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I'm a 45 year old mother of 3, overcrowded crooked...

I'm a 45 year old mother of 3, overcrowded crooked teeth for as long as I can remember. Couldn't afford braces as a child, consult at age 15, dentist said insurance wouldn't cover them because it was cosmetic so that was the end of that. Decided to start this journey now because of a few things. My 2 girls wear braces which made me start paying more attention to my own mouth. Also, I started having gum issues...turns out that crooked "cosmetic" tooth is experiencing some bone loss due to its positioning. I decided to do a review because reading these reviews have helped me so much so far. and I haven't seen or read much about Invisalign with patients who have some gum recession. I'm starting out with the dreaded "black triangles" due to gum surgery to reduce the pockets that I had. I think it will be interesting and helpful to share my journey for those that might have this issue as well. I'm hoping my end result will be worth it.

Started tray 3 on 3/19/14...

My Invisalign treatment consists of 31 trays, upper and lower. I was instructed to change them every 12 days. My treatment is a little different from what I have been reading here. I had IPR done before I had the imaging done for my trays. I also had 13 attachments put on at my initial fitting- 7 upper, 6 lower. I wanted to cry when I saw myself with the buttons on my already prominent front teeth... And with the trays... Ugh. I called them Inspitalines for the first two weeks or so because I was a mess! The first three days were the worst but it slowly got easier. I am very compliant, only taking them out to eat, then brush, floss, and use my waterpik water flosser. Oh and clean my aligners. I average 22+ hours a day. I cheated once due to a wedding, but it was my last day of aligner1 so I didn't feel so guilty! Tray 2 was very difficult to get in initially, I'm not sure if it's because my aligners were out about 5 hours before I put it in. These first photos are right before I started tray 1, and then immediately before tray 3. No difference as of yet that I can see.

Oh, and...

I find the waterpik to be invaluable. Even after brushing with my electric toothbrush and flossing, there is still somehow debris left behind. Gross. I don't even want to imagine what would happen if I put my trays in without getting that crap out! I also use mouthwash in the water well. I am experiencing some staining on my teeth... Not sure if it's because of the trays... My oral surgeon said the dentist could remove it at my next cleaning in a few weeks. I'm only eating twice per day on average. It's just not worth the trouble of the whole rushing to eat then clean regiment... On the bright side I may be able to finally rid myself of that last 5 pesky pounds I want to lose! I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the trays in rather then not...

Waterpik Water Flosser

Staining and stannous fluoride?

I'm starting to think the brownish staining that is developing on my teeth is due to the stannous flouride products I've been using. It's not permanent, but annoying as can be. I will talk to my dentist and Ortho and see if they concur. Problem is, I have tooth sensitivity that I believe is helped with the fluoride. So I have to figure it all out.

Starting Tray 4 Tonight!

Tonight, (after Walking Dead), I will start on Tray 4. Tray 3 was the first tray where my teeth felt real pain. I think it was working on my two front teeth because they were very tender and it was hard to bite with them for the first few days. I actually thought I saw a little bit of shifting with them until I took some pics this evening :( Not so much... I think what's happening is that my top is being broadened out now. It feels like my front teeth have pushed in some. I'm actually liking the shape my smile is taking on. The last four days of so I've been experiencing intermittent pains, mostly on my upper right side. Almost a throbbing pain that goes away as soon as I decide I need to take something for it. Not sure why. Hopefully this resolves itself with the next tray.

My next Ortho appt is on April 22nd. I was given 5 trays to start with. When I go, it will be about my last day of tray 5. I know I have more IPR in my future so maybe then(?). I took my daughter the other day for a brace appt and asked one of the gals if they used chewies and she said yes and got a few packages for me. She said they give them to patients that have trouble seating their aligners. I had been using a pen at home but the aligners are much more fun! I have been experimenting with different toothpastes and mouthwashes and have concluded that Sensodyne is doing nothing for my gum sensitivity. The only thing that seems to work is the Crest ProHealth toothpaste and mouthwash so I will be using that from now on, even if it means I have to deal with some temporary tooth staining. I have to get cleanings 4x yearly anyway so I will try to stay on top of it that way. I started using baking soda and warm water to rinse my mouth after eating, as per PreOrtho's regiment. It really soothes my teeth and makes it easier to get back into the aligners with as little discomfort as possible as soon as possible. I still haven't made my cleaning appt but should have it done before April 22 so I will update with any info I get in regards that might be helpful.

