3rounds of Liposuction: abs,arms, inner/outer thighs, knees, calves, chin, hips

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After reading hundreds of reviews on this site,...

After reading hundreds of reviews on this site, and researching surgeons in my area, i decided to go for it. I had my consultation today at the boston center. Filled out some paperwork and was in for the consultation within minutes. They were all so helpful and as soon as i met my doctor I knew it would be a good fit. He was experienced, knowledgable, kind, and did not try to persuade me into other procedures. he actually complimented my body and reminded me to hold realistic expectations. But also got me so excited by mentioning there will be quite a big difference, especially in my hips.... yahoo!!!!!!
As for scheduling and payment, his assistant Megan was SO NICE and HELPFUL! She was so warm and kind. I hit it off with her immediately. Her and the doctor informed me that the total cost of my procedure would be $8,392. It was over my 5,000 dollar budget, but the cost covers everything I want done and it just feels so right.
As we probably all are, I was so anxious to schedule it for as soon as possible!!! He does procedures mondays and wednesdays, and upon me begging for a nearby date, was able to fit me in THE NEXT DAY!!!!! I figured I need at least a week to prepare so I couldnt take it, but they had one available for 6 days from now (next monday.) I am SO excited.

Today I went and filled my 2 perscriptions: 1 antibiotic and 1 pain medication. I bought bandaids and antibacterial wipes.
Ill update and add pics the night before my surgery (sunday)!
Talk to you soon xxx


a couple updates....

so far I paid $5,000 but still have $3,392 to pay before surgery (I have to have it paid by this friday in order to secure my monday surgery.) I am waiting for my credit card to come in the mail and it might not be here by friday....which means the procedure will have to be pushed back until (hopefully) wednesday, which isnt too bad.... im just so ready!!!

im not telling ANYONE im having this surgery (besides one of my friends who is my escort back home after surg). Meaning my roommate and boyfriend wont know.... they just wont be seeing much of me for about a week! lol! I just dont want to be judged...these are areas that have been affecting my life negatively for so long (since 5th grade) and wont budge no matter how much i excercise and lose weight! I am planning to tell bf and family (wont see family til around thanksgiving so thats good) that i just joined a gym and am working out and eating good. its my body, my money, my decision, and i dont feel i need to let these people know. But thats just me. Im sure my boyfriend will notice a HUUUGE difference when i dont have the love handles, fat rolls, and linebacker arms... but i'm sure i can attribute it to excercise and i dont think he'll pry.

ANYWAY.....now tht i got that off my chest.... i emailed my doc today to ask how much it will cost to add my jawline/double chin to the list of areas i want done. he wants me to stop in tomorrow or friday. I love how easy he makes it. My face is one area that has gone through a drastic difference even when im up 5 pounds my face will balloon. I want him to remove this fat so it will be gone for good! (I plan on a major lifestyle change after surg. exercise, and eating right!) it makes such a huge difference on me when my face isnt so chubby and you can see my jawline. I want my defined jawline back! I miss it!!!

I will update once i go consult with doc about cost of adding jawline to the mix....... i'll have everything paid off and will have made a decision regarding adding this area or not.

Look forward to keeping you guys updated!!! I just wish i knew exactly when my procedure is!!! Grrrr credit card needs to come faster !

XXXX Tooodalooo loves XXXX

ps. pics coming night before surg xxx

One more thing!

I forgot to mention! Along with this surgery i intend to improve other areas of myself as well. ive been struggling with crippling low self esteem my whole life and it has gotten bad lately. Therapy, antidepressants, meditation, prayer, all work only to a certain degree. Im taking the rest in to my own hands FINALLY! and improving the areas of my(exterior)self (and interior but thats another blog for another site.....lol!) that I have always been self conscious about.

As I mentioned before, once Ive recovered enough from the surgery, I am going to begin eating clean and excercising daily. I hope to slim my legs on my own through hard work! :)
I also will be making an appointment to get a japanese straightening treatment done to my hair shortly after my surgery. ive totally fried my hair by trying to straighten it with an iron everyday since 6th grade! I just want to get out of the shower and let it dry naturally. So worth it!
I'm going to get eyelash extensions and continue to get them filled. I love the look and this is something ive wanted for a long long time. i found places to get them done for cheap :) Most celebrities have lash extensions, too.
Lastly....start wearing my retainer to bed and straighten out these teeth again! they arent crooked but they tend to shift if i go without my retainer for a while. I purchased crest white strips and want to get them crisp white once i have my new body.

i believe after all these finishing touches i will be so satisfied. I am doing this for ME! and ONLY me! i cant wait to feel sexy again for the first time in YEARS!!!!!

