Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, and Thigh Lipo (Oh My). The End of my Weight Loss Journey, the Beginning of my Real Life! - Boston, MA

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After losing 75 pounds as a result of Gastric...

After losing 75 pounds as a result of Gastric Bypass, I have decided it is time to finish the journey with some additional surgery to be happy with my body. I have lost considerable volume in my breasts, making them flat and saggy. I always carried the majority of weight in my abdomen, and now have lots of loose skin there. My thighs still rub together when I walk, making a rash. I hope that the lipo will be enough to be comfortable with them, as I am really not interested in a future thigh lift. After some additional discussion with my PS, we decided on some lipo on my back side as well, hopefully helping my cheeks look a little better ;) At two weeks before surgery, I am trying to collect everything people have suggested to make life easier after surgery and maintaining my nutrition and exercise regimen to aid in recovery.

Tomorrow at this time I will be napping!

I am so anxious!! I know everything will be fine, but that doesn't seem to help :) I trust my surgeon and know that I will look 3 million times better once this is all done. All I have left to do is grocery shopping and some laundry. Happy to hear any last minute advice and will be sure to post updates when I have them!

I'm alive!! And I have a flat stomach!

Went in for surgery at 5am. I was annoyed because they tell you 5, but don't open until 5:30. Then it was like 6:30 by the time they called me. They weren't letting family members back to sit with us until they got our info and let us change. THEN the anesthesiologist didn't see us until we were in the OR idea and family was gone. The whole morning was a shit show, which made me very anxious and annoyed.

Outside the OR my surgeon arrived and marked me up. Seeing a familiar face was fantastic. Then it was night-night time.

I came out around 3pm and stayed in the recovery area until 9 because they didn't have any rooms upstairs yet. Pain was pretty well managed, only got above a 4 the couple times I had to move.

Came home yesterday in a lightweight surgical bra, zip-up compression shorts, and a binder. I feel ok with my pain meds. Don't really notice anything until I get up to walk. Very juicy drains. Attaching one picture from yesterday, I haven't seen anything since!

Mmmm the shower :)

So I get to shower as soon as I want to. I got a shower chair which made it easy to sit in there for a couple minutes yesterday, and intend to do the same today. It cuts down on the itching under all the garments. My friend washed my compression shorts while I showered so they weren't so stained. I also ordered a new 3 piece set. May I suggest FStubbs, they are much cheaper than the other brands and it is what I went home from the hospital in. Seems comfortable enough.

One more hospital note (if you're staying), I suggest packing anything you want to make sure you have it at the hospital. I assumed I would be able to get protein shakes there, but all I could get was ensure.

New compression garmet, dinner, and Target!

Well, I can get in and out of bed without help, and up and down the stairs. Today I was very excited because my new compression shorts came (same as the first pair as I mentioned, but soo clean and new!). I got a 9" binder from the company too, as the 12" from the hospital was too tall to make tight. Also got a bra, but its going back if they'll take it, even less comfy than hospital bra. I also had my first BM since surgery. I have been talking 1/2 a percocet every 5 or 6 hours. I tried to switch to tylenol, but it didn't do anything. Will try again Monday. Still taking vitamins, supplements, antibiotics, and a couple protein shakes as well (no wonder this is so tiring!)

I decided to take a nice long nap this afternoon so I might be able to survive target and dinner later. I ended up wearing yoga pants and a big t-shirt, as the couple dresses I got for this purpose don't cover the shorts I didn't realize I would have! Lucky for me the paparazzi didn't know I was going out... Dinner was good, made me feel like a real person after not leaving the house for a few days. Also made it to Target where I got a new soft bra and a few other things. It was nice to lean over the cart, but I really think the store got bigger than the last time I went before surgery :)

I just took a shower and put my new shorts and bra on, I feel so clean!! You probably know this already, but just in case... maxi pads over the incisions and a tank top between your skin and compression makes a world of difference! Drain output is down to double digits after triple digits the first few days, so I think I will definitely be able to get one out at my first appointment on Thursday.

I uploaded a couple pics from yesterday, breasts are more discolored and swollen today. I am happy with how everything looks so soon after surgery, and am going to reserve judgement for a couple months as things keep changing!


