My Rhinoplasty at Age 15 - Boston, MA

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I'm fifteen and of the female persuasion; Ihave...

I'm fifteen and of the female persuasion; Ihave been wanting this for a while. I always hated my nose. My mom got one when she was sixteen, so my parents are fine with me doing this.

Best way I can describe my nose is, as I once read in a book, like a bird beak, because it has a hump. I wanted a nose that is the opposite, going inward a bit. I wanted a sall nose, but not so small that "I look like Michael Jackson".

What really made me want to do this is that, ever since I was little, I'd look in the mirror and think I was ugly (though I admit, when I was younger I insisted on everyone calling me ugly, detesting the word "pretty", as it is far too girly a term). Then one day I realized that I was actually kind of pretty, but that my nose took away from that. I wanted a better nose so I could bring our the other features I have that ARE pretty.

I had a few problems about going through with this. For one thing, I didn't know if I'd even look good with another nose. I couldn't picture myself with another nose.
I was also afraid people would notice. I'd told one or two people I planned on doing it, and they were urging me not to; I didn't want people finding out, in part because I feel like getting cosmetic surgery is a bad, vain thing to do.
My biggest fear of all, though, is that it would affect my voice. I do theater, and although I am of the female persuasion, I have an extremely low voice. I'm about a tenor, maybe lower, and people who can sing as low as I do are important, since most are boys, and boys rarely do theater, and so we're always lacking in people who sing in lower keys, and because there are alto roles, many of which are big. All the big roles I got, I obtained because of my low voice. If the surgery made it so that I could no longer sing as low, then my life was over.

I had my surgery recently, on July 17, 2012. I wasn't very nervous about pain or anything, but was beginning to have second thoughts. Unfortunately, by the time those second thoughts arouse, I was already beginning to be oroded with needles and take a six or so hour comatose-nap.

When I woke up I felt no pain, and was eager to go home. Apparently I did very well, considering it was my first surgery. I wasn't bruising as much as most do, and was easily aroused. They eventually let me leave, but I didn't get to see my doctor anytime after I woke up, which was slightly disappointing. I went home and was basically strapped to my bed the rest of the night.

I wasn't in pain, but what was making me absolutely miserable was swallowing. Whenever I swallowed I felt pressure against my ears and nose, and would literally start choking. I refused to eat or drink. That and I felt like I had caught cold. A cold on steroids.

I slept sitting upright on the couch that night, and woke up every hour.

On the second day I was less tired, but was still having a lot of trouble with swallowing. Although I no longer choked when I swallowed, it still felt uncomfortable.

Fairly recently I stopped having trouble swallowing. Maybe four or so days post-surgery. My bruising has significantly gine down and, much to my doctor's surprise, my eyes aren't badly bruised, despite my fair complexion, just a little yellow. I saw the picture of how my nose turned out, and am happy with the outcome. I also got my stitches removed today (July 21), which wasn't that bad. I've gone through worse. Like when a doctor froze a wart off my body, and when I got waxed. And when I got a facial. And when I got hit by a bike. My new nose is not what I expected, but it works.

I'd had some moments of regret after the surgery, but now I'm pretty glad that I did it, am and doing better. I'm starting to breath through my nose again, which should lessen the torture of my dry mouth. My nose is still runny, however.

First day of school, and no one noticed....

First day of school, and no one noticed. Surprisingly enough, the one thing I thought wouldn't happen, actually happened. Someone came up to me and said I looked different somehow, and that whatever it was, I looked nice. My doctor said people reacted like that, but I hadn't expected someone to actually come up to me and say something like that.

The results weren't what I expected, and didn't make the difference I wanted, but it did make some difference.
Raad Al-Saraf

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