Please no hate, no judgement. This is the only place I can let these thoughts and plans out, so just nice comments only :]]

ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i am currently FREAKING OUT!!!! My CC came in the mail today and I paid off my remaining balance. I scheduled my surgery for this wednesday (yes, the day after tomorrow!!!!!!) They told me not to eat anything after midnight tomorrow. Reminder: I am getting my abdomen, hips, and arms done. I am going to beg him to take out a solid amount! I want to look very different! I am truly so excited.

I am a little scared to "go under." Ive never been put under general anesthesia. Ive never had surgery of any sort except my wisdom teeth! I am not too worried, though. I'm in good hands.

I love the helpful lists and how much realself has helped me prepare is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I'm going to follow these adamantly. But does anyone have any last minute helpful tips? Pictures coming tomorrow, the night before the big day!!!!!!!!!

Before pictures

I figured id take care of my before photos because I will probably be busy prepping tomorrow. I've worked so hard my whole life (since as long as I can remember) to hide these areas of myself. Here I am now, posting them for everyone to see. this will be the last time in my life I will ever look like this.

1 Day PRE

So just to let ya'll know my posts have an inaccurate date of procedure because I was originally scheduled for 9/29 (yesterday) but switched to tomorrow (10/1). Grr... i wish i could change it for all of you/myself....frusterating!

So I just got back from the supermarket and bought a BUNCH of pre sliced pineapple, a dozen red gatorades, a big jug of bolthouse farms 'green goodness'. I bought some mac and cheese to make in a pinch as well.

I definitely was anxious last night but woke up today very excited (i'll probably get nervous again tonight...ahh..) I am trying as HARD as i can to think positively but my mind keeps worrying about looking no different after this investment of a surgery. I'm doing this instead of investing in a car after graduation. Its a huge deal to me. I booked a vacation for december 29th to florida with my boyfriend and plan on showcasing my new body. There better be a huge difference. I am being realistic..but for 8392$ I think i deserve those fat rolls off of my body and a flat tummy! This fear isnt coming from no where...i found a lipo review of Dr. Gallico that stated she saw no difference and could not get her money back. I would be truly devastated if this was the case for me. I plan on telling him flat out exactly what I want before I go in for surgery tomorrow. I have to be there at 9:30am and I should be good to leave by 3pm.

Long story short, I am holding realistic expectations while also remaining steadfast in my hope for a new upper body. the arms are the most visable part on one's body, I need mine MUCH thinner. My hips give my body shape, i need mine much thinner! And my stomach....well lets just say I want all those rolls gone and to be able to put my belly button ring back in and not look like a joke. I WANT MY SEXY BACK!!!

Thats all for now. xxxx


so the procedure is DONE! I am back home nestled in bed. heres a play by play of the day:

-arrived at 10am. they took me right down and asked some questions about allergies, etc and took my blood pressure
-......they weighed me. and oh my god. I cried. I have never been this heavy in my life. I was 30 pounds heavier than what I normally considered my fattest. I was in shock. granted i am about to get my period but thats no excuse. I have so much work to do (excercising everyday and eating healthy) in order to get to where I need to be by my vacation in december.
-I changed into the paper robe, undies, and knee socks. I was kind of surprised not to get a hair cap/net.
-spoke with the anasthesiologist who then put the IV in my arm. he was so nice and calming.
-Dr. Gallico came in and marked me up. I was able to ask him if he will be able to give me a flat tummy. He said it will be close but no 6 pack ab type deal. i knew no abs, but i held onto hope that the fat rolls will be gone for good
-he took before photos, and then i was taken into the operating room where I was laid flat on my tummy and given some sort of anxiety medication. he said he was giving me "something to make me feel more comfortable being here." it worked like a charm. thats all i remember. I was out like a light within seconds
-I do not know exactly what time the procedure began, but i woke up what felt like seconds later being wheeled into the recovery room. I couldnt believe it was over! I was SO HAPPY! I asked if there were any complications and he said none. I asked the nurse how many cc's he took out but she did not know. I'm probably better off not knowing because I almost surely would wish for more, i'm like that...
-I was in a significant amount of pain at this point. It was mostly external pain, what i mean is it was not the soreness that bothered me but the incisions. although my arms hurt like hell inside and out. just super super painful.
- I told the nurse I was in a significant amount of pain. She put something in my IV and i felt a lot better within minutes. But still, a lot of pain. I had to urinate badly so the nurse walked me over. this was pretty painful and i was dripping blood. This was the first time i saw myself in a mirror (garment on of course) but my arms looked the exact same...hugely fat! my waist looked smaller. i didnt get too upset as i got out of surgery a mere hour ago.
-She then put me in a reclining chair and let me watch tv. She took my IV out (painless) and I told her i was still in a lot of pain! she gave me an oxycodone pill which helped SO MUCH! I felt like a new woman when that kicked in!
-I had to pee again so I told her, got up, and this time it was a breeze because of the pill. Mind you, the incision marks still were the worse part of it for me, besides in the arms. I am SO happy with my garment! There is no like underwear part. its almost like a back brace around my stomach and hips. my arm garment is just a long sleeved spanx type thing. I hope its tight enough..doesnt really feel it!
-at 4pm I was ready to go. I changed into my clothes and left with my friend. She dropped me off at my apartment and I took another pain pill. I currently feel absolutely fine and I hope it continues this way.

