or, I may WU it to myself and pick it up when I settle down. This way I avoid traveling with the large sum of cash. If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to share. Thanks in advance.

Hemo levels was at. 9.9

Last bloodwork I had done back in March, my Hemo level was a 9.9. Obviously way too low to even consider surgery. However, since learning that I am anemic, and realizing not only that it was affecting my health but my chances at sx, I began to invest more in my health by taking iron pills, vitamin c, folic acid, and b-12. I've also started eating fresh vegetables EVERY day since finding out about my Hemo levels. I've also started eating healthier, no fried food, minimal to zero starches, minimal to zero sugar, no coffee/tea as this affects iron levels(who knew); more fruits and nuts, and I've even begin a light (no very light, lol) exercise regimen. Attaching photos of the things I've done to increase my Hemo levels. I go back to doctor next month. I'm hoping not only has my Hemo levels increased to "normal" (12-16) levels but that I've also lost some weight.

TT, Lipo and BBL... That's my final answer

So after extensive research and many negative reviews, I've decided against arm and inner thigh lipo. A TT, full back/flanks Lipo and BBL will be my final answer. I've always had hips and thjghs so i'll just have to invest in my investment and work out to get my hips and arms where I want the m to be, but absolutely no arm and thigh lipo .

Most surgeries run the potential of death...

It is a known fact that most surgeries run the risk of death. This in not to minimize by any means the deaths that are occurring in DR in an effort to make women feel more confident. However, it is NOT always the doctor's fault. Grant it, DR is not as equipped or up-to-date as some other well known crounties/states that perform plastic surgery. Kanye West' mother died while having plastic surgery; She wasn't in DR. Recently, a lady from New York died at one THE most notable plastic surgery clinics. What are we going to blame that on, lack of resources, poor sanitation, what? I say all this to say people must do all the necessary research and keep in mind the potential risks of ANY surgery; be it here in the states or out of the country.

Decided to upload personal pics

Hey Darlings, so often I see a lot of wish pics and very few personal pics. so, I decided to upload personal pics of my before. While this site is extremely helpful, there is so much info I think is missing. For instance, there is no consistent follow through regarding updates, 1 year PO, the changes the body went through, etc. I'm hoping that after my sx I don't fall so in love with my body that I forget about this site. I don't plan to be on here for the rest of my life but I do plan to share as much as possible and answer as many questions as possible.

7 Weeks and Counting

7 weeks and counting according to my flight app before I embark on this newest journey of my life. While I've been anxiously waiting, I've begun my shopping every chance I get. I just recently ordered my Scar Away strips, a boppy pillow, some lipofoam pads, a portable master lock safe (small and compact), some arnica cream, 2 pair of 20-30mHg compression and socks. I have most of my clothing as well. Only taking a weeks worth of clothing though I will be staying for two weeks. There is laundry services at my recovery house (Daisy's Recover House). Therefore, I'm trying to pack as little as possible. I still need to get some more vitamins and the Bromelain, as well as some maxi pads (I was advised not to get the expensive ones). I also need to get my hygiene products and I think I will be done. Either way, the countdown is on. 7 weeks will come and go before I know it.

PRAYERFUL... Prescriptions

So, I recently reported that my hemo levels were a 9.9, which is way lower than the required 12.7 for sx. Well, today (nearly 3 months later, along with juicing my green veggies, taking Vitamin C, B-12, Folic Acid, as well as iron pills along with eating snacks and other foods that are rich in iron) I'm back at the doctor for my annual physical and new bloodwork. So, I'm prayerful that my blood levels have not only increased but have increased to above average. If this is the case, and I continue my vitamin intake and eating habits I should be fine come July 1st. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you all posted. Oh! Also, I'm going to see what prescriptions I can get from my doctor for my surgery. I want to take as many of the required medications for after sx as possible with me to DR to avoid having to get them from there. I'll keep you all posted on that as well.

Patiently Waiting... Got some Meds

Hey guys, so just a brief update. I had some blood work done today to check my hemo levels. Now I'm patiently waiting for the results which should come within 2-3 days. Also, my doctor gave me a prescription for 2 of the required medications that Yily said I would need. Got the Amoxicillin and Cyclibenzaprine. My doctor informed me that there was another antibiotic and she wasn't sure why Dr. Yily was requiring both. That is a discussion I will have with Dr. Yily. Also, two of the medications we couldn't even find on a Google search. 1 of them was given in hospitals, and another was was Nexium (for heartburn and indigestion), which I can obviously get over the counter. This is all for now. See you back in a few days when I receive my test results.

Good/Bad News

Hey ladies. So, if you've read my previous post you should know that my hemo levels were 9.9 back in March. Way lower than the required 12.7. Since then I've started taking iron pills, eating and juicing fresh greens, and pretty much anything that is high in iron, as well as taking vitamins that help maintain a healthy iron level. So, I went to doctor yeaterday and had new blood work done. The good news is that my levels have increased from 9.9 to 11.3 (up by 1.4). The bad news is that it's still lower than normal (12.0-16.0) and too low for sx. I will be continuing my regimen to increase my levels, and adding a lot of red meats and pretty much whatever else I can to get it to that 12.7. So prayerfully, by July 1st I will be at the 12.7 mark or above. An increase of 1.4 will get me exactly at 12.7. Fingers crossed.

Increasing my iron and vitamin ntake

In an effort to get my Hemo levels to a 12.7 from an 11.3, I will be increasing my iron and vitamin intake. I'm currently taking ferrous sulfate and folic acid 1x a day. Going to start taking it the ferrous sulfate and folic acid twice a day. I'm also taking vitamin c twice a day and b-12 once a day. I've added red meats to my diet and I'm about to include beets. I hear that's extremely good for low iron levels. I refuse to allow my low iron levels keep me from having my surgery. I'm so ready for this.

More Odds and Ends

Just taking a moment to post some of the things I've recently purchased for the trip. Purchased a "booty buddy" that I saw another member post, got my lipofoam and a boppy pillow which I bought before I heard about the booty buddy.

