8 weeks post op

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I have 5 children, ages 17, 14, 4, and 13 month...

I have 5 children, ages 17, 14, 4, and 13 month old twins. :) Love them all so much, but they have destroyed my body! Before having twins I knew I wanted this done, and after having them I was completely certain. From what I've read, most Drs recommend waiting a year after having children....so I am ready!!! I've been researching BA's and TT's as well as Drs in my area. Wow there is so much information! My husband is totally on board with this, he knows it will make me happy! Which is such a huge relief!!! I'm hoping I can get away with a mini TT, I don't have a loose skin above my button. Fingers crossed! My c-section recovery was horrible and I can't imagine going through the same pain again, this time with toddlers to run after!! I think I will pass on my tummy if a full is required.

So!!! The next step is to figure out WHO I want to set a consult up with!!! And once that ball starts rolling.....

Made a consult appt!!!!!

Wow! I can't believe I'm doing this! I'm so excited! I was such a big chicken about calling to make an appointment. Haha!! But I did!!! I wish I could go sooner...but 3 weeks isn't that long. Or is it!!! I've been obsessing over this for weeks! Gotta keep busy until then! Here are a couple before shots of my belly. Ick. Can't wait to look "normal" again!

Consult day!!!!

What a day!! When I made the appointment it seemed so far away. I felt so comfortable throughout the entire consultation. We talked about a full tt. Funny how I didn't think I'd have enough skin....appears I have plenty! Good news? Haha!! He doesn't think I need anything done with my flanks, said I have a nice waistline and the MR should pull everything in. :)))) Yay!!! He also said I may have only ONE drain for about 5 days. One is good...if I have to have any. I tried different sized implants on. After taking measurements, I am a middle B cup. I always thought my VS bras were sized larger than I really was....but wow! I was WAY off!!!! Hahaha!!!!! Annnnnywho....I am leaning toward 400 cc's to achieve a middle D cup. (Wonder what size VS bra I would need then?) Any B cup ladies get 400's?? I still can't believe I'm doing this....and I really can't believe how awesome my husband is being about all of it. I'm a lucky girl :)

4 weeks!

I was afraid to jinx it...I wanted to be absolutely sure everything was a GO before I got too excited!!! But now that it's all set I can finally say...OMG 4 WEEKS!!!!! We have a vacation and Easter in between, so it should breeze right by. I'm hoping!!!! :)

T-minus 14 days!!!

I just made my payment! I'm good to go! I have my shopping list together...hoping I can order most if what I need from amazon. I called a rental place yesterday about a lift chair. I can get one for $30/week! I'm so excited to be doing this and very nervous. I have dropped a few lbs...I'm hoping to lose another 5-7 before my surgery. I think the stress alone will help with that! My husband is being so supportive. He doesn't add much to the conversation when I talk about it, I think he secretly wishes I would change my mind, although he would never, ever tell me he didn't want me to do it. I think he's worried about my safety. I have only told 2 other people. My closest, best friend/cousin....she'll be coming over to help with the kids...and another friend who is having the same procedure. I think I'm afraid of what people will think of me. I told my mom I'm having a hernia repaired. I don't think anyone will notice my boobs since I wear such thick padded bras now. AND I only told 2 people I'm having any surgery because I'm such a terrible liar.

I can't wait until May 1st. To be on the other side and starting my recovery. ***SIGH***

Excited? Nervous?

I am more excited than nervous. But each day that passes, I think my nerves are trying to take over! As much as I want to be prepared, I don't want to think about it. Make sense? 11 days...wow.

My husband is having concerns :/

My husband has been very supportive up til now. He has been to my consult appointments, asked the questions he had to my doc. I have included him in every step of my research and planning. Yesterday, Easter, he was very distant to me. Later in the night when we were alone, I asked why he was so disconnected all day. He replied, "I'm afraid after you have this surgery you'll leave me". :( This makes me feel such sadness. I am doing this for myself, first and foremost. But I also want this done so I feel sexy for my husband again. Not anyone else, just him. I have such mixed feelings today. As much as I want to go through with this...I'm willing to sacrifice having my surgery if it makes my husband this upset. Is this just part of being a mom, when you put everyone else's feelings before your own? Should I keep reassuring him, and let him be happy once it's done? Or will he always have that fear if I do it? I don't want this to change "us". We have a pretty great marriage. Ugh.

One week away....EEK!!

I talked with the nurse today. Confirmed my date and time. She told me which door to enter through and I requested to pick up my meds before next Wednesday so I can organize. I want....really need, to have everything prepared for myself and my home/kids so my mind can rest after surgery. It's real. It's really going to happen! Anyone else feel like they were just waiting for the other shoe to drop??

9 hours away!

I have to be at the surgery center tomorrow morning at 7. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I want to just be on the other side of the surgery....I'm anxious, but I'm scared. I have an awesome husband. :)

Today is the day!!!

Before photos...

More photos

Hit the wrong button.....

I'm in the flatlands!

My surgery went well. Very well. I have already eaten. Been up to use the restroom twice :) I am however taking Demerol and oxy. My boobs hurt some, but as others said, like they're engorged. So I also took Valium. As you can see, I'm not afraid of meds ;) Doc said I am going to be very very happy and it came out beautifully. I have only one pic bcz it's just me and the nurse. :) I'm going to try to sleep and I'll update in the am.

