Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Without Implants - Boston, MA

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I am a 52 year old female in need of Tummy Tuck...

I am a 52 year old female in need of Tummy Tuck and Breast lift without implants.
I have always been up and down with my weight and have finally decided to get TT and BL which hopefully will happen on 9/30/2015.
I went from 203 lbs to finally 155 and hoping to loose more but feel pretty good.
I enjoy being in the gym and lifting weights so I have gained more muscle and shed fat so now I have loose tummy skin and very saggy breasts.
I have chosen Dr Jeffrey Darrow in Boston to do my surgery .
I need to post some before pics and will do soon.

pre and post op pics

I am trying to do all this from my cell phone post pictures pre op and post op but for some reason it is acting up not sure if its the site or my phone here goes again

2 weeks post op

Hello all!
I am 2 weeks post op and loving my new breasts and tummy.
Dr. Darrow, Helen and the Dr's staff did a wonderful job I also have to mention the over night nurses and the anesthesiologist.
All wonderful!!!
The whole procedure from start to finish has been better than I expected.
I had one issue, I became allergic to the antibiotic and got a severe rash which was soooo itchy, red, raw all over my body but steroids and hydrocortisone ointment put it back in check.
Other than that I have been up and about right away but definitely listen to your body don't over do it.
I think being fairly active has helped the swelling to go away my stomach doesn't feel as bloated as some people claim. I have numbness around my incision, sore where lipo had been administered and tightness on my tummy which makes it a bit tough to stand up straight but slowly day by day I have been getting there.
I find it totally amazing that the stitches are inside and super glue is on the exterior of the incisions so nothing has been oozing or seeping.
I did have one drain tube for my abdomen but it was taken out after one week.
Dr Darrow placed the drain perfectly where it didn't pull, it rested in the fold of my leg.
I think using ice and moving around has helped me heal along with eating well and staying hydrated.
I did have a little issue with bowel movement but it was brief, I took Colace and drank a little Senna tea but as soon as I stopped pain meds it was fine.
The antibiotics at one point messed with my bowels made it very loose but I ate lots of yogurt and took probiotics and once again after stopping the meds I was fine so no real prolonged issues with bowels either.
So very happy up to this point so far.
I wish every one good luck in their procedures and happy healing.
I will check back and post more pics some are graphic than others but they are real.

4th week post op

Good morning folks,
I am on my 4th week post op I seem to be doing ok, back at work, doing a bit of cardio, light dumbells for biceps and triceps but definitely going slow and light .
I have been experiencing lots of sensations as the numbness wears off and nerves seem to be reconnecting.
I still have some swelling on my sides, lower back where I had lipo it seems to settle down if I lay down and relax a bit but when I am up and about wearing my jeans it comes back.
I have also hear some people mentioning a sensation around their sternum area which I have as well.
I have been experiencing a bit of tingling ,burning here and there but I am assuming this is all normal as tissue ,nerves and numbness is wearing off.
I also have one breast that feels a bit firmer than the other with more swelling and is taking it's sweet ass time healing but I have an appointment on the 11th we will see what the doctor says.
Other than that I feel great my tummy and breasts still look great.
My belly button is taking its time healing but I have been putting peroxide on it daily after the shower.
I feel as this procedure was worth doing even thought the healing process takes some time.
I definitely would say it's worth it.

6 weeks post

Hello all so far so good Tummy still tight and a bit numb in front but that's fading slowly.
The flank areas where I had lipo seem to be coming back to life as well but still some swelling when I am on my feet for a long time or wear jeans. It is a strange sensation as if you had a belt around your waist .
My breasts are coming in nicely and have a couple of hard spots on my stubborn left breast and a little tender in a couple of spots but they are softening every day and looking great.
I have been hitting the gym lots but am trying to not overdo it.Prior to my surgery I was lifting heavy in the gym but I have to learn my limitations til I am 100%.
I am posting pics from my 6 week post op appointment

Feeling better every day !

I know most of us think that we will never walk upright again after a tummy tuck but I can assure you it does happen but all in due time lol.
I am about 8 weeks post op and feeling better everyday. I am actually hitting the gym and did my 1st ab exercises this past weekend YAAAY.
I have been doing everything else but chest and abs now I am finally getting it all in WOO HOO!!!
I was so pumped ;-)!
I am still very pleased with my decision to go through with the surgery and the Dr that I had chosen.
Happy Healing All!

I do still get a bit of swelling on flanks where lipo was done but it comes and goes.

So far Dr Jeffery Darrow and his assistant Helen have been very nice . 2 weeks Post op loving my new tummy and breasts. Dr. Darrow, Helen and the Dr's staff did a wonderful job I also have to mention the over night nurses and the anesthesiologist. All wonderful!!!

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