I took my garment off to peek and my stomach already looks much different, and my hips much thinner. my arms.....no different.... that was one of the most important spots to me so im praying to god that they will improve a LOT in the coming days/weeks.

overall, I am thrilled it is over and the procedure itself was a walk in the park! Seriously!

ok i am dosing off from this medication! cant wait to be able to take pictures to share with you guys. So far, I am happy!


random thought....

I CAN NOT WAIT TO START WORKING OUT! i know thats an odd thought for a day of procedure post but really...i cant get my mind off all the hard work i have in front of me...cant wait to get it goin! x

Feelin' the pain...

I barely got any sleep last night. When the pain meds wear off it is excruciating, so ive been taking them on the dot every four hours. I need to take a couple at a time unfortunately to significantly help the pain.
I don't have the strength to take pics and post them yet.. sorry guys. but this is what i'm seeing:
-hips: lots of swelling and numbness probably still from the local anesthetic, but can definitely tell a big difference, still hope they go down more though. This is definitely where I see the biggest change
-lower back above my buttcrack (for lack of a better term lol): hugely swollen! but know this will go down of course
-Abdomen: okay so the pooch of fat on my lower stomach is significantly smaller, and my stomach as a whole looks much flatter, but definitely not great :/ there still seems to be a good amount of fat in the pooch. You can still tell its there from even the front, and when im standing to the side of course. I am PRAYING that i am mistaken and it is swelling and it will go down. im trying to think positive. If not i will be mega bummed out because this is an area where i do not lose fat, no matter what i do, so it wont be possible to lose it. if it is a lot of fat there still, i would consult with dr. gallico and see what he wants to do, i refuse to let the pooch win! I want it gone!
Arms: i see no change at all yet. he made incisions at my elbows, i thought it would have made more sense to do it under my arm pits (i dont know what im talking about but thats where all the fat is..upper arm. elbow too but more upper arm). I feel a lotttt of fat and no numbness or swelling i dont think in my upper arm/tricep area. I really, really hope this changes. I dont wear short sleeves or anything remotely like a tank top in public or even at home because of my arms. They really shape a persons silhouette and figure. i need these arms to be looking slender!
butt: I had no work done on it but i figured i'd include it because DANG! Sarah Sorge was right....with the lovehandles gone it makes SUCH a difference on the way your booty looks. it's amazing!
incisions: I have three incisions on my bum (one at the top of my crack, and two at the top of each cheek.) I have one on the underneath of each elbow. I have one in my belly button, and three on my upper pubic area. They definitely hurt but the pain meds help a ton. sitting up and walking seriously hurt the incision sites. they had put tape over all the incision sites (no guaze which i thought was kind of strange) and dissolvable sutures. The tape was soaked in blood and tumescent fluid so i had to remove most of the tape and replace it with fresh bandaids. Not sure if this was ok to do but i want to keep the bandaids fresh. I wish i had bought gauze. I started my antibiotic last night as my nurse told me. 4 a day.
Garment: Garment is driving me mad! but you can tell how much it affects your shape and im grateful i have one so easy to operate in (no pants, no undies part.) It hurts but it helps. I'm all bruised up ESPECIALLY my pubic area. its so swollen and purple! I might have been wearing the garment too tight last night so i loosened it up. i'm starting to get more used to it. My arm garment doesnt feel tight enough but who knows.