2 days post

Where to begin?? I arrived at 7, they took me out back by 7:15. Asked a bunch of questions. Doc wiped me down several times with alcohol. Talked with the anesthesiologist, who was pretty awesome and down to earth. We all walked to the or. After climbing on the table they used a numbing agent to put my iv in (WHY doesn't everyone????) we exchanged some funnies and BAM I was out. I woke up in what seemed like 10 min, completely done. No nausea. No dizziness. The nursing staff were ALL awesome. I stayed overnight and came home yesterday morning. I have slept a lot since and am still tired. But all in all, I feel ok. Considering. I haven't taken a look, but I am dying of curiosity. My doc used inside dissolvable sutures with glue on top so I can shower any time. Just a little afraid. If I do, I'll snap some photos. So far?? 1000% sure this was a great choice for me!!!!!!!! Until later....

What a difference some sleep makes :)

I've been eating and drinking well. My husband has been awesome. More awesome than I could've imagined. :)

I took a shower, very brief shower. Mostly a rinse off and a face wash. But boy did it feel good!! It also gave me the opportunity to see my goods!!! I am so pleased so far and I am hopeful this just keeps getting better.

I'm so damned sleepy still. I could sleep for days and days....

So until I'm up and about again...here's a couple photos :) what do you all think?

After photos :)

Duh! Forgot the pics...it's the meds :)

Last one!!

5 days feels like so long

I can not believe it's been 5 days. It feels like my surgery was so long ago. For the most part I'm healing pretty well. I'm still taking pain meds, well, because I'm a baby. Today is the first day I have spent time downstairs with my family. It's a bit much for me, but I think I'll get used to it. It's the noise that's getting to me. My husband went back to work today, and I have my bestie here helping with the kids. She plans to come every day for the next 2 weeks at least. Putting me about 3 weeks post op. I'm hoping by then I can do more as a mom than I am now. I had been taking MOM and colace and they were not doing anything. I resorted to Smooth Move Tea and within a few hours I found relief. And a few hours after that, I found more relief!! Haha. I have my first follow up today and I'm hoping my drain gets removed. I'm hardly putting anything out. From bedtime until this morning it was only 5cc's! I'll ask my husband to take pics while we are at the drs so he can get good shots!!! Until later!!!!!

I'm starting to see some shape

Let's see....pain has been tolerable. I'm glad I read all the reviews that talked about how awful it was. I expected so much worse so I am pretty happy with my recovery this far! :) I love my boobs. I know they are still changing, but if they can only get better I will only love them more!!!!! My belly...weird areas of numbness. My muscles hurt. Not so much my incision. I'm swollen, but not terribly. I have good help with the kids and housework so I'm blessed in that regard. I get to spend time relaxing and healing. Going to post some pics from this morning...otherwise, not much more to update at this time :)

Patiently waiting

Today I officially stopped using narcotics. Yay for me. It feels like it though. I had to take an afternoon trip to my recliner and nap today. It is the only place I'm comfortable right now. Some parts of my day I'm walking fairly straight, other parts I'm hunched as much as I was on day 1. I don't know....I have no regrets, just wish I was feeling better already. I miss picking up my babies. I am not having much swelling. My upper abs are what are bothering me most. I have a love/hate relationship with my binder. When I wore a less supportive one while my good one was being washed I hurt. Bad. I couldn't wait for my good one to dry. And now I hate it again. Haha. I don't want to wish my life away but I want to be 2 months post op. Now.

Pics from this morning

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op!!

Well....I have def had some ups and down throughout the last 3 weeks. I have not once had a feeling of regret. I am still very happy I did this :) I am generally feeling okay. Not myself quite yet, but I'm able to do more. I take Motrin or Tylenol when needed, mostly later in the day around dinner time. I realized yesterday how much better I felt when I wanted to clean and organize my house!! For the first time in 3 weeks I was irritated with things being out away in the wrong place or no one vacuuming under the couch!! Haha!! I have some swelling. It's not awful, but I seem to swell when I do more. I wear compression panties or spanx mostly during the day, but I've returned to my binder at night for the last couple days because of the swelling and it really helps. My boobs are very, very sensitive. I lotion them about 4 times a day and that seems to be help desensitize them. For about a week, it didn't matter what kind of sports bra I wore, everything felt like sandpaper. Every day is better than the day before. I can't believe 3 weeks have passed already, yet I can't wait to say, I can't believe 3 months have passed!!!!

33 days post :)

Welp!!! I have made it through the first month of recovery!!! Some days it felt like I would never feel right again. I'm happy to report, that I do. Most of the time! I have been taking breaks here and there from wearing compression. I don't have much swelling, but after after a couple hours in anything tight, I feel the need to rip it off. It irritates my skin. I'm still experiencing a lot of sensitivity. Massaging the numb areas with lotion a few times a day has helped. I think my boobs have dropped some, they don't look too different from my immediate post op pics...the shape is more relaxed, but the position hasn't changed too much. They just feel softer and more like mine. My weight had stayed about the same. I fluctuate between a couple pounds. I'm picking up my 16 month old twins now and doing everything with them I did before. I take it slow though so I won't hurt myself. All in all, my recovery had been better than I hoped for!! :))))

8 weeks

This Wednesday will be 8 weeks since I had my surgery. I can't believe this time has passed....it's such a distant memory now. The first week was a complete blur. I'm not wearing compression anymore. I stopped at 6 weeks. The swelling really started subsiding when I stopped wearing the compression. Coincidence? I'm moving around and doing almost everything as before. I still feel some tightness and pulling at times. If I've had a very active day I still have some nighttime swelling too, but by morning it's gone. Overall I'm very, very happy with my results. I have never been someone to work out, but I think that I will start, now that I have something great to work with :) I'm really amazed at how much smaller my waist. It's just crazy to me....

Scars healing pretty good!!

8 weeks post tatas!!!

I don't know if my review will even justify how wonderful my experience has been. From the first phone call with Helen, to my last follow up appointment with Dr. Darrow.....everything has been so positive. I am extremely pleased with my results so far and very happy this is the doctor I chose. If I ever decide to do anything again, he is the only doctor I will call!! :))))

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