21 Years Young, 2 Kids, Breast Feed 1, Size 34A, 5' 1". Looking for Size D - Boulder, CO

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Hi, I am 21 with 2 kids. I breast feed my 2nd kid...

Hi, I am 21 with 2 kids. I breast feed my 2nd kid and now they lost a little volume. I always was small chested I can only fit in a 24A. I don't plan on having anymore kids so it's time for boobies!!!! I'm 5',1" 105 lbs. I had a consultation at 3 places, with this one being the best. I went in and tried on 550cc and liked it, but now I'm second guessing because they told me that the implants will project out more rather than what I seen in the mirror. So I go back in the 29th of this month to try on sizes again for final decisions

My itty bitty boobies! ^_^

So these r my current situation. ^_^ my nipple used to be round but after kids my nipple look limp :/ haha I can't wait to try on sizes again on monday! I'm so scared!!!! Not for the surgery, but for the outcome. My fear is that it will look deformed between my boobs because of my bone structure. I have this dent between my boobs... and I'm going under the muscle since I don't have alot of tissue. I am going with silicone, high profile. :( it doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist. I guess it'll give me a reason to get a tattoo there -.- anyways my doc said I have to stop smoking 2 weeks beforehand...I stopped yesterday. so much enxiety!!!! Plus I'm starting to feel guilty about the money. .. I can afford it, I'm just over thinking it. I've wanted this forever!! I worked so hard to get here ^_^ I'm proud of myself

Pre-op today

I finally have my Pre-op appointment today!! I will be trying on sizers again because I am unsure of what I picked. I originally picked 550 cc cilicone high profile under the muscle. But I'm starting to think it's too big for my size. Il take pictures of my sizers I pick. Il update in a few hours. Woohoo!!!!! 10 more days!!!! It doesn't feel real!!!!

Went to my pre-op!!!!!

SO I STUCK WITH THE 550!!!!! I tried on a little smaller but I kept finding myself going back to the 550. So I'm sticking to it!!! When they took my vitals I was so nervous that she couldn't get a reading. So I tried to calm myself ^_^ I don't know why I was so nervous. But I forgot to to take pics of the sizers. BUT... here are some of my wish boobies!!! She said my fit will be a size D or DD. Take it all or go home right?!?! I better make sure the size is worth the money! ^_^ AAAAH!!! SO EXCITED!

7 more days!!!!

I'm starting to worry. I am a cosmetologist so I'm cutting hair all day with my arms in the air. I am going to be taking 2 weeks off. I did not tell my manager that I am getting boobs. I explained to her that it's for something else. My doc thinks I should take a stool to work just in case, witch I'm ok with.... I just know they are going to find out :/ I started wearing rice bags in my bra for the passed month. Just to try to get them used to seeing me with big boobs already. I'm so ready! Today is my Monday back at work so I have this last week to work ^_^ freedom! !!

6 more days.. :(

I am feeling really super sad right now..... I am freaking the fuck out! I'm afraid I will b going too big... I loved them in the mirror and now I'm wanting to go smaller... it's like being pregnant all over again with these emotions! !! :( I'm afraid il need a breast lift... I'm afraid il look fake... I'm afraid I won't like them... I want to love them... but I don't want them to be too big for me that it will harm my body.... I Wana b happy. I'm just scared.

I called

So I called them and told them I'm debating on sizes. The staff was super sweet and explained to me how they would fit and what to expect. They said they will bring extra sizes just in case

4 more days!

First I want to say thanks for all the positive support! I am sticking with the 550cc. The conversation I had with the doc was very helpful. I am going through those hard pregnancy symptoms the closer it comes haha! Emotional! !!! So what the doc told me is that alot of women he sees get that size and they aren't as big as they sound. He says they will be noticeable but they won't look too extreme. He apparently cuts into the pocket nicely and enough for it to look more natural. He said the extra 50cc won't make a huge difference so it will look like 500 cc than he explained that with me excercises that il lose a little more fatty tissue, plus when the implants are under the muscle and skin, it stays tight so they look a little smaller. So he told me to not worry. I feel a little more better ^_^ ima stick with it because I don't want to regret not going bigger. I'm young so I might as well have them and enjoy them when I can. At least I can always downsize in the future!

3 more days!!!!!!!

I'm happy and excited!!!! Ready!!!!!! I've been wearing rice bags for a while -.- I'm getting tired of the bags. I'm afraid one will bust when I'm cutting hair at work. How the hell would I explain that one!?!? I have Monday and Tuesday off work and than Wednesday will be my last day for the next 2 weeks!!! Yay!!!!! Not scared at all for the surgery. Just nervous for the outcome!

1 more day!!!!!

So tomarrow I go into work, it will be my last day for the next 2 weeks!!!! ^_^ I'm so ready!!!! I bought a couple pillows today and bought easy food for my house! !!! I'm all set!!!! Now I just wait! My manager is finally aware of the boobs and she's okay with it! I was so affraid I was going to get in trouble or to have people disappointed, but...... she wasn't mad ^_^ wooh! Let's go boobs!!!!!!! My mom asked me if she could come with so it will be me, my husband, and my madre! My 2 older sisters aren't very fond of what I am doing, but that's big sisters for ya... hopefully il sleep alot because I hate being trapped in the house -.- BUT NO WORK FOR ME!!! My appointment is at 1, so I will be leaving around noon. I live close to town. So I'm an hour away from boulder. But I will keep you guys updated!

Today is the day!!!!

I already left my house running to a couple places before hand. I'm excited! I can't believe this is happening! A dream come true! I can't grasp that it's already here! In a couple hours I shall be on the other side!!! Woot! Woot! ^_^ the only downfall is my mother in law wasn't home to watch my 9 month old. So we are taking her with but my husband will take her around up there to see everything while I'm in surgery


So I got there about 12:45 ish and I had to sign alot of papers. The nurse took me to the room where they take pictures of my boobs. Than they took me to the operating room and the got the I.v in me. Next thing I knew I was passed out! Than I woke up to my husband, daughter and mom. I felt really sick afterward, and kept puking. Right now I feel excellent, just that my entire ribs and back hurt. But I got through it! I don't regret the size cc I picked cuz they r perfect for me!!!

1 day post-op

SO..... last night, it wasn't so bad sleeping because I had alot of pillows behind me..but I feel like I'm having constant upper back pains. I've been taking my Perkasets ( don't know how to spell it) 1 every 4 hours for pain. I'm up and about today trying not to do alot ^_^ pain comes and goes, il feel fine for an hour; than it'll hit me hard and it feels like rough presser too much. I had to go back today for the doc to take my bandages off and see if I was still puking last night. He told me i can rub them every now and then if they are achey but he says he doesn't find it necessary. My left nipple goes numb every now and them but my feeling comes back :/ I think I can tell my left one is slowly creepen down more than my right. And odley!!!!!.... my right nipple is way darker than my right... what the?..... haha! I look like a freak show right now ^_^ oh and 1 more thing, I know the doc said we can't move the boobs too close together because of risks... but I hope my gap isn't too noticeable when they D&F.

2 days post-op

Well I definitely feel better sleeping now than I did the first day. Pain is annoying! And painful when my pills wear off :( I've been lightly messaging the top of my boobs when they feel sore. My upper back still aches probably because I walk and sleep like a stick. Mainly feels like engorgement with milk. Still taking pain pills because it's too much for me to handle still. I'm up and about, but when I'm up for too long, they get sore. I finally took a shower today which was nice! I think my right boob is dropping faster than my left. But I'm hoping the reason for my left nipple pointing down is because it's still a little higher. The pills make me nauseous so I try to eat so it won't feel so bad.

3 day post-op

Definitely feeling he'll of alot better than yesterday. I actually slept soooo good, and didn't have alot of pain. Here and there I had a few episodes where they got tender and sore, but went away once I took the pain meds. Mainly discomfort comes from the strap that is sapose to push my boobs down. I can tell my left is still a little higher than my right, nipple still I'm place, just my left points down. They are getting squishier! Still a little firm though! And I still have off and on numbness in my left boob and nipple.

4 days post-op

So other the the pain from the compression strap, I feel very little pain. I am still taking my pain killers but not as often, it just doesn't help when you have kids that yell all day and have achey boobs, not a good combo! But I'm loving them! I was so terrified about the outcome between my boobs because I had a dent/gap, and I was affraid the way the muscle looked attached to my skin; it would look deformed. . But they are gorgeous! My right is still moving quicker than the left, but you can't tell entirely because my nipples are almost still even! Sleep is like heaven now! ^_^ but... my upper back is still achey! I love the size and don't mind if they lose a little when they fluff, I wouldn't mind if they stayed the same size -.- I'm so bored of being home all damn day! I need a day for myself to leave and go shopping! !!!!!! Oh! And I'm still having tingling numbness come and go in my left nipple/ some of my boob. I can also feel weird crackling and air bubbles under my skin when I rub it ^_^ this entire journey is so interesting and weird! I already feel like they are mine, except for the numbness because when I can't feel my fingers; it freaks me out. I think I'm using my arms more than I should, but I don't push myself to do anything. Still hard to reach sertain things but it's not extremely horrible.

more pictures 4 dpo

5 days post-op

Sorry guys yesterday I totally forgot to post my updates. So here are my pics for yesterday. Nothing much has really changed. My left still hasn't dropped much but they are squishier every day. Muscle pains here and there, loving them so far ^_^ just hoping my nipples even out -.-

1 week post-op

Sorry guys I've been super busy but these are my 1 week pics. My left is starting to drop a little but not fast enough in my opinion haha. I literally feel like I've have these boobs for a long time already! But they still are high, still tingly, and still have a little discomfort from the strap. My left nipple is still out of place a little. ... I'm hoping it'll straighten out once the left drops a little more. They r definitely bigger since they are slowly but surely fluffing a little. I go to my 2 week post-op appointment on the 23rd so il let you guys know what the doc says. I'm getting around normal, sleeping normal except I force myself to sleep like a stick because I'm afraid of hurting my boobs ^_^ I can wash my own hair. It's just the waiting game now :/. I still take a pain killer like once a day just to help with the muscle and pressure pains from the strap.

1w2D post-op

So they look a little better but my left still needs to catch up with the right. I wish I didn't have to wear the strap so I can enjoy them in shirts already. But the doc said I have a chance of them riding high. Doing normal things but still have muscle spasms every now and then. Numbness has pretty much gone away already. I really love how they look! ^_^

1w3D post-op

Seams like my nipples are straightening out finally ^_^ but nothing else much has changed!

1w6D post-op

So I'm sapose to go to my 2 week post-op appointment tomarrow...but it is sapose to snow.... and I live an hour away from there...close to the mountains. So I'm probably going to reschedule. They were going to take the white bandages off my cuts! Kinda sad because I had some questions for him. :/ but rather be safe than sorry. Than again you never know because it's Colorado, it's bi - polar weather. But for some reason I feel like my nipple are kind of off again. It's making me sad.. I hate seeing my boobs like this -.- they are freaking me out. Today was my first day without pain meds. I was fine for the morning luckily enough. But than I would say about an hour ago I had a huge muscle spasm and tightening with slight sharp pains by my cuts. But so far so good sense it went away. My right boob is looking so fabulous though!!!! ^_^ :/ just that left one...... I'm left handed too so that's probly why.

1w6D post-op (yesterday was 1w5D)

Before I get too ahead of myself on the dates... I accidentally though yesterday was 1w6D but I just realized today is Wednesday. .. ok but for today I'm still feeling pains here and there but nothing that I can't handle. Nothing much has really changed. My left is still higher, witch you will be able to see on the side view pic. The snow here in Colorado ended up being bad today so I rescheduled my appointment to take the stitches out tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomarrow of my incisions.