New addition to my efforts to increase my Hemo levels

Hey ladies, so it was recently suggested to me by another member (Thanks Yanix) to add liquid Geritol to my efforts to increase my blood levels. After some research I read nothing but positive reviews (aside from the taste, which I am absolutely dreading). I will keep you all posted. I also re-upped on my vitamin C and iron pills. Also bought some fresh beets to juice. I have just 5 weeks to increase my levels so I'm going hard!!!! OMG!!! I just smelled the geritol. I might don't make it. (Enter tear here).

Liquid Geritol

I took it. Lol 1 Tbsp (recommended dosage) it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. It definitely wasn't good by any means but it's doable. And if this is what it will take to increase my iron levels, so be it.

New Juice... New Red Meat

Just blended fresh beets, red bell peppers, and Granny Smith apples. Never ate/juiced fresh beets. Also, making liver for the first time. I enjoy liver, just never made it before. #IWillNotLose lol

Boosting my Iron levels

Boosting my iron levels with the following: cashew and golden raisin mix and fresh juice prepared from fresh raw beets, red bell peppers, oranges, green apples, freshly squeezed lemon juice, oj and water. I try to drink at least one of these juices a day. I have a steak and spinach pineheel (purchased pre-prepared from target, all I had to do was cook it), for lunch today. For dinner, I'll have the same thing. As mentioned in a previous post, I've also doubled up on my folic acid and iron pills, and I've added Geritol liquid with iron to my daily routine. My last bloodwork was completed 10 days ago and was only 11.3 (up from 9.9 in March). I have 28 more days before my final bloodwork is completed and 33 more days to get it to 12.7 or above (shooting for above (13.5-15) would be best for me). I'll even take 16 because my monthly cycle will be ending a few days before I head to DR and I know that will lower my levels. As I've shared in a previous post, the only time I can get my surgery and the proper amount of rest is if I do the surgery over the summer because I'm off from work the entire summer. So if I can't get it done this summer, I won't be able to do it until next summer and I am all ready to do it now. Have 85% of the things I need. Don't want to wait until next summer. Even if I can get a later date in July, I'll take that.

Find me on Instagram LiveLoveLaugh7514

Hey Ladies. I just created an IG account that will be dedicated to my journey of becoming a Yily Doll. So, if you'd like you can find me on IG @ LiveLiveLaugh7514

Is this thing on? (Taps Mic) May I have your attention please...

So I've been in contact with Yily since March and my date was confirmed. However, I hadn't received my official confirmation. So I emailed her yesterday asking for my official confirmation just so I know what I need to do moving forward. She sent it to me this evening. #woohoo lol #yilydollinthemaking #yilydolltobe #doesmoonwalk #nowwatchmewhip #watchmenaenae????????????????????????

The struggle

The struggle consist of a low hemo level and then the arrival of "Aunt Flow" a few days before, during or after your procedure, thus affecting your levels when the bloodwork is done. Boy! I tell ya. I'm not playing with Mother Nature. She better get her life!!! Lol. Anywho, I guess I'll have to increase my iron intake times 3, if my monthly decides to show up on the day I get my bloodwork completed. I'll know my final hemo level by the 25th of this month. I'm praying Aunt Flow's arrival comes after the 30th. I'd rather her not come at all during those first few days. Bad enough I won't be able to shower like I want to, but to not be able to shower and Aunt Flow is here. Jesus take the wheel.

Question... Piercings

Piercings... I have 12 piercings, one in particular is a dermal piercing directly between but above my breast. This particular piercing has to be surgically removed. Has anyone had surgery with an unremovable piercing, or heard what happens when it comes to that? The rest of the piercings I can replace with plastic jewelry or leave out until I return home.

It's Almost That Time

Hey ladies. Yes! It is almost that time. I have a little over 3 weeks before I am yilified, snatched, made over, whatever you want to call it. Lol. I've been finishing up some last minute shopping, still working on boosting my hemo levels. I'm prayerful that it will exceed the required 12.7. Starting next Sunday, which will be about 2 wks from my sx date I will begin a semi-liquid diet. I will consume freshly made juices for breakfast and lunch (and snacks when necessary). These juices will also include my hemo boosters (I.e. Beets, red bell peppers, etc). For dinner, I will eat red meats and greens and beets (again, in an effort to boost my hemo levels). I'm hoping this semi-juice diet will help me lose a few pounds, while still boosting my hemo levels. My BMI is not over 35. However, I've heard that when you get to DR, you somehow become shorter when you are measured. So to prevent the possibility of my BMI be 35 or above, I'm trying to lose weight. I will also continue my vitamin and mineral regimen of iron, folic acid and VitMin C 2x a day, as well as my shot of Geritol Liquid. I go for updated bloodwork on the 25th. If my levels have not reached at least 12.7, I'm going to increase my iron intake to 3x a day. Anywho... This is all for now. Follow me on Instagram @LiveLoveLaugh7514 for daily updates. FYI: Instagram has become a vessel of knowledge for me. You might want to check it out and even create a page. Until later ladies, be blessed!

Making a list and checking it twice

Hey ladies. Hope all is well. I'm in the process of making a list and checking it twice. I want to make sure I take everything I need. I do not like to be unprepared. Just updating you all on some of the supplies I've recently purchased/received. Hopefully, it can help you as you prepare to pack or purchase your items.

Hemo-Booster Juice

A few more weeks before I get my bloodwork re-done to determine if my Hemo levels went up. I'm praying so. I've doubled my iron and folic acid intake, added red meat to my life and geritol liquid. Tryna get my hemo levels on fleek. Lol Oh! And I had liver, brussels sprouts, and spinach for dinner. Anemia, you are not the boss of me.

A Little Over Two Weeks Left...

I have a little over two weeks left before my sx date. July 1 with Dr Yily! I've been finishing cup last minute shopping and preparation. Going to start taking probiotic, zinc and milk thistle today. (Google those items as it relates to surgery). Also, the week before my surgery in going to start my antibiotics so that I can a defense working before my body has a chance to catch an infection. Anywho... That is all for now. SIDEBAR: REALLY IMPORTANT. ONE OF DR. YILY's PATIENTS WERE SECERLY BURNED. IT SUCH A SAD STORY. (Going to post her pic, Its graphic. Last I checked she was getting oxygen) Ladies, let's keep one another in prayer. Sx is a life altering experience in all aspects.

