A nasal operation should never be pursued as an elective surgery. Please click here and educate yourself.

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There was a time when I cared nothing for my...

There was a time when I cared nothing for my appearance, disheveled, unkempt, dirty or whatever, and I never received any negative remarks for it.Then Puberty hit I suppose. My nose kept growing, and then I broke it on a porch railing. The shape of my nose took a full 180, turning from ski slope to arching nightmare. My friends teased me about it all throughout middle school, calling me jew nose, beak etc. I took it in stride for the most part, but eventually I suppose I allowed it to get to me. My self confidence began to dissipate, and like many on here who have written reviews, there is not a single thing I do that is not with the conscientious fear of those people who might say the wrong hurtful thing at any given moment. It makes me limit myself in a variety of ways, and I hate that.

Around Freshman year I told myself I had had enough. I asked my mother if I could get a rhinoplasty. She said no; that I should wait until I was finished growing, and furthermore, that she would only let me go through with it if I did well in school.
Today I am eighteen, and heading to Brown in the Fall of 2013. I have had two consultations with Dr. Gallico in Boston MA, and am ready to schedule a surgery for June or late May. I haven't decided yet. Above are my consultation images.As it is now is on the far left, and then two projections, one straight, one slightly curved.

While I recognize the vast improvement, I am just curious as to whether or not the tip on the projections is too long from the surface of my face, and if It is, if there is any way to remedy that for the better. What do you guys think?
So I have a few questions for my surgeon, and I will be updating quite frequently as the time between now and my surgery dwindles. I am so very excited, and I feel much better about the future knowing that I can go through my day with a little more confidence.

I'm definitely going to get a few more...

I'm definitely going to get a few more consultations from other surgeons before I make my final decision! I mean it's my face so I want to be as cautious as possible. It feels like one of the biggest decisions I'll ever make! It's really a drag paying for all of the consultations though haha. Anyways I have another consultation scheduled for this upcoming friday. Should be fun!

Haha It's really funny being one of the only guys...

Haha It's really funny being one of the only guys on this website. It's definitely given me an interesting perspective. I enjoy reading everyone's reviews though, we're like a little community. It's really great. Reading what everyone has to say serves as an everyday reminder for what's in my own future, and I think that's really valuable. Anyways! My second consultation went extremely well. I really liked the doctor. He did three dimensional imaging which was so much more helpful than the projections I posted above. He also discussed a wider range of possibilities which was really reassuring in comparison to the measly "two options or the highway" mandate that I was given at my first consultation (pictured above). The projections at the second consultation even appeared more natural. The nose wasn't so long, and the tip was slightly elevated. This leads me to believe that the first doctor was trying to do as little as possible for the most amount of money, but C'est la vie. I've scheduled surgery for june 3rd and I can't wait. I've become so lighthearted about this whole thing; almost goofy. It's really kind of a funny thing to accept your vanities and pursue a course to satisfy them. I find that sometimes it's nearly impossible for me to not laugh at myself. I'm chopping off a piece of my face, many of you are doing the same, and we're paying some guy thousands of dollars to do it. Do you ever think of it that way? It's fairly unconventional for a young man to go to such drastic lengths to change his appearance, let alone document it. But whatever. It is funny, it's a tad bit humiliating, but through it all, I'm learning more and more every day to be able to laugh at myself, and that alone is worth the experience.

I just had the surgery!

I had surgery today. I got there at about 11:00 AM and waited for about an hour before they admitted me. After I was all changed and everything, they brought me to anesthesia and I waited there in a room alone for about an hour and a half. That was like some bizarre form of torture. It allowed all of my doubts to just gnaw at me. But I have had months to think about this. It was what I wanted. I did it. When I woke up I was very dizzy. They took me to a room to recover and I threw up a little. After that when everyone was gone I was sitting there with my cast on and I was just overwhelmed with regret and sadness. I hadn't even seen the result or anything, but I just go super emotional about it. Has anyone else felt this way after surgery? There is packing in my nose right now. Nothing hurts, though things are a bit unpleasant. Here I am 18 years old. Almost a man, and all I can say is I really need my mom right now. She had to work and is two states away. Can anyone give me a little comfort/ share their experience with me? I also posted a picture of pre op. I got my bump shaved and my tip raised and refined.

