42 Years Old, 4 Kids and Time to Lose This Hanging Tummy! - Bradenton, FL

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Today was my pre-op appointment and it was great. ...

Today was my pre-op appointment and it was great. The staff are wonderful and answer all the questions that you have as well as hear your fears. I feel calmer and excited now as my surgery is less than 2 weeks away! Dr. Lacerna is wonderful and I'm so looking forward to my result! I gained a ton of weight with my first child (80 pounds), and my weight has flucutated wildly over the last 20 years. My oldest is 21 and my youngest is 2 so I've been dreaming and talking about this surgery for nearly 2 decades!!

3 daya post op

Still have my pain pump and two drains which are fantastically. I'm tolerating the binders until I can get into an all-in-one garment. I'm not a very good photographer but I thought I would finally show some before and after pics.

After pics post op!!

Technology Hates me

Before pic

Here's the before pic

Almost 3 weeks post op

My incision site is healing beautifully. I wear my compression garment during the day and relax all night without it! Love love love my tummy now!!!

Nearly 4 weeks post-op!

Every day things get a little bit easier. Everything is healing well and I continue to apply neosporin to my incision daily. I'm concerned about the end of my incision site on both sides because it looks like a little bit of a fatty type of swelling. It also hurts when it's touched. Not sure what to do for that.

I'm also starting to have an area just over my belly button that aches and is starting to protude. It feels like the muscle was pulled or something. This morning I noticed what appears to be stretch marks in that area so now I'm really concerned. I've got a phone call into my ps - just waiting to hear back.

My garment is super easy to put on and take off - I think I should probably get a new one because this one must be getting stretched out. I don't take any medication all day long until about 4 or 5 pm when I take a muscle relaxer and a pain pill and then put my feet up. I think I might be over-doing things and need to take things a little bit slower.


7 weeks post op!

I'm now 7 weeks post-op and finally got the OK to start exercising. For me, these results are MORE than worth it. This has been life changing. My tummy is super super flat so my boobs and booty look awesome. I started with Bio Oil to minimize scarring but it's not as important to me as it was to get rid of the pooch. I'm officially down 37 pounds since my surgery (as of my last doctor visit - fear has prevented me from owning a scale before now). I was a size 18 (or even 20) pre-surgery and am now comfortably a 14 but quickly getting down to a 12 as some of the 14s are already a bit loose.

Now it's time to exercise and lose arm and leg extra bulk that I'm carrying around - but I feel very positive and excited. My doc sent me home with a before/after pic that brought tears to my eyes.
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