My War on Cellulite - Boulder, CO

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After two decades of wearing pants and long skirts...

After two decades of wearing pants and long skirts in the summer, I declared war on my cellulite. I had a pretty good diet, but wasn't working out hard enough or frequent enough, I would drink several nights out of the week, and I had minor nutrient deficiencies (Vit B, D, Mg).

I bought two different types of ceramic leggings and went to optimizing these things. By the time I went all in on Cellfina, I was suprised at the significant progress I had made (see next post for what really made a difference). However, there were still several stubborn spots, and I didn't dare pinch or clinch.

My procedure was much like everyone describes. I felt the pain was tolerable, but more than a 2. The worst part of the pain is the suction on the device and the first anesthesia injections in an area, but it gets better with more injections in an area. I found that counting to 10 anytime the pain was intense helped. By the time they cut the bands, it felt like a vibrating massage. I browsed several magazines to keep distracted. I pretty sore for 24 hrs and then the pain lessens. All tolerable without meds.

Perhaps some things to know before- buy some sterile gauze, medical tape, and absobant pads. My procedure was in the afternoon, and I changed my dressings once before bed and once the following morning. They lightly massaged me to get the some of the fluid out. So, most was out by morning, but I did have two spots that went for most of the day after. When they first wrap you, think of how you will pee. They wrapped my bandages in saran wrap which was helpful to keep the fluid contained, but this had to be cut back and then rewrapped to pee. I also found sitting forward and bending forward helped to not put too much hard pressure on the treared areas and keep clean. It is really helpful to have someone rewrap you. Drink lots of water.

I wish i had brought in some pics to be able to discuss the areas that really bothered me. I think the Rinnova team was very careful to catch it all, but this would've helped me feel better.

I went for a long walk the next day and was back at my workout routine two days after. I haven't used anything on the area other than keeping it clean, and things are healing nicely.

I have a couple post pics from the day after. So, far I am very happy and think it was worth it, but am going to wait to heal to call it. I will post more pics as I heal. I will try to find some good before pics. I feel the dr pics are misleading for how far I have come since April (it was really, really bad).

Prior to Cellfina

As I mentioned above, I changed a lot of things prior to going all in for Cellfina. I think the most impactful thing was probably exercise. I started doing an online HIIT program 30 min at least 3 times a week and was getting 1 hr walks/light hikes a couple times a week. I figured what good is it to get rid of cellulite if your legs have no shape. So, I Got comfortable with doing a bunch of curtsey lunges, regular lunges, bridges, squats, etc. Not only is this helping with the tone, but I think the circulation has helped considerably.

I eat a lot of veggies, fruit, and protein anyway, and don't eat much sugar or processed foods. I was eating a lot of dairy. So, I cut that back to a couple oz of cheese per week and the occasional 1/2 c ice cream. I cut all the other sugar except that ice cream. I also cut alcohol to one day a week and not more than 2 drinks on that day. Honestly, that was really hard, but I feel that my overall emotional wellbeing is so much better. I didn't realize that would be so impactful.
Since I was drinking less alcohol, it was easier to just substitute it with water.
I started taking a supplement that contains collagen and hyuralonic acid in addition to the vitamins above. Not sure if that helped, but it didn't hurt.

Finally, the pants. I got a pair of neoprene ceramic and a pair of ceramic massaging tights about a month after I changed my diet and exercise. I think they help.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I think there was a very significant improvement prior to signing up for Cellfina. I hope this gets me the rest of the way.

10 days since procedure

I'm still very happy. The swelling has gone down. My bruises are almost gone and are only slightly tender if I press on them.

Dr Becker, Mina, Annette, and Morgan are great! I appreciate their attention to detail and the supportive environment they created.

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