Feel free to ask me anything about the procedure. i'm off to eat my weight in pineapple to hopefully help with this bruising and swelling. Update soon x

PICS! 1 day post

Good news guys... And that good news is that I'm not totally sure WHAT I was thinking when I was being so negative in my previous post. I just took everything off for the first time today and I am definitely satisfied with my results being merely one day out of surg. Here's a few pics. Now you can see what I mean with the lower abdomen. What do YOU guys think? Do you think it will go down more? I know there's fat in there because I can pinch it. But is there still a possibility for more "flatness" or is this as good as it'll get? Anyways...I'm pumped to start working out! So happy with my hips!

I'm not gonna sugar coat it....

today was hellish! So painful! i'm sick of the pain, im sick of the garment, i'm sick of the swelling, i'm sick of the fluid draining, i'm sick of the pain pills, i'm sick of being inside, i'm sick of my bed, i'm even sick of netflix! im just in an overall horrible mood right now. i dont want to take any pain medicine before bed because its mostly tolerable and i have a fast heartbeat tonight....i wanna get off this medication as soon as I can. I have a long bus ride home tomorrow i hope i will be alright. probably will have to continue to take the medication but no more for tonight. it will be nice to heal up and take it easy at home with my mom (who doesnt know about the procedure) i hope i can mask the pain and the garment! we'll see how this goes! a change of scenery is just what i need. I hope i'm doing much better by next weekend, as I will be seeing my bf for the first time since before the procedure, he also doesnt know about it...
Here's to hoping I sleep through the night and wake up in less pain with less swelling. Thanks for listening to my b*tchin!

2nd day post op.

Hey guys! So i didnt take any pain pills last night and only woke up a few times through the night. I took them this morning due to severe lower back pain and horrible swelling. Feeling better now. I'll make it short as I know my posts are becoming a bit much and I should really just keep it to notable & important progress in recovery. But these posts are just as much for me as they are for you guys! :)
I haven't heard from Dr. about when to come in for post op. He hasnt contacted me at all yet... I even emailed him yesterday to thank him for a job well done. Still loving my hips. Still hoping my stomach will flatten out, i'm kind of upset about that. Still seeing no difference in my arms. I hope these will improve because i'm feeling pretty down about them. I decided I'm going to marshall's 1 week post op to get a new garment that has support for my lower back and butt too. This garment really bothers my lower back and is super uncomfortable to wear. Dealing with it for now, though.

Happy friday, everyone. x

3 days post op

Good news & bad news. The good news is I feel like a human again. I feel alive again. I was able to have my first shower today! Had my garments off for a while, while they were being washed. I went grocery shopping and am wearing relatively normal clothing on top of the bulky binder garment. I am also seeing a tiny bit of difference in my arms. Still a lot of swelling on my lower back and hips but thats okay. The bad news: Today I realized the MAIN reason I got this surgery done: To have a flat (or as flat as possible) stomach for the first time in my life. My lower abdomen is not numb or sore, doesn't feel swollen at all. My roll is significantly smaller than pre surgery but it is VERY obviously still there!!! when i sit, even when i stand toward the front and side. It is smaller but really not much different at ALL!!!!!! I was in tears before. I know this is only day 3 but I definitely see this fat is here to stay. Dr. Gallico did not remove enough lower abdomen fat. There is nothing CLOSE to sagging skin at all the skin is very tight s o I do not see why more couldnt be taken out. I have a large amount of fat on my upper and lower abdomen so I am definitely not asking for all the fat to be removed but I just dont want that belly roll popping out when i stand and sit! I spend 8,000 dollars on this surgery and that was my main concern.

How likely are doctors to go back in & take a little more out if the patient is not satisfied with a certain area. Even he will be able to see that much more was able to be taken out. Does anyone know if he'd be willing to go back in free of charge since he did not take out enough in this one area? Please let me know!!

Less than thrilled

So here I am, 5 days po and the changes are barely visible. I know I know...I am probably at my max with swelling, but I expected to see much MUCH more evident results even with swelling. I can't say I regret the surgery but I am definitely not satisfied at the moment. I had to get a refill of my pain medication today due to severe lower back pain and swelling and it is still uncomfortable to sleep. I will transition to tylenol as soon as possible. Probably doesn't help that I have my period. My birthday is this Friday and I am praying for the swelling and bruising to be at a minimum. I've attached photos so you can see my underwhelming progression. :( feeling really bummed out.


