Thrilled with my MMO! Tummy Tuck w/ MR & Lipo; BA - 800ccs UHP Over the Muscle

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I love reading all the stories here, so I'm happy...

I love reading all the stories here, so I'm happy to share mine.

Had a mommy makeover planned for Sept 2011, but decided to go for one baby instead! So, here we go again, this time definitely done having babies and ready to look great in time for turning 40 next winter! Originally I had thought of getting this surgery next summer, but with a big family wedding coming up in October and a bit of time with nothing major planned, we figured this summer is better. Although I've been thinking/researching/planning on getting this done for quite some time, July is only 2 months away, yikes!

About me:
39 years old
5'6 & currently 165lbs (plan on dropping 15lbs by surgery)
I wear a 38D right now, but very very droopy and flat. They are like sad deflated balloons.
5 Kids- Girl age 13, and 4 boys: 11, 9, 7, and 2
Married for 15 years

Would love to see more reviews & before/after pics of ladies that have bigger bra sizes before surgery. Seems most here are quite tiny! Just curious how it affects results and possibly different placement and profiles.

I have a consult with a new doctor on 5/20, and I feel pretty confident that she's the one. I spoke with the office coordinator in depth and know the price, procedures, and availability. Love the positive reviews and before/after pictures I have seen from this practice, so hopefully my consult will go as well as I expect. In this office, a tummy tuck includes liposuction of the flanks and sides, so that will be nice to get some extra contouring.

For the BA, I know she uses silicone and I want to discuss possibly going over the muscle instead of under. My boob idol is Nigella Lawson! I want a really full, low hanging, mature big-breasted look. Nothing too perky (can get that with a push up bra) or too round or too high sitting. I am not interested at all in a lift. Last dr said I was borderline, but could get away without one. I just don't like the look, so I will pass. Right now I'm guessing 500-600ccs. But, not sure if that would make me look huge or not fill out my breast tissue enough. It's so hard to tell. I also have no idea if high profile, mod+ or something else would help me achieve my goal. My plan is to bring lots of wish pics and explain my ideal and see what she says.

Biggest concerns at the moment are losing weight & weaning. I've lost 8lbs in the last month due to diet only and now I'm adding exercise with the diet. Hope to lose another 15 by surgery and then 5-10 down the road. My ideal weight is 140, under that I look pretty skinny, which isn't so great if you plan on having big ta-tas. I look good at 150 and would be fine with that for surgery, so I hope I can get there! Right now just too pudgy.

My youngest is 2 and still nursing because I"m a lazy mom and haven't weaned him! He's really down to just a couple nursings and I don't have much milk left anyway. The hardest thing is nighttime because we cosleep, so it will be a challenge. I dropped the bedtime feeding this week and it's gone well. I hope to work on nighttime nursings next week and then last to go will be the nap. I asked about this when I called and was told it will be ok to wean this late and close to surgery, so I really hope that's the case when I talk to the doctor. Would hate it if they tell me if I have to wait 6 months! Since I'm not producing much, I figure in 2 months I should be dried up anyway.

I have added some lovely before pictures of myself. I will add my wish pics soon!

Wish Pics

Just wanted to post some pics of my ideal post BA look. Nigella Lawson is about the same height/weight as I am and I think I would carry off this size well. Planning on being a little slimmer, though! I also think it's really hard when look at wish pics of women in lingerie or bikinis because the implants always look big. Once they put clothes on sometimes they seem to disappear. Since I'll be wearing regular clothes most of the time, I want to make sure my PS knows what I'm going for in terms of size.

Thoughts on implants...

I've been doing a lot of research on boobs and think I have a more exact idea of what I want! I definitely want to go big and am thinking 650-800ccs. I am thinking possibly over the muscle since I have a lot of breast tissue and it can help fill that out. And a wider profile- either mods or mod+. Looking forward to hearing what the PS says next week! But at least I have a better understanding of what I want and what to ask. I actually really love my shape, just want to go bigger and fuller. I definitely do not want a lift. I've attached a few more wish pics that I've found lately :-). I think even with a big implant you can cover them up and minimize the look. It's not like I"ll be walking around in a bikini all the time. I know I would be really disappointed if they were smaller than I hoped and for that reason, it's best to go big to begin with so I don't have regrets! Also, I can always wear a push up bra to achieve more upper pole fullness if I want it. But I am pretty sure that hp is not for me.


I'm down to 162, lost 3lbs in about a week! Exercise is really helping and if I stay strong, I might even get under 150 by the surgery date. My ideal weight is in the 140s, but this late in the game I'd be totally fine with weighing 150 for the surgery and losing 5 or so pounds later on. I started at 173 in early April, so definite progress!

Also, weaning is going well. Haven't nursed the tot in a day and a half. I will continue to distract him away and hope the milk dries up completely and soon. I haven't felt any engorgement at all, which tells me I probably had very little left to begin with anyway.

I tried rice sizers and actually think 800 looks good on me! I heard that rice sizers look bigger than the implants, so I'm going to try to go all the way with silicone! I know now I would be totally disappointed in 500s. I hear about so many people that are disappointed they didn't go bigger and sometimes even 500s look like nothing. I want to save myself a revision in the near future and do it right from the start. Yes, that's pretty big, but you can downplay them easily with looser clothing. We'll see what the PS says next week- super excited for the consult, can't get here quick enough!

More Pics

Some pics from today after working out. Just got this sports bra from Walmart and the size L is tiny! Front view lots of cleavage, side view flat, flat flat with muffin top boob. Can't wait to look better!

Surgery is scheduled!

Had my consult yesterday and everything went really well. At first I was pretty disappointed to be diagnosed with grade 2 ptosis, sagging of the breast. My last consult I was told I was "borderline" and not requiring a lift, so I was hoping to hear the same thing. After talking it over, the PS told me that she feels we can get a good result with a Benelli lift which doesn't have the vertical scar and takes out less skin. From what I see online it looks like the nipple/areola area is brought up a bit higher on the breast.

One of my biggest concerns is that I want a natural low-hanging, natural droop. I don't want the high perky upper pole fullness look. I feel like I'm in the minority in the BA world! I also want to go with a wider profile. She mentioned using high profiles, but will decide during the surgery if mod+ will fit. This is something I plan to revisit at the pre-op. I feel pretty confident that she knows the look I'm going for and she's seen pictures (which are now attached to my file and she will look at them during surgery). She agreed that 800ccs would achieve the look I want, so I'm very glad about that. She is going to use the dual plane position for the implants, which sounds the best for long term. I originally though that the large implants over the muscle might give me a slight lift and because I want a lower look, I might be good to go. But the risk of bottoming out and problems down the road makes it seem like the lift would be worth it.

It sounds like the tummy tuck will remove most of my stretch marks, so that is great news too!

They will do an ekg & blood work at the pre-op appt on site. I already received the Vitamedica Recovery Program vitamins with Bromelain & Arnica. I found out they use a pain pump after surgery. And, after discussing with my husband, I decided to hire a 24 hour care nurse after surgery. My husband was all for being my caretaker until he found out he'd be up most of the night helping me with meds and getting to the bathroom, etc. I think we will both rest easy knowing someone is there to watch over me and answer questions. He will be off of work for a week to help me, while my teenager helps with the younger kids. And then when we goes back to work, I'll have another week of help from my oldest before school starts. Hoping by the 2 week mark, I can handle being home alone with an almost 3 year old! If not, I do have parental back up, so I'm not too worried.

So, right now I'm just reading about people who have had similar procedures and recovery stories, vlogs, etc. I'm excited and not too nervous yet. I wanted a July surgery date, but August 3 gives me more time to lose weight and prepare. Plus I'll still have enough time to recover before a family wedding in October. Should work out pretty well.

Would love to hear from others who have gotten bigger implants with a Benelli lift or anyone who has had this type of lift!

My pre-op is July 15th. Seems so far away, but I know the time will fly....

Concerns about blood clots...

I was just reading that Nexplanon has an increased risk of blood clots after surgery. A pretty substantial increase compared to those not using hormonal birth control. I'm a little worried about blood clots in general because I've read several horror stories about them. I also have a lot of varicose/spider veins. A few years ago I got a procedure like vein stripping done on two major veins running from my groin down the interior of my leg. That helped, but some came back with my last pregnancy. I'm not sure if this is an added risk factor for DVT or not, but some sources say it could be. I'm seriously considering have the nexplanon removed soon. I've had other problems with it lately and at my age, I think I should steer clear of hormones. I thought it might be a good idea to get a tubal at the time of the MM, but it's not something my PS has done and she wouldn't be able to perform surgery in the surgery center she uses. Plus it's another layer of risk because it will require more time under the knife, not to mention finding an ob-gyn that can coordinate schedules, etc. Sounds like this would only work well with a PS who routinely works with an ob-gyn and is all set up to do this. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so I'm thinking of getting it done beforehand. I just have to find out if I can do it with enough time to heal before August 3. I will be calling next week. I think it will give me a little peace of mind not having to worry about hormones.

2 months & 2 days to go! More thoughts about Breast Aug & Lift...

Now that I'm less concerned about the potential for developing a blood clot, I've moved on to nailing down exactly how I want my breasts to look after surgery. It's been VERY hard to find pictures of the look I'm going for. And, when I did some searches of 800cc with benelli lift, it's not at all how I want to end up. So, I had to find natural breast photos, which I wish I would have had at the consult. I have emailed these to the patient coordinator, but really feel the need to discuss this (either in person or through the patient coordinator) before pre-op. It's imperative that I feel the PS and I are on the same page before the pre-op when we have a million other things to go over. And then I can rest easy and not dwell on it. I've attached my husband's favorite pic, which is the low, large natural sag look that we like. Honestly, I don't think it can be achieved with a lift of any kind. I'm really concerned that the lift will alter my natural shape and nipple position which I like as is. I want to still look like me, just a whole lot bigger! Anyway, I will call the office this week and go over these concerns to see where we stand. I think the best course of action is to go through with the BA & TT and then reassess the lift 6 months out or so. I realize that I will likely need a lift at some point, but I think I would feel a lot more comfortable after seeing the implant results first. Plus I am interested in getting inner thigh lipo and fat transfer to the butt & hips at some point and maybe the lift could be added to that surgery. Looking forward to hearing with the PS has to say and how close I can get to the look I hope to achieve!

8 weeks to go!

Seems like a long time, but I know this busy summer will fly by. I'm going to update weekly now and try to keep a consistent format so I can organize my thoughts and progress along the way.

Weight/stats- I'm 5'6 and currently weigh 157. I've lost 16 lbs in 2 months, so I'm making progress. Goal is to lose 10 more or so by surgery. Eventual goal is the low 140s.

What's happened this week- Hubby & I were able to nail down the look I'd like to achieve with the BA. After sharing the pictures with the patient coordinator, she reviewed them with Dr. Lacerna and came back to say that I won't need a lift. I feel good about that and if I need one later, that is always an option. I did a lot of research on possible complications without a lift and still feel pretty confident that I will get a good result this way. I have been watching all of the videos here while on the treadmill and organizing a supply list. I bought a few Coobies on sale at Zulily and some sweats for post-op. Most of the other items I want to review with Dr. Lacerna at the pre-op before I buy the wrong items or over buy things I don't really need. I do have everything on a private Amazon wishlist to keep these ideas handy! I also started taking a multivitamin to make sure I'm getting everything need before surgery. I'll start the Vitamedica 2 weeks before surgery. Also using coconut oil to moisturize the skin and prevent more stretch marks.

What's next- Waiting on final revised invoice from Dr. Lacerna and some answers to questions about the procedure. I am wondering if the original plan has changed other than removing the lift- dual plane, 800ccs high profile silicone. Also wondering where the incision will be. Plan to continue to workout and eat healthy and lose more weight. It will be a lot harder during recovery, so best to do as much as I can now! Will continue to research supplies and pick up a few things here and there. Looking into this: I have the supplements already in the Vitamedica kit, but the other items look great! Countdown to pre-op....July 15!

How I feel: Excited, not too nervous. I went through a stage where I was worried about blood clots and major emergencies, and now I'm more concerned about possible bad outcomes. We all want that ideal perfect looking natural body after a mommy makeover, but not everyone gets that. I think it's important to be realistic. I think at this point, there is no way I won't look better than I do now! I am definitely hoping and praying for no complications - things like capsular contracture scare me. Still, I feel very positive that I will get the look I've always wanted. I can't imagine what it will be like to not have this huge flap of skin in the way of everything and see a flat tummy. It's been ages! And, to have large natural looking breasts without padding and shaping and bombshell bras will be amazing. I truly can't wait! So, overall I feel excited and hopeful and optimistic. The patient coordinator for Dr. Lacerna has been great at answering my questions and being patient with me. At this point, I will save the rest for pre-op. I feel I have a better handle on things now that I have spent so much time on this site and online reading about everything.

More Before Pics

Here's the reason why I decided to have a mommy makeover! Can't wait to see this hanging flap disappear! These pictures were taken today at 157 lbs. I need to lose another 14-15 lbs to get to my ideal weight, and hoping I can get under 150 before the big day!

Supplies purchased so far...

I'm waiting on compression garments, scar therapies, laxatives, ice/heat until I go over recommendations from my PS at the pre-op. But, I figure this is a pretty safe list of things I can get in advance.

-Vitamedica Recovery Support Program (purchased at consult)
-Vitamedica Arnica Montana bottle (purchased at consult)

-Eden's Breast Augmentation Recovery kit (I doubled the bath, butter, salve to replace the supplements I already have):

- Boomerang pillow
- Tube top for under binder
- Fruit of the Loom Comfort Front Close Sports Bra, 2 Pack, Style 96014PK
- Fruit of the Loom Women's Seamless Padded Wirefree Front Close Bra, Style FT485
- Danskin Now 360 Seamless Zipper Sports Bra, Medium Impact

From amazon:
- Arnica gel
- Donut seat cushion pillow
- Facial cleansing towelettes
- Colgate wisps portable toothbrush
- Disposable bath wash cloths
- Go Girl female urinal

4 pairs of looser cropped sweatpants

Next- I plan to go to Macy's to get some short sleeved zip front hoodies and walmart to get some cheap button down shirts and a muu muu or two for the first day or two at home. I have heard pulling pants up and down is really tough, so this might help (?)

I know I will have scrips to fill, lab tests & and an EKG at pre-op. The rest of the items mentioned above I will buy right after pre-op when I know what the PS recommends.

I have a rice sizer that I will test with the bras- hope they will fit!

7 weeks to go!

Weight- 156, losing a pound a week seems so slow! But still think I have a good chance of getting under 150 by surgery. From that point I hope to lose at least 5 more and stabilize in the low 140s.

What's been happening this week:

-I booked/reserved the 24 hour care nurse for after my surgery. She's very friendly and knows what she's doing, so I feel very confident in having the extra help. She will drive me home and set me up and stay up through the night to watch me. She's going to take care of drains and show me how to do everything that I need to. Definitely think it's worth the $500 extra for this, but I will let you know afterwards!

- I heard back from the patient coordinator who spoke with Dr. Lacerna about my wish pics. Not only did she agree to no lift, but her plan is to go with 800ccs over the muscle. This will eliminate the chance of the double bubble & snoopy deformity that she told me about at the consult (and thus the need for a lift if going under the muscle). After tons of research on this, I really feel it's the best course. I don't like the risk of capsular contracture, but there is a risk going under too. So, I'm going for the gold with the best possible outcome for what I want to achieve and am not going to let certain potential risks keep me from that. Hoping for the best!

- Working on my questions for pre-op, will share it when it's complete!

- After talking to the nurse, decided to use my bed instead of recliner. She said if I get a back rest pillow & wedge, it's actually easier than the recliner. So, I got my mom to take the kids the night after surgery, so hubby can sleep in my daughter's room. The nurse also said it would be best if they didn't see me come in all hunched over and in pain with a strange lady! It might scare them. They'll do better the next day when I'm already set up and have rested. Glad my mom can take them for that night :-). If the bed doesn't work out, I can shift to the recliner, so no worries there.

- Made major headway on my supply list! I've probably overbought, but I'm the kind of person who really likes to be prepared. I've read soooo many reviews here on realself to get a sense of what kinds of things are useful for recovery. I realize these are not all must-haves, but hopefully will help a bit (or they will be returned later on!). I also created a to-do list of things that need to be done after pre-op and before surgery. I feel a lot more in control of the process if I have it written down. I'm horrible at remembering things. I will share these lists soon in case they might be helpful to someone else.

It's been 6 weeks since we decided to go for the MMO this summer and I made the call to the PS. Since that time so much has happened! It makes me smile to know so much has happened in these past weeks and is encouraging for what's to come!

Since May 4th:
- Got approval from PS to get the surgery despite wanting to lose more weight & recent weaning
- Fully weaned my youngest 5 weeks ago
- Have lost about 10lbs
- Had my consult & was able to book surgery for 8/3
- Figured out method of payment
- Husband was able to request that week off of work
- Went over procedures in detail with PS & got on the same page for the look I want
- Got the mommy makeover special price because of no lift
- Reserved a nurse for the first 24 hours
- Bought most of the supplies I will need
- Made plans for the weeks surrounding surgery
- Watched just about every video on realself & youtube about these procedures!
- Did a lot of reading of reviews & ?s regarding these procedures

That's a lot of progress!

Some questions I'm pondering at the moment, maybe someone out there can help answer?

1- What exactly do you wear under your binder? Do you wear large underwear and some type of top? Or do you wear some kind of shapewear under it?

