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Long over due full tummy tuck and breast lift with...

Long over due full tummy tuck and breast lift with no implants. I have been working out for years I spen 1 1/2 hours in the gym every day. I have done every stomach excercise going. I have abs under there I can feel them. I just can't tighten the skin, I am very excited to finally get my body back. I am also very nervous and very scared. I am extremely worried about the scaring and the recovery. 6 days till my surgery!! I have been all over the Internet and this sight has been the most helpful so I decided to give back and help others and get help from others as well.

Hoping to get rid of this extra skin

2 days to go!! This is getting real! Lots if emotions anxirmety, scared nervous, vey excited!!

4 days post op

I had a rough couple of days but today I feel great! Was able to take some pictures. I am very happy with my results! I love my new tummy! And I have a belly button something I never had before.i really didn't have much pain it was a little uncomfortable but the nausea and vomiting got the best of me.

1 week post op

1 week post op today. I feel great! Going a little stir crazy. Breasts feel fine. Tummy tuck is healing well. I'm still not standing up straight which I'm finding is putting stress on my lower back which is the only pain I feel. My stomach is numb which feels a little weird. I LOVE my belly button (I never had one before). When I went for my consultation I originally wanted a lift with a small implant and my PS explained that I would be more full after the lift and would probably be happy with the results. Well that turned out to be the best advise ever. I am very happy with my breasts and I'm so glad I didn't have implants put in. They are full and natural and feel great. Oh and I should mention I did not loose sensation in my nipples. (Yay)! Overall I am extremely happy with my results and I'm looking forward to getting my drain out on Wednesday. Tummy tuck scar looks worse than it is. It is actually thin and smooth to touch. It looks a little yucky because there is still some marker residue left on there making it look dark.

Really happy with this

Extra skin is gone!! Day 8

10 days post op feeling great!

I saw my doctor and he said everything looked great. I am now drain free and so excited about that. I am having trouble sitting in the house so I did a little shopping today. I drove for the first time and that went well. I decided to go with Embrace scar therapy and my shipment came today I'm so excited!! Put the first application on today. So excited to get started with this!!

15 days post op

I feel better and better everyday. Getting real anxious to get back into the gym. My dr. Said to wait until 4 weeks post op. I took my Embrace patches off today. They only lasted 6 days. My scar looks better for the most part. I have a couple of really pink areas so I may leave it off for a couple of days so they heal. I'm still not completely straight yet, still a little hunched over. I'm not sore at all just itchy from time to time. Over all I'm pretty happy with my results.

19 days post op

Bikini fun today. Not quite 3 weeks. Still not standing completely straight yet. But I have much more energy. Loving my results. Can't wait to go shopping none of my pants fit me any more.

5 week update

Had my 1 month post op on Friday my doctor said all was healing very nicely. I no longer need the binder and I have been give the ok to resume all activities. I am still not standinding up fully straight and I still feel tightness. Starting to get some feeling back in parts of my abdomen. Went to the gym a couple of times, just going to start back slow. Getting really excited to work out again. I'm loving my new body!! So glad I did this!

8 weeks post op

Been working out lightly for 2 weeks. I still get a little swollen but for the most pretty well healed up. Loving my new body. Bought all new clothing because nothing fir. Down 2 sizes and 6 lbs. just ordered some bathing suits for a weekend away.

Dr. Darrow was very nice and and answered all our questions very well. He was very compassionate and made my husband and I feel very comfortable. He made suggestions and explained very well why he suggested them. We were happy and left feeling well informed and confident we made the right decision. His secretary Helen was also extremely compassionate and helpful. She answered all our questions an returned all our calls right away. 6 days and counting!

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