Did want to say that two people at my gym have commented on my recent weight loss ( in a good way)! Seems this Invisalign diet is working! On the not so great side I'm still having trouble talking for extended periods of time. I start out ok but then it's like that episode of Spongebob when he tells Sandy he can breathe air and goes into her habitat and slowly dries out, gasping for air. Well that's me when I talk too long. I mostly just smile and nod my head a lot now. This better be worth it!

I noticed I was wearing the wrong aligners..

Tonight after dinner I picked up my aligners and noticed some lipstick or something on them. Upon closer inspection, I see they are tray 3. I'm on tray 4 now. Not sure when I mixed them up. I do know that last night I was completely miserable, kept waking up in pain and then had to end up sleeping sitting up. Lower right pain. I'm back into tray 4 trays and don't have the pain again (please don't let that come back). So since I'm completely confused I'm starting over and making this day 1 of tray 4 again. Moral : don't keep the old aligners around. I was drying them off before storing and somehow mixed them up.

Tray 5--no real change seen yet...

I won't post pics this time as the teeth look the same, only the tiniest change. This is a little discouraging, but I'm sure I will see something soon. I wanted to clarify that my teeth were very overcrowded. My before pic shows spaces in between a lot of them. Every space seen is due to IPR performed by my Ortho. I never had the slightest space, my problem was the opposite--- teeth so close that flossing was extremely difficult. So I've been measuring my progress by those man-made gaps, and they are all still there. My top arch has widened out for sure but the problem area ( that front left tooth and the one to its left) is still a glaring blazing pain in my arse...I think that when those two teeth are actually straightened out I might actually cry tears of joy! Those are the teeth that have bothered me since the age of 15, the ones my mother couldn't afford to fix for me. So it's been 30 years...of taking pics from the other angle... So I will definitely be celebrating when that happens, and I am looking forward to that. My bottom crowding happened gradually over the years. It only became obvious to me when one started migrating upward a few years ago... Which became completely unacceptable really quick. I found myself not wanting to talk much because I felt like it was so unattractive.

I consider myself blessed to have a wonderful husband who works his butt off so that I can stay home and raise our children. We are also blessed to be able to afford ( although just barely, lol) to get both daughters' teeth straightened now, and one at age 15, so they never (hopefully) have to struggle with self- esteem issues about their teeth. And because, thanks to him, and all on his dime, I can see a future where I am all smiles again. I applaud the many on this site who take the time out of their busy lives to share their journeys ( the good, bad, and ugly) because it helps to remind us that we are all human....

Starting Tray 6 tonight!

I am exactly two months in treatment now. I just got back from an Ortho visit. Received my next 5 trays (6-10). Next appointment not for another 60 days. I won't be posting pics for this tray since movement not very visible. I was able to review my clinichek (yay!). Just what I needed to boost my morale! My Ortho is awesome, I was instructed in how to view my video online. And now I can't stop looking! So it appears that by tray 15 or so my upper tooth will begin to noticeably rotate, and by tray 20 or so the upper and lowers will be almost completely straight! By Christmas it will be looking like a new mouth.

An attachment popped off yesterday on my front tooth...

I called Ortho and they told me to come in today to reattach one. No pain involved and it took all of five minutes. I asked about whitening and they told me to wait until the end of treatment so it wouldn't whiten unevenly due to the attachments. Whitening not included in my treatment package.