Vitamins and Minerals (Before and After)

Starting tomorrow (minus the fish oil and antibiotics) this will be my daily regimen. I swear as soon as this sx is completed I am going to find me 1 multivitamin so I don't have to take a million of them. Anywho... So the concoction of pills/gummies (I'd take them all in gummy form if they came that way) are ferrous sulfate (prescribed by my doctor), zinc, iron, geritol liquid with iron, folic acid, milk thistle, vitamin C, vitamin b-12, and probiotics. Starting one week before my sx I will start taking the antibiotics. After surgery, I will begin taking the omega3-fish oil.

2 Weeks Before It Goes Down!!!

Wow! How time flies. 2 weeks before it goes down (I'm counting the days). I'll be taking my first international trip. This trip will be life altering on so many levels. I'm following through on something I've wanted to do for the last three years. It is something I believe I deserve. I've worked my tail off to get ahead in life. I've selflessly given my life to my children. Every year, I buy myself whatever it is I want for my birthday. This year has been no different. I'm invested in this sx in more ways than one. So as I count my days, I continue to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for this journey.
Sidebar: sharing another one of my hemo boosters, as well as my lunch for the next few days. I've lost lost 4 lbs since Sunday on my semi-liquid diet and exercise. Go Me!!! Lol Until later ladies. For more up-to-date info on my journey, follow me on IG. Same name as RS.

Semi-Liquid Diet AND Exercise is Working!

Hey guys so as you all may be away from previous post I started a semi-liquid diet which consist of 2 protein shakes and 1 meal a day (consisting of an iron rich meat/fish and iron rich veggies. If for some reason I get hungry I make a fresh fruit and veggie drink. I've also incorporated exercise in my DAILY routine. Well with that being said, since Sunday, I am down 5.9 lbs. I wonder why I can be this motivated for surgery and not regularly. SMH. I HAVE TO DO BETTER!!! However, once I have this surgery, I'm not going to stop there. I never want to be back in this place I am right now. NEVER!

Daisy's Recovery House Info

Hello ladies, just wanted to share the information to Daisy's recovery house. This is where I will be staying for my recovery. She also has a FB page
Let me say, I've never met her personally, however, when I tell you this woman has made herself available to me regardless of the time I hit her up via whatsapp, and no matter how small the question may have seemed. She responds promptly, and always reassures me that everything will be fine and that she has me covered. If this is the type of person she is and I haven't spent 1 cent for her service yet, I can imagine the hospitality and comfort I will receive at her recovery house. So ladies, if you are looking for a RH I suggest your check her out. Don't take my word for it though. Get in touch with her and get a feel for her yourself. I'm looking forward to the follow up from my stay. Until later. Oh! Did I mention she speaks English.

Packing... 10 Days and counting!

Ok, so I been started packing but only because the stuff for my trip started piling up. However, I'm actually packing for real now. I have all of the items I'll be taking. I'm going to use next weekend to spend time with my family and relax before I head out so I wanted to get this out of the way and not have to worry about it or what I'm missing.
Ok so here are MOST of my supplies all together. Hand sanitizer, gloves, clorox wipes, feminine wipes, famine body wash, dermaplast, arnica cream, (also have arnica tablets), GoGirl urinal, alcohol pads, cotton balls (probably won't use them since I have the ear plugs), pill splitter (in case any of the prescribed meds come in a horse pill), travel hygiene kit (keep in carry on bag, separate one for suitcase), ear plugs (to stuff my belly button), lotion, 7-day pill organizer, geritol liquid with iron, vitamins C, B-12, zinc, milk thistle, folic acid, fish oil (with Omega 3), probiotics (taking pre and post op), Bromelain, scar away silicone sheets, maxi pads... Also have my every day hygiene products not listed (deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, etc.) I also have water shoes (for the shower)

Packing Pics...

Pic won't upload

A Surgery Sister does under Dr. Yily

I am posting a pic about the death of a surgery sister under Dr. Yily. I wasn't there so I am merely passing along information. It had not verified by me. However, I believe it's important to share. Especially, if you are getting surgery with Dr. Yily (as I am).
Keep this young lady's family in prayer as well as Dr. Yily instead of posting negative comments.

Some More Last Minute Supplies

Thanks to @madepossible1913 I picked up some more "last minute" (lol) stuff. #hibiclens (found it at Target for $7.19. It's a small bottle so I got two), some #nexcare low trauma tape for my #TT incision (read that you should cover your incision for up to 12 weeks), cleansing clothes (will replace my baby wipes with these (also bought two of those) and alcohol (had that already). The alcohol, wipes and hibiclens will be used to keep me fresh and clean since I won't be able to shower righty away, which is probably one of the things I'm going to hate the most. Especially, if I'm hot and sweaty. ????

Just sharing info that I found useful

Pre and Post op healing and recovery

This time next week

This time next week, I will be sleeping in a bed in a foreign country and when I wake up the following morning, it will be the start of a new life. Wow! Good Night Ladies. Be blessed!

Just taking a moment to say thank you

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all you wonderful women who encourage, support one another and share information, experiences, before and after photos, tips, etc. I have to say that the support we give one another is incomparable to anything I've seen done between women before. I pray that we all have successful surgeries. I pray that we have continued strength as we continue to support and encourage one another. Most of all, I pray that you get that body SNATCHED honey and have a successful recovery. Stay blessed! Besos!

Today is the day! No! Not that day.

Hello Darlings, today' is the day. No, not that day. Lol today is the day that I go back to my pcp to have my blood work taken again. This will be my last chance to get my Hemo levels to the required 12.7 for sx. I swear I have been doing EVERYTHING to get my levels up over the last 5 weeks. I got it from a 9.9 in March to an 11.3 in May. Since then, I've added fresh beets to my daily meals as well as my juices. I've added red meats to my diet, geritol liquid with iron and I've doubled up on my iron and folic acid intake. So prayers up that I am where I need to be or not far from it; Close enough that I can use these last 5 days before my big day to get it above the requirement. I shall keep you all posted. May you all have a safe and blessed day!