There's packing in my nose so i have to breathe through my mouth

My mouth is so so so dry and drinking water only solves the problem for small increments of time. Does anyone have any advice?

Front View

Front View

Forgive the topless picture, I thought I couldn't get a shirt on over my head. I soon figured out a method.


I have always been quick to recover from illness, and it seems like the same applies to my recent surgery. I'm not really swollen except for the area between my eyebrows, and my nose rather than hurting is now starting to itch. I have been told this is a good sign on the road to recovery? I feel as though I'm ready to take the cast off now! Things couldn't be going better. I am just hoping that the final results will be satisfactory!

One more day!

I cant wait to get out of this house. I am beginning to talk to my dog too much.

Front view pre-op.

Another before photo.


As you can see my nose looked like a zucchini.

Cast off today.

I have never been so nervous in my life.

Swelling up in college.

I love my nose so much. When I wake up the swelling is completely subsided, however as I go about my day, (I'm in school now by the way) it swells up all over and it's makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don't really care that it looks swollen. It just feels funny on my face. It swells up in the tip, and makes my nose look very similar to the way it was before. Im taking arnica pills. Can someone please explain to me how to tape my nose to help with the swelling? Does drinking water help with swelling?

Swelling is AWFUL

I recently started rowing crew. I was told to wait three weeks before aerobic exercise. This is probably far more strenuous than my doctor anticipated. Will working out like this affect my longterm healing? Is it better to not agravate the swelling in the longterm healing process or does it not matter. I can deal with looking like a blimp, but I don't want to mess things up. Conversely I don't want to give up rowing. I lost about 10 pounds of hard earned muscle during recovery, and I really missed working out and running. It's my only therapy/outlet.

Swelling causing droopy appearance. Unable to smile still hahaha.

Swelling is causing a little thickness in the bridge, the tip is very rounded and the columnella is rock hard. I hope it all comes together when the colder months hit. I have a very square shaped head, so the swelling at the tip is making it appear slightly curved from the side. Overall an improvement for now but I want it to be straight! Again I am exacerbating the swelling every day with crew practice, so I am a bit of a glutton for punishment here. I'm bad at taking selfies. I can't smile because of the rhino, so im stuck with these strange grimaces when I try to do so. Instead here's a picture of me looking really pissed off.

Ive stopped Rowing

I need to give myself some time to heal. I need to see it not be swollen. I'm beginning to get nervous.


I just cut off a little piece of stitching that somehow recently started hanging out of my nose. At about a month out it's a reminder of how little time its been. Even the stitches have not full dissolved. The swelling in the tip is extremely stubborn. On some days it looks as if I never had surgery at all. I am pretty disappointed, but I remember being happy at one point, so I know, or at least hope, that I can attribute any negative feelings to tip swelling. Some days I am in love with it. Others I am in pain and feel ridiculous. College is not the ideal environment to adapt to such a rapid change. I have a new face. I have not yet gotten used to it. I have not tested its limits. But I have no time to think about it with classes and people and events all around me. Perhaps that is for the better. I am really wishing I had given myself a little more time before diving into SUCH a social environment. I'm waiting for the colder months. I hope the cold air will reduce my swelling. My collumnella is extremely droopy. I think it appears that way because it is so inflated. But I cannot be sure. Does anyone know if that is a possibility? Anyways, trying not to freak out about it. I'm only about 5, 6 weeks out. Hope you are all doing well!

Very Pleased, but slightly concerned. Should I remain patient or consider a revision.

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a while since I've made an update. I wanted to give it some time to settle and get used to my new nose. I am overall very pleased with my new nose. However about eight months out, it is still quite temperamental. When I wake up it's swollen. When I lift weights, it swells. When I yell, it swells. When it gets hot, it swells. I haven't really allowed it to just heal without physically exerting myself causing it to swell back up. My surgeon said I have pretty thick skin, and my profile is straight, but I am concerned with the tip of my nose at this stage. Extensive tip work was done and I know that it is the tip that can take the longest to heal. I have not been in touch with my doctor since the surgery due to my being busy in college. To the touch, the tip of my nose feels like its filled with fluid, and the columnella is still rock hard. Could the swelling be causing this slightly droopy appearance? What are your opinions?

additional photo

Here is a video for better context. Sorry for the quality.