I have been pretty swollen since day 4 PO. I am drinking lots of water, moving moderately, taking arnica and bromelain, and trying to eat foods low in sodium! I have attached the picture I keep looking at to get me through mentally.

Both of my drains are driving me nuts, one has stitches starting to slip and the other is sore. My doctor has 2 offices and waiting till tomorrow means 2 hours in the car rather than 4, so I'm trying to grin and bear it. Not to mention I am scared for a serenoma so I would rather let it drain!

I have managed a couple trips riding to the store for some school supplies (teacher) and to dinner. I feel "normal" for portions of the day now :) One week post-op appointment is tomorrow, so I will report back then ;) Hoping for a nice place for lunch since I will be going in to the city around lunch time!

Damn drains

So.... One week post-op was Thursday and I got one drain out (yay and boo). The second one is very sore around the drain site and now (saturday) is ready to be pulled based on output. Of course that means I have to wait until Monday which is making me pretty sad. Cooper said everything looked great and reassured me that I am doing everything I need to for the swelling.

Other than that... I switched back to a 12" binder (I purchased a 9" one when I was hunched over because the 12" one was digging in to the incisions under my breasts). Switching back to the 12" binder pushed the swelling in to my thighs. That is mentally disturbing since they are supposed to be smaller :) but it feels much better than around my TT incision.

I am taking it easy like I am "supposed to", but I am starting to get bored and anxious since school is starting in a few weeks and there will be lots of things I am unable to do or lift... I have had a friend staying with me since surgery and she's going home today, so I guess we will really see what I can do alone!

Almost "Normal" Day...

I drove today, it was ok. I took a picture that made me cry! I never thought that I would look like this in a bikini. Feeling a little stir crazy and wish I could wear it at the beach, but all of that will come over time!

I think my drain is coming out tomorrow morning, which as you all know will be a terrific weight off my shoulders. Hiding it behind me in the picture:)

Light at the end of the tunnel?

So, if you read the July TT forum you know that yesterday was a bad day... had a regular meltdown in the morning followed by my drain leaking in the afternoon for another melt down. Today my abs have been killing me, so I was still pissy. Amazingly enough, my drain only put out 18cc. That means I can get it out Monday, yahoooooooooooooooooooooo!! On another note, I got to wear some "real" pants today... the swelling went down enough. I will try hard to be more positive tomorrow :) Thanks for your kind words everyone!

Weeeee no more drain :)

That is all really, but that's huge. Bought a couple spanx and spanx like things at the store, I am going to try them on after showering tomorrow and see what feels best!


I'm back to work. Day one with the kiddos. I am swollen, but I felt ok. The swelling is concentrated between my belly button and incision, just like everyone else says! I bought a couple new stretchy ankle length skirts since I was too exhausted to do laundry and everything I can fit into and wear to work was dirty :)

Starting to feel really depressed and socially separated from people. No beach, don't really even like being out of climate control because these garments make me sweat so fast. (side note... after trying the spanx like things I'm really just more comfy in my surgical garment) It's disheartening to be so swollen and not be able to enjoy my new body. I keep trying to remind myself it's temporary.

Opening in incision?

Looking for opinion/advice from anyone who had an opening in their incision. This is right under my belly button. I know it is really tiny, I noticed it in the shower last night. It is moist and white when compared to the rest of the scar. Not sure if it is better to keep ointment/covered or open to the air. I certainly don't want it to grow! Thoughts? Thanks!

It's 3 AM of day 35 :)

And I'm awake. Grrr. I get tired and fall asleep early, but I can't seem to stay that way. I am 99.9% sure I have a seroma, I will be calling the surgeon's office in the AM, which is complicated since my room full of students is once again a part of my life. Only 2 days this week, thank you Jewish calendar. Posting a couple pics. Me in a bikini, and me in my pre-surgery muffin topping size 8 shorts, with my hand in them! I would like to be an old navy 4 by the time I am done with myself, but I may still have too much skin on my backside, I would "settle" for a 6. Ha. Never did I think I would be able to say that when I was buying size 20s. I am missing my exercise. I bet Snagglepus the seroma will keep me from it for longer.

By the way, I am extremely happy with my results. The above is indicative of the day to day feelings after being chopped up, but I would do it again in a second :)

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