Excitement turned to disappointment

Hey ladies. So I just received an email from Yily stating that due to an injury she will not be able to perform my surgery on the scheduled date and won't be available until July 6 (mind you she sent this email to about 25 other women). She offered an additional $250 credit. Yeah... No! That's not going to work for me. Sorry. Things happen and I truly understand that but it doesn't seem authentic. You send a mass email disclosing my personal information to all of these other women? No Bueno! Posting a copy of the email she sent me, and I sent in response (oh and I "replied all").

Thanks but no thanks

So if you read my previous post, you are aware that Dr. Yily canceled on me and about 25 others via MASS email. With that being said I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I cant afford to reschedule my date and I don't trust that even then Yily will be available, especially due to the recent death under her. I trust and believe that everything happens for a reason. Though I am disappointed with the situation of having to change doctors at the last minute, I am by no means discouraged. So with that being said, sx still scheduled for July 1st with... King Cabral, so Dr. Yily, thanks but no thanks! Take me to the King!

Uugghh!!!! From Bad news to worst news!!

Hey ladies. So as you all know I went to the doctor yesterday to get some updated bloodworm done because my iron is low. Well guess what... It freaking lower that last time. Meanwhile, I've upped my iron intake tremendously; adding red meats, fresh beets, geritol, along with doubling my iron and folic acid intake. First Yily and now this. I'm really starting to wonder if this sx is even for me. I feel like crying. I don't even know what I want to do right now. Anywho... Have a great day ladies.

Some updates and pics

Ok. So here a few updates. As you all know Yily canceled on a bunch of her patients via a random, generic email for an "arm injury". However, I later was informed that she is actually on vacation. Go fckn figure. Her excuse sounded like our BS. Anywho... I then found out Hemo dropped from 11.7 to 10.8 (with 5 days left before my sx. As if that wasn't enough Aunt Flow decided to come today (as I knew she would).

So here's the updates, I initially planned to go to Cabral after Yily pulled her shenanigans. However, after further consideration of what I really want, I've decided not to go with Cabral. I already have a nice build so I don't need my shape defined, I need it redefined. I work with children and the last thing I want is a vixen body. I want to look in shape, not extreme. So with that being said, I've chosen to go with Dr. Baez. Her work is much more subtle and still very nice and well done.

Now, because my Hemo is low, I've decided to get the iron treatments while I'm in DR. I've been convinced that they are very effective. According to my inside scoop, no one she knows has ever gotten the iron treatments and left DR without surgery. So iron treatments it shall be. However, in the meantime I picked up some MegaFood Blood Builder for $27.99 from my local GNC, I also caught a GREAT deal on some pur-Absorb. It was $9.99 at Walgreens if you had a Walgreens points card. So, I've stopped taking the iron pills and started taking the blood builder and pur-absorb 3xs a day (Recommneded dosage is 1 a day. However, I'm on a time line (4 days left before my sx). Need to give my Hemo a boost so that way the iron treatments don't have to do all of the work and I can get my sx on Wed. as scheduled. I am also taking my geritol with iron 3xs a day as well as my folic acid. So let's see what 4 days of this regimen does for my Hemo levels.

I picked up some Godiva Chocolate for Daisy of Daisy's RH (she said she likes those. I also used today to get some snacks for my flight going/coming and my room. I also picked up some puzzle books to keep me occupied when I'm feeling well enough to do them.

If nothing changes within the next few days, my next update may be Monday or Tuesday. Until late ladies, enjoy your weekend.
I didn't proofread so excuse any typos.

This is why I'm on IG more than RS... Update and photos

Uuggh! Typed this nice long update just for it to not upload and delete. This is why I'm on IG more than RS... Here we go again...

If you've been following my posts then you know that 6 days before my scheduled surgery, Yily canceled on me and a bunch of other potential patients via a very generic mass email stating that she could not perform our surgery due to an arm injury that she must keep elevated for a week. Come to find out from an inside source she went on vacation. Not surprising since her story seemed like BS anyway. To top that off I got my blood work back only to find out my Hemo levels dropped from 11.7 to 10.8 (with surgery in 5 days). Oh! And because things can only get worst, Aunt Flow comes...

So here's the update (lol) I initially decided to get my sx done with King Cabral. However, I have since changed my mind. Not only was he $500 more ($5,000) total, I thought about what I realistically want and I'm concerned that Cabral will give me a vixen body which is exactly what I don't want. I already have a figure, I want it redefined not defined. I work with children and the last thing I need is to look like a stripper. So with that being said I've chosen to go with Dr. Baez. Her work is just as good, more subtle but very neat and well done.

Since my Hemo is low, I will take iron treatments when I get to DR. I've been told from an inside source that she has never known anyone to get the iron treatments and leave DR without the sx they wanted. So iron treatments it is. Now, in the meantime between time, I purchased a bottle of MegaFood Blood Builder for $27.99 from my local GNC, and found purAbsorb iron liquid on sale at Walgreens for only $9.99 with points card. I will be taking these along with my folic acid and geritol 3 times a day (Recommended dosage is 1x a day), this way, the iron treatments don't have to do all of the work. So, let's see what 4 days of this regimen can do.

I bought Daisy from Daisy's RH some Godiva chocolate (her favorite) for her patience and continued support during these last few days. Also bought some puzzle books for when I'm well enough, to keep me occupied.

Anywho..., I'm about to get some rest. If nothing changes by now and Tuesday, my next update with likely be Tuesday before I head out. So until late ladies, have a great weekend.

Sidebar: because this is the second time writing this post I am not proofreading so my apologies in advance. If you have any questions. Feel free to leave a comment.

