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Hey! I recently decided to undergo rhinoplasty...

Hey! I recently decided to undergo rhinoplasty after I had an accident at the stables. My nose took quite a blow (if you pardon the pun) and would have been crooked, so I decided to get my nose fixed while the surgeon was at it, given I never really liked my nose anyway. I chose to go to Dr. Minarovjech, one of the most renown plastic surgeons in Slovakia. I am now 6 days post op writing this, but so far my experience has been good. The doctor himself as well as staff were very friendly and caring. As far as im concerned, my swelling is minimal and I do not feel any pain at all. There was a lot of initial discomfort the first three days because I couldn't breathe through my nose (I reeeeally wanted to blow my nose and couldn't - oh well!). I also still sleep sitting up in my bad, which is a pain in the ass but you get used to it and its just all part of it. Overall, I am satisfied so far and look forward to seeing the results!
Dr. Minarovjech

Dr. Minarovjech made a very professional and friendly impression since day 1. He is quite a renown plastic surgeon in my area and coincidence is he's a friend of my dads, so I knew him from before the surgery.

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