Clinicheck Tray 1 and 31

Cleaning done today

Pleasantly surprising, I didn't experience any sensitivity pain during my cleaning. I have been using a prescription product called Colgate Gel-Kam for two weeks that one of the hygienists said worked for a patient with extreme sensitivity. This product works!!!! But I believe it stained my teeth ( it has stannous fluoride). So I got a prescription for Colgate Prevident 5000 Sensitive instead. It took awhile to sandblast the brown stains off of my teeth. Hygienist ran out of time so there is still some left on back teeth. I may go back in 3 months as suggested. Tomorrow night I switch to tray 8. Still nothing exciting to report about my tooth movements. Will post pics at tray 10, as this will be 1/3 done then. The trays after 10 up to tray 17 show the most dramatic progress so I will post regular pics then.

Starting Tray 10 tonight!

This is about my 1/3 of the way mark. 31 trays in all. The next 5 to 7 trays should show the most dramatic movements so I will be posting pics for each tray regularly for awhile. My progress so far is not so dramatic or visible, but I can see many things happening. I can't wait to see the top tooth that's pushed back align. And the tooth on the bottom that's sticking up higher than the others... Can't wait to say good riddance to that! Still have some staining on some teeth. It's not bothering me much right now. I think I am developing an abscess over one of my top right back teeth. I have been using peroxide and salt water rinses, but I've never had a lump like this so not sure what it is exactly. It doesn't hurt, and seems to quiet down when I'm not eating or bothering it. Guess I should see the dentist(?)

Regarding bump on my gums...

I was able to show my Ortho the lump on my gums during my daughter's visit today. I'm sorry to say I can't remember what he said it was-- the clinical term-- but he said it wasn't an abscess that needed antibiotics. He said it should clear up by itself in the next week or so and that it is caused by stress and diet... I wish I could remember the name! I have an appointment next Tuesday so I will have him take a look then. Hopefully it will be gone.

Starting Tray 11!

Just back from orthodontist. Aphthous ulcer--that's what it is, and it is slowly softening away or so it seems. Ortho said it looks ok just needs a little more time. I received trays 11-16. I will probably be getting IPR done with tray 17. My Ortho is wonderful. I called after I left because I noticed that on the package for tray 13 it included IPR, but I wasn't scheduled to come back for 2 months. So I thought I needed an earlier appt. I was able to speak with him directly and he advised me that Invisalign's estimate is not always correct, and that he had indeed checked my mouth for possible IPR soon but that it wouldn't be feasible until my teeth are rotated properly-- otherwise he'd be shaving the wrong surfaces of the teeth, and I would look sort of like an alien or something when he was done! Lol! Anyway, the journey continues.

Starting Tray 12!

Just put tray 12s in... And they are TIGHT! I usually wait until evening but was eager to get started with the new trays as the old ones were quite loose. I make sure to wear each new tray for as many continuous hours possible the first couple of days into a new tray. I find that this slacks off the longer I am in the tray now. I still eat only two meals daily but now feel comfortable keeping trays off a little longer to enjoy coffee afterwards. Still averaging about 22 hours a day. And still losing weight! Lol! I'm actually concerned that I am eating too little on this Invisalign diet, and am overcompensating by overeating on my meals....leaving me feeling too full afterwards. It's definitely an evolving thing. Trying to figure out what's most comfortable for me. Trying to keep it as stress- free as possible. But I can't wait until it's all done! My Ortho was right about the ulcer, it's almost completely gone now. Slight swelling but barely. I started using Arm and Hammer Healthy Gums toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide. The ulcer cleared a day later. Not sure if it was a coincidence or what. I'm still hating the barnacles on my front teeth. It's hard to look or feel sexy with them! Glad I'm not single! Lol!

Starting Tray 13 today!

The only thing of note to mention is that the lump I thought was gone seems to have reappeared or is re- forming further up on my gums. I feel a small lump with what feels like fluid or something in it. Will show Ortho at my next visit if it doesn't go away on its own. No pain or anything around it. Seeing progress albeit slight. By the end of tray 17 it should look much better.