3 Days (and a possible) Pre-Op

I swear I don't know how I do it; how I manage to hide the mess under my clothes. Lol 5'2", 185, I have the frame for a great shape, now I just need the picture lol. 3 days (and a possible, lol) pre-op #imupnext #waitforit #hemoyouarenotthebossofme

Flying Out in the Morning

Well Ladies, my time is here. It seemed like just yesterday I was starting my journey here on RS... It was smooth sailing up until last week when my doctor canceled all of her appts. at the last minute. 6 days before my sx to be exact. Then I found out my hemo dropped significantly. Whelp! That hasn't stopped me. I've attempted to fast track my hemo boosting with Mega Food Blood Builder, pur-Absorb and Geritol liquid 3 times a day. It is likely that I will need iron infusions once I arrive to DR. Sx scheduled for Wed. July 1st, so we shall see how that turns out. I'm heading out tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to keep you all posted. Please keep me lifted in prayer. Xoxo

Just Boarded Plane

Hey Sx Sisters, I just boarded the plane. I'm on my way to DR. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you all for sharif this journey with me. I will post every chance I get.

Arrived to DR Safely

Quick update bc I'm exhausted. Had a nice easy flight here to DR. Did my labs. Got good news; hemo level 11.7. Good news for me bc 5 days ago it was 10.8. Sx scheduled for thu. morning. Tomorrow I will post my Day 1: Arrival to DR Update.

DR Day 1 Update (6/30/15)

My day 1 journey to DR.... I arrived at airport at 7:45am for my 9:40am flight. Finished baggage check about 8:20. Headed to next line for screening, was done about 8:45 (due to length of line). Boarded plane. Great flight/landing. Got to DR and had my luggage by 2 o'clock.
There were several currency exchanges throughout the airport. I exchanged $100 in U.S. Currency for 3769,75 (that's how it's written) pesos. I retrieved my luggage. Before exiting with your luggage, they check you luggage ticket against ticket on luggage to make sure it's yours. Here's where I had the most trouble (partially my fault, keep reading for full understanding) It's as if no one other than you speaks English. My driver was not there waiting for me. Didn't have any phone service (bc I turned off my cellular svc. to avoid international fees. Verizon charges you for the plan and then per minute, call, text, and data usage) So I was practically stranded (How I felt). Here's why I say it was my fault. I should have asked Daisy how will I be picked up, who should I look for, where should I wait, etc. so ladies make sure you ask those questions. I found a pay phone but didn't understand how to use it. Couldn't use my translation app bc I had no service. I ended up paying $4.99 for 15 minutes of wifi. As soon as I did my msgs popped up, a few being from Daisy. Within 2 minutes I was with her driver. He spoke little to no English. Fortunately, I am able to understand and speak the basics. It helped a great deal. Anywho, I was picked up by 2:20, 2:30. The driver took me straight to Dr. Baez (she's not in Cipla).
Within 30 minutes we are at the Dr. Baez' office. Its a 4/5 story building with several offices and businesses in every floor. I walk in and several women and a child are sitting in a very small waiting room and a gentleman at the desk. I was offered a seat in the Dr.'s office. Within min Doc walks in, friendly, smiles, give me hug says nice to meet you in English. I return the gesture and I leave office to sit in small waiting room while 1 lady who was there before me goes in. After about 25-20 min the younger of three other women goes inside (clearly had surgery recently. She's walking a little hunched over and is stuffed with I don't know what, maybe pads. It's not a neat stuff so not sure what she got done. She keeps feeling on her breast and putting her hand up her long dress like shirt). The other two ladies follow so I guess I was next.
Sidebar: Don't know where my driver went. It's all good. I have all my luggage and everything except napsack has a lock on it.
Ok so now it's my turn with Dr. Baez. We spent about 45 min consulting with Manuel (translator-Gentleman at the front desk She used a translator but I understood 90% of what she asked in English and about 5% of what she said in Spanish). She asks me some questions about my health, drugs. alcohol, etc. She then ask what areas I want to work on. I tell my tummy, my back, and my butt. She then directs me to the the small exam room attached to her office. The exam included her poking lightly several areas in my body and asking did anything hurt. She then pointed out what areas I need work on. After the exam was complete, we go back in her office and she tells me I don't need a BBL but that she can fill-in some areas (that's exactly what I wanted). She said she would put the fat under the muscle
Fill in hips (a very little) the give me full lipo for, back flanks, in arm bt bra strap and breast. She says sx will take about 4 hours. I told her with my BBL I don't want to go ulna pant size. She agreed and said again no BBL (technically it's still a BBL though, my thoughts). Quote for all of the above $3800, which include $200 for lab work. So when I go back I pay $3600.
On to the lab work. Leave Dr. Office to go next door for lab work. Manuel holds on to passport to give to ppl lab. The lady taking my blood sees my blood and says I have good blood. I say I Hope so!!! (Want to bite nails but don't bite nails). From there I go to another room for my
x-ray. My dermal piercing might be a problem... Uh oh! The nurse asks me can I take it out. I tell her no. She says I have to take it out and come back (At this point, I'm ready to slit my chest and take it out myself). X-ray lady seemed upset but not really in a bad way, just concerned the piercing would blur the image and she wouldn't get an accurate read. NOPE... Piercing not a problem. Yay! Lol X-Ray results given immediately to Manuel in a manilla envelope to give to Dr. Baez
We get back to office, Baez not in office. Meanwhile, I'm praying hemo is high enough or at least close enough to 12 which is what Baez requires...
About 2 minutes later the Cardiologist come in, introduces himself and begins to check my vitals as we wait for Dr. He looks at my x-ray He says I'm healthy, heart looks healthy, lungs sound good.. Uh oh... 1 step closer
If everything goes well with hemo, Dr. Baez instructed me to be at clinic at 6am so I can be the1st one for sx. She said no eating or drinking after 10pm. She said to "Eat everything tonight" lol
By 5:30pm, I was finished with everything... Didn't get blood work results because system was down so Baez will text me on whatsapp on how to move forward.
She texted me around 6:30 and sent me pic of lab results. Hemo 11.7. Ah wants me to take 2 iron infusions. One the first night and one for the following morning. If all is well I can have my sx Thu or Friday.

Got My Hemo Up... Sx TOMORROW!!!

