25 Year Old 2 Kids Mommy Makeover Needed!!!! Brampton, ON

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I am 25 with two kids, one is six and one is six...

I am 25 with two kids, one is six and one is six months I have always been small even before them. After child one my stomach wasn't so bad BUT after baby number two OMG weighing in at 8.8 for me only being 110 she did damage to my body. I love my kids but I can't look at this ugly stomach and saggy boobs anymore. I do not plan on having anymore kids. I have been to four consultations in the city. At my last three consultations I found out I also have a hernia. One doctor told me I would have to fix that first and then He would be able to go along with the surgery. Another told me she could fix it during surgery but she does not use drains. I have done a lot of research and personally prefer having drains. Feeling a little discouraged a friend mentioned a doctor In Brampton which is the city I live in. I went in for the consultation at the Brampton cosmetics surgery and medical spa. It was amazing Dr. Sleightholm and his staff made me feel comfortable. He took the time to measure me go over what he would be doing as well as the risks on the two procedures he also uses drains. Then I had to ask the deal breaking question can he fix the hernia??!!? And the answer is...YES!!! A week later booked my surgery for September 21st. I'm so excited I literally sit on here for hours reading everyone's stories. I don't go back to work until January so I figure I will have more than enough time to heal. On Tuesday I go for my final blood work and sizing. The only thing I'm worried about is going to small or too big I rather be to small then too big. I don't them to be big and noticeable. I I tried on a couple sizes up to 400cc HP which I liked but now thinking about it I don't think I want to go over 350 cc. I am bringing my mom on Tuesday so she can help me pick a size.


I am now on the flat side. Everything went well and I am happy with the results. I can't wait until Thursday to take off the bandages and see my tummy!!!! The pain isn't bad my stomach hurts when I eat I haven't gone number two yet . I am continuing to take my stool softener and pain meds.

Finally took a shower!!!!

I'm in good spirits the hardest thing is having my six month old cry because I can't hold her. I still try and get down on the floor and play with her but she's really having a hard time not being able to be picked up. The swelling is the worst out of this process just when you think it's going down it starts up again. Every time I eat I swell up and feel winded. Today I have mixed emotions I still can't stand up straight I have a line down from my belly button I'm hoping that it's because I can't stand up straight and will smooth out as time goes by or that will have to get FIXED ASAP....:( fingers crossed that's all it is. My 375 cc boobs are still swollen the right hasn't dropped at all yet so it's sitting high the left is swollen here are some pictures.

Ice packs are LIFE

Omg for the past two days I have been using ice packs all over my body and it has been helping so much with the pain of the swelling. Especially my back.

Feeling good!!

I still can't stand up straight but I'm getting there. Happy with my results today :) that line down my belly button is going away!!!!

Drain finally out!!!

I finally got my drain out I feel great from 3 to 7 now. Swelling has gone down and I started wearing the silicone gel sheeting. I am also wearing a bando now to hopefully help to drop my right boob.

Bra shopping!!

I went to buy a bra since all my bra's had extra extra padding and I no longer need it!!!!! Lol I measured 32 DD. Wearing the bra hurts under my breast where the implant needs to sit is still very sore. And my breast are still swollen. My stomach isn't completely flat yet √ľnder my belly button is so puffy and swollen. Is this normal ??

3 weeks feeling good!!

Still numb

I still feel very sore when I'm walking around probably 4 pain level . Especially when I'm sitting for a long time. I still am numb all the way down the middle of my stomach. I'm still waking up in. The night from the pain of swelling but I sleep a lot better I'm able to sleep on my sides now. I'm wearing a band on the top of my cheast to bring my boob down I wear it tight which hurts but it's working I usually make it a little loose at night but tight enough for it to keep them down. My herina looks like it's coming out I'm not sure I will ask at my six weeks appointment. If it is I will just get it repaired since I'm covered for that. I stop wearing the silicone gel tape because my incision wasn't healed and I felt like it might of being irritating it so I will start using it again once everything is healed.

Four weeks down!!!

Week 5

6 weeks

7 weeks

Healing great two problems that i have are my belly button I want that bubble gone or pushed back. The second problem is my right implant has not dropped into place so my breast have two different shapes. I spoke with the doctor at my 6 week check up he said that my belly button might still be swollen if it doesn't go down by six months he will fix it. About my breast he said to keep massaging it to help it come down it has dropped but he would like it to come down more. If that doesn't happen by six months he will go in and open the pocket for it to drop. I am still numb straight down my belly but slowly I'm starting to feel more and more. My muscles are not to bad getting better everyday I have pain everyday but minimal. I'm still in love with my results.


It's been a while

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