2- What kinds of clothing are comfortable the first week?

3- For those of you who are fully healed- does your band size increase after a BA or just the cup size? Is it accurate to assume that every 200ccs = 1 cup size increase?

Focus for this next week- Keep on with the diet & exercise! Revise my list of questions for pre-op. Pick up a few more supplies. And continue to reading along on realself! Enjoying the kids being home and the ability to swim and stretch out and go places while I have the chance.

Fun with rice sizers :-)

I'm already set on the size I chose at pre-op, but I thought it would be good to try on the sizers to get an idea of bra size and how they look in different types of clothing. Made for a pretty fun afternoon, lol!

Why I'm choosing 800ccs:

1- I had really small boobs before my first pregnancy. I was barely a 34b and I was constantly stuffing, padding, and wear thick padded push-up bras and still looked tiny. I always knew one day I'd get a BA. I liked the curvy, voluptuous look. When I got pregnant my boobs immediately started growing and never stopped! I ended up a 38DD for a while! L-O-V-E-D them! So did hubby :-). After pregnancies and breastfeeding 5 babies and age - my boobs never went back down to what they were. On the contrary, they have been huge flat pancakes, empty sacs as a reminder of what once was. Seriously deflated, but the outer package is still there they just need to be filled to the max!

2- I know I want silicone and 800 is the largest you can go. I will not have booby greed knowing I went with the most ccs that I could have gone. My husband feels the same way.

3- I'm not a tiny gal at 5'6 and my goal weight of 140 isn't even tiny, so I should look pretty well proportioned.

4- If I'm going to go through the pain and suffering of all this and pay for it, I better have something to show for it! If I wanted a subtle change, I'd stick with the bombshell bra :-).

So, attached are the rice sizers under various kinds of clothing. I discovered a few things today:

1- They were pretty heavy at first and I will definitely need some supportive bras!

2- I think they are the PERFECT size! Definitely not porn star huge. I bet some people won't even notice. I wear heavily padded bras now, so the change won't be as dramatic as it would be if I wore non-padded bras or sports bras around. I was actually surprised at how natural the ricers looked! I found a front hook bra that I never used as a maternity sleep bra and it's size 38. Stretched to fit the ricers pretty well, just not a whole lot of support on the bottom.

3- I don't have plans to sport a bikini or take tons of lingerie/naked pictures of myself. What really matter is how the girls will look under everyday type clothes. That is why the try-on was really helpful to me. Yes, I look forward to wearing some new lingerie and yes, it's nice to have the option to wear a bikini (still probably won't!) and yes I want to look great naked but 95% of the time I'm just a regular mom doing regular mom things and want to look good in clothes without drawing crazy attention to myself. I think a lot of people are afraid to go too big, but most of the time I think people end up too small with hardly a noticeable difference. You can look really big naked or in a bikini top, but put those same boobies under regular clothes and they disappear. That's why I'm going with 800s- I want to look like I have boobs in whatever I wear :-).

6 weeks left & ready to go!!

Weight- 154 lbs, down 2 pounds since last week and feel like I'm making better progress. I finally made it under 25 BMI....woohoo! At this rate I *should* be 148ish by surgery. I will be thrilled to get back into the 140s. My target weight is 140 and I'll continue the healthy eating & exercising regime as soon as I'm able after recovery to lose the last of it. I usually settle into the low-mid 130s but I'm actually going to switch to maintain mode when I hit 140 this time. When I weigh in the 130s I start to lose my butt and start looking "skinny", which I don't want with the new huge boobies! I think 140 is a nice trim looking, while not being skinny, weight for me and I'll be in a size 4-6 at that point. I'm wearing an 8 now. Saw my sister today and she noticed the weight loss without me telling her I was doing anything. That always makes a girl feel good :-).

This past week was all about gathering supplies, organizing my pre-op question list, and making a to-do list of what needs to be done before surgery. I feel so much better now with all of this written out! I pretty much feel ready to go, other than wanting to lose more weight and enjoy some summer fun with my kiddos before going under the knife.

I'll share my supply list now and later I'll post my pre-op questions & to-do list. I feel better being ultra-organized (guess you have to be with 5 kids and a husband!). I'm not sure if all of these things will be used, but I wanted to have them on hand in case. Am I missing anything??? Please let me know :-).


Cropped lightweight sweatpants in a looser style
Lots of yoga pants in varying sizes (my current wardrobe staple)
Coobie Bras (3- 2 large, 1 full size)
Danskin zippered sports bra in 2XL
Fruit of the Loom front closure hook bras (4 of these, 2 in XL, 2 in size 40 since they run small)
Boomerang pillow
Go Girl female urinal
Face & body wipes
Colgate wisps
Donut pillow for sitting in the recliner for long periods
Arnica gel
Eden's recovery kit- boobie wash, boobie butter, scar salve
Vitamedica recovery program- am/pm supplements, arnica, bromelain w/quercetin
Bendy straws
Heading pad
Coconut Oil
Traction socks
Vit C
Back Rest Pillow
Leg Wedge Pillow
Maidenform high waist boyshort (M)
Camisoles/tank tops for under binder
Granny panties to avoid scar area
Surgilax (combination stool softner & laxative)
Probiotics to take during round of antibiotics (Vitamedica brand)
Pill Organizer
Therapearl back pad with strap
Lashinoh therapearl breast packs
Extra Pillows
Button pajamas
Zipper Robe
Dry shampoo
Various spanx, waist cinchers, shapewear to try (these are ones I have from a couple years ago, might be too big)
Storage baskets
Short sleeve zippered hoodies
Shower chair (borrowed)


Walker- to borrow only, if I can't find one, no big deal
Wound care supplies (waiting on pre-op for details)
Prescriptions (after pre-op, these will be covered by insurance & hsa)
Scar therapy- my PS uses silicone scar sheeting, but I will ask about other creams
Compression garments- will ask PS for preferences on style, size, brand

CG Ideas: (all of these are relatively inexpensive & get good reviews)
Maidenform® Self Expressions® Women's Suddenly Skinny! Firm Control Hi-Waist Boyshort
Maidenform flexees romper
Maidenform flexees easy up waist nipper
Maidenform flexees waist nipper firm control

Healthy frozen meals
Protein Drinks
Protein bars
Werthers instead of cough drops
Lots of fresh fruit

A note on compression garments- I really don't like shapewear of any kind! One of the major reasons I have decided to get a tummy tuck in the first place. I'm in FL and it's hot year round and I find shapewear to be sweaty, itchy, hard to go to the bathroom in, they roll down or roll up and push fat in other places, they are tight and uncomfortable after eating, seams show through clothing, etc. I will wear what my PS recommends for the time frame she gives me, but that is it! I am not going to be wearing shapewear for life and thus do not want to spend hundreds on dollars on these. My PS will give me a binder and one compression garment, so these are technically not a necessity. But I do think it would be nice to have a couple extra for washing. I would much rather save the money and spend it on a new post recovery wardrobe!

I don't expect to spend much more on supplies. It's nice to have this taken care of in advance :-).

Next on my to do list: Really not much for the next 3 weeks. Continue working on weight loss, enjoy some family coming to visit, and being active with the kiddos while I still can! Of course, I stalk this site daily, which is so helpful and encouraging. But I have watched every video here and most mommy makeover videos on youtube and have read and researched so much, I'm ready for a break! I feel good about my mommy makeover plans and just about ready to go! In mid-July around the time of my pre-op I will have lots to do, but until then I'm taking it easy.

Right now, I am....

38 days away!

-impatient, but the wait will be worth it! We have family visiting next week, so that should speed things up a bit.

-trying to lose 5 lbs before surgery. Some weeks it comes off easier than others. This week the scale has not been my friend.

-moisturizing with coconut oil daily. I put it on the future incision site of my tummy tuck and the upper portion of my abdomen where the skin will be pulled down. I also put it on my breasts. I have read that this can help prevent new stretch marks and condition the skin. We'll see, right?! At least it smells and feels great and can't hurt :-).

-worried about how I'll handle my almost 3 year old at the 2 week mark. At that point everyone is back in school & work and I'll be on my own with him. Hoping I'll be able to keep him entertained. I will have a hard time not being able to lift and hold him. Think I'll get some new toys for a distraction!

-reading about lymphatic massage, scar therapy, and trying to find others getting the same size and type of BA as I am.

-wondering if my list of questions for my pre-op is too long! My consult was pretty quick and I have communicated with the patient coordinator a bit, but I've saved my questions about details for the pre-op. I also need to take the pics, pay the remainder, get all pre & post op instructions, scrips, labs and ekg, etc. My husband does not want to be there all day, so I might need to pare it down a bit!

-happy that I have the initial supplies purchased, questions organized for pre-op, and my to-do list ready with things to do before surgery. I have quite a bit to do, but it feels good having it all written down.

-thinking about everything I need to prepare before school starts. 4 of my 5 kids have birthdays between July-September and school starts August 17th. That's a lot of shopping & planning that needs to be done before surgery. I'd like to go into surgery without worrying about these things and just focus on recovery. I need to sort closets and organize drawers and all that too.

-super excited to lose the belly fat and gain the boobs! Can't wait to see what the final result will be. I have to pinch myself sometimes that this is really happening.

-exhausted because I have been up since 2:30am with a puking 2 year old. He's better now thank goodness, but it was a R-O-U-G-H night. Glad that the house cleaners come on Fridays so all evidence has been erased now. Hoping for a better night tonight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


(Less than) 5 weeks to go!

34 days left!

Weight- It's been a tough week, I hadn't lost anything all week until today and that's because I was sick in bed all day yesterday. So now I'm down to 152 :-). I think (hope) I can surpass my original goal of 150 by surgery. BMI is now 24.5.

Update to supply list- I ended up getting one more of the therapearl back packs because I read they only last 20 minutes or so. This way I can have one on and one in the freezer. After lying in bed all day yesterday, weak and with muscle spasms along my back, I realized that having a walker might be a must for the first week or two! I ended up ordering a cheap one on Amazon. I also saw some reviews where people were saying that it was a lifesaver, so I'd rather have it on hand, instead of needing it and not having it.

My daughter thinks I'm having a mid-life crisis, but this week I started looking over all my bodily imperfections and making plans to fix other areas after the MMO. I definitely need to get my veins - both varicose & spider- treated again soon. I had major work on them about 4 years ago, but since having another baby, I have developed new veins that need to be removed. I also have an old scar on my back that I will look into treating with laser. I guess it's never ending!

Summers are very busy around here with 4 kids birthdays (July-Sept) and back to school shopping in the middle of it. My kids go back 8/17. Seeing as how I don't plan on doing anything other than recovering in early August, I need to get all the shopping, organizing, planning done early this year. It's always a lot of work, but I've made good headway already. I hope to have rooms and closets sorted and shopping done by the end of July.

This week we have family staying with us for the holiday, and that will definitely make the time fly by. I hit the one month mark on Friday! I think my biggest fear is that something will prevent me from having surgery. Having the entire family drop like flies with some kind of crazy virus this week reminds me that anything can happen when you least expect it. I just hope that we're healthy for the rest of the summer!

4 weeks to go!!

Wow, I can't believe there is less than a month left now! I have so much going on in the next few weeks that I hope it really speeds up the time for me.

Weight- I probably dropped about a 1/2 pound this week, so about 151/152 now. That's not too bad seeing as how we had family staying with us, and tons of food & sweets around and absolutely no exercise! I am definitely planning on taking it up a few notches this week and getting back into gear. I "feel" a lot thinner now (total weight loss of about 22 pounds in the past 3 months) and my clothes fits so much looser. It's really encouraging! Without the belly hang, even at this weight, I know I will look pretty good and definitely fit into a size 6. Still confident I can get under 150 by surgery and in the near future down to 140. I figure what's another 11-12 pounds after already losing 22?!

Things I need to do soon:
Get my house in order - organize closets and rooms while I can still move around easily
Get everything purchased for birthdays & school in so I don't have to worry during recovery
Organize my supplements & skin care regime
Revise my pre-op question list
Diet & exercise!

Pre-op is NEXT week!! At that point, it will really begin to feel real! I will post a pic soon of my weight loss progress. That's been a huge part of my mommy makeover journey. I'm finally starting to not feel like a huge fat shapeless blob. So much so that I want to get rid of my frumpy wardrobe- but I will wait until after the MMO :-).

How I look now & organized supplies

I wanted to post a progress picture of how I look now, so I can remember how far I've come over the next few months! I really really hate the hanging fat skin near my hips. I really really hope this will be taken off, will confirm that at pre-op! I also can't stand my stretched out belly button and the massive amount of stretch marks around it. I know that the ones above the belly button can't be cut off, so I wonder how bad it will look pulled down and stretched out? My boobs have gotten smaller with the weight loss also. The 38D bras no longer fit. In fact, I'm quite sure I'm a 36 now, probably a C but not filling out the top. The problem is that with Cs I spill over on the sides. Guess I have wide boobs (?). I wear the same stretchy bra (not the one pictured) all the time, so I don't know exactly what size I am now. Can't wait to throw away all my old bras!

I went gung ho on organizing every room of my house this week and decided to finish with my closets. For now, I have organized all my supplies in these little basket bins. I will wash everything the week before. When I get my prescriptions I will sort everything into the pill organizer. I plan to put most of this near my bed, but some in the bathroom. After pre-op I'll probably buy another couple compression garments. I'm thinking I'll like the waist cincher kind that don't impede going to the bathroom. I also need some alcohol prep pads and possibly gauze/abd pads/bacitracin- I"ll wait and see what my PS says. I think that's about it! Still have 26 days, but going by fast!

3 weeks to go!!

Weight- This was a good week! I'm down to 148, so about 2-3 lbs were lost this week :-)! It's wonderful to have finally reached a goal that I have had for the last 2 months - to get to 150 or less before surgery. Now, I *might* be able to get to 145, which would be amazing. Then, I would only have 5-8 or so for after surgery.

I had my first surgery related nightmare the other night! First of all, I ended up with the wrong implants. I think they were 400s and I want 800s. It was a major disappointment! Then, I was totally unprepared. I couldn't find the supplements I needed and I was digging around everywhere trying to locate them. I ended up taking a long walk in a city somewhere trying to do some errands (this being the day of/day after surgery!). I also felt like no one was helping me, so I had to do everything myself. I was so glad to wake up and realize it was just a dream!

Today I started sorting all of my supplements for pre & post op. Currently I have: Vitamedica Morning & Evening Support pills, Arnica tabs, Bromelain with Quercetin, Surgilax (laxative/softener), and probiotics. I also have boobie bath and boobie butter that should be started a week prior. All of this stuff before I even have my scrips! I was trying to write down when to take everything when it dawned on me that there must be an app for this! I found one and next project is to start inputting everything into the app with reminders/alarms so I don't have to think about when to take everything.

Pre-op is on Wednesday! We're supposed to take care of these things: final payment, all pre-op & post-op instructions, lab work, ekg, pre-op pictures, prescriptions, and going over all the procedures and q&a. That's a LOT to do! My husband will be meeting me from work and I'm hoping he can be there for the instructions part and then just go home. This is it until the big day, so it becomes real after this!!

Here is my extensive list of questions. Some of these will probably be answered in the course of going over instructions, but I have them written just in case. I had a short consult, asked some questions via email afterwards, but have pretty much left the rest for the pre-op.

How low & wide will the tummy tuck incision be? And go over areas to be "tucked"
Plans for muscle repair
Will I have a scar from old belly button? Confirm no t-scar
LIPO- what areas, what kind of lipo?
Drains & pain pump instructions /removal
Is incision covered in steri-strip or glued or open? How to treat, what do I need?

Review favorite picture, size, profile, incision, placement.
Asymmetry issue.
WHAT IS CC RATE %? Things done to avoid this.
VIT E? (dosage),
Types of bras for after surgery

What time will surgery begin?
How long total & how long each procedure?
How much time before I wake up? estimated time to leave surgery center?
Discuss what to tell Nurse.

What are potential risks & complications to watch for?
Rupture, Blood Clots, Deep Vein Thrombosis, CC, seroma, dog ears.
Review Revision policy

What procedures are in place to deal with an emergency? What if I have problems?
Signs to look for - emergency.

Go over provided garments & supplies
Waist cinchers? Recommendations & when
Anti-embolism stockings- take home or do I need to buy?
Use ice packs or heat?
Wound care- Dressing/pads/antiobiotic ointment/surgical tape/bandages?
Scar care- strips, etc? (what is provided?) What to use for best outcome for scars? When?

How long until I can get back to my normal routine? Ask about lifting toddler.
How often are post-op appts?
When can I shower?
Lymphatic Massage - recommendation, when, how often
Scar pressure massage

I'll try to post an update later this week with answers :-). 21 days from now I will be done, still doesn't seem real to me!

Pre-op Complete!

I had my pre-op yesterday and I'm still digesting all the information I received! I thought I would be anxious afterwards, but I'm actually more excited. Order of events that took place: blood work (2 vials drawn) & ekg (normal); consents, all pre & post op instruction (also given my scrips), pre-op pictures, meeting with the PS, and final payment. I will hear from the OR nurse next week to confirm the time I need to arrive and that's it!