Lol lol Hey Ladies!!!! I got my Hemo up!!!! Three iron treatments later, continued use of my Mega Food Blood Builder, pur-absorb, geritol and folic acid 3xs a day. I am surgery ready as per my doctor and I heard I get another iron treatment before sx. So tomorrow is my new birthday, as it will be the birth of a new me. Ladies, thank you all for your concern, advice, well wishes, etc. please keep me in your prayers. I will keep you all posted.

Adding some pics from my trip.

Just wanted to share some pics for you all

My Last Post Until the Flatside

Hey Ladies, so this will be my last post until the flat side. I'll be heading out for my sx in the next few minutes. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you all so much for the support. Xoxo

Made it to the flat side

Just dropping in to let you all know that I made it safely to the flat side by the grace of god and your prayers. As soon as i get the energy, i will post my update. Thank you all for your thoughts snd prayers.

3 Days Post-Op

This recovery process is NO JOKE!!! 3 days post op. Ladies I've been out of my garment for about 2 days bc every time I go to urinate I piss all over myself. It's so frustrating. When you are without your garment it delays the healing process and swells you up making your body even more sore. All I want to do is sleep. Don't have energy for too much else. Just wanted to checkin though.

Quick Update

Hey Loves, my apologies. Before I share, I just want you all to under that this here sx "is NOT for the weak", as a fellow Sx sister reminded us daily. So this is why my post are far and few in between. Now, I understand why vets get their sx bs damn near disappear. So here is my quick update. I had my sx with Dr. A. Baez. SHE IS THE BEST. I'm not even going to get into details just yet. Only 4 days post-op and I love my results. I had my stage 1 garment taken in bc the Doc said I was still draining too much fluid so she needed me to have more compression. I have good days and terrible days. Sorry, I'm tired so I'll give a really great detailed post once I'm up to it. Please bear with me. I promise I won't leave you all hanging. If you'd like follow me on IG (same name) for more frequent updates and any questions you may have.

6 days post op - TT Incision and BB

6 days post op. I must say that courtesy of @afragosobaez I am in love with my #tt incision and the way my #bb is coming along

FINALLY, My Day of Sx Review

Ok... Here I go, finally. So the day before sx (Thu. 7/2/15) I went to Dr. Baez office to take my final hemo tests. By the grace of God, and several iron treatments later my hemo was 12 (the requirement of Baez for TT, lipo and BBL). Later on that evening I received a call from Dr. Baez with instructions for tomorrow's sx. I was informed not to eat/drink anything after 10pm, shower that evening and the following morning with an antibacterial soap.

The Day of Sx (Fri. 7/3/15)... I arrive to the emergency room as instructed, meet with a gentleman who took my vitals, and completed some basic paper work. I then waited for a nurse to escort me upstarts to prepare for sx. The nurse comes and escorts me upstairs. I wait about 5-10 minutes before I'm directed into the room to prep and wait for Dr. Baez to come mark me up. Dr. Baez comes in shortly and takes pictures and offers to use my phone to take pics as well. She then marks me up, asks me to count my money and pesos in front of her, takes my personal items that she assures me will go home with her and then asks for the remainder of the balance ($200 I paid the day I arrived for my labs). I paid the remaining balance and Dr. Baez leaves to prepare for sx. The anesthesiologist comes in and explains his role and what to expect; He gives me the infamous blue pill and leaves. As I lay and wait for my IV drip I'm thinking to myself "this is it. It's about to go down. No turning back now". A few moments later a nurse and a gentleman come in with a wheelchair. The nurse has to stick me twice to get my vein for the IV drip. At this point I'm getting aggravated. Particularly, bc I already told her where she can stick me for accurate results. Eventually someone else had to come stick me. Finally, we got the IV going. The gentleman assisted me in the wheel chair and transported me to the OR. Once there, I'm thinking to myself it's freezing in here. I say hace frio out loud. In the OR there is the Anesthesiologist and another gentleman. They help me on the operating table. The other gentleman is standing in front of me holding me up and the anesthesiologist is wiping down my back to prepare me for the epidural... Lights out. Don't remember ever getting the epidural.

I woke up during surgery...
Yes! I woke up during surgery. However, I was mentally prepared for this from the experiences of other ladies as well as the anesthesiologist. I was very groggy and could hear a lot. I called for Dr. Baez, she peeked over the curtain and I told her I was going to throw up. It was hard for me to lift my head. I felt them doing what I believe was my back lipo. I also remember feeling what I believe was the stitching if my TT incision... Back to sleep. I do remember them putting my faja on though.

Day of Sx... (In the recovery room made for one person). I remember feeling the need to vomit and I leaned over railing to do so (twice). I had a phone in my bed right by me. I called a number I seen taped to the phone. Told them I threw up. Don't remember much after that except that throughout the night they kept checking on me to see if I wanted to eat. I wanted nothing but to sleep.

Day After Sx (Sat. 7/4/15)... I'm sore as all get out. My overnight nurse (provided by Dr. Baez at no additional cost) wakes me up to wash me up, and remove my catheter and walk me around the room a little bit. About 2-3 hours Dr. Baez came to check on me. She checked TT scar and pulled faja down from my back to assure I had no burns which I didn't. She hands me back my personal items and asks me to count them (I'm thinking I could care less about the money, just make sure my pone and passport are there. Lol. Everything was there). About 2 hours later one of the ladies from the RH I stayed at came to pick me up. Before I left I needed an iron infusion. Hemo went from 12 before sx to 8.5 afterward. I swear the IV and Iron drip took all day to finish. Sheesh! Lunch came during that time. I wasn't hungry. Just wanted the jello that came with my meal.

The regular driver for the RH was off on Sat. So we took a cab to the RH. The cab driver was so on point. He drove in and out of blocks to avoid the traffic and was considerate do when driving over bumps. I get back to the RH, very uncomfortable and in pain. I go straight upstairs to my room and get in the bed. My girl Nikki who had sx a few days before me is at my beck and call, mind you she's still healing. Lol (she was a blessing and I see a life long friendship developing). I had two other ladies here waiting for my return (they too had just had sx earlier that week). However, they were in my room to check on me and make sure I was good and didn't need anything (we all exchanged numbers too).