Comparison pic

Before treatment vs. right before Tray 13. I can see many improvements when comparing the photos.

Another comparison before vs. tray 12

Starting Tray 14!

No major change seen from 13 to 14. 14 through 16 are supposed to push the wayward tooth on top into alignment, and align the bottoms as well.

Bad News this morning.

So that "aptheous ulcer" is actually an abscess. It kept almost going away then coming back so I decided to let the dentist take a look. She took an xray and said that it appears I have a possible crack on tooth #3. I have an appointment with endodontist on Monday to evaluate. I just filled a prescription for clindamycin 300mg. I have to take it 4x daily for 7 days. I am so frustrated. My lesson: listen to your body/ heart. Something didn't feel right and I waited much longer than I should have to get a second opinion. So this infection has probably been festering for at least two months. I took x-rays in May and there was nothing showing then. But the lump started shortly after that exam and cleaning. The thing that bums me out most is that the dentist said if it is a fracture they can either do a root canal and crown, or if it's too damaged and can't be saved it will have to be extracted. After all of this extensive and expensive dental stuff ( including gum work that I'm still paying for because the dental office made a mistake and told me my charges were $2500 less than what I was quoted). So that's around $3000 for gums and then the Invisalign fee. And I may still be left with a hole in my mouth or an expensive fix.

Just had root canal done.

I went to endodontist. He repeated the X-ray taken by dentist. Said I have a crack on one surface. Told me only two options: root canal or extraction. Also told me it wasn't wise to wait; the antibiotics I'm taking would probably clear up the Infection but it would surely come back. I called my Ortho and he said to get it done but to hold off on the crown for now. I would have to go back to my dentist for that. The endo put in a temporary filling. He said my dentist should do a build up or post filling then crown. My out-of-pocket expense for the procedure was $383 after insurance. Good thing I can't eat hard food now because I'm seeing a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us in the immediate future. It didn't hurt at all and I'm still very numb. Have a feeling I will be in pain later so I will take some naproxen soon. Got prescription for Tylenol #3 (with codeine) . Not filling that right now.

Starting Tray 15!

I was going to wait a few days to change aligners because I was afraid that the root canaled tooth would hurt. But it doesn't. Thank goodness. It's been a crazy week and I'm just happy that so far this little hiccup is not affecting my Invisalign treatment. My next Ortho appt is Aug. 5.


These are not the clearest but best I can do for now.

Ortho Appt was today.

I spoke with Ortho about the crown and he advised me to go ahead and get it done ASAP as the tooth will be brittle and will need the protection. I will call tomorrow to schedule my crown procedure. He said that when I get the crown put on I will then go back to him and get molds done and this would begin my refinement period. So I may have to wear tray 19 for a little longer while I wait for the new trays to come in. No problema. I was supposed to have IPR done today as well but I had to leave because of an MRI appt I had to run to. He said he would do the IPR at my next visit instead. Next visit Sept. 20. I will try to plan my crown timing to coincide with this date. I was hoping things would proceed the way they did today. I am very happy with my progress so far. Abscess is gone. No pain anywhere. He said I have a lot of IPR in my future to close the triangles. Also said it was ok to use the opalescence whitener in my trays. I bought some on Amazon because I have a few functions soon and the teeth need a boost.


Ortho office uses the imaging not molds for Invisalign. My orthodontist is an Elite Invisalign provider.

Starting Tray 16 today!

This is my half- way point!Yay! My teeth are tracking just like the CliniChek progression. However, I am uncertain about a few things. Since I didn't get the IPR the other day, my two lower central incisors are clanking against each other trying to align which is getting annoying. There just isn't any space for them now. I have a dental appt this Thursday to hopefully get my core and post if needed, and a temporary crown. I'm not sure how things will progress in the next few weeks. I have to get my crown. Then go back for refinement trays. I'm also scheduled for surgery around the same time and will not be able to do a whole lot for awhile. I'm going to just have to take it a day at a time for awhile until all is resolved. I'm not concerned about wearing my trays longer at this point because I'm realizing life gets in the way of our plans sometimes and it's ok. I am happy with my progress and optimistic nevertheless.

