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I've been suffering from acne for a while. Boy has...

I've been suffering from acne for a while. Boy has it taken a tole on my self esteem. I'm always constantly covering up pimples with makeup.my makeup does cover it to a certain extent but I can't be living behind a shield of makeup anymore. Tried every other option out there and nothing seemed to help. I went to my derm knowing I will be put on this and have researched about it prior to my appointment. I have level 3 grade A acne (I think) Anyways I got a lot of advice and help from this board. Hope I can help someone else out.

First day on accutane

I had to wait a whole week to start my pills because my blood results took longer than expected. Yesterday was my first day on 20mg. I experienced no side effects whatsoever. I have to admit I was scared to take my pills at first. I also took my 2 10mg pills after a big meal. I have a work party coming up on Friday and was thinking if it was okay to have a glass of champagne/ wine. Let me know your opinion. <3


Hello everyone,

Just an update on my second day as I did experience side effects. I had a really bad headache that last hours today (until I fell asleep) , it could have a lot to do with stress. I am going to let you guys know if I am getting these headaches everyday and for how long. I have refrained from using Tylenol as I do not want my liver to be negatively effected (I do want to up my dose next month). My lips and eyes are a little on the dry side, but nothing noticeably different. My skin has not changed (baby steps). Just hoping the headaches are just my body getting used to the drug.


Just wanted to let you guys know I did not have any headache today :) I also went to the gym and did feel a lil more tired than usual running... other than that only side effects I am feeling is dry lips. I drank a lot of water today compared to how much I drink regularly. No change in my skin really.. I popped the big pimple on my face. I have tiny small ones. New zit on my back.

DAY 4 &5

Keeping you guys posted, I have noticed my skin breaking out.. it is around that time of the month where is start my period. I have not been drinking as much water as I should be. I will be making up for it in the next couple days because drinking lots of water definitely makes a difference. I have one new cystic pimple and a couple smaller ones. I have a lot of smaller ones on my back and chest.
Side Effects
-Dry, itchy scalp
-Dry lips - manageable
-DRY eyes - it can hurt sometimes and extremely itchy (I also have allergies)
- Slight headache
-few aches in my joints
-skin is drier than normal but nothing noticeably different

I have been using head&shoulders, vaseline and lip gloss for the lips, and eye drops. For the dry skin, I use Dove unscented body wash and Vaseline intensive care unscented lotion.

First week over

So it's day 8.. I have completed one week (wahoo) ... I have noticed a change in my skin it is more sensitive but smoother than usual I did break out a little bit but nothing too under the skin. I forgot to take my pills on day 7 so I had a day break. Symptoms I have noticed so far that is continuous is dry skin, eyes and body aches. I Do workout 5 days a week so that could Contribute to it.. it's been a week and the oil on my skin and hair have noticeably decreased. I got my period and it was really painful and I had no other option but to take Tylenol hope that didn't put too much of a strain on my liver I do want to up my dosage next month.

DAY 11

Updating you guys <3... So i got a huge zit on my eyebrow and a couple on my back .. Side effects are only dry lips for now.. I took my pills without a meal yesterday and had a stomach ache (never doing that again). Overall my skin appearance looks better than at first. I've cut down working out alot because of the body aches. I kinda forget im on accutane now.

2 weeks in

So I'm 2 weeks done with accutane - the only thing that annoys me a lot about this drug is not being able to drink... all the side effects are not effecting me that much.. I have not seen a lot of change but I know I do have to wait it out. I'm still breaking out on my back and face.



1)i didnt finish my accutane treatment.. my body was not responding too well to the treatment. My liver levels were elevated.
2) I got in touch with an estetician in which gave me a facial once every 3 weeks.
-started off with a european facial, then about 6 acne facials, now I am doing micro-derm facials for the marks left
3) all of the faciails consts of plant based enzymes
4) she also gave me a kit with products to use
5) I threw out all my foundations including TALC and was required to wear the bb cream provided instead.
6) Unfortunately this works only with the acne on my face but i believe if i use these products on my back it may help
7)I have found a different remedy for my back.

***IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCTS USED/ MY ESTETICIAN please send me a messege i would love to share this information to you all in order to achieve an acne free face.

**so thankful that my skin has been the clearest in ages
** you do not need to resort to accutane

will add photos soon!
Dr- will update later

Very friendly-willing to prescribe accutane on first appointment.

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