So the first day back at the RH I spent trying to sleep. There was NO comfortable position and EVERYTHING was sore and hurt. The faja was trying to kill me. I couldn't move without assistance. Needless to say that bc I couldn't barely move and was extremely sore, I was unable to use the bathroom without pissing on myself. This FRUSTRATED me to the max. It was so bad that I had to remove my faja 3-4 times and needed up without my faja on Sat night and all day Sun. This of course cause swelling which in turn cause more soreness. - To Be Continued... FYI: I did not proof read. If you can't figure it out send me a message. I'm about to rest up. I'll be back with another update sooner than later.

10 Days Post-Op... Just Had My Last Massage Before I Head Home Tomorrow

Hey Ladies. I just completed my last massage before I head home tomorrow. Today makes 10 days post op. I'm going to get my drain removed today (I am so looking forward to this). Dr. Baez wants you to be draining at 50 or less. I've been draining nothing for the last 24 hours Woo Hoo!!! Lol. If all goes as expected I'm headed home tomorrow with pleasure. I miss my family and I miss my bed!!!! Lol Anywho, ladies I'm getting myself together for the day. Maybe I'll spend my last day at the mall, and enjoying a mani and a pedi.

Home Sweet Home... The Flight

Got my drain removed yesterday. Dr. Baez want you drain at a 50 or less. I was draining 0. Lol. Getting the drain removed wasn't as bad as I thought. I wonder if it was due to the fact that I had drained all of her fluid in me. Anywho... After my visit with Dr. Baez, I was cleared to come home today. I was elated. Lol. Everything went according to schedule. I was worried about being on the flight for nearly 3.5 hours. However, that too turned out to be not bad at all. I wore my compression garment (faja) as well as compression socks. I made sure to take my bromelain and other vitamins before my flight. I also took a heparin 3 hours before my flight. Flight was smooth and easy. So I say all hat to say that I am Home Sweet Home. Now time for the real recovery.
Sidebar: I changed my profile pic. It's of me today (11 days PO)

FINALLY... Got my stage two faja

FINALLY... Got my stage two faja. I am loving it and the results they give. I played dress up today since I have a faja that fits.

What happened to the pics

Officially 2 Weeks Post Op

Hey Ladies. I'm officially 2 weeks post op. I'm feeling about 85-90% of myself. The worst of the day is when I first wake up. The stiffness is a drag. However, the pain is pretty much gone. There is still soreness in my back area from the look bit even that is bearable. Anywho... Have a great day. Just wanted to share this update with you all.

Stage 2 faja

Finally picked up my stage two faja on Thursday (4 day ago) and already I'm on the second set of hooks. #thegoodlife vs #thestruggle

Up Close and Personal with My Belly Button

Lol... Hey ladies. Just wanted to share an up close and personal view of my healing BB. I love the way it's healing. I've always had an inny so it's almost looking normal to me.

First Massage since being home

So had my first massage today. The bish hurt like hell. When it was all said and done, the masseuse moved my faja from the second set of hooks to the third. I'm like uhhhh... I just bought this 5 days ago. She also said I needed to add two rolled towels to the back and two to the front to help the swelling go down. Sidebar: I'm not surprised she put my faja on the third hook because I did notice more swelling than usual, which contributes to the soreness. Anywho... I go back Friday for another massage. Trying to go 2-3 times a week. Oh yeah, she said she felt fluid in my tummy area but I beg to differ bc my drain was completely empty for 24 hours before I left DR and I don't see or feel what she was showing me. Lol I guess when there's swelling its bc there isn't enough compression. Well, that's what I'm noticing anyway. Instead of the hand towels (want to buy some just for this), I used my lipofoam in the back. Just ordered two more last week, waiting for them to be delivered.


Made my pineapple, lemon, cucumber, and green apple water that my masseuse recommended I drink 3xs a day. Of course, I always do some research before I decide to add something to my diet. In reading up on the benefits of water and the above items, I've learned they help with inflammation, vitamins and minerals along with weight loss among other things. So long story short, there are health benefits to this water and I'll be drinking it as planned. Sidebar: who knew pineapples had bromelain in it. I sure didn't. I actually have bromelain pills as part of my recovery process.


Ladies... I cannot stress enough the importance of COMPRESSION. I'm telling you it makes all the more difference in your results. I jus added some hand towels, lipo foam and a corset to help with my compression. Tummy on "swole" right now. We will not be having that. No Sir Ree Bobby! Im trying to get maximum results. So I figured I'd be uncomfortable in the house so I can be comfortable in public.

Any other post-op ladies feel enslaved to their faja

Any other post-op ladies feels enslaved to their Fajas? Sitting up today. Getting tired of laying around (sx struggles when you are off from work the entire summer), Showered, hair washed, now I'm back in this faja stuffed with towels, lipofoam and an ab board for added compression. Even have on my compression socks today just because. Those aren't fat rolls you see those are towels and lipofoam. Sidebar: I love how this TT makes it look like I have boobs.

Updates and Adding Some Updated Photos

Hey Ladies. Just checking in. All is well. Today I make 4 weeks post op on a TT, Liposculpture and BBL (fat transfers- no full BBL was needed/wanted). My swelling is going down tremendously. I had my stage two faja taken in. The first day I struggled to close it on the first hook. By day 2 (not even a full 48 hours) I was back on the third set of hooks. SMH. My shape is coming along nicely. Still have some swelling and even bruising around my waist. The stiffness is minimal. The soreness is minimal. I notice I am sorest when the swelling happens. I'm still wearing my faja ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! I hate it but I also hate to be without it bc of the swelling. Can't think of anything else to update you all on. If you have any questions hit me up.