Got temporary crown today.

It was such an ordeal. Took around 3 hours. Temporary kept getting stuck on my tooth then breaking when they tried to remove it. 4 times. They finally did some more shaving then got it right. My trays are just fitting over the temporary. But it feels weird. They put a stronger adhesive on it to keep it intact with the trays and also because of my upcoming surgery. My crown should be ready in about 3 weeks. My out- of- pocket expense for the crown was $416. I only paid half today because I lost a lot of confidence in the dentist with all of the drama with the temporary. I will pay the remainder when the job is done.

Starting Tray 17.

Not much to report. This tray should have my teeth as straight as they are going to get for awhile. I don't see much happening with the next 5 or so at least. I'm unsure of what will happen with my progress because of my upcoming surgery on Wednesday (septoplasty). I'm hoping I won't be so sore that trays will be a problem. I will be a few days into tray 17 so they should be loosened somewhat by then. I'm prepared to wear tray 17 for longer if needed. Also, I'm waiting for my crown to come in. I will have to have that fitted soon.

Comparison pic

Tray 12 vs. tray 16. Some progress with bottoms but IPR needed.

Had septoplasty procedure today.

I had my liners out for about 3 hours while in surgery and recovery. Managed to get them back in with no trouble. When I got home and got ready to eat, I forgot they were in and had a yogurt. Then I said what the hell that wasn't so bad, and ate some crackers and raspberries! At this point they were feeling disgusting so I sucked up all of my fears of hurting my nose and got them out and cleaned them. I'm not supposed to bend over so brushing my teeth was tricky. Had to use a cup to help. I skipped the flossing. Also when I used my waterpik the water squirted everywhere since I had to remain upright and my clothes ended up wet. But the teeth are clean and back in their security blankets so I'm happy.

Rescheduling crown appt.

I have appt for Sept. 4 for crown fitting. I know that I won't be up for this. Still trying to heal from surgery, and my upper palate is achy and numb. So I'm not trying to aggravate my poor teeth any more right now. I'm going to wear tray 17 until my nose situation stabilizes and I'm not having pain in mouth. It's hard enough trying to get the trays in now. Thank goodness these are somewhat loose, or I wouldn't have been able to do it.


I'm going a little longer in tray 17, but pretty sure it's not moving the teeth any more. Will probably start tray 18 later in the week.

Road Trip with Invisalign.

I am almost 3 hours into a road trip from Florida to New York ( about 1150 miles). And I'm starving. Car full of snacks I don't want to take my trays out to eat. Trying to wait one more hour when we stop for a meal, then I will eat that and the snacks I've been looking at. This is one time when Invisalign is no fun. At all.

Starting Tray 19 and IPR at last!!!

Just back from Ortho appt. I had been wearing tray 18 for three weeks because I didn't want to change into a new tray without having IPR done first. My teeth felt like they were moved as much as they could be without causing problems. And I had A LOT of IPR done today!!! I came home and immediately took an Advil right away because I'm pretty sure I will be sore soon. My teeth are no longer touching in many areas, so I am eager to see these spaces close. He also filed down some teeth so they are more uniform-looking overall. I now have trays 19-22. My next appt is in 2 months. I will need even more IPR then. He said I was the "Queen of Triangles"...apparently his worst case thus far! Lol! But he's very confident about being able to close most of them completely and therefore, I am too. Tomorrow I go in to the dentist for a cleaning and possibly to finally get my crown. Dentist said something about having a gum doc take a look before she puts in the crown so it's wait and see.