So I'm one week post op. I'm regretting where I got my surgery, big time. I wish I had travelled somewhere and got it cheaper. I look at people on here getting more areas done, DRASTIC differences afterward, and paying like 4,000. Review after review I discover I paid the highest and had the WORST results. Like I said, I'm still happy with my hips, but everything else I got done is pitiful. Truly barely noticeable difference. I emailed Dr. gallico asking when I can come in for a follow up appointment. I told him he did a great job and i am so happy with my hips. I did NOT want to express my real feelings yet. I told him I am definitely interested in having a second liposuction procedure as soon as possible on my upper and lower abdomen (as well as my jawline) and told him I want to discuss cost with him. I asked if I would recieve a discounted price as I am a returning client. Then I again said thank you. Overall It was an extreeeemely kind email in which I tossed in that I want to get more out. I read about doctors getting offended by patients dissatisfaction and not offering revision. What I really wanted to say is "8,392 DOLLARS LATER OUT OF A COLLEGE STUDENT AND I SEE NO DIFFERENCE. IM FAT AS I WAS BEFORE. EITHER GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK OR GO BACK IN FOR FREE AND ADD IN ADDITIONAL AREAS.!!!!"

I'm super cranky, and super regretting this surgery. If he doesn't offer to do the surgery for free or cheap... I will be forced to travel somewhere to get it done cheap (I would stay within the US)

I'm annoyed. Bye

Day 8 pics

Here I am at 8 days post op. The swelling is now hardening and I still have a lot of pain. Off the pain pulls though. Pain is just in lower back abdomen and hips but it is really uncomfortable. I hope I'll be able to get back running and excercising Monday.

Ta ta x

Scheduled post op

So on Thursday I'll be going in for a post op checkup and discussing more lipo. I want stomach, jaw, and thighs suctioned but don't know what he will want to charge me.

I had my post op today

So today I went in and got pics taken, and he said I was healing really well. I've officially decided I want to get buccal fat removal, chin lipo, abdomen, and inner thigh lipo. I will not be going to him because the price is outrageous and he would make me wait 6 mos. I want to get It all done within the next month and am looking in Florida and utah. Because this is my second go around I really do have to go for a low cost surgeon or travel to an area with low cost procedures. Anyone know any doctors or have any suggestions on where to go? I would go out of the country but I wouldn't be able to recieve my financing (which I need!) so I have to stay within the US. any suggestions would be helpful! And I know I know it's not ideal to go back into my lower abdomen this soon after the first time but I really feel like it was barely touched. I'm not worried about it.


I realize I have not updated in a while. It's because nothing's different. Only worse! I now have dents and lumps in my hips but they aren't that noticable. And I'm hoping they'll go away. Still sooo different than pre op. Abdomen still FAT! Huge roll still. Arms look no different. Maybe a little more proportionally fat with the rest of my body lol. I'm dropping the idea of more lipo and am just going to start an intensive workout regimen. When April comes along (my 6th month mark) I will reassess with my doc and I expect both my abdomen and arms to be lipod at a low cost if I am still unhappy with them. If I could go back I would have just paid for my hips as that is all That was changed anyway. On a lighter note... I really am very happy with the hips.... I willcontinue to update from time to time because I want to track the changes I will start seeing from diet and exercise! X

Over one month post

As you can probably tell, I'm not happy at all with my results. My arms look no different. My stomache looks practically the same. My hips are the only place I notice an improvement. I've been dieting and excercising for weeks now so a lot of the change is credited to me. I truly don't know if I would have spent almost 9000 if I could see what id look like a month later. Obviously an improvement but worth 9000? No.

Looking back at photos

Looking through all my photos on here in sequence makes me think - "wait, did I even have the procedure yet?!"

More Lipo - BOOKED!

Hey guys! Just to update I'm having lipo on my inner & outer thighs, chin/neck, and upper arms on Dec 3rd. I am so excited. That puts me one more step closer to the body I've been dreaming of! I wont be posting pics of chin/neck but i will keep you updated through my entries. I feel i dont need to post before pics of the legs and arms because you can see the areas in my photos. I spoke to several doctors who said it will be safe to redo the lipo on my arms because I had no noticeable difference after, no swelling, no pain, no bruising. Therefore, I do not think enough was taken out of the arms to prevent a second round after two months. Worse case scenario, there is a ripple or dimple, it is my arms - not a noticeