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My procedure is coming up quick!! I am having a...

My procedure is coming up quick!! I am having a full tummy tuck, breast lift with 250cc gel silicon implants.
Just 20 more days! I feel so unprepared! I need to get all my Christmas decor up before then as I will not be able to do it after surgery. Christmas shopping. And a million other things! If anyone has any advice and/or tips on things I should purchase now in preparation for recovery, please share!!! I will update as the big day nears and of course my recovery process! Viewing others stories has definitely helped me the last few weeks.

8 more days!

I am so nervous and excited...I'm not sleeping at night and spend all my free time on his site, searching procedures similar to mine. It may be slightly obsessive at this point!! Haha!
I am stressing about that size implant I should get with my lift. 250, 300, 325?? I tried all the sizers on and had decided on 250 as I really don't want huge boobs. I want high, full, beautiful boobs!! I go again tomorrow for my final preop appointment. I will try the sizers one more time before making my final decision. I'll post pics as well, of course!


One week from surgery and I had my first surgery nightmare last night. First, I was awake during surgery. Second, the tummy tuck was not performed...only my belly button reconstructed!! I was NOT happy! Haha! It's silly, but I was upset in my dream! I'm going in my pre-op this morning, and I'm sure will ease my mind.

Go big or go home, right?!

Tried on sizers again. Decided on the 300cc's. Hope I don't end up with huge, clown boobs!!

4 more days

To say that I am freaking out is an understatement!! I am beyond excited, but still fighting my bouts of doubt and guilt. I need to get over that though! It's paid for and it's happening! Thought I would post a couple more pics for reference later when I won't be ashamed to show my entire body!

Little bit of TLC

Went for a pedicure today. Only 3 more days! I just want it done already! So anxious!!

One. More. Day.

Well, got Christmas up. Didn't do my usual all out decor, but it will do!! So nervous, anxious, excited, all in one!! This time tomorrow I will be a new woman!!


Just home from surgery. Feel pretty good right now. Just some pressure more than anything. I'm sure that tune will change soon enough! Completely bandaged and not able to see what I look like at all right now! Suspense is KILLING me! For all I know, I look like bride of Frankenstein under there!! Lol!

Two pics

On the table all marked up and boobies on ice!!

Didn't upload

Try this again


Omg!! So, my boobs look a tad scary, and I knew that they would....my flat stomach is amazing!! I cannot believe that is my stomach! The dimpling is because of sutures and will flatten out over the next few weeks. To say I am happy is an understatement!! Happy with my implant size, the super low incision lines and FLAT tummy!! What?!?! Yaaaaasssss!!

Left breast significantly larger

Is it just me, or is my left breast much larger than my right? Should I be concerned this early after surgery??


Yes!! That's all!!

6 Days post

Well, almost a week since surgery. Feeling pretty great! Am able to stand nearly 100% erect. The only thing that really bothers me is the drain site. Very painful. Oh, and coughing, sneezing or laughing! Most of my dressing was falling off today...so I just took it off! Hope that I don't get into too much trouble with my ps on Tuesday! I plan on hitting the store later and will buy some more tape and bandage it back up as best I can. The incision mostly. They literally had my entire abdomen bandaged. So I went ahead and took a few pics! I am thrilled with my flat tummy! Still waiting for the right breast to drop like my left. I'm guessing this is because I am right handed. I am very happy with my implant size and cannot wait for them to be a bit more symmetrical.

No change

No change from yesterday, but am obsessed with my new body!

Drain out!

So I had a post op yesterday and my drain site was extremely inflamed and angry. It started hurting pretty badly late Monday evening. Dr was worried that infection could spread to my incision so he went ahead and pulled it. Good news, I am drain free and was able to take my first shower this morning!!! Oh. My. God. It was a spiritual experience. Amazing! Bad news, I'm on antibiotics and need to wear 2 binders as tight as I can stand it in an attempt to avoid a seroma. Go back on Friday to have BB stitches removed and check for seroma.

Is this real?

Is this really me?!

Had an appointment today, developed a small seroma. Drained about 45ml of fluid. Wasn't that bad, gross, but not painful and only took a minute. Removed the steri strips and started on silicon strips. Super happy with all results!

Almost 2 weeks

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks and back to the office! I am nervous about going back to work. I feel pretty good most of the time, it not looking forward to wearing anything other than my sweat pants!!


So, here is what was removed during surgery. My freak of a sister actually asked to see the pics, so they sent them! I do apologize as they are graphic. So gross!!


I have had several people ask: "How can you tell if you have a seroma?". Well, here is a video to show you what it looks like. When you press on your abdomen, it waves like this...it's a seroma. See your PS and have it aspirated. It is not painful and only takes a moment. But you want to monitor it and have it drained every few days until it resolves. I go today for what will be my 3rd drain.

3 weeks

Yesterday marked 3 weeks since surgery. I feel great most of the time! Still dealing with this pesky seroma. Wish it would just go away already!


First time in one since I was 24!! Still have work to do and toning up before this summer, but yay!!

6 weeks post op

Feeling pretty great, and super pleased with my results!

First real workout

Ran 2 miles and did a nice full body circuit. Girls are a bit sore! But otherwise, I feel great!

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