Answers to my pre-op questions:

muscle repair- yes
will I have a t-scar or vertical scar - no
lipo- just a small area around waist, regular lipo
brand of implant- allergan
breast massage- yes, will explain at 2 day post op
bras after surgery- use the one I'm given for 6 weeks
length of surgery - 5 hours
garments- she wants me to use the ones given to me only, no need to buy anything else
heat or ice- stay away from heat & ice on belly for the first 2 weeks, ice can be used on breasts but not incision area
lymphatic massage- she has someone she recommends, first visit is free, this is highly recommended for healing
scar therapy- she has a lot to offer for this and will advise at post-op appts as to best course depending on how my scars look

Other interesting notes from pre-op:

- PS decided to change incision from peri-areolar to infra-mammary since I'm not getting the donut lift

- I get 25 units of free botox because I'm getting Allergan implants

- I asked about my slight asymmetry issue - instead of using different sized implants, she will check out a different profile. My left side is wider than my right and she thinks that might even it out. She'll try it out during surgery to see what looks best. She said that unless there is a big size difference, using different sized implants often results in the smaller side ending up too big. Final plans are 800cc high profile Allergan silicone implants with inframammary crease incision.

- I realize now that I didn't need to buy granny panties, because I was told to wear bikinis to surgery. Also, she told me that I really don't need additional bras or garments because she wants me to wear the ones provided. I wish now I wouldn't have bought so many bras! But, glad I waited on compression garments.

- They do recommend a walker because they want me to walk hunched for a while and not put pressure on the incision. So, walking hunched is a good thing! Glad I got the walker :-).

- Scrips came to a total of $29.55 after insurance, nice surprise!

- I was advised to go on a clear liquid diet for the 3 days preceding surgery and start taking the muscle relaxer those 3 nights at bedtime.

Flexeril (muscle relaxer)
Percocet (pain)
Ativan (anxiety)
Cephalexin (antibiotic)

The gear I will have after surgery:
Fentanyl Transdermal patch (pain relief)
Foley catheter (24-48 hours)
Scopolamine patch (nausea)
Leg compression device
On-q pain pump
Drains - 2
Spirometer (to measure breathing)

I was given a drain chart and told to jot down the spirometer readings at the top. It's nice to only have 4 scrips, probably the patches & pain pump help eliminate some. Overall, I feel my PS is very proactive in her approach and has me well prepared with what to expect. I have several pages of instructions to continue to read over.

Next steps- Trying to create a log chart for the meds & supplements and will put this on a clipboard with the drain/spirometer chart. Also any notes for me to remember and all the instruction sheets I was given. That way it will all be in one spot. These will be my hard copies, but I plan to use a Pill reminder app as well, so I need to set that up on my ipad/iphone. The final preps like setting up my recovery area and getting everything out will wait til the last week.

18 days to go!

2 weeks left!

It's finally starting to seem real now!

Weight: Not the best week for me. I maybe lost a half pound and teetering between 147-148. This usually happens after I have a great week, so I'm not too surprised. Seeing as how I'll be on a clear liquid diet 3 days before surgery, I still have a chance to get to 145-146 by surgery. I'm vowing to be more active this week and hopefully that will help shed at least a pound.

Today I started the Recovery Support Program supplements along with Probiotics. I won't start the Bromelain & Arnica until the end of next week. I have heard these really help with healing, and I hope that's the case for me!

I got all my scrips filled and spent my weekend trying to come up with a good system of organization. I tend to overthink things and I'm sure most people probably spend a whole 10 minutes on what took hours for me! I also spent some time reading over my scrips and making sure I understand how/when to use them. I have 4 scrips, but also 5 supplements, which is a lot to keep track of. I'm using my pill organizer (7 days / 4 times a day organizer) starting with surgery day - 6 days post op. I figure if that works well, I can refill at at the one week mark. I put my supplements and antibiotics in there, because those are fixed time medications. The other 3 - Pain, Muscle Relaxer, and Anti-anxiety are considered take as needed. I will keep these in the bottles and have the nurse log when those are taken the first day. When she leaves, I'll set an alarm to keep rotating on a 4 hour schedule so I don't forget. Before surgery, I'm using a Pill Reminder app to alert me when to take my supplements. I'm stopping the reminders on my surgery day. After the nurse leaves on Day 2, I'll use the Walgreens pill reminder app (only one I can find with a true alarm!) for my middle of the night reminders. I don't need reminders for the pills in the organizer because those can all be taken during waking hours. I also created a medicine log with a description of what the pills look like, what they are taken for, and the instructions and dosage. That way my husband and the nurse will know what to do if I'm out of it after surgery. And I have a medicine log to chart the times the pain/muscle relaxer/anti-anxiety meds are taken.

My plan right now is to have a continuous dose of the pain pills, but rotate them. I'll take a Percocet every 8 hours instead of every 4, but at the 4 hour mark take the muscle relaxer and somewhere in there the anxiety meds. It will stretch it out a bit from 4-6 hours to 8 hours, but with the pain patch and pain pump, I think I will be fine. Plus I'll have some kind of pain meds every 4 hours the first few days. Of course, if the pain is worse than expected, I can always take it more often. We'll see how it goes!

I have two clipboards - one with medication list, medication log chart, drain/spirometer chart, and a list to jot down post-op questions. The other with instructions/reminders, and warning & emergency signs. I'm going to put a small table next to my bed to hold the clipboards, my meds, and my little bins of supplies, bottled water, etc.

Things l need to do- touch base with the nurse to go over final plans, email the patient coordinator with a few questions I have since pre-op, create a written routine for family members so they know what to do with running the household, and get a call from the OR Wednesday with arrival instructions. The final preparations will come next week and I should be good to go!

Right now I'm still more excited than nervous, but more nervous than I have been so far! I think my biggest concern is getting a great outcome. I hope I'm one of the vast majority that says this is the best decision they've made and not one of the few that totally regrets it. I hope I don't have major complications, heck I hope I don't have minor complications either! I just want everything to go smoothly and to end up really glad I chose to do this. I hope healing goes well and that I can ease back into a normal routine. I do realize that the 2 week - 2 month recovery stage will probably be the toughest because you just want to be back to normal at that point. I know I need to be patient and think I'm going into this with realistic expectations. Like most other moms, I hope I'm not too much of a burden to my family, especially after the initial recovery stage.

I can't believe that 2 weeks from now I will be back at home recovering. 2 weeks left with my belly flap and stretch marks and 2 weeks left with my deflated boobs!

10 days & counting.....OR pre-op complete!

Yesterday the OR nurse called and did a pre-op over the phone. Basically went over arrival time and some of the other details. She told me my labs came back normal (yay!) and that I would be getting a strong antibiotic in the IV, so no need to start the antibiotic until after surgery. She said the best thing to wear is a muumuu and slip on sandals. So, nothing cute for me! Went to walmart and found something acceptable that should work. She said to be there at 7:30am sharp! I'm the first surgery after vacation for the PS and all the staff :-).

Today, my 24 hour nurse called and went over everything I need. She recommended some kind of bed pads, so I ordered some cheap disposable ones from Amazon. She said she'd stay with me as long as needed the day after, which is nice. I know I will be in good hands.

It will be interesting to see which supplies really come in handy for me and which ones were totally unnecessary. I will try to post about that after the procedure, but of course it's different for everyone.

I did pick up some wound care supplies- abd pads, gauze, tape, bacitracin, maxi pads (tummy), pantiliners (breast incisions), neosporin and aquaphor. That should do it, I hope!

I went to the water park the other day and was extremely self conscious in my bathing suit. First of all, it's huge because I bought it 27 pounds heavier, so it's loose and baggy. And I had bigger boobs when I first got it. I'm now seriously deflated! All I can say is that the surgery couldn't be at a better time. I forgot what weight loss does to the girls!

Anyways, this is my last normal weekend before I'm on a clear liquid diet and packing for the surgery center :-). I still have some things to do, but not a whole lot. I am planning on printing routines out for family members so they know how to handle the 2 y/o and household in general. My daughter's birthday is Tuesday and we are getting pedicures and I'm getting facial waxing so I won't have to worry about it for a while. I need to think of what to buy for the clear liquid diet and set up my recovery station next week. Wash things and start the rest of my supplements. I bought school supplies early (supplies for 4 kids = no joke!), so we can organize them next week. I think I have enough to do to keep me busy without being overwhelmed.

This month has really flown by! I plan on using the pool a lot these next few days because I know I'll really miss it for 6 weeks! And overall just enjoy my mobility without pain or worry. I don't think I'm overly nervous, I"m just hoping everything turns out well.

Have a great weekend ladies!

Almost there......1 week to go!

Weight: I'm currently at 146, BMI 23.6. I think I might actually get to 145 in the next 7 days due to the clear liquid diet coming up later this week! Overall, very happy with weight loss progress. I think this is a good weight to go in with and I'll only have about 8-10 lbs to lose afterwards. I was told that losing 20+ lbs after a MMO is not a good idea, and that was back when I needed to lose that much. I've come a far way! It's nice to hear that people notice too. It took about 20 lbs before anyone said anything! I posted some pics here of me from this morning. Tummy has gone down dramatically since the first pictures posted on my review, but the loose hanging skin and weak muscles are still there. Soon to be gone forever!

Nerves- Yes, they are setting in a bit! No problems falling asleep, but I wake up early with lots on my mind and can't get back to sleep. I probably spent too much time this weekend reading explant stories (very bad idea!). I have plenty to do this week, which should make it go by quickly, but I'm already dreading the weekend when there is less to do and will probably drag on forever. My nervousness isn't really focused on the actual surgery or the pain that will follow, but more on the length of the recovery and how long it will take to get back to normal. I am very type A and run every detail of the household and can't imagine going very long without taking charge of things. Also the thought of not holding or lifting or playing with my soon to be 3 year old is tough. It's like I want to get the surgery and flash forward a few months and resume normal life. Another worry is that I'll have some kind of complication or less than desirable results, but I'm going in thinking positive and expecting good things!

This week- I started using Boobie Bath followed by Boobie Butter to prepare the tatas for their big day. I'm continuing with coconut oil on the parts of my belly that won't get cut off. Continuing with the Recovery Support Program morning & evening supplements and probiotics. I start the Bromelain & Arnica on Friday, which is also the day I'll attempt to begin the clear liquid diet. I'm getting a pedicure & waxing done tomorrow and my hair dyed this weekend. I'll be going shopping to stock up on post-surgery food items and easy meals for the kids. Later this week, I'll set up my "recovery station" and do a bunch of laundry. Don't know what I would do without my cleaning ladies who come every Friday! Haven't decided yet what if I'll have them come the first Friday I'm out or skip that week. Lots of pool time (if it ever stops raining!) because I won't be able to swim for a while.

A note on my pics- You can see I have a lot of stretch marks above the belly button, probably about 30% of them. Even though I'm going in knowing that the top ones won't be removed, I'm hoping they look better stretched out on my lower belly. I know that is one area of potential disappointment for me. I'm also hoping that my belly button looks natural and doesn't scar badly. I've seen some pretty botched belly buttons. The huge scar (as long as it's not super high), I can deal with and I"m already a fan of Dermablend, so I don't mind having to use it.

Why I chose to do this (note to self for future reflection):

1- I want to look good in clothes!
2- I don't want to feel my belly in my lap
3- I want to have an actual waistline
4- I want a full chest instead of flat hanging pancakes
5- I want to be able to wear more than yoga pants and loose tops
6- No more babies and turning 40, ready for a sexy new look instead of looking like a middle aged blob
7- Excited to rekindle some romance after being married 16 years, I know I will be in the mood more often if I look better :-)
8- If not now, when? Still young enough to enjoy for many years to come.

Good luck to all of those going in this week....thinking of you!

Telling vs Not Telling & Plans for the kids...

The only one who knows everything about my MMO plans is my husband! My 14 y/o daughter knows I'm getting it done, but doesn't have all the details about the breasts. I told her I was getting a lift (back when I was) and going to get a fat transfer. I know that's a lie, but I didn't feel comfortable telling her about the implants because I was a little concerned she might tell friends - more on why that matters in a minute. My boys (ages 2 3/4, 7 1/2, almost 10, almost 12) have been told I'm having surgery on my back. I might tell the oldest about the tummy tuck, we'll see how it goes afterwards. They don't really care about the details at this point in their lives. I just want them to know that mom will not be herself for a while. My sister knows about the TT and the lift (again told her when I thought I was getting a lift). My parents know about the TT. That's it!! My in-laws don't know and none of my friends. I don't work, so that's not an issue. If my mom asks about the boobs, I'll stick with the fat transfer story. She's very critical and I don't want to deal with any negativity. She's very small breasted and proud and I can just hear her now!

Reasoning behind the secrecy- my kids go to a small private school where everyone knows everyone. We also go to a small church, where everyone talks, etc. If my kids know and start telling people (which they do!), then EVERYONE will know! I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I'm pregnant because one of my kids says something random to a friend that gets passed along to a teacher, etc. It's a pretty conservative environment and I don't want to be looked down upon nor do I want people to assume I got this done and haven't put tons of effort into losing weight and trying to look better on my own. I just don't see the positive outcome of people knowing. That was another reason I chose to do this over the summer, hopefully when I start seeing everyone it will be like "wow you lost weight" instead of "wow you have huge boobs"!! And people won't really notice me being MIA at this time of year. Anyway, I don't feel it's anyone's business really and I'm very happy to keep this to ourselves. I do hope it works out that way!

As far as plans for the kids- the 24 hour nurse suggested having them stay with my parents the first night and come to see me after I"m all set up and rested a bit. Otherwise it might scare the little ones. My mom will be taking them on Monday afternoon and they'll spend the night there (they live 4 blocks away). Tuesday she's planning on taking them somewhere fun and they'll stop by to see me. They will spend a second night at their house. Wednesday they'll be back home, but my mom will have them over in the evenings for dinner for the next 10 days or so. My husband is home the first week, but I want him to focus mostly on me and not the crazy kiddos the first few days :-). The second week, I'll have my oldest help me a lot - she's used to making breakfast and lunch and changing diapers and putting the little guy down for a nap and bed. I actually think that might be a tougher week because I'll really want to be back to normal, but won't be. My oldest 4 start school on 8/17 and at that point I'll be left with my almost 3 year old. I'll have some challenges like diaper changes (although he can climb up to the changing table) and in/out of car seat. He likes to be held a lot! I have a number of things to do at home with him, but also hope to get out to a local indoor play area to let him run and burn off energy. Not sure if I'll be up to regular cooking, laundry, etc at that point or not, guess I'll have to take it one day at a time.

6 days!!

All about the boobs....

Along with a full tummy tuck with muscle & hernia repair, I'm getting 800ccs high profile silicone implants placed over the muscle with incision in the breast crease.

I've discussed the reasons before why I chose 800ccs (see June 16th post). My PS decided on over the muscle because under the muscle without a lift could very well result in the snoopy deformity or a double bubble. I chose not to have a lift because I am not after a perky high round look, but more of a naturally voluptuous mature look. I want to look like a naturally large breasted woman at my age would look like. I'm not trying to be 20 years old again. My husband and I both agree on the the "perfect look" for me and I'm glad, because it would be no fun otherwise! Additionally, I don't scar that great and the thought of vertical scars or even scars around the nipple are very worrisome for me. So, over the muscle it is!

A few notes about going over the muscle- this is the most common placement worldwide except for the US. Doctors started going under the muscle when saline were the only implants they could use and it was to prevent rippling. Going under the muscle involves cutting muscles and can actually (or does actually according to one site I read) deform the chest wall. Getting the implants in and out is much easier going over the muscle and provides some of the most natural looking results. Some studies show there is an increased risk of capsular contracture going over the muscle, but other studies show the risk is about the same. Going over the muscle- the implant and natural breast tissue act as one without the muscle separating the two. Sounds good enough for me.

My goal going in is to look good in and out of clothes. I want a natural large look in clothes because implants tend to disappear when people aren't wear tight cleavage baring tops. But, yet, I want to be able to wear a looser top and not have to flaunt them when I don't want to. I hope I have realistic expectations! I have seen many pics of 800s and on some they look kind of small and on others they look really big. I won't know until I have it done! I really can't wait and I still think this is the perfect size for me. My husband is super excited too!

5 more sleeps :-)

Recovery Station Pics - Recliner vs Bed

I did a dry run of my recovery station today. We have two cats, so I'm putting everything in a closet until the weekend. I brought a table in my room that can be pulled up to the bed once I"m in it and also notice the step stool to help if I need it. I have no idea what will work and what won't, but at least I will have these things handy. I'm keeping the wound care and skin care items in the bathroom. I washed the bras, underwear, and clothing I bought to wear afterwards today and rearranged my drawers so I don't have to bend to get these things. I'll take a pic soon of my lovely "coming home" outfit!

I have read a lot about beds vs recliners vs medical rental recliners vs hospital beds, etc. We have a recliner at home, just a regular one, not a medical lift one. A lot of people recommend a recliner to stay in the V shape, so I assumed that would be the way I'd do it. My 24 hour nurse said to forget that and just use the bed with lots of special pillows (see pics, I have a ton!). She said I'll feel a lot more comfortable in my own bed. So, that is the route I'm going. If it doesn't work out, I can always have my husband transfer the recliner into our bedroom. It seems to me a lot of people look forward to getting back into their own bed, so hopefully I will like being in the bed from the get go. I realize getting in and out will be the toughest and I worry about all the pillows staying in place! We'll see how it goes.

I can't believe how close I'm getting now....4 days!

Pre-Surgery Diet & close now!!

It was highly recommended by my PS to begin a clear liquid diet 3 days before surgery. And from reading all of the horror stories about constipation and struggles on the toilet seat post-op, I have decided that I will comply! Instead of 3 full days, though, I'm going for 2 1/2. This morning I had yogurt and a bran muffin, for lunch I had a small panini, followed by a cupcake (because at this point I figured why not). Then the liquid diet began with jello for dinner. I made dinner for the rest of the family, so that was hard! I'm hungry and wondering how I will make it on broth, popsicles, jello, and vitamin water these next few days!