2w 2D post op

Sorry guys for the delay! ^_^ I got busy and haven't been feeling like even looking at my boobs because I'm starting to get sad about the unevenness .. I know it is only 2 weeks but things start running through my mind as to if they will stay like this. Or capsular contraction... I don't know but I ended up rescheduling my doc appointment for monday at 1 because highways were bad. And I started work yesterday, and it wasn't super busy but it wasn't bad. Sometimes it was hard for me to sweep up the hair; but not bad at all. I'm at work today so when I get home I'll take pictures and post them for sure. Luckily I only work today, than I have sun/mon/tue. Off ^_^ wooh!

2w 2D post op

2w post op

So..today I have alot of mixed emotions. .. on Monday I got my stitches removed and the doc told me to take it easy because my left is still firm and high. Well come to find out my job had me scheduled to for 9-6 wed-fri this week and 8-6 on saturday. WTF! We are really under staffed for a little bit until we have new hires. I feel really used.... I don't want my boobs to stay high and hard just because my job can think they can use me AFTER SURGERY! I get pains wen I overwork. Doc told me to get a bigger bra because the more they are restricted, the longer they will take to drop. So I bought a couple new bras ^_^ but I came to work this morning thinking that I was gunna put my foot down and ask her if I can work 5/6 through the rest of the week. But they treat me like I'm the baby here because I'm the youngest. I explained to my manager that I need to take it easy and she said I will be fine...... she threw it in my face that my friend is working 7 days this week to help... I'm about to move to part time and find something I can do at home so I can spend time with my kids. But back to my boobs. My right seams to be dropping more and more! I have a little bit of numbness on my left nipple that hopefully goes away over time.

pictures! 2W6D

3w 5D Post-op

Sorry guys I've been super busy working and keeping up with life but I've finally come this far. My left is still higher; so I'm wearing my annoying strap all the time. It's really starting to annoy my armpits. But I get pain in my boobs when I start over working. I started using maderma for the scars on sunday; so we'll see how they turn out! The doc told me it's not needed but if I want to use it I can. So I figured, why not. I still have a little numbness on my left nipple. Il know what my next process will be on the 27th at my 1 month post op appointment. But I'm trying to keep as calm as possible and be patient.

3w5D post-op

1m1w 3d, post-op

So today I'm 1 month 1 week and 3 days post-op. I'm so sorry for the delay on my posts. I've just been waiting for more change to happen. But luckily we have had a little change. My boobs move now and are more squishy! My right one almost feels Normal and natural. But unfortunately my left hasn't budged! My cuts are in the same place underneath each boob. But my boobs are uneven! My left still feels tight. Witch is understandable because I'm left handed. But I'm starting to wonder if the doc dug the pocket low enough on the left. I will be 2 months post op on the 10th of next month and I'm starting to worry about needing a revisement. I go back in on the 27th to talk to the nurse again. But I'm starting to lose hope. My left nipple still points down a little and part of my left boob and nipple is numb. Il post pictures when I'm off of work.

1m2w post-op

I think I will need a revision. ...

went to my doc appointment

So I went to my doc appointment and I actually got to see the doctor this time. I expressed to him my concerns about my left still being high and he pretty much told me that I need to wear my strap for 1 more month and start massaging it. He said if it does not budge he will set me up a revision. He said he will not charge me. What do you all think? He explained to me that it very well could b that I'm forming scar tissue. We didn't talk that much into what will be done or happen with the revisement. Just because it's not a definite yes that I need it. I'm confused because I know there are alot of people that pay extra for revisement and also have to wait 6-9 months till they are healed. They look great and love them, the shape and size! Just the unevenness is getting to me. I'm thinking if I need it I will take time off again and move to part time. :( I don't want to go through this again
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