Went to dentist yesterday for exam and cleaning. This is the new dentist, the one who diagnosed my abscess/ crack in tooth which led to the root canal. Well, by the time she was finished talking, I was being diagnosed with about 5 or 6 teeth that need crowns, because of cracks which she tried to point out to me but I couldn't see, plus I was looking at an immediate out- of- pocket expense of $226 for a cleaning because apparently 2 spots in gums were at 5mm which indicated a need for scaling and planing and an antibiotic that would cost me $140. $30 for the water they use to clean the teeth during the procedure. I couldn't get out of there fast enough! Needless to say, I am going for a second opinion for everything. I called my insurance co. to get the go- ahead and referall for periodontist. Will then consult with an endo if needed. Can someone please tell me how I could develop all of these dire " cracks" in 4 months?

Progress pic

Before treatment vs. end of tray 18

Just back from periodontist.

A wonderful doctor, took the time to really consult with me on these gums of mine. Saiid my hygiene was great, and my gums were in decent shape. He said he could tell the other gum doc did a good job by looking at my gums now. There were two spots on bottom molars that were at 4 not 5 like stated by the dentist. So I will go ahead and let him do a scaling and planing/ cleaning tomorrow since it's been a few years since I had it done. They are only charging $63-- that's $130 less out-of-pocket than my sheister dentist. He said the antibiotics were unnecessary. My gum recession is mostly due to abrasions from brushing, but there's enough gum tissue left to survive indefinitely if I continue with good dental routine. I'm relieved about this. I now have 0 confidence in my dentist and will start looking elsewhere. My only problem now is that I paid in full for my crown and I don't want the dentist to seat it. I'm wondering if I can just take it since I paid for it and have another dentist put it in.

Periodontist is the bomb.

I had a cleaning yesterday that was fabulous. My best yet. They managed to remove all of the brownish staining that has been accumulating since Invisalign. Also, they use warm water for irrigation ( and they don't charge for it! Ha!). This is a God- send for those like me who have sensitivity to the cold water most dentists use. They really paid attention to detail and did a very thorough cleaning. I will def be going back to perio for cleanings every 6 months. I may do a regular dentist for the other cleanings I need, as it's recommended that I get cleanings every 3 months. Can't really say enough good things about this perio office.

Tray 22!

Started tray 22 on Nov. 4th. Not much to report at this time. Still waiting on spaces to close and everything to straighten out totally. The horse shape that my mouth seemed to be taking on has resolved itself somewhat with these last aligners. I'm feeling more like my old self. I went to periodontist yesterday for follow- up on scaling/ cleaning. Got a clean bill of health. The two pockets are gone, no sign of infection. Made another cleaning appt for Jan. 5th as it's recommended I go for cleanings every 3 months. I have an Ortho appt for Nov. 18. At this time I hope to get more aligners as this is the last one I have at home.

Comparison Pic

One More Pic!

Had to share it! Any time I get frustrated about my slow progress, or about just wanting to be done with all of this, I take a look at my before pic and make a comparison pic on PicStitch. Instant morale booster! Lol!

Tray 26 Y'all!!!

Started tray 26 on Dec. 24th. Progress has been so slow and boring lately that I didn't want to bore anyone else. The spaces are very slowly closing. My upper front teeth are at two different levels which is starting to concern me. I will bring it up at my next Ortho visit on Jan. 25th. Besides that, nothing new to report. I will most likely have more IPR done to close the triangles on the bottom and a few on the top. Just 5 more trays to go, but I'm starting to think I may have some refinements as well.

More pics Tray 26

Tray 27 and a 3- month cleaning.

Switched trays and had cleaning done at periodontists' office. Clean bill of oral health. I'm going on a 7 day cruise this month so I just know I'm not going to be able to be as compliant as usual. Too much to eat and way too many snacks ( and drinks). I aim to have fun so I will do my best! I will have to touch up my teeth with the Opalescence whitener. It would have been so nice to be all done and showing off my new teeth sans the barnacles! Sigh.

