Consultation Only - Finding A Surgeon for the BBL - What a Job! - Bradenton, FL

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Here's the beginning of my story. Today I had a...

Here's the beginning of my story. Today I had a consultation scheduled with Dr. Lacerna and she's probably not making the possible list. I had a 10am appointment and waiting 40 minutes. When I asked at the desk how much longer I could expect to be waiting I was told they didn't know and had a call into the doctor who was on rounds and not there. They said they couldn't tell me. I said well I have another appointment and would need to be leaving within the next half hour. That would make a total of more than about an hour. I was told they couldn't tell me when she'd be there. ? what, does that sound right? You make an appointment and have your person wait but you are not there and this is usual and customary practice? Very odd. I said well if you're running an hour behind do you usually call patients to let them know so they don't hurry to get there only to wait an hour....they said, not usually. Oye. This was really irking me now. My time is money too, ya know? I don't live for free over here. I felt like there was no regard for her patients already based on this office practice.

Needless to say I had to leave to get to another appointment. I figured to be there an hour total with waiting time. I'm sure the actual consultation would be more or less 10-15 minutes so allowing an extra 45 minutes would be more than ample. uh, think again ladies. Not sure what is not right with this office but I seriously am not thinking of this surgeon as a serious contender in the line-up EVEN though she is within 10 miles of my home. I'd more than likely travel to Miami, pay the extra money to stay for 10 days than be close to home and feel like I'm being treated less than professionally and with low regard. Can't say anything good about Dr. Lacerna and I have yet to meet her. Hmmmm.....I couldn't get another appointment for a few weeks and it's at a different office.

Perhaps this surgeon has too much on her plate and is compromising her output to allow for more input $$$ in the till?

BBL 53 YO - need TT too

I was told to get my BBL first and then 6 mo or so later to get the TT. This way there would be enough good fat to choose for the BBL. I'm 5 2" and weigh 130-135. :( I hear that some are recommending TT first then BBL.....
Being older with less elastic skin, things will definitely be looser once you have lipo and less fat is there. Probably more tightening up will be required so hence BBL first, see what's hanging around (ha ha) and then TT and maybe remove from other spots?? Has anyone out there had BBL and TT in that order. I'd also love to hear from anyone that is in my age range for a comparison for any BBL with or w/o TT. I'm dying to get rid of this stomach!

Lipo after TT Needed

well ladies, I had a Tummy Tuck after this procedure in Bradenton, FL with Dr. Hamlin. She's great but, I felt about 7-8 months later that I noticed the beautiful contour Dr. Mendieta gave me was changed. Now my hips were bigger and closer to starting right at my waist. I hate that, something I had before any surgery if I gained weight. So....back to Mendieta for Lipo and a little contouring of hips again. The most IMPORTANT part is AFTER LIPO, getting not baby lymphatic drainage massages but!, Really good ones, let's call them Post Lipo massages that really work out and break up the scare tissue from canula and lumps, places with fat deposits that might feel lumpy.

Being on the West coast of FL is hard to find anyone really good. Most that are even aware of these issues are those from South American countries. So, I was blessed and found someone really good when I first returned from Miami. She worked out of her house with a mostly spanish clientle. But now! she has a thriving business in Sarasota!! Not so far from me, hip hip hooorah! no pun intended on those hips! ha!

I am now having my massage sessions three times a week and trust me this really makes any of your surgeries smooth and heal faster, but most importantly, break up that scar tissue and remove any bumps. A real life saver. The place is Lypossage & Body Contouring in Sarasota. Claudia is fantastik and works miracles! unbelievable! I am hooked on her. I can't believe that doctors aren't insisting patients receive post surgical massages. Amazing results. And as I said, heal faster, better, smoother. Wonderful place.
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