I'm taking the Vitamedica Recovery Support vitamins. These were started 2 weeks before my surgery date and I've been taking 3 morning pills and 3 evening pills since then. I will continue this for about 2 weeks post-op. I've also been taking probiotics since then and will up the dose while I'm on antibiotics and then go back to just one a day for regular maintenance. I started Bromelain with Quercetin today. That's 2 pills 3x a day and continuing for a week post-op. At that time I plan on switching to Turmeric with Quercetin. Tomorrow I'll begin the Arnica. Thank goodness for my pill reminder app or I'd already be lost on what to take when and with what!

My PS also wants me to start Flexeril (muscle relaxer) the 3 nights before surgery to loosen the muscles. So, I start that tonight too.

A while back I stumbled upon the website - Eden Knows Implants. She has a great series of daily emails all about implants which was super helpful to me. I really wanted her Boobie Bath, Boobie Butter, and Scar Salve, but I already had the supplements in her Recovery Kit and didn't want to purchase the whole thing. She was sweet enough to work with me and sell me 2 of each of the items I wanted without the supplements. She also just came out with Better Boobies cream for daily moisturizing which I also had to have! I have been using the bath & butter for the past few days and love it!

Not much else to do now other than not get sick and try to survive on the clear liquid diet. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed, organizing the things to take to the surgery center and laying everything out. Also want to give my husband a "tour" of where everything is located. Sunday the ring comes off, the contacts come out, I wash with hibiclens, and try to get some rest!


Ready to be done!

Has this been the longest day ever?! I'm about 29 hours into the clear liquid diet and it is NO fun! I'm at the point where all I'm looking forward to is eating regular food. I'm still cooking for the family, so that makes it really hard to smell the food and touch it, but not be able to eat it. Trying to focus on other things is pretty tough. Today I've consumed a quart of chicken broth, several Werthers hard candies, about 4-5 jello single serving size containers, and lots of water. I haven't had a BM since yesterday morning, so hopefully I won't be backed up before surgery!

I'm going to take a hot bath and watch some tv and call it an early night. Maybe with nerves setting in tomorrow the day will seem to go by faster!

15 hour countdown!

I've been on the clear liquid diet for about 51 hours now and I have to say it's much easier today. I'm done in the kitchen so the temptation to eat something is less and now I just have to get through the night.

I posted a pic of what I'm wearing to/from surgery. I was told a muu muu was the best option, and this was the cutest I could find! I'm wearing it will crocs because I think I'll have hose on and my regular sandals won't work. Hair in a high ponytail, bikinis so they can mark a low incision line, and an old bra that I never intend to wear again. I need to bring my prescriptions & ID with me.

My 24 hour nurse called today to check in with me and we are all set to go! I was glad we went over a few details because she mentioned icing my TT area, which is a big no-no. Apparently some PS's do this, but mine told me not to and everything I've read about it is not good. But I do plan to ice my armpits and top of my chest 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

I talked to both of my parents today and got everything squared away for the kids. Now I'm just waiting for my husband's show to be over, so I can give him the tour of where my food and things are located and go over meds, etc. He's incredibly calm :-).

Tonight I do a full body wash with hibiclens, take out my contacts, take off my ring. Tomorrow I'll be waking up at 5:30am and will wash my hair and do another full body wash with hibiclens. I hope I don't forget to NOT put on deodorant or lotion! No water after 11pm tonight for me, but I can brush my teeth and not swallow.

That about sums it up! I was more nervous yesterday than today. I feel ready and excited and a little nervous too, but mostly excited and I can't wait! Hope I can get some sleep tonight!

Just about time!

I'm all set to go and just waiting for my husband to get out of the shower. We're leaving at 6:45 to give us plenty of time to be there at 7:30. Did not get much sleep at all!!! I did sleep a little, so I guess I can catch up on rest later.

Biggest complaint right now is dry mouth from not drinking anything since about 10:40 last night. I'm so used to hydrating myself in the morning with loads of water and coffee.

Final weigh in before surgery: 144, BMI of 23.2! I'm very pleased. Total weight loss of 29 lbs since I began less than 4 months ago. It's not a crazy amount, but I did it the old-fashioned way with watching calories and getting some exercise in almost every day. For me, the best way is the tried and true way of losing weight because it stays off. Now, I only need to lose about 7 lbs and I will be at my ideal weight. I think that's really doable and it's encouraging :-).

I'm slated to be home around 1 or 1:30 (EST) and I'll have the 24 hour nurse with me. Not sure if/when I"ll be able to update next, but I hope to get a little quick review in later today to let you know I'm on the flatside!

I want to thank everyone for all the prayers, well wishes, and support leading up to my MMO! I have learned pretty much everything through the people here at RS. Good luck to those going into today for BAs, TTs, and MMOs and looking forward to checking in with you soon!


Wow, can't believe I'm on the flat side! Typing on phone, so will be short. One nice surprise is that my PS told me she'd do some lipo on my under armpit boob fat :-). Surgery seemed quick & easy. Rough getting into car from wheelchair. Home now with the nurse & hubby, both are taking good care of me.

Pain meds are a must! This is no joke!! But when I don't move, very tolerable. Doing anything causes extreme pain, typing this hurts my armpit a little bit. Super thirsty but drinking lots, had a protein shake & hubs is making eggs. I feel great in the bed, but getting into position is a nightmare!
Vitals are really good and my color is good. One drain was really bothering me, but it's better now. My breaths aren't great as measured in spirometer but I'm trying to improve. Catheter is in and I'm icing breasts only every 20 mins. I've only see a peek of my chest, have no idea what belly looks like. Have the electric compression things on til Cath is out, makes it a little hard to sleep.

Beansdub- the neck pillow is a lifesaver!! Thank you for that!!

A donut pillow is helping too, because my butt is numb. Wedge & armchair pillow are a must. Strange to have to relearn how to move! Overall I'm doing ok & so glad!

Pic is my view of the twins :-)

Another booby pic

Lifesavers right now:

Tons of different kinds of pillows
Pain pump
Pain meds
Love the Muu Muu
The electrical compression device takes away fear of clots
Catheter! Can't imagine using the toilet or even the urinal at this point.

I feel great as long as I don't move :-)

Compression bra is leaving marks on my boobs. They don't hurt though.

More boobie pics

A little tight & high, but not too painful.

TT pics

Heading to post op but here are a few pics.

2 days post-op pics

Went for my first post op appt today. Dr is thrilled with results & the nurses said they have booby greed :-). I really hope they drop & fluff instead of being so high & round! Incisions are healing nicely. One drain has a bit of blood in the whole. She said all the pain I'm feeling in my hips is due to lipo, not incisions. I'm using my walker a little more now. Overall I feel fine when drugged up & not moving. It's extreme pain otherwise!

3 days post-op

I think they have dropped a little?

The black compression bra I was given in size 36 made all the marks on my chest. I asked the nurse about and she said it's fine but I could get the incredible sports bra at VS if I want. For now I'm wearing a white compression bra in 38 with gauze to cover the tape of my incisions.

I was worried my boobs were going to look like torpedoes & sit too high on my chest, but I'm liking them more today.

I'm not allowed any more perks at the til Monday at my appt. so far the only pain is on the sides either from lipo or the end of the incisions. Have some bruising under my armpits from the lipo there.

I'm walking better today with the walker and am a little more independent. Still on full pain meds, napping, and bed bound. Waiting on #2 to arrive. Hubby has been awesome waiting on me & the kids.

New symptom for me is itching. All over my body! It's not crazy terrible, but enough to bother me. I know it's due to the pain meds, but I'll take those & deal with itching if I have the choice!

Good luck to those going in tomorrow and healing to my surgery buddies!

4 days post-op

I agree with the other reviews that days 1-4 are the worst. I've seen improvement already, which is really encouraging.

What I can do in my own now:
Use the Walker to get to the bathroom, pull pants up/down and get myself back on the bed. I do need help lying down.

Use my pill organizer to get & take my own pills.

Eat pretty much anything.

Sleep well at night - I do wake up once to take pain meds & use the bathroom. I'm relatively comfy in my bed.

Biggest complaints:
Itching everywhere
Muscle spasms
Back & neck pain
Incisions & drain holes are tender
Deep breaths are a little painful
Chest feels heavy
All of these feel worse with coughing, sneezing, yawning
Edges of TT feel like they are ripping apart when I move- horrible pain :-(
Haven't gone #2 yet
Bruising on sides & armpits, quite painful; assuming these are lipo areas
Tire easily
Small appetite
Heart burn

Favorite things right now:
Walker- it allows be to independently mobile
Arnica gel, very soothing on breasts
Take Percocet & Ativan to knock me out

No massage yet per dr's orders, but I'm gently using arnica for soothing.

I was surprised to see on the implant card that Natrelle style 45s were used. These are ultra high profile. I'm sure we'll discuss it on Monday because my first post op I was pretty out of it. Uhp are supposed to project more and be less wide. My boobs look pretty wide right now so maybe hp was just too much. I trust her judgement. Here a few new pics!

5 days post-op

Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Drains- draining much less now around 25ml a day in each drain. One drain hole is bleeding & irritated and hurts a bit. I hope they come out Monday because it will make life a lot easier.

Bathroom- have had no problems getting on/off the toilet from day 1. No need for a urinal or toilet lift. Was able to go pee shortly after Cath came out & regularly since. Had my first bm yesterday and a 2nd today. I took surgilax for 2 days, ate prunes & lots of water, also the clear liquid diet in advance. All of it helped!

Coughing, sneezing, laughing. Or trying to change positions in your sleep cause extreme pain!

Pain- I have it I weird places like the drain hole and of course the waist muscles, but also neck & back & tail bone.

Throat is still dry.

Numbness & pins & needles feeling- on my sides and hips, assuming this is from lipo.

Deep breaths hurt!

Bottom band of bra irritates the incision area.

ITCHING EVERYWHERE! And then you try to itch numb skin & it's so weird.

Bruising on armpits & upper chest, back, and sides - you can really feel it when you first sit down or rub against something.

Boobs- feel like milk is coming in, hard, round, and high with tingling sensations. Feel strange rubbing against something.

Worst pain- having to move positions and raise your chest up. Or coughing. Fell like you're ripping apart!

I'm getting even better with the walker. I can manage myself entirely with the bathroom process. I can get in & out of bed solo, but it's tough & takes a while. I'm staying drugged up for a bit so I don't overdo it.

At this point it's very iffy that I will be driving myself to my appt on Monday.

6 Days Post-op

Most of this week has pretty much been a blur! There's a lot I don't even remember. Overall I would say the pain was worse than I expected, but sleeping was easier than expected. I did not anticipate the itching nor the soreness of the drain sites nor the bruising/numbness. The boobs hardly hurt at all, probably because they are overs.

Today's goal is to only use pain meds before bed. I want to be alert and a useful family member today. After going 6 days without a shower I hope get a sponge bath & a dry shampoo.

My drains haven't been emptied in 2 days & they are both under 25ml, so I'm quite sure tomorrow is the day! I can't wait!!! They get in the way of everything and one of the hole is oozing/bleeding. I'm sure they'll take care of that and let me know what to do.

The binder hasn't been off since Tues. I'm dying to see what's under there! There are some tender areas and I'm not sure if they are bruises or open wounds.

The bra they gave me is way too tight. I'm going to ask about an alternative. I have boob questions too like- final dropping, crease care, etc. the first visit I was a space cadet and I had a feeling they wanted me to get back home.

One huge win is that today I can get out of bed on my own with minimal pain & time. It's nice to feel progress is being made. I'm still icing my chest often.

Posted a pic of me yesterday in my loungewear. Can't wait to see the tummy without the drains hanging down!!

1 week post op- what a week it's been!!

Seriously can't believe it's been a week. I feel like I've been in a haze this whole while & now slowly coming back to like. Had my 1 week post op appt today and got to trade in my binder for a torture device :-).

Here are my thoughts for the day:

1- everyone's recovery is different, you shouldn't feel bad if yours takes a little longer (that was me today)

2- the emotional aspect of this is real and it will hit you when you least expect it- for me it was today realizing I haven't played with my youngest all week!

3- lipo pain is the worst!!!!!!!

4- maybe for most people getting drains removed is painless, but if it tugs on your lipo area it is the worst pain ever!!

5- I have never been so thirsty in my life as I have this past week

6- it's been a week and I'm still hunched & still using a walker & I'm ok with that

7- I just bought the knockout sports bra from VS recommended by my PS because the one she gave me last week shrunk in the wash

8- I just got fitted with this lovely compression garment & was told I can now take a shower. Frankly I'm more worried about getting this thing back than smelling nice, so shower will wait one more day!

9- I'm still taking pain meds here and there, only one today so far. Hoping I can I cut back to night only and then none. But sometimes it still really hurts!

10- right now my belly looks weird. My ps said it's bruised a bit, purplish and I do see lots of stretch marks. But it is flat! And no matter what will look better than it did before.

11- I haven't had any nausea or constipation issues this whole time, but I do have back & neck pain.

12- right now I am happy with the results but I just want my normal life back. I knew I'd feel this way at this point and I do. I miss playing with my kiddos & not having to rely on everyone else to do my chores.

13- I couldn't drive to my appt today, but my goal is to drive to school orientation on Friday. Hope I can make it!

I really think the worst is behind me now & I just need patience to finish the healing process :-).

8 Days Post...found a compression solution!

Today I feel better, more like my old self and able to do a bit more. This was the first day I showered, drove, went grocery shopping (mini-trip and had my dd do the lifting), cooked (actually sat in a chair and directed dd what to do!) and felt in control of the household since my surgery.

This morning the big event was the SHOWER. It was an ordeal. I have a shower chair that I borrowed and had my son put it in the shower for me. I had to get everything at sitting level and then everything I needed to wear out and ready. It took me at least 10 minutes to take off the compression device and I had marks all over the sides of my legs. That thing is a small and I'm about 145 lbs and 5'6. I'm small hipped and do wear 6s at this weight, but a small still seems a bit of a stretch! Anyway, once in the shower went great. Washed my hair, tried to shave, and I was able to reach (since my implants are over the muscle) with no problem. After I got out, I lotioned up, did the breast massages I was taught and then spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the CG on!! Finally had my daughter come and help me, but for some reason (mind you it took the PS & a nurse to get it on me at the appt yesterday) I don't think it was positioned right and kept pulling to one side. Plus it was rubbing on my drain holes that are still healing. I just felt awful all day.

Finally a breakthrough.....I started looking through my old spanx and girdle wear from postpartum days and found one that works! It's a medium but it is nice and firm in the belly where I need it. It changed my mood and outlook on life! I feel free now and sooooo happy! I also ordered 2 on Amazon to try, but I really like this style and might return those for more of this kind. It has hooks at the crotch and goes up to but not hitting the bra line (the other one put pressure on my incisions there) and it's a nice waist cincher. I think I bought it at walmart or target a few years ago. Until I found it, I thought I'd have to shower on a weekly basis due to that horrible garment, but now I can get this one one and off easily. I will put the black one on when I go to my appts for appearance's sake :-). But that is it! And she said 3 weeks only, so I should only have to wear it two more times. Hallelujah!!!

After the lengthy ordeal today, I tried to nap but with 3 wild boys around that just didn't happen.

Bruising- I wanted to mention that I really believe the Bromelain & Arnica have worked in regards to bruising. I had pretty bad bruises initially and they are almost gone now. They healed very quickly. Swelling however, not sure because I can tell my feet are swollen and the PS noticed swelling yesterday.

What hurts now- The incisions under my breasts are still healing and when the bra rubs on them it hurts a bit. I'm walking slow without the walker and a bit hunched still. My healing drain holes hurt. I put an abd pad over my healing belly button inside my new CG and a pantiliner over where my drain holes are to prevent rubbing. My back and neck hurt from the strain of hunched walking. But other than that, I'm not in any real pain. I only took 2 tylenol today, first day with no pain meds at all! The horrible ripping apart feeling when getting in and out of bed is mostly gone now. It's just a little uncomfortable, but nothing like it was.

Overall feelings of how I look so far:

Breast Aug: Love my boobies! I feel that they are just what I wanted and I know they are not finished settling yet (which means they'll just get better). I love the cleavage and they are really softening up. Even though they're big, none of my kids have said anything! I look how I did when I just got my milk in and was nursing and that's what I wanted. Very satisfied in the boobie department and so is my husband :-).

Lipo: Mixed feelings. This caused me the most pain by far! It was a big reminder yesterday getting the drains removed and having it tug on the lipo area, just tremendous pain there! I like how the armpit area turned out. There's still some fat there, but I do notice a difference and very glad my PS threw that in for me! Initially I was told she'd do a bit of lipo around the waist. But the bruises show it might have extended to outside hip area and the flanks. I can't tell yet on the back fat, but I actually think my butt looks smaller! This might be due to the fact that I have very small hips and no waist, kind of boyish look. So if she took some of the outer hip, that was all the curves I had. I don't know for sure yet, because of the way I'm standing and the CG, maybe my butt is still fine :-). I'll give it some time.