1 Month Post-Op Update

1 Month Post Op Update
My TT... Let's see... A lot of the swelling has gone down. However, it fluctuates. Most of the swelling is in my lower back and my tummy. The swelling in my tummy concerns me at times. I don't have a seroma, it's nothing like that serious. However, I wonder if it will get really flat (I don't foresee a Rd. 2 to for lipo on that area or any other area for that matter). Some days are better than others. Some days it's super flat and then some days it's a little pudge. NOTHING like what it used to be. In fact, you can't notice it laying down, only when I stand up and look down. Lol So it doesn't really show through my clothes or anything but I know it's there. The scar is BEAUTIFUL and it is healing nicely. No complications. My BB is also healing nicely. However, after my massage the other day a piece of scab a tiny area opened again. No blood or fluid or anything like that. It's as if the scab was removed. That all. I don't stuff my BB any more. However, I do continue to cover my TT scar with paper tape. Haven't started using the Scar Away just yet. I want to make sure there is no scabs or anything. The area where the drain was is still healing so once that's finished then I'll start using that.

My Faja... I live in my faja so I'm hoping that will help with my tummy swelling. I am only 1 mo post op so I have a ways to go. I saw a girl who was nine wks post op and one day had major swelling. The next few days she was flat again. I'm wearing a large faja bc of my thick thighs. However, I've had it taken in at least 2" on each side and its back on the 3rd hook. I also add towels and an ab board for added compression.

My full back lipo (that I've never taken pics of because my main concern was that tummy of mine). Anywho... All of the fat from that area is gone. I still feel very sensitive on my back. It feels as if I have a big abrasion on my back, like from a rug burn. So it's tender, but not really painful. Just more discomfort than anything. The bottom of my back (flanks area) is where most of the swelling is and where it's most sensitive. There, and my sides are the sorest areas and the ones that hurt the most during massages. It helps when I sit with a bobby pillow against my back.

My BBL/Fill-In... As you know I did not need nor want a BBL because I always had a big butt. However both the Dr. and me agreed that I could use fill-ins. So those areas of my butt that lost life she revived. I haven't taken any pics of that either. Again, my main concern was really my tummy. Going to take some pics though. My butt is fuller and rounder. I hear about the fluff fairies and I pray they skip pass me. Lol. I don't need any more butt. Lol there's no discomfort in my butt whatsoever.

I'm still getting my massages. I try to get at least two a week. Depending on my level of swelling determines how the massages feel. However, afterwards, I feel great. I'm going to make massages a part of my life. Not just the lymphatic massages, but full body massages. I love them. What else... Oh! I'm not back at work yet. I work in a school so I'm off all summer. By the time I go back to work I will be a little over 8 weeks post-op. The stiffness for the most part has subsided. I feel it most when I first wake up in the morning and after sitting or Latin down for a while. Especially, when I don't have on my faja. However, it doesn't last long. The more I move around the more I move around, the less stiffness I have.

Overall, I feel good. I am happy about my decision to have done this. I am more than happy that I chose the doctor I did @afragosobaez. I am happy with the results thus far and I'm patiently looking forward to seeing the end results. Would I do this all over again, probably not. Do I forsee a Rd. 2... NO!!!! However, my plan is to NEVER allow my body to get back to where it was. With that being said, I know I still have a long ways to go to get my body to a heathy place. So, I'm looking forward to getting a gym membership as well as a personal trainer to help guide me to a healthier physical life style. I already eat healthy for the most part.

So until next time ladies. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will try my best to answer them all.

2 Updates... Well 3

2 updates

1. Bought a medium faja on Thursday. Yesterday (Friday) my masseuse put it on the third hook. I need a small.
2. Yesterday, I made 5 weeks post-op. I was able to sleep on my stomach for the first time since sx. It felt sooooo good. Lol
3. Yesterday, I made 5 weeks Post Op

5 Weeks Post-Op... What to wear???

I had Tiny (my waist) in the park yesterday. Lol I'm so in love with my shape courtesy of Baez. However, after years of hiding my shape, I am still not quite comfortable wearing clothes that show my body. However, none of my old pants fit comfortably with my faja on, so I've resorted to wearing good quality leggings and then spend the whole day watching people watch me. #thestruggle Any other clothing suggestions ladies?

5 weeks post op

I cannot tell a lie... I'm already falling in love with myself all over again. I know I still have a ways to go with this healing/recovery process and I am in no rush to see final results. However, if what I see now is any indication of what's to come, then I am looking forward to it.

7 weeks Post Op Update

Hey ladies. I made 7 wks post op on Friday. Majority of my swelling has gone down. Still very swollen in tummy. Some soreness in my back and sides. I got my medium faja taken in twice since purchasing it. I immediately was able to put it on the third hook. Slept with it overnight and said oh hell naw. Lol. It was too too tight. I was practically gasping for air. The following day I wore it in the second hook. However, 2 days later it's back on the third hook comfortably. Still wearing a t-shirt underneath to avoid burns. Skin has been itchy (mostly on my back). Still getting massages, at least once a week. They help. Oh! I went for 24 hours without my faja bc I was getting one taken in and I washed the other... I thought I needed a full lipo session self yet that. Swelling was on a ten!!! Never again. Ow that I have two to go back and forth between that shouldn't be a problem.

8 Weeks Post Op Update

8 weeks post op today. Still sore and tender in my back when I don't wear my faja for a few hours. I wear it 24/7 98% of the time. The other 2% I wear it at least 20 hours a day. Swell hell comes and goes. I noticed when my cycle is coming the swell hell is real... lol when my cycle came though tummy was flat again. I've been itching more than usual on my back and sides when I'm wearing my faja. I am able to have sex comfortably. Can't put in that work though bc back still tender lol. The faja makes my waist look smaller than it is, but I actually like my shape better without the faja. It's more realistic. What else... (That mark you see on my tummy is from my ab board) Loving my scar, like really loving it. That's pretty much all for now. If you have any questions just ask.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. A. Baez had been amazing to say the least. However, when j have time to really give you all an update I will. I changed to Baez at the last minute courtesy of Yily's cancellation 6 days before my scheduled sx. Initially, I had a decent experience with Dr. Yily, however that last minute (literally 6 days before my sx) cancellation turned me off. Her reasoning for canceling was an "arm injury that needed to rest for at least a week". Oh! Ok! No thanks. She offered me an additional $250 off for the inconvenience. Thanks but no thanks. She never mentioned the recent burn patient nor the death (which I would have been better with as her reason for canceling).

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