Oooops wrong video sorry guys. Its finals week.

Nose Woes

Meeting with my doctor in about a month. I will broach the topic of a revision, any ideas on how to do this? I feel as if it will be a delicate matter because:
1. I do not want to offend him
2. I don't want to pay full price for the revision
Advice much appreciated thanks guys.

Looking to get a revision

I made a morph of, from memory, roughly what my nose was supposed to look like. Its a poor morph but you get the idea I think. I really want to have my revision with Dr.Eric M. Joseph in New Jersey. Anyone have anything to offer about him? I would be looking to get the revision done around February. In the meantime I have a meeting with my primary surgeon on July 17. I look forward to speaking with him.

3/4 angle morph of the change Im looking to make with a revision

Just another morph to Illustrate the change I was talking about.


I really appreciate that some of you like my nose the way it is. I hope maybe these pictures that show my ears and the back of my head might give you some better perspective as to what I am talking about. It's just too long and too droopy/looks too similar to my pre-op. I took a video and got some screenshots and made some morphs of what my doctor and I were hoping to achieve.

Last one.

Not worth it.

The breathing problems and swelling were not worth the cosmetic result, and I am too afraid to pursue a revision. This has been the greatest tragedy of my life and I urge you all to just be happy with who you are. No cosmetic improvement is worth the loss of a well functioning nose and throat. End of story. Please believe me. You don't know what you have until it is gone.

Google and throughly research what Empty nose syndrome is before undergoing a rhinoplasty.

I would like to preface this honest and open review by speaking out against the validity of the majority of real self reviews. Most are false reviews created by people in the industry. These doctors are businessmen first and healers second. Recognize this. Fear this.

Second I would like to enlighten you as to the devastating effects any nasal surgery, cosmetic or functional can have on your nasal functionality.

First: read this wikipedia page.

Second: Read this from a leading ENS expert.
Until recently, much of the teaching and understanding of Empty Nose Syndrome was thought to be related to the creation of turbulent nasal airflow from the over-resection of nasal tissue and disruption of the normal laminar airflow physiology. Evidence of atrophic mucosa and/or crusting were objective symptoms that we would look for on nasal endoscopy to confirm this diagnosis. Recently, research has been performed that suggests that abnormal pressure and/or temperature sensation and disruption of the normal nasal cycle maybe a cause of more of the debilitative symptoms. Dr. Steven Houser, a rhinologist practicing at Case Western Reserve University and likely the top subject matter expert on ENS, and well-known to many in this group, has recently published a paper that underwent rigorous peer-review and was accepted in the Laryngoscope, our top journal in our field, that theorizes on the importance of neural damage in this disease. As as result, we are realizing that many patients who have had septoplasties, open rhinoplasties, mild turbinate reductions in terms of volume, but possibly with over aggressive cautery or radiofrequency etc, may be suffering from symptoms of this disease. While HIPAA laws prevent me from commenting on any personal medical care or confirming or denying any individual medical diagnoses, I have been likely wrong in dismissing the diagnosis of ENS in certain patients with normal-appearing nasal mucosa on nasal endoscopy.

Third: Understand that this disease comes in varying degrees, and is widely misunderstood in the ENT community. The mucosa is rich in nerves that sense airflow and signal to the brain that your lungs are taking in air. It is also responsible for the moisture in your nose, lose that and fear every impending breath. Damage to these tissues is life-ruining, understand that a rhinoplasty even without turbinate reduction can give you ENS. Do not have a nose surgery, if you develop ENS you will wish you were never born. If you would like more information please join the facebook group Empty Nose Syndrome awareness, a group started by Dr. Stephen Houser, a world famous ENT currently studying the effects of ENT and possible cures. There is much suffering there. You will feel stupid for risking this amount of suffering on something so stupid as a cosmetic change.

I am suffering from ENS symptoms. My nose is dry. Every breath is agony. I cannot sleep for more than 3 hours a night. My life is put on hold until a cure that can bring some modicum of relief to my situation is found and widely employed. My life is forever altered by this poor naive decision I made at the age of 18. Learn from me. Believe me. This is coming from someone who has realized a great cosmetic benefit, but has realized that no cosmetic benefit is worth your quality of life. Thank you.
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