TT: I knew going in that I was a tough case. I had a LOT of stretch marks above the belly button which means they would be pulled down, but would still be there. So, I knew better than to compare myself with people who had no upper stretch marks and ended up with bikini bodies after their TT. Right now above the belly button looks fantastic. I can tell she sewed the muscles tight and I have a small waist (unfortunately at the moment it still doesn't look defined from my hips, but hopefully that will change). My belly button looks odd. I will ask about it at my appt next week. It kind of looks like half a belly button if that makes sense. It's not round or oval and a little lopsided. Again, not too worried as this is the very early stages still. My lower belly is flat, but purplish and lots of stretch marks. I asked if the purplish color were the stretch marks themselves and she said it was bruising and would go away. I really hope so! I can deal with the stretch marks, but I really hope I don't have a purplish looking lower belly! Again, it's early, so I'm not panicking.

Incisions/Scars: My breast incisions are at the crease and they are still covered in tape. My TT incision looks like a clean thin line and is on the second round of tape. Next week she'll take it off and we'll start some kind of scar therapy. The incision line is VERY low! Super happy about that. It's a nice clean line that extends past my hips. I've seen so many bad TT scars and I feel like mine is very good, no bumps, no dog ears and very low.

Overall, I'm super happy with my results at this point in time! I know the boobies will only get better and I love them already. It will take time for the TT swelling to go away and for healing before I know what my belly button looks like and if the lower belly will look more skin toned with the stretch marks fading in. Plus it will take a long time before I can get a more natural looking midsection without at CG and with working out, etc. I know it's a long process and I'm happy so far. I do have a few concerns, but trust that my PS will advise on these issues at upcoming appts.

Here I am at 9 days post-op in clothes :-)

You can tell I'm a bit swollen, but I'll take it! My backside looks a little flat due to the binder, but my little curve will come back in time.

Today I did A LOT and now I'm paying for it. I'm tired and my back is killing me. I had a few muscle spasms earlier and had to take a muscle relaxer. The biggest pain right now are the healing incisions from the BA. The tape is coming off, which means the incision is healing and probably closed well now, but the rubbing of the bra or my CG near this area is awful. I keep readjusting clothing all day. Next week my PS will pull those suckers off and hopefully I can find a way to not rub that area. I ordered 2 sports bras from VS- The Knockout & The Incredible in a 36DDD. Hope they fit and are comfortable!

Oh, another problem lately....insomnia! WTH? I'm exhausted and can't sleep! I must have readjusted my pillow arrangement 20 times last night and even when it was perfect it took forever to fall asleep. I guess I'll have to try and Ativan tonight to see if it helps!

Post-op Day 10.....not out of the woods yet!

I think what happened is that after the 1 week mark I started feeling human again and was able to get in/out of bed without extreme pain, walk, use the bathroom, and function semi-normally.....and I thought I was almost done healing...............wrong! The truth is that this is a very long process! And I wouldn't be doing anyone any favors if I sugar coated it :-).

I am used to being very active and getting a lot done during the day. I'm a SAHM and also help run a family business by taking care of online queries, etc. My husband went back to work at my 1 week mark. That day I didn't do much at all. On Tuesday, day 8 I drove, grocery shopped, cooked (with lots of help), and tried to do my normal routine. It wiped me out early! And this has continued all week and now at day 10. I can't do what I'm used to doing. I don't really need the walker any more, but I use it midday when I'm so tired of hunching and my back kills, to prop myself up. I have to take breaks where I just lie down. I go to bed no later than 9:30, even though I still have trouble getting comfortable and falling asleep.

Examples of what I'm dealing with:

- My back really really hurts because of the hunching and the fact that I have 2 herniated discs that are now flaring up due to walking & sleeping positions.
- I get weird muscle spasms off and on and sometimes even feel a bit lightheaded.
-I have some pain in the center of my belly low down that throbs at times.
- My incisions from the BA are started to heal and the tape is falling off and the rubbing of my bra & CG makes that area very tender
- Sometimes my whole body gets a slight chill and I have no idea why!
- I have a hard spot on my right hip from the lipo that still hurts
- My belly button is healing and some "yellow stuff" comes out and the my lower middle incision is still bleeding a tad - I put an ABD pad on this whole area before putting on my CG and also put bacitracin on it to keep it clean.
- Lower belly is swollen and pretty hard, whole area is numb...wonder when that changes
- I have to sit while making dinner and can't reach high or low, but can get a gallon of milk out of the frig ok
- Even though my new CG is much more comfortable, it's still a CG, which by it's nature is uncomfortable!
-Getting into a comfortable sleeping position seems to require a lot of effort and hurts one area of my body or another, never perfect. I don't know why it was so easy the first week....lots of drugs?!
- Just don't have the energy & stamina to complete a whole day without serious breaks

That about sums it up! I knew this wouldn't be easy and overall I'm doing better than I probably thought I would be at this point. I just sometimes wish I could fast forward to the 6 week mark (Sept 14th!).

I ordered 2 new CGs that came today- one is a Flexees half suit type thing and hits below the waist. No seams and I like it. I got it in a small and fits just right. I also got a flexees waist nipper with boning and will try it tomorrow. I'm done with compression on 8/31, so very thankful this is not a long term thing for me!

Day 11 post - my new routines

I wanted to write a longer boobie update today, but I"m getting tired, so I will update you later on them :-).

I'm curious how others manage their CGs/binders/wounds/skin care, etc after the very early healing period when you're not supposed to touch anything.

Here's what I do-

After a morning shower- put bacitracin on my belly button (healing pretty nicely now) and the very center of my incision (my TT is covered by steri-tape) over the tape where a little bit of bleeding is still happening, the drain holes (although now they are scabbed up and healed) and on the breast incisions. Then I put an ABD pad over everything from the drain holes, mid incision, and belly button. From there I put on either a CG that includes underwear or underwear and a CG. Then I do my breast massages and moisturize them with boobie butter and put on some kind of bra. I repeat this process at night and always use a clean ABD pad, so I go through 2 of those a day.

What's new that I'm doing- starting tonight I'm wearing the binder to bed instead of a CG. I can't get it as tight as a CG, but I'm thinking it might be more comfortable to sleep in. I'm wearing a compression type bra to bed, but it's looser as well. I got a new bra (will review this soon) that I'm wearing during the day with one of my several choice CG (these are quite firm compression).

I will post some pics of the new bra soon and also show you how the belly button is looking!

In the meantime, am interested in hearing about your routine and how you take care of everything!

Boob Update at 12 Days post

I went to my consult and told my PS I wanted Large, Natural Looking, Low-Lying (meaning not perky), Wide-ish, Natural droop, more matronly voluptous looking boobs. After a few weeks of back and forth on pictures, she agreed to 800ccs over the muscle (because I did not want a lift = too perky and the scars), high profile, and infra-mammary crease.

Here is what I ended up with....not exactly what I asked for!

Large - Yes, got it, although they look quite moderate sized in clothing

Natural Looking- Getting there, but not quite yet. I think eventually they will look more natural.

Low-Lying- No, mine are medium high, but because they're overs and only skin is holding them up, it's inevitable that eventually they will droop.

Wide- No, I ended up with Ultra High Profile (more on this later) with only a little side boob.

Natural Droop- No, mine are very round right now.

Matronly, Voluptuous- Not matronly, yes voluptuous but really only noticeable without regular clothes on.

The Backstory:

I went in wanting the "Nigella" look because initially 3 months pre I still needed to lose quite a bit of weight and Nigella looked nice and curvy to me. After losing another 20 lbs the Nigella look wasn't really something that would work very well on me. My PS told me that she was going to play with profiles because of my asymmetry and choose what looked best to balance the two out. I never realized she would choose UHP! I'm sure I would have told her no way had she asked. I had agreed to HP because with 800s on my smallish medium size chest wall, you just can't go any wider profile.

The Takeaway:

Shockingly, I totally agree now that UHP were the way to go! I did lose out on the low lying wider big natural boob look which I wanted, but on the positive side I still look thin! I remember my PS being concerned about me looking top-heavy and that was when I was overweight. I'm guessing she put in HP during surgery when I had lost the weight and just felt it made me look heavy on top. I like being thin and if that means my boobs look a little smaller or concealed in clothes, that's ok with me :-). I was actually worried beforehand that I would have to forego tight tops to show off my flat belly because I"d be afraid my boobs would look too big (and what a shame that would be!) and that's not an issue now.

What I love-
I have tons of cleavage even without pushing them together :-)
They are big, but not crazy big
They have definitely dropped and are not high or low right now and I like that
My husband thinks they are great, so that's a definite plus!
No one else has suspected a thing! Love that I can look huge naked or in a tight or revealing outfit, but on normal days look moderate sized

What I"m not the craziest about:
The roundness- but I know in time they will drop even more and I think they'll flatten and widen a bit

Size Update- I'm not big on getting a bra fitting. It seems you often end up with a crazy size. I have seen gals on here with 400s go and get sized and they are told they are like a 32J or something! When to me, they look like a 34C. I just go with what is comfortable. I took a stab at a size and ordered a Victoria's Secret Incredible Bra in a 36DDD...............and it fits great! So, that's my size for now, at least in VS.

Before I was a deflated 36C and 800ccs over the muscle took me up about 3.5 cup sizes. They say 200ccs= approx 1 cup, so that is close, but a little smaller. For those considering sizes, I would err on the size of being a little smaller than this estimate, and definitely smaller if you are going under the muscle.

I'm posting pictures here of me in the Incredible Bra with and without clothes on. And also some fun ones of me in a little white bikini top :-).

Progression Pics - Pre op through PO Day 12

I've always enjoyed seeing others' progression pics so I finally spent the time yesterday on working on some of mine! I didn't take any new pics today, so the latest are from yesterday post op day 12.

Healing update: Every day I have more energy and more mobility and feel more like myself. I haven't used the walker since Thursday. Back still hurts at times and I'm still not 100% straight - will ask about when I can stand completely straight at my next appt. I'm getting a tiny amount of discharge from one area of my incision and everything else looks great! Tonight I'm going to try sleeping on my side because I can't stand it on my back anymore. I think that is contributing to this awful insomnia I've been having. I'm looking into the Embrace Bra ( for this healing period and as a permanent sleep bra.

That's about it for updates! My kids go back to school tomorrow so it's high excitement around here :-).

2 weeks post & doing great!

2 weeks really flew by!

Weight- I decided to weigh myself for the first time since surgery today. I didn't have very high hopes knowing that my implants weigh about 4 lbs, I haven't exercised at all, I'm sure there is some swelling/water weight, and I haven't been eating the best (although not the worst either). So, I was pleasantly surprised to see myself about exactly where I was 2 weeks ago at 145 on the nose! I'll take that for right now with the intention of losing 7ish pounds in the next few months :-).

How I feel now: Today was definitely a great day in terms of resuming normal life. Today I did it all and all by myself! I washed dishes, cooked, did laundry, drove, took my youngest to a little play place, picked up the kids from school, and the whole evening routine. It went fine and overall I feel great - however I am paying for it a bit now. Lower belly is tender and back hurts. So, maybe I overdid it a bit and I'm resting up now.

?s for Post Op appt tomorrow:

BA- incisions & tenderness/rubbing, want to know when they'll soften more, if they will drop/change any more, and suggestions for bras

TT- ask about the bleeding spot (it's minimal, but doesn't seem to want to stop), sleeping positions, hunching, and how much I'm swelling (if she sees much or not)

Added some pictures of today- Coobie Bra (still on the hunt for a great supportive comfortable bra!), how low my incision is while wearing bikini bottoms (yay!), side profile view - is that swelling??, just not sure, and full frontal and close up of belly :-).

Post op reflection - Supplies & Things Done that were useful and those that were not

I've had some questions on this and I decided to make a separate post and update you on what supplies have been helpful for me.

First of all, a few things that aren't supplies:

24 hour nurse- This was highly recommended by my PS and for $500 extra my husband and I felt it was a good idea. Worth it? I think so. It was more for peace of mind because I actually had a very smooth first 24 hours. There are so many things that can go wrong, and it felt good knowing I had her there. She also removed my catheter and my husband appreciated that. There were some times that she felt not needed, so she made me some eggs and did some other things around the house. Had I known it would go so well, I might not have paid for the nurse, but you just don't know. It was also nice having her drive me home to meet my husband already there.

Clear liquid diet- Also recommended by my PS to do 3 days prior to surgery to help with constipation and post surgery BM. I did it for 2 1/2 days and it was tough! I was worried I'd be weak after surgery or go into some kind of shock, but I was fine! I had absolutely no problems going #2. I went on day 3 without effort and from that day on.

Nausea patch: This was included in my surgery fee. I don't know if that helped or I just have a strong stomach, but absolutely no nausea or vomiting even while on tons of meds.

Setting up movies on netflix, etc: Never watched a single show! I was out of it the first week. I watch tv but faded into sleep most of the time. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't have a one woman party with netflix that week, but it just didn't happen!

Now for my list of supplies:

Coobie bras- Meh. No support at all, but they are comfortable. I got them on sale and got 4. Wish I would have gotten 1 or 2.

Walmart bras- Again meh. There are better things out there, but the front hook ones aren't bad for sleeping.

Tank tops/ granny undies- I was told I would want to wear these under my binder for comfort. Nope. You're only in the binder for 7 days and you can deal. You're on tons of pain meds, your belly is numb, and that's the last thing on your mind. I will use the tank tops, but the granny panties I have to donate or toss out.

Cotton underwear- I wasn't sure why this was recommended. YEAST INFECTIONS LADIES! With the strong antibiotics if you wear anything tight fitting down there that isn't pure cotton you run the risk of a yeast infection. I got a very minor one that was irritating but didn't need treatment.

Urinal- Didn't use it at all! If you have to get out of bed and the pain that involves, you might as well get to the toilet to do the deed. Sitting on the toilet didn't hurt me, but it probably would if you had lipo in that area. It was just getting there and on it and off that hurt a little. Stinks I can't return this one.

Toilet riser- Thank goodness I didn't get one, because I was using the bathroom as soon as the catheter came out without issue. Really worried about it, but shouldn't have. My thought on this is if you are short - you really might need a riser or a urinal, but I'm 5'6 and had no problems with the toilet.

Face/body wipes/wisps for toothbrushing- Yes, they came in handy the first few days with no shower!

Eden's recovery kit for BA: Yes, I'm still using this and find the boobie butter, boobie wash, and scar salve to be wonderful products!

Arnica gel- I used it a little, but didn't like the stickiness of it. Maybe the cream is better.

Vitamedica Recovery Support Program vitamins- GET THIS!! I really believe this helped me with my recovery in so many ways. I highly recommend it!

Bendy straws- Yes, definitely worth it the first week!

Heating pad- didn't use at all

Recliner- didn't use it - was more of a pain to bend down to get in and get out of it. I used the bed from day one and it worked quite well. Hard to get in and out and if I went back I'd probably rent a bed rail/bar thing from a medical supply place. I think that would really help. But after a week I had no problems getting in / out of bed, so it was $40 saved or so.

Back rest pillow- must have!
Wedge pillow- must have!
Boomerang pillow- not necessary unless you don't already have some kind of knee support pillow
Extra regular pillows- always good to have on hand
Neck travel pillow- helped for a day or two

Surgilax (from vitamedica)- This might also be what helped me with no constipation. I took it starting when the catheter came out for maybe 3 days in a row (2 pills at bedtime). It's a stool softener/laxative combo but had no bad effects at all. I recommend it.

Pill organizer- Definitely helped the first week

Therapearl ice back pad with strap- It was okay, but I ended up using my husband's gel packs that held the cold much longer. He got them from Amazon, not a name brand. I think therapearl is overpriced.

Lasinoh gel packs for breast- I liked the size of these, but would have just stuck with my husband's.

MuuMuu- perfect outfit home from the hospital and for the first day. Wore it once and now it's a memento.

Button tops/pjs/etc- Didn't realize that putting things over my head WOULDN'T be a problem with overs! I used the button pjs quite a bit and will still use them as regular pajamas. Glad I didn't go out and buy tons of button down tops.

Dry shampoo- didn't use

Shower chair (borrowed)- used once, not really necessary. Maybe again it's a height thing? I was fine reaching the shower and had enough stamina to stand up for a bit by the 8 day mark.

Bed Pads- didn't really need them

Grabber- nice to have, but only used a few times

Walker- YES!!! This really helped me. I got one for $35 on amazon prime and used it the first 12 days or so. It really made a big difference to me. This was one thing I almost didn't get, but I don't know how I would have independently walked without it. It just allows you to not use your stomach muscles or put any pressure down there, so really helpful!

ABD Pads- bought them on Amazon, and yes they are way better than maxi pads! I got maxis also and haven't used them at all. Same with pantiliners, they don't do a great job at anything.

Bacitracin- use it all the time and it's supposed to be easier on the skin than neosporin.

Medical tape & gauze- never needed it

I will update later on various Compression Garments & Bras as I continue trying out all sorts of different things in that category!

#3 Post Op Appt - 15 days post

Appt went well today and I was glad because I had a few concerns!

Questions I had & her answers:

Belly button healing - she said it's doing fine and just needed a good cleaning with a q-tip. She showed me how to clean it and told me to use peroxide and just let it air dry. If it gets really dried out, I can apply bacitracin or something similar. She feels it's doing great.

Incision overall & the little oozing area- She said it's healing beautifully and I handle wound healing very well (nice to know!). The little area that's oozing is normal and just needed to be cleaned. She said I can put gauze over that part, but again to let it remain dry with no ointment. She said the scar right there might be a little thicker, but overall it will heal just fine. The rest of the incision is completely closed at this point and the tape is now off. She did remove sutures. She wants me to just let it continue healing and when I go back in 3 weeks she'll begin scar therapy.

