Nervous for Lip Injections Tomorrow!

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I have an appointment tomorrow for lip injections,...

I have an appointment tomorrow for lip injections, Juvederm which I am getting more and more nervous for as it gets closer. I am getting the procedure done at Ideal Image in Braintree MA as I thought this was a reputable clinic. I overall comfortable during my consultation last week. I even saw pictures of one of the nurses who received lip injections which looked great. However, I have been trying to find helpful reviews but most are for laser hair removal or cool sculpting (both that are very heavily advertised on radio). I was told when I was there that they perform 4-5 lip injections per day which seemed good to me but now I am not sure. I did message one person on Yelp that received an injection service, and she did say that she received Juvederm and is going back this month for another procedure. So that was promising, but it is so hard to find more reviews. I feel like overall people don't post reviews about lip injections since it's still sort of a taboo subject.

Anyone out there have a good or bad experience at Ideal Image?

I'll post updates tomorrow.. My before pictures from today have been posted!

Day after Juvederm lip injections

My procedure was yesterday morning and it was my first time with any type of injection. I was more nervous about my clinic than I was the actual procedure.. And I was happily surprised! My nurse was amazing.. So realistic and calm and funny. Thanksgiving is 2 days after my procedure so she wanted to realistically warn me about what to expect (vs the salesperson who said 'you'll be fine!' when we scheduled it). I had numbing cream on for about 20 minutes and I literally felt nothing except some a small amount of pain towards the middle of my top and bottom lip. After each few injections she showed me and we talked through every decision. We used about .8 of 1 syringe. She did such a good job massaging and molding making sure she could do her best to ensure there would be no bumps. She did tell me that if I notice any bumps over the next 5 days to come in and they will massage them, but she felt everything was really smooth. My lips have continued to swell, but pretty evenly. I have a small bruise but it is not painful or too noticable. I'm excited to see the swelling come down over the next few days as they start to take shape. But as they stand right now, I'm not embarrassed to go in public which is really good. I'll give another update in a week or less once the swelling is mostly gone!
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