Tray 29- 1st of 3 over correction trays

Started tray 29 on 1/27/15. Saw Ortho that day. I'm on my last 3 trays, but will be going in to Ortho office on 2/17... So I doubt I will wear tray 31. I will be having refinements done to close some of the triangles, which means more IPR. There is a limit to how much can be shaved off of teeth to protect their integrity so I'm pretty sure I will be left with a few triangles. I'm ok with this. My Ortho reassured me that I would be satisfied before he would be, which is immensely exciting! Lol! I still have only a temporary crown on my molar, so now is the time for me to find a dentist to seat the crown I paid for. I have to check with insurance co. to find out if I can get it from my sheister dentists' office and have another dentist seat it. Still not sure how that works. I probably need it seated before I get the imaging done for my refinements so I must get moving on this. Pretty happy with my progress thus far, but I still have a ways to go.

Tray 30 and the last of the IPR (?)

Had Ortho appt on 2/17/15...he did more IPR...I believe he said I'm at my limit. I told him I was happy with my teeth, but that a few spots (triangles) were bothering me. The triangles on either side of my upper central incisors, and three triangles on the bottom in the very middle of my mouth. Hopefully when these spaces close again the triangles will be diminished. I'm sure I will be left with a few, but would love them as small as possible. My next appt is on 3/4... I will be having the imaging done for my refinements. Hoping that process won't take as long, and that some of the barnacles can be left out for the next round. Fingers crossed!

One Year With Invisalign!

Today is my one- year anniversary with my ball and chains. The progress has been remarkable. A year ago I hated talking to people up close and personal because I was so embarrassed about my crooked teeth. Today that's all in the past. Still a bit more work to be done, but I am thrilled to be where I am.

A little more shaving and another round of imaging

Ortho did a little manual shaving between a few teeth-- this should be the last of it (?), then I had the itero imaging done for my refinement aligners. I don't have another appt until March 24th, so 3 more weeks in this last tray, which would make it a month total. I've been getting away with washing my aligners with just antibacterial hand soap using a small toothbrush, but I suppose I may have to break out the denture cleaners. All of my attachments are still on. The technician said they will either remove some or add to what I have depending on what plan I receive for my next round of trays.

15 Refinement Trays and 2 More Attachments! Yay.

And so it begins again...12 days each tray for 15 trays puts me at the finish line sometime in September. But I'm not complaining. These trays will be working on lessening the triangles, mostly. The finished product on video looks great. A little bit more shaving needs to be done down the line a bit. Must say I was a wee bit disappointed about more barnacles, but they won't be there forever. My next cleaning appt is in April. I finally called insurance company to inquire about having another dentist seat the crown that I paid for. I was advised to speak to the dentist and let her know my concerns and find out what guarantees she would give me regarding her work on my tooth. In April, after the cleaning, I will make the time for that.

Tray 8 of 15 Refinements

I started Tray 8 on June 20. At my last Ortho visit in May I had the last possible IPR done on my teeth. Appears I have reached my limit. I am left with spaces between teeth again (ugh) but I know it's just a temporary thing. Trays 12 has "passive aligner" written on it. ( I received up to Tray 12). Not sure what that means. My next cleaning appt is on July 7th at the periodontist. I haven't returned to get the crown seated yet.

Refinement Tray 8 at start

A few pics-- still chugging along.

All Done!

It's over! No more barnacles!!!! I was so happy I almost cried when I finally saw my straight teeth without them. I was supposed to start my last refinement tray yesterday, but when my ortho examined me he said I didn't need to as the last trays don't do too much in terms of movement. So they removed the attachments and sanded and buffed or whatever they were doing and it's over. Impressions were then taken for my retainers which should be in by my next visit in one week. I'm wearing tray 14 until then, so around 19 days total. I find myself taking my aligners off and just staring at my teeth. What an improvement! They are not perfect, though. I still have a few triangles, which I will have to live with because there is no fix for them. I can't have any more IPR as I already have had more than most people. It's still so worth it because I can open my mouth with confidence now and not worry that everyone is looking at my teeth in horror. LOL

Final pics.

Here are a few pics. Will post more later when I get the time.
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