Sleep positions- I was cleared for side sleeping, yay! She said just to keep my knees flexed and it's completely fine.

Hunching- She said I can stand straight now as long as it's comfortable.

Swelling- She did see some normal swelling which will self resolve in the weeks to come.

Bra - I wore the VS Knockout bra there to show her how it fits. Even though she recommended this bra to me, apparently DDD is the largest VS carries and it's just too small and digging into my cleavage area breast tissue. Looks like I will be specialty bra shopping with my new size, which according to one website is a 34J or GG in UK!

Breast incisions- I asked about the tenderness and pain and she needed to remove a couple sutures there and voila pain is gone! She said the incision has healed very well (I can't see it because my boob is too big and the crease is large and I don't have a great mirror!) and she removed the remainder of the tape, so it's completely clear now. She told me to put gauze under there and definitely not to add any moisture since it's moist enough in the deep crease. A plus of the deep crease is that no one will ever see those scars so I really don't care how they look (though very glad they are looking good)!

Overall she said everything is awesome and to come back in 3 weeks to start scar therapy. I have $250 in Natrelle product line to use and she and I agree that I don't really need botox, so I might choose a facial or something else. Will have to look up what else is available!

I posted some pics and have a question for you that I didn't ask about - does my TT look like an extended TT because it goes past the hip or would you classify it as regular? Curious about that.

I forgot to ask about the next level of breast massage and the softening of breasts over time. I sent off an email to the patient coordinator to pass along to the Dr., so I should hear back on those questions soon.

Compression Garment & Bra Review

I'm on the eternal hunt for a good bra. I love my size but didn't realize that going this large would bring so much difficulty in finding bras. I thought ok about 3.5 cup sizes bigger so that's let's say about DDD, but unfortunately using correct bra measuring I'm more like a J and only a 34 which is impossible to find right now.

Compression garments - WORD OF CAUTION- when you are 1 week post or even 2 weeks post-op you have to be very careful trying these things on!! They are tight and can damage freshly healed or healing incisions, belly button, etc and cause you use to your stomach muscle to get these suckers on. Some are better for 4-6 weeks+.

Like with everything, everybody is shaped different and finds comfortable and support in different things. These are my experiences and I hope they can be helpful, especially for those gals around my size. One weird thing about me is that I'm short waisted from my belly button to pubic area. Always have been that way. It makes these garments go too high up and they rub my BA incisions. And too low and smash half my butt. Wish I didn't have that problem with them!

Size stats: 5'6, 145 lbs, wear a size 6 in pants (maybe even a 4 now), usually a small in dress sizes, my hips are pretty small, my once nice little round butt is in sad shape now and looking like a older white lady butt :-(.


1- Cupid Shapers found at Walmart- Around $10, hard to find in size small so I have mediums. One I had from postpartum days and tried it after my MMO and liked it, so got another. I think a small would give me better support. They go up to XL. Pros: relatively easy to get on, nice tightening for upper abdomen, comfortable, cheap. Cons: flattens butt a bit, not the firmest control, leaves marks on skin at the seams and boning area. I give it a B.

2- Maidenform Flexees Torsette- Ordered on Amazon for around $20, size small fits me well. Pros: relatively easy to get on, gives nice definition at the waist, smooths back area, seamless so no lines, easy to use bathroom. Cons: rolls up a little at the bottom, the bottom area can bother the incision area a bit so I use something to cover it, seam across the bottom band can be seen under clothes. I give this an A-.

3- Maidenform Firm Control Waist nipper- ordered on Amazon for around $20. Pros: easiest of all garment to get on without bothering healing areas (you don't have to pull it up over your tummy), provides good control and definition, easy to use bathroom. Cons: Smashes my butt horribly, leaves marks on skin where the boning is, can be seen under clothing. A for early days healing, B- for later on.

4- Cupid White waist control garment- Got this at Walmart a few years ago, not sure on price but likely cheap. Pros: seamless design, relatively easy to get on but you do have to pull it up, decent control. Cons: still smashes the butt and bottom seam can rub on incisions. I give it a B.

5- Spanx- this is from a few years back and I haven't worn it since my MMO. It was a pain then, and I'm sure it'd be a pain now, so I don't plan on wearing it!

6- Maidenform Flexees boyshort- I heard rave reviews on this one and I bought a small at Walmart for $12-ish. Pros: seamless under clothing and on skin, comfortable, doesn't smash butt as much as others. Cons: have to pull it up over tender areas, the boy short part is a weird length and can show under clothes. I give it a B+.

7- Torture device from PS- Guess what?! I actually like it now! It is not something feasible for someone 1 week post op, bad idea. But now that I'm a bit further out it's not horrible to get on by myself and I love the control. It makes my thighs look thin and is seamless and overall body support. It doesn't pull on tender areas and is tight but supportive. I would not wear it daily, but nice to have in the arsenal. A-.


1- Walmart's full support hook eye closure bras: Bought this online, under $10. It's full coverage, not meant to wear under clothes, more of a sleep/recovery bra. This is a large and the band is still a bit big. It's comfortable to sleep in, but not supportive and leaves little lines on my breasts. Easy to get on off. B-

2- Danskin Zip sports bra from Again under $10, I got a 2xl and that thing is tiny! I have side boob sticking out and tons of cleavage hanging over. It also leaves a line on the top seam area. But, I actually like it because it's comfortable, doesn't hurt my healing incision area, and looks good under clothes. I give it an B+ until I find something better!

3- Coobie bras- meh. If you go big, skip these. The removable pad is worthless, much to small and weirdly shaped to cover any part of my boob. Without that there is absolutely no support. I'd wear the black one with slim straps as like a balconette bra for my hubby, but that's about it! Not even enough support for sleep. The white one has a bigger band and wider straps, not sexy but might be ok for sleeping. C

4- Embrace Bra- bought online at It's $57, so definitely not cheap but I was getting desperate! Now, this is a great support/recovery/sleep bra. It comes with an insert to separate the boobs for side sleeping and to prevent symmastia. Band is far from the incision, lots of adjustability, comfortable, smooth and supportive. Only downside for me is the largest cup is DD/E and with no underwire I can get away with it, but still have some marks. A-

Last pic- some new CGs I just ordered from Leonisa. These are meant to preserve the butt. That has really bothered me this week because I usually wear yoga pants and my butt has looked flat and hideous. I'm hoping that these might help with that....we'll see! I'm done done done with CG buying. I think I'll continue wearing some of these past the 6 week mark, but not on a daily basis. Bra shopping is my next objective, not an easy one!

Day 18 post - the good & the bad & mixed feelings

The good:

I SLEPT ON MY SIDE SUCCESSFULLY LAST NIGHT! It was seriously the first night I slept well since the first week of surgery when I was on consistent pain & anxiety meds. I had 10 night of hardly sleeping in a row. I was nervous on my side, but found a good position that didn't squish boobies and used the boomerang pillow double up for my legs/knees. And, get this, I was able to consciously turn over to the other side without much issue. I'm a new person! I think I was developing anxiety over sleeping because I have never had issues with insomnia since adulthood! I'm usually a get into bed and 3 minutes later I'm out type of gal. I feel revived :-).

I been on bratabase, herroom, and the reddit site all about bra sizing. Lots of great info. I have measured myself and used several calculators and come out as a 34G. What's weird, is I haven't worn a 34 since pre-pregnancy- 15 years ago! I just feel comfortable in a 36, so I'm not quite sure about how accurate the 34 is. I really think that would cause red marks on my skin. I ordered a few amazon bras to try. First one is a Cleo Maddie in a 36FF. I thought it was a perfect fit, but I think the band runs small because it left marks :-(. The inner gore rubbed my lower cleavage area a bit too. But overall it's decent. I'll see how it compares to the other one coming and go from there.

The bad:

I'm spitting more stitches in my BA area. I can't see that area because I have a deep crease and don't have a good mirror! I can feel one stitch poking through the skin and a couple others under the skin. I will now have to call and go in next week instead of 9/9 as originally planned. I don't want to get an infection and they are uncomfortable.

I just can't clean my belly button very well. It's half numb and I"m nervous about going to deep and I just don't like doing it! I would rather have the nurse do it. I'm a big baby, I know. One part of the bb looks like it's not separated from the outside. I hope it doesn't need to be cut in that area. Probably have to have this looked at next week as well.

Mixed feelings:

Boobs! Ugh. I'm really divided on the uhp I got. They just look high and I want them to be lower with natural hang. They are also still pretty firm, getting a little softer, but how long until they really jiggle? With the regular bra on they look pretty big in clothes, but it's that push-up effect without a push up bra. My boobs basically look like I have a push up bra on all the time. I hope it goes away. I want them to flatten on top and widen in the lower pole. Essentially I want more lower pole. I don't hate the upper pole fullness, I just wish I had more on bottom. I wish I could see the hp on me to compare. My PS said they will not remain high because they are overs and only skin is holding them up. So, I have some hope, but I hope when they sag more that they will widen and not just be round and sagging. I know it's still so early and I was told that changes will continue for 2-3 months. My husband likes them, but was also wondering when they will be looser and hang more. Fingers crossed it will happen.

Just an aside- I was thinking the other day that this whole experience is just like pregnancy in some ways. Your belly kind of feels like it's having braxton hicks because of the tightness. You naturally guard your belly from people and other kids to protect it. And you feel like your milk is coming in at time with the boobs and you guard those too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

New Bra & Areas of Concern

19 days post....

New bra is Freya Deco Vibe, size 34G. Love this one! This one pulls my boobs apart a little so I'm not completely overwhelmed with cleavage. They look a bit wider and I like that in clothing. The Cleo gives a more full cleavage look, but I like this for everyday. It's pricey, so I think I will wait to get more until the 2 month mark when I know I'm at a final size.

Pictures of my areas of concern:

Under breasts- this looks a little like a rash. I can feel sutures and I think one is popping through the surface. I put gauze under here and keep underwires and seams away from the crease. I get the tiniest bit of light brown drainage from the sutures at the end of the day on the gauze.

Belly button- please give me feedback on this! I'm not worried about the crusty drainage, because I was told that is completely normal. I'm worried that one side looks like the skin has grown back together and it's not separated. I'm also wondering why I have a shallow belly button, it's not really a hole in there. I didn't ask much about it at my appt other than the drainage and she said it's looking great.

I'm going to call on Monday & email these pictures to the patient coordinator to share with Dr. Lacerna. I wonder if she might want me to come in this week (because I'm not scheduled until 9/9) to take care of the sutures and the belly button. The crease area looks worse than it feels. It's not itchy or raw or really very sore, at least when nothing is rubbing on it. I think I'm mostly concerned with the belly button, but want both areas taken care of and soon.

Food intake before MMO - weight loss

I have had a couple requests about this, so figured it would be good to share.

Recap- I lost close to 30 lbs between April 7th - August 3rd. I started at 173 and my first goal was to get to 150 by surgery and I ended up getting to 144. My ideal weight is under 140, and I knew I didn't have enough time to get down that low, but I was thrilled with what I did lose. I feel getting down to that point really improved my overall results! So I highly encourage anyone who needs to lose some extra weight to try their best before surgery to maximize results. Even with 4lbs+ of implant and not eating the best, I was about the same weight 2 weeks after surgery. It's hard to lose weight at this point without any exercise, but I'm going back to making conscious food choices this week and trying to be more active now that I feel stronger. I hope to lose the remaining 7lbs or so in the next couple of months, at a slightly slower pace than before surgery.

Key things I did before surgery:

1- I used MyFitnessPal app to log my daily food & exercise

2- Used a step tracker (jawbone UP) to encourage lots of daily movement & healthy eating

3- *Tried* to keep to around 1200 calories a day

4- *Tried* to get in 30-45 minutes of treadmill activity a day, usually ended up being about 5-6 days a week

5- Was very regimented in what I ate every day to make sure calorie count was accurate

I truly believe that diet / calorie intake is the most important aspect of weight loss. I don't believe in miracle cures or fad diets or supplements or any of that. I also don't believe in crash dieting, as that is very unhealthy in the long run. It's important to not go soooo crazy in your weight loss that it's unsustainable. I've been there and done that and gained weight back again. It has to be realistic and able to be maintained over a lifetime basically. Eventually you can eat more than 1200 calories a day, but your body will know what it can handle and you still have to be careful or the weight comes back on.

Pre-surgery diet:

Breakfast- I aimed for around 350-400 calories, and I chose 2 of these 3 items every day for breakfast: Special K Protein Drink, Zone Protein Bar, or Chobani Yogurt with Oats & Apples.

Lunch: I ate a Lean Cuisine or SmartOnes by WW frozen meal for every lunch. I chose to do this because of the exact calorie count and you can't eat over what is in the box! I ended up finding ones that I liked more than others. Again aimed for 300-400 calories. If by this point in the day I was under 800 calories, I would have a snack either fruit or something sweet as long as it was a small portion.

Dinner: I make homemade dinners every night. Nothing from a box and pretty healthy overall. An example of this week's menu: Bean Soup, Enchiladas, Chorizo Pasta dish, Maftoul (Mediterranean chickpeas, chicken, rice), Lasagna with homemade spinach noodles, Chicken curry, and Salmon Cobb salad. I use a lot of Food Network & Bon Apetit recipes. I just eat a small portion and should have about 400 calories or so left by this point. If I've consumed more than that, I might not even eat, just do some taste tests and eat my kids leftovers! I might also have a piece of fruit after dinner if I have the calories to spare.

I cut off all eating by about 7pm. This is very important too! It's ok to be a little hungry when I go to bed.

Now, I will be the first to admit, I haven't followed this perfectly every day, but I tried my best and did pretty well. I got used to the routine and it became easier. Logging my food really helped a lot and was good accountability.

Exercise- I'm not a huge fan of it! I am pretty active in my day to day routine and usually get in at least 10k steps by just doing what I do- I'm on my feet a lot. However, once I started getting on the treadmill, I realized I did enjoy that. It feels great! My motivation what finding a series on youtube or netflix that I wanted to watch and I'd put my ipad on the treadmill ledge and have a pre-programmed 46 minute episode to watch or I'd watch a 1/2 hour one day and finish up the next. Once I watched The Butler over the course of 3 or 4 days on the treadmill. You need to find what motivates you. For some people it's the love of working out, for me, it's watching something that I never get to see! I would use one of the treadmill programs on my Nordictrack that included incline & various speeds. I'm a fast walker and I can jog for short periods, but I'm not a runner. I like programs that vary between 4.0 with a max of 5.0 (jog) and inclines that push me by going up really high. I break a good sweat and have to push myself, but don't feel like I'm going to die. That's it! I know I could use some weight work, but I haven't done it yet. I'm also not after a muscle look, but I know I still need to firm up. I'm not really going after perfection, just want to be thin and trim.

That's about it! The exercise really helps, but honestly you could do it with diet alone. Make sure it's doable for you. If you feel like you are starving for long periods, it's not going to work and you need to change something. It's okay to mess up once in a while, too. Some weeks I would do awesome and seem to not lose anything and other weeks I'd lose 2 or 3 lbs. It seemed so random to me. The weight charts on MFP really helped me see my patterns of weight loss over time. I knew if I dropped 2 or 3 lbs one week, the next I wouldn't lose anything! So, I tried not to get discouraged and just kept on going. The more I saw weight drop off, the more motivated I became. And, now with the big fat belly gone, I truly feel thin again like when I first got married. It's wonderful and I intend to keep the weight off :-).

Good luck to all of you working hard to get that weight's tough, but worth it!

3 week update!

Update on "areas of concern" after talking to PS office:

1- Crease rash/irritation- They are getting me in on Wed to get the sutures out which is causing most of the irritation. I was advised to get some anti-fungal powder to use. First clean with hydrogen peroxide, water, dry, and then powder and gauze. It's doesn't really hurt or itch unless it's pressed upon, so I'm fine waiting til Wed.

2- Belly button- the skin that looks connected may just be how my bb is healing and I may have an outie or partial innie, etc. She's going to look at it and see if the skin can be pulled away safely. She also told me that bb revision can be done in the future.

3 weeks post & how I'm feeling now:

Swelling - yes, quite evident in my lower belly area, something I have to live with for quite some time and the CGs do help

Numbness- BB down is basically pretty numb. I can feel the upper portion of belly now and the sides. Not sure how long the numbness lasts.

Pain- A few days ago I was having a lot of muscle spasms/tenderness (not acute pain, but dull pain) to the right side of my bb and higher. It's gone now, but I think it's nerves reconnecting and muscles becoming alive again. Normal part of the healing process. The pain isn't completely gone after the first week, but the vast majority of it is. I also still have tenderness around the lipo area- my boys will give me a little love tap to the back or sides and it's still tender, not painful, but more like a little sore.

Hunching- Finally, I'm pretty straight! I hunch when I first get out bed in the morning and the muscles are tight. When I stand super straight I feel the pull on my muscles, so I wouldn't say I have perfect posture quite yet!

Bending & reaching- I can do both without much issue. I try not to bend too much and usually have my kids fetch things for me.

Lifting- Still under a no lifting over 5lbs order, but I have lifted my son a few times. No problems. I do not carry him and I have put all the pressure on my back/hips/legs/arms and have avoided the tummy area. I honestly have noticed no difference after doing so, but again very very limited and trying to follow the rules. I miss carrying my little guy!

Sleeping- Side sleeping is wonderful, but not perfect yet! It takes a while to get in a comfortable position and then I do tend to want to switch sides at night. Normally this is no problem and I do it in my sleep, but now I have to wake up and consciously turn myself over carefully. And I have tender spots on my sides from the lipo, so I have to shift my body into an angle that doesn't hurt anything. Boobs seem to be fine on the side and no incision area issues, it's all the lipo area.

Bruising- The lipo bruising is all but a shadow now. I still have lower belly bruising and I'm not sure how much better that is getting. It's something the PS pointed out at 1 week and the nurse at the 2 week appt. I still see it now and will be asking more about it soon. I don't want a reddish lower belly forever!

Energy level- Almost normal! I don't get that tired at the end of the day like I read a lot of people do. I feel pretty normal. Then again I don't work outside the home, so I'm not running myself too ragged during the day. I forget sometimes I've just had surgery! Honestly this change just happened. At the 2 week mark I tried to feel like I do today, but wasn't quite there. Carrying on the normal routine did leave me exhausted and I also wasn't sleeping well. It really improved over a week's time!

I'd say I "feel" about 90% normal. I have modifications with sleeping, carrying my toddler, not being able to exercise, and I take care when bending or stretching or carrying things. Sudden movements result in some pain, a swat on the side can hurt, and I still can't take a bath or swim! Plus the getting ready in the morning & nighttime routines take a whole lot longer than before the MMO! I also have a ways to go with healing and those wonderful areas of concern. But I'm getting there and it feels great!

Full list of my areas of concern:

Final shape & feel of breasts - Love the size, love that they are overs, happy with incision location (even though that needs to heal), not sure on the profile. I explained this before but I thought I was getting HP, not UHP. That was a big surprise. I'm glad in one way because they don't make me look top heavy, I'm just concerned they will always be very thick in the middle and not have the natural droop I wanted. We'll see. I have seen some hp that look the same way, so maybe it makes no difference. I think the biggest thing I want at this is point is for them to loosen up & soften. They are moving more now, but will they ever feel close to normal breast tissue? I want to take my bra off and for them to drop down, not stay put! Loosen & soften is the goal. We'll see what happens. Overall, I am thrilled with them, though and soooo glad I went for 800s, would have been totally disappointed with less.

Incision area that has some pus still- This has gotten so much better, but I want the discharge to stop completely. I was told that area might have a slightly thicker scar. Not a big deal to me.

BB- I just want to make sure it's healing properly and the skin area is separated or if it's supposed to be the way it is, just to have that clarified.

Crease incisions- spitting sutures, hopefully after those are removed the rash will clear up.

Lipo on the flanks- have some lumpy areas, hope that resolves in time.

Bruising on lower belly- need to find out why it's lasting so long and when it will go away.

Overall, I am thrilled with my results! The surgery & recovery have gone very smoothly for me and for that I am so thankful. I was worried about big things beforehand and none of that came to pass. So, now that I'm healing well and things look good, what else to do but focus on the little things?! Even if I ended up looking exactly as I do now, I'd still be overjoyed. To look at back at myself a month ago compared to now there is just no comparison! Hopefully these little issues will get better in time and for now I'm just so happy to look in the mirror every day and try on new bras and new clothes. My husband is constantly staring and me and telling me how good I look. My 14 y/o daughter is jealous (in a cute way). I'm just about ready to allow hubby full access, maybe when the sutures come out :-).

Pictures are from today at 3 weeks post. I hope to update with similar ones every Monday to show some progress over time.

Happy healing friends!

Quick Update & More Bras!

Weight- Down to 143 today, another pound lost and I have no idea how :-). My eating is in check (bless you CGs!), but still no exercise until mid-Sept. I will take it though. Goal weight is only 5-7 lbs away!

A couple things I wanted to mention in my last post, but forgot:

Happy about:
- Super low incision is covered in all my bikini underwear, so I am good to go. That was a big concern and love that I'm good to go!

- Very smooth contours. I don't have dog ears and the lipo did it's job well. I have smooth hips and sides. It's amazing and I haven't looked this way since high school.

Area of concern:

- Belly button (have mentioned this before), but I haven't mentioned that it looks slightly off center to me. I noticed that right away and asked it about it recently. I also did a lot of research on this and apparently most people have a slightly off center belly button. That and if you had one before you are more likely to end up with one after a TT. I also have a short stalk due to a hernia and it's harder to move it mid-line.

Challenges- again adding to my last post, coughing/sneezing/laughing still puts pressure on my tight ab muscles and is definitely uncomfortable. Hope that loosens up a bit soon!

Appt update: I went in yesterday to get my crease incisions & BB checked. She removed a suture and told me the crease incisions are completely closed & healed and that the rash appears to be more of a heat rash. I'm continuing to treat it with anti-fungal (it's much less red now) and put gauze under there to collect any moisture. She did say my body is pushing the sutures out instead of dissolving them, but she didn't want to remove any that were completely internal. I have a feeling in 2 weeks I will have to have more removed. My BB- she pushed on it really hard! She took a suture out and cleaned around the edges really well. She said it's healing well and due to my hernia it might not be a full innie. She said we'll keep an eye on it. She looked at my lower belly said no, there is no seroma, just regular swelling. She told me I can get laser resurfacing on my stretch marks down the road and/or she can continue to pull the skin down to cut some if it away. I don't think I'll do either one, but we'll see where I'm at in 6 months.

I really want to write a post about expectations going in to surgery, because I feel we all deal with less than perfect results, yet the outcome is overall awesome, if that makes sense. More on that later :-).

For now, here are some fun pics of my new bras! I am not keeping all of these, but they were fun to try on. Did you know that the band on a new bra should be so tight that you can only fit into it on the loosest hook setting? 34s are too loose! My size right now looks to be more in the 32H range....wowzas!

Oh, and a tip! I wore my full on PS prescribed CG to bed last night, which I never have done, and I woke up this morning flat as a board! My tummy was super tiny! I have never worn it because I prefer my binder for comfort, but I'm a believer now and will wear that sucker every night! During the day I'm mostly in high waisted girdle type underwear so I can wear real clothes :-).

4 weeks post & the joy of being sick :-((((

Hard to believe I'm just a few days out from the 1 month mark! Time sure does fly by. A few days ago I got a cold, which in and of itself is not usually a big deal. However, when you are coughing and sneezing and dealing with a tickle in your throat which causes you to have to jump out of bed and run for a drink of water............not easy to handle when your muscles are still sore and tight! I'm so glad I didn't get this earlier on in recovery and don't know people manage it. But, even at this stage it's a bit painful and uncomfortable on my abs. Additionally, and I'm not sure if the cold is causing it or not, but I've been suffering from horrible reflux & indigestion. This has caused me to swell up like a balloon! I guess I need to be really careful about what I'm eating. I had to go a couple nights with no binder/CG because of the pain it was causing due to the extreme swelling. I'm always better in the morning, but it's not going away 100%. Hopefully I'll be back to my thin flat self soon!

Pics- I added some from today and you can see the more pronounced swelling and this was from the morning. Not much change in the boobies, although they are getting softer. You can see my BB looks deeper now on the top, which is great. I think it's going to have that hooded look that I really like, but the bottom will be shallower/flat and that's ok. I think it's healing well, although a bit red. My incisions are getting redder, which is normal and they are healing well. Also I posted a couple of my BA incisions to show that the angry red look is dissipating. The right side is redder and I have another suture at the surface here, so I think that's why. The white cream is diaper rash ointment. Clothed pics are me in size 4 jeans :-). The top is a medium and too big!

Weight - Didn't weight myself today due to the massive swelling, last weight taken was 143.
Measurements/ bra size- Bust is about 42", ribcage is about 31", technically I guess that's around a 32H, 34GG.

Areas of concern update - I feel better about my BB now and will be patient to see how it heals. Depending on the angle of the pics it can look pretty off center! It doesn't bug me too much, but of course I wish it were dead center. I'm not up to going through any more pain & expense to fix it. BA incisions, much better! A couple more sutures need to be removed next week at my appt and that will probably help more. I feel like my BA is basically healed, no pain there at all. Also, I've connected with others who have UHP overs in a larger size and they assured me they continue to soften/loosen for quite some time and do end up very natural looking. I'm pretty content with my results and look forward to the subtle changes to come. Incision area- no more pus, seems to be doing fine now in that one area!

Things I can/can't do - I took a warm bath last night, although I'm not sure I was supposed to! Since everything is closed up and I did some reading online, I decided it should be alright. It felt great and I was just feeling terrible and really need that relaxation. I have 2 more weeks before swimming, exercising, and carrying my youngest. Not too far off now! This cold/reflux has knocked me back a bit, but I'm pretty much back to my normal life now. I can bend and lift and try to keep the maximum weight at 5lbs or so. Still wearing CGs daily and at night. Still waiting to really go shopping for another few weeks, but have bought some things here and there.

How I feel overall - Other than being sick, I feel great. The recovery overall has been much easier than I expected!

1 month in a new body!

Happy 1 month boobiversary to me! Oh, and not to mention new tummy too :-). Can I say that this has truly been the best thing I've ever done?!? Not to diminish graduating from college, getting married, having my children, etc! LOVE IT! Anyone considering getting a MMO, I say DO IT! Most important things after making that decision: 1- know what you want (especially when it comes to the boobs) and 2- find a great surgeon, and 3- have realistic expectations (a MMO will not cause you to lose an extra 50 lbs and become tiny if you are big).

A few updates at 1 month post:

-Starting to feel my tummy more. Upper portion has complete feeling, still a bit numb in lower region.

- Lumps are starting to go away from lipo, yay!

- All oozing is gone now

- I can lift my son at this point with no problems

- I feel very little tenderness and soreness now and can even "suck it in", so I know those muscles have healed pretty well.

- Still have swelling and a weird little ridge of swelling right in front (will ask about that).

- Scar is looking great

- Boobs are becoming much softer! They bounce and jiggle. Not as much as natural breast tissue, but I was told it can take 6 months- 1 year to reach final softness.

- I feel like I have normal energy now.

- Sleeping on my side is going very well, still a bit tender moving from side to side, but much improved.

- Coughing, sneezing less painful.

Honestly I almost feel back to normal! I have a few more sutures that need to be removed from BA incision area next week, they irritate a bit. No more redness there though. BB has some healing to do yet, but what a difference in a month!

Since school is back in session and I'm attending regular activities with my youngest, I have seen a lot of people I haven't seen in a few months. Some recent comments : "have you lost like a gazillion pounds?!" and "where did you go? half of you is missing?". I get told constantly how great I look and it's an amazing feeling. A lot of it is the 30lbs pounds lost and I'm so glad I was able to do that before the MMO. Still working on the last 5 and when I can start exercising (10 days) I hope to tone up a bit!

Picture here is a Cleo Maddie Bra in size 34GG (this seems to be the most comfortable size on me, but I can also wear 32H). I'm starting my journey into Polish bras and will post some pics soon!

5 week update!

Pics- Nothing too new or exciting this week! I wore my binder last night and it got all scrunched up and made marks all over my belly. This is the aftermath this morning! I wish I would have gotten pics without the marks, but oh well! The string bikini shows that my incision is either covered or so thin you can't see it under the bikini bottom, pretty amazing!

Weight/Measurements- Still about the same. I'm pretty sure I'll get full clearance to exercise this week and then I really need to focus on firming up and losing those last 5 or so lbs! Although the boobies are measuring the same, I've noticed that a new bra that was fitting well for 2 weeks is starting to cause marks on the upper pole area. Maybe fluffing or maybe I just wore it differently?

Areas of concern update:
Belly button- it's has a very clear hooded appearance now and I can see what shape my PS was going for. I think I like it. It's red around the outside and I know it's still healing. The bottom part will be flat and the top part hooded. I like the shape and I think it's fine. There are some old stretch marks around it, but hopefully the redness will fade in time. Only bad thing is that is definitely off center. Probably due to my hernia or maybe it was always a bit off center and I never noticed. Either way, it's going to be something I will have to live with, because it doesn't bother me enough to get it revised.

BA incisions- I have one suture popping through the surface that will need to be removed at my appt on Wed. I feel at least 2 others, but I think she wants to leave them to hopefully dissolve on their own. The irritation is mostly gone (see pics- the white is diaper rash cream which I'm still using). Other than the spitting suture, it feels fine under there. At this point I pretty much forget I have implants!

Things I can/can't do - A lot has changed this week! I am 100% upright now at pretty much all times. I can sleep on my back with legs out straight with no pillow and it feels fine. I can move around from side to side at night with no pain or pressure and no without a thought! I have started to occasionally carry my son for brief times (he's close to 30lbs). Once in a blue moon I feel some tenderness right over my pubic area if I have overdone it. Energy level is same as pre-surgery. I can bend, stretch, etc with no issue. Even sneezing & cough is painless now. Twisting my mid-section is a bit painful and I always try to avoid it. I'm much less protective of my belly & boobs and really do feel almost normal. On Wednesday at my next appt, I should get clearance to exercise, swim, and take baths (already have done this!). Those are the last of my cannot do list. I still feel somewhat numb on the lower belly. I was feeling around while laying on my back last night and I can feel with my hand the muscles all stretched and taut, strange feeling. I wonder when complete feeling will come back to the area? Definitely still get swollen, especially the lower belly above my pubic bone. It's not terrible and I'm not really too concerned about it.

Compression- I still wear some type of garment daily. I like the way it gives my waist a very defined look. I hardly ever wear the one my PS gave me unless I"m wearing a skirt (rare!). I have a few from Leonisa that I like and also some new Maidenform ones that I really like: My favorite type now are high-waisted underwear. Nothing on the thighs and nothing with shoulder straps. Although my PS said I could stop compression at 4 weeks, these styles of simplified compression I will wear for a while. Maybe when I get complete feeling back I will switch to regular underwear or when I see a decrease in swelling, etc. Not sure!

Scar therapy- This will be a topic of discussion at my appt this week. I always planned on doing something for the scars. I never thought my scars would be so thin and low! So.....not sure I really need to do much! I will ask about it, but I'm not sure it's worth the time or effort because mine look much better than expected. I am using Eden's Scar Salve and I like that so far :-).

How I feel overall- Still love love my results! I feel like a new person. It is really time to go shopping now though because everything is too big on me! I have bought tons of bras, returned some, and bought more. I ordered a Polish bra and will post on that when it arrives.

BA thoughts: The one thing I"m on the fence about is my BA. I look 100% better than I did before and it was totally worth it. However, I don't think I have quite what I was hoping for. I realize now that I probably needed to go even bigger, which is not possible in silicone. It's easy to look at pictures of people with the same ccs and think you will look like them, but - HEIGHT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I saw tons of pics of people with 800s and most of them were short girls. They look soooo much smaller on me than them. And gals who are taller than me, even smaller looking. But, as I posted before my BA I chose 800 because it was the biggest in silicone and it would help prevent boob greed. I feel confident in that choice, because I didn't want saline and still don't. Mine are getting softer but still not natural tissue soft, can't imagine the firmness of 800s in saline. I have read that the FDA is going to approve larger sizes in silicone soon, and when that happens, I may just be moved to upgrade! Secondly, my profile- ultra high- still bugs me. I love the projection, but I don't feel they are wide enough and they don't have that natural slope & hang that I really wanted. Thankfully I have natural cleavage, so that's not an issue, but I find myself trying to push them down and get them to hang lower and wider (not going to happen!). I really wonder what mod+ would look like on me instead of uhp. It's one of those things you wish you could try out beforehand to know for sure! At this point, I'm just a little wistful at what my other options would have looked like. I'm not upset or depressed over it because I do like my look. I'm not looking to change anything right now because it's possible my results will change a bit more over time. But- if I ever had a problem that called for a revision I would definitely look into a larger size and wider profile. Or, years down the road if I'm really ready for a change, I might see what is available for me. This time, I had a lot to focus on with the MMO and all that entails and I do love my boobies, just not 100% satisfied with them if that makes sense! If anyone wants to give me some feedback about going with a wider profile in the larger sizes, I would appreciate it. What would the difference in appearance be if I had 800s in mod+ vs. what I have now? Do you think it would have been closer to my wish pics? Or would that have taken 1000+? Just trying to be realistic!

Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new bodies!

All in what you wear...

I did a little shopping today and tried on these size 4s (both tops & bottoms). Amazing how big the girls look in a tight shirt, lol! So, yeah, I'm feeling more confident about my size/shape now :-). It is nice that they aren't so big that I can't tuck them away if I want to. I"m not sure how long it will take to get over being thin and having no hanging fat tummy and still having boobs without a heavily padded bra!

6 weeks post!

I feel like I've reached that golden out of postpartum stage point now!

Pics- I realize I am totally vain now, but I just love my new shape! I've done a lot of shopping lately, everything from underwear, pajamas, athletic wear, casual clothes, church clothes, etc! I've had to completely start from scratch! It's been fun, but expensive!!

Weight - 141ish last I checked, but I had a bad weekend so I've avoided the scale! Still inching towards my goal weight and getting close now.

Areas of concern update - Belly button really looking good, still not 100% healed, but only a little pink now. No issues with any of my incisions. The BA area still has one suture that I can feel after getting 2 removed last week! Hopefully it will disintegrate on its own, my body just does not like them! I have very little left to be concerned about now. Pretty much I am happy to live with the slight imperfections in my results (off center belly button, visible stretch marks on lower belly, that's about it!).

Things I can/can't do - I got clearance to exercise (avoiding ab work for a while), bathe, swim and lift my toddler! If I suddenly twist my torso it still hurts a bit. Sneezing, laughing, coughing, bending does not hurt anymore. Sometimes moving in bed is a little uncomfortable. I jumped in the pool today and felt some tenderness in doing that. Sometimes I forget that I've even had surgery until I do something like that! Lower belly is still numb too, and I think that can take a while to fully come back.

How I feel overall - Great! Loving my results and think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made :-). Feel pretty much back to normal except for a little numbness in the belly.

Appt last week- The PS took out a few stitches under my BA, said my TT is healing great, and thinks I look overall amazing. My scar is thin and low, but she said I can do the silicone strips to minimize it even more. They were out of stock, but I am going to try them. I go in tomorrow for a free facial :-). She also said I can get laser resurfacing for stretch marks, but I'm not interested. They took some after pictures as well. I feel like I'm pretty much good to go and I go back again in 6 weeks.

I'm feeling better about my BA results and the shape/size now. I guess trying on tighter clothes and fun bras has made a difference! I think it's a process and will take some time to get completely used to them, but I'm not looking to redo anything any time soon.

About 7 weeks post - my experience with scar strips

Not much new! At this point, changes are happening more slowly. I don't feel the need to post the same boobie & tummy pics week after week because there is hardly any visible differences. I figure I will save those for once a month or so now.

Weight- Still about 141, but I have not had much self-control lately. Have a family wedding to attend on 10/17 and I'm determined to be under 140 at that point!

Overall I really feel 100% healed, I can lift and carry heavy items without pain, have my normal energy level, and am basically back to normal. After sitting or lying down for long periods there is some stiffness when I first move. And twisting my mid-section still is uncomfortable (and I'm avoiding that!).

I really love my look and now feel very satisfied with the outcome of my boobs. I definitely don't want them bigger or they would be very noticeable. I don't want a whole lot of unwanted attention! Also I already have back issues and I wouldn't want to make that worse. My hubby still asks when they will loosen up and drop down (natural sag look), but I'm not sure if they will. Either way, they are 100% better than what they were and I'm not quite sure my ideal look was ever achievable with implants regardless of size or profile since I was looking at natural breasts to begin with. I don't want to revise them now or in the future :-).

Scar strips- Started these about 5 days ago. I bought the Silagen brand through my PS. I don't believe they are sold online, you have to buy through a doctor. They didn't have the long strip in stock so I got 4 strips that pretty much cover the length of my scar. Cost was $62 compared to $110 for the long strip, so I thought it was a good choice.

Even though they look easy enough, I'm not loving them for the following reasons:

1- The ends of the strips that go past my hip constantly roll up. This is a major pain in the butt and I"m constantly trying to fix them. I have had to cut the ends of two of them because the curling was unfixable. I hope I don't have to continue to cut or I won't have much left!

2- The edges of the strips gather lint from clothing and they look black or gray or red or whatever color your wearing.

3- When you peel them off it puts some pressure on the new scar and is uncomfortable.

4- The box says to wash with mild soap and let air dry. This takes a long time. So long that I have to help it dry by using a towel. They never look 100% clear and clean like they were new as much as I "gently" wash them.

I've had all these issues in only 5 days of use! They are supposed to last 6 weeks or so. I'm going to stick it out with them, but they are not ideal. I went ahead and ordered Silagen gel, which although takes some time to dry, I like that I can use it on other areas like my BB and BA incisions. I will continue to use the strips until they completely die on me, but I think I'll prefer the gel.

Pics- I had to buy a dress for a family event and needed one that is more on the conservative side. I went to Talbots and the black/white is an XS & the red is a 2. I don't normally wear 2s, but even these are too big in the hips! Chest fit fine :-). Also pics of BB & scar strips on and off. You can see the black lint on the strips. Scar is healing nicely!

Sometimes I get really paranoid about gaining weight and getting a fat middle again. It's so wonderful to be able to wear whatever I want and look good. It's really a life changer! If I can lose another 5 pounds or so I won't have to worry about the bit of back fat I have in tighter tops. Right now I'm in that phase of wanting to show off my results and I'm wearing tighter clothing than I ever have. It's a fine line because I'm almost 40 and don't want to look like I'm trying to be 18, but my husband says why did we pay all this money if you can't show off your results?!

Polish Bra Addiction!

This is my 2nd Polish bra and I have two more on order! I just love the quality and the fit. They are perfect for augmented breasts and come in small band sizes with large cups. If you are interested in learning more check out An Enhanced Experience Blog (just google it) and join the justbreastimplants forums where there is a Polish bra social group.

This one is a Ewa bra called Lesne, size 75GG (34 GG). I know I can go down to a 32, but I'm not used to a tighter fit and don't like the back pudge. Although I will probably end up going that direction in the near future. I do have one 32H that fits great. Also, I can probably go up a cup size but I prefer to not have the full coverage look. I need to show off the girls a bit!

2 months today!

It's hard to believe it's been 2 months! Although now I'm at the point where I don't think of it much. Changes are happening more slowly, but still coming along.

Weight- I've been stuck at 141-142 for ages. With 4 lbs of implant I'm trying to console myself with my real weight of 138, lol! But honestly I need to lose another 5 and need to get more serious about doing that.

Scars- I gave up on the strips after about 10 days. They were constantly curling and a general pain to deal with. I ordered silicone gel (silagen, medical grade) and am using it twice daily. Not sure if it's working or just that time is improving them, but I do notice a difference. It's expensive stuff, so I'm not sure if I'll buy more after this bottle.

Compression- done! I was given permission to stop wearing it at the 1 month mark, but I continued for a while. I've been completely compression free for a week or 10 days now & I love it! No more pulling & adjusting during the day & difficulty going to the bathroom, etc.

Swelling- I do get some right above the center of my incision at the end of the day. I notice it because my underwear will make a big line in that area & it's not tight. Sometimes it looks like a ridge. I don't get this every day & I usually don't get all over belly swelling (only rare occasions when I get indigestion, which would happen regardless of surgery). Some days I have no visible swelling at all. I don't think I'm in need of lymphatic massage and what minor swelling I have doesn't bother me. I am one of the lucky ones!

Pain- I wouldn't say I have any more pain. I do have some discomfort when I get into bed & lie on my side initially. I'm not sure if that is from the lipo (?). And getting out of bed quickly is also a little uncomfortable. Everything else is great- bending, lifting, carrying my son, exercise, sneezing, etc.

Numbness- still pretty numb from BB down. I do hope feeling will return but my PS has advised it can take a year & others have told me sometimes it never fully comes back. Little nervous about that! Skin is still pretty tight but has loosened a little & starting to look a bit more natural.

Areas of concern update- I'm content with my bb now. It does appear off center, but I like the shape & size. I get it now whereas early on I didn't understand the shape my PS went for. As far as the boobs, I go back & forth but I'm overall content with them. Any bigger or wider I might look overweight or very fake. I hope someday they will hang more & not be so tight. Not sure if that's even possible with implants.

Pics- tried to show various ones of me bending & sitting to show I really don't have a hanging belly! My scar is thin & low, even covered by my teeny bikini underwear. Belly is very flat. Boobs look great in bras & clothing. Love my results!

By the way- testing out the new app, so we'll see how this goes!

More Polish bras!

This one is an Ewa Michalak Paris S bra in 75GG. Love the color!

Just another quick bra update :-)

Got 3 new ones from bratabase in the mail today!

Summer Time by Comexim in 75J
Tropical Garden by Comexim in 75J
Bambino by Ewa Michalak in 75GG

11+ week follow-up appt

I had a follow up appt today & here are the highlights:

- Asked about tight stiff feeling muscles that I can feel near the surface of my skin (vertical from above to below bb). Was told it was due to my body getting used to the sutures & muscles will relax over time.

- Asked about a little knot I can feel under surface of scar, front & center. Was told it was scar tissue buildup & to massage it. Should get better.

- Asked about my minor dog ears. We both agree they have improved. Was told to massage them & we'll reassess at the 6 month mark. Likely will be fine by then.

- Asked if boobies look even & soft & any signs of cc. Nurse showed me how the capsule easily moves and said all looks great, no evidence of any cc. She said they probably are as soft as they'll get.

-Asked if I need an antibiotic for upcoming dental work. She is prescribing one for 3 days.

-Nurse removed a couple more spitting sutures.

- They took my final pics & said they'll email me before & afters. I'll share when I get them!

-Dr & I are both very happy with results!

Official before & afters

Afters were taken 2 days ago in the office and the before pics were taken about 2 weeks prior to surgery (July). The differences are pretty amazing!

If I could go back to July and tell myself how it would go and what I would think of my results, I think I would include the following things:

- The surgery and recovery are much easier than you expect, don't stress about it too much!

- Your TT results will be better than you ever hoped for. That being said, you will still feel a bit numb at the 3 month mark, so don't expect it to be a short recovery and there are some things that may never return to normal. The scar is low and better than you hoped for. Your muscles at the surface feel tight and a bit unnatural, but what a tradeoff for that lose, hanging fat skin!

- Your breasts will end up smaller than you expected and this is okay. You will realize that you can play them up or down and you still look "normal" in clothing and not obviously fake. You don't have to worry about hiding them like you thought you might have to or people noticing. You can wear small and x-small tops just fine. You will look nice and trim and the boobs won't make you look top heavy, but at the same time they are definitely there and not small :-).

- Silicone does not feel like natural breast tissue no matter what you read. I hear it's softer than saline, but it's not soft like breast tissue and will never soften to that point. You've had naturally big boobs (while nursing) and so you know they feel like pillows, these are not the same. But, they are still squishy and move and bounce and you'll get used to them.

- You cannot expect to have natural looking big breast implants that hang and fall out of bras when taken off and are really soft and jiggly. It's unachievable with implants. You will love the way you look in bras and clothes and feel very confident, but struggle a bit with how they look naked. They don't look very natural, but that's the price to pay with getting larger ones. Again, it's a trade off. There's still hope for natural droop over time, but you can't look at wish pics of natural large breasts because you won't end up with that result.

- Lipo hurts the worst, but is worth it!

Seeing these pics reminds me of how far I've come! I"m overall very happy with my results. There are days I just wish I was born with naturally large boobs, but I can't help that. I'm very happy I don't have any signs of cc and that my body is healing so well. I would never willingly go back under the knife for a revision unless there was a real medical need. So I'm hoping they settle a bit more and look more natural over time and that may be years with natural drooping. I couldn't love them more in bras & clothes though!

3 months!

Not really a whole lot new going on, but a few things I wanted to mention.

1- New gym membership and definitely notice some muscle pulling when using the machines. Not really pain, but some discomfort, so I'm taking it easy with the ones that affect the abs.

2- I hated the silagen strips I had, but decided to start using Scaraway long thin strips, much cheaper and they actually stay on!!! I use them even in the shower and bath and haven't taken them off in a week straight. I probably will in another week and replace with new strips. Worth a shot! I mostly wanted to do it for the small dog ears I have to get them to lay flat.

3- New bra size is 32HH :-). Done with my crazing buying spree of Polish bras (for now!) and am enjoying the girls more than I did. I'm done complaining about what I didn't get and will just enjoy what I do have.

4- Weight is still around 140. It's a bad time of year!! I'm hoping to still lose another 3-5lbs or at the very least hold steady through the holidays.

Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new bodies! If you are about to get a MMO or considering one, don't worry about the details and just go for it! Choose a good PS and you will be all set!

And 4 months!

Weight- Well the holiday eating has already affected me :-(. I'm at 142, so up a couple pounds but holding pretty steady. No treadmill and no gym membership = laziness! That will need to change soon if I ever want to drop the last 5 lbs or so!

Tummy Tuck- I still feel tight but no longer uncomfortable or painful. When I twist or turn it just feels like tight muscles, no pain. I can move in all directions and am fine now. I'm still slightly numb on the very upper thigh/groin area and the belly too. Not sure if/when that will improve! I will say that above the belly button I have a lot more feeling than below. I hope in time my entire TT area will become looser and more natural feeling, but really I can't complain and even if it stays this way, I am overjoyed with the outcome!

Scar- I wore some leftover silicone (OTC) strips recently, which is why you see marks on my pics. But, I'm not buying any more. That area might be slightly less red, but at this point it doesn't matter much to me. I posted some pics of me wearing Dermablend and if I really want to hide my scar I can just use that! Also it is low enough that it's covered even in my teeny bikinis. I do have small dog ears on each side (see pic). They are wrapped around past my hips so hard to get a good picture of, but also hard to see and that means it's not that important to me :-). Not going to do anything about them, but will continue to massage and hopefully they will lie flat over time.

BA- I know I've gone back and forth many times on my feelings on the outcome. Yes, I wish I could have compared different profiles to be sure UHP were the ones for me, but I am very happy with how they look. I think they've grown on me! They are also super soft now! Even more so than my last update. I really have noticed big changes recently in the way they feel and move. Maybe because of the size or the profile they have just taken longer to settle. I've also read it could be up to a year before they're finished fluffing and settling, so we'll see. At this point they jiggle and bounce a lot! They are very squishy and almost like real breasts, so I'm very pleased because I didn't think that would happen early on. The shape is not 100% natural because they are very projected and natural breasts are flatter. I notice this especially in my cleavage area where it's thick and not flat cleavage like it used to be. I posted a pic of the cleavage area with my arms apart to show this little shadow that might be caused by my ample natural cleavage and maybe an implant that's not wide enough (?), not really sure what it is but doesn't show unless I have my arms out. Overall, they have dropped more and hang more and overall are getting better with time. One is still bigger and they are different shapes but that is how I was beforehand, so can't help that. At this point, I would not want to change them! I'm not about chasing perfection and risking what I already have. Thankfully I have no signs of CC or bottoming out, no visible ripples or any other complications. Sometimes I do have some zingers or dull aching pains. I notice it more after side sleeping with a non-supportive bra. Some days I feel nothing at all and other times some of these aches. I've obsessed but my boobs are both even, super soft, and move easily in the capsule. I'm not too worried :-). Still need to get some more stitches removed but I'm waiting and hoping they might resolve on their own!

Bras- I'm an official Polish bra junkie :-). I think I have about 5 more en route right now! I've been measuring my band size wrong and think I'm really more of a 30, but a 32 fits fine on the tightest hooks. I'm getting used to a snug band and like the support. I wear a 32HH pretty well, but I'm going to try out a 32J to see how that fits and in the 30 band a J or even JJ is probably the best fit. Crazy sizes, I know! I need the depth because boy do I have a lot of projection! I was sooooo flat before and the size view looked like I have zero boobs. Front view lots of cleavage and wide hanging boobs but no projection. I feel I almost have the opposite now!

Anyone considering getting a mommy makeover....just do it! I never thought my outcome could be this great! The little issues are really no big deal and clothes shopping and getting dressed everyday is a true joy :-).

It's been 6 months!

I apologize that I have not been on here as often as I'd like. I guess that's life though! The surgery is your sole focus in life for the months preceding it and 2 or so months afterwards and then everything normalizes again and you get back to real life.

Changes are minor at this point and I know there is still some healing to be done. I don't think you reach final destination until about the 1 year mark, so it's a very long process.

I gained about 5 pounds over the holidays so I'm trying to get back on track now! I know I can do it and have already changed my eating habits. I got a bit out of hand with sweets and eating out! But I have enough time before bikini season to get back in shape :-).

I'm 100% satisfied with my results and would do it again in a heartbeat! There are some things I didn't know I'd be dealing with, but I thought of the worst case scenarios in advance and luckily have not had any major issues. My scars are healing and are a light purplish. I haven't treated them in a long time! I just got tired of the whole routine of it. Not sure if they would look better if I continued with the scar strip for the past few months or not.

My belly button is still off center and obviously that won't change, but I'm fine with it. My stretch marks are less noticeable, but still there. From what I started with, it's such a massive improvement that again they don't bother me.

My muscles are still tight and sometimes sore-ish if I stretch really high or something. And I"m still pretty numb! I"m starting to wonder if I'll ever have full feeling on my mid-section again. Time will tell. I don't feel swollen at all anymore unless I overeat and become bloated.

Very happy with the boobs! I had a lot of angst in the beginning, but they look just awesome in clothes. I do have a bit of tenting in my cleavage area on the left side. It's only noticeable if I pull my arms apart and you can see it in the gap. Nothing can really be done about it, not a big deal. Other than that, they are doing great- soft, jiggly, and fill out a 32J nicely :-). I was looking at pictures of Ariel Winter before her reduction and they look quite a bit like that! I asked my hubby if he were to just meet me and see me naked would he think they were natural and he said yes! So, that's a good thing. He loves them and he wasn't sure in the beginning, so this is a good thing. I wouldn't do anything different with them at this point and thankfully no complications.

Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new bodies!

I tried on a "modest" swim suit for classes with my youngest and here is a pic, along with a bikini top and a pic of my scar line.

I highly recommend Dr. Lacerna as plastic surgeon in the Bradenton-Sarasota area. She was everything I was hoping for in a PS - very attentive to my questions and concerns, easy to get appointments, always ready to answer questions, and she is very skilled at what she does. The staff and nurses are wonderful also! I have looked at tons of before & after pictures and have compared them to my results. I have one of the thinnest scars I have seen on post-op TT patients and it's very low just like I wanted. Everything she recommended pre-op was helpful to me and I had no complications at all. It was a much easier experience than I expected and I think some of that has to do with how well she prepared me for surgery, but mostly her expertise and skill during the procedure. I am very thankful I chose Dr. Lacerna and I'm thrilled with my results. I would choose her again in a heartbeat! I have a lengthy review posted that explains even more in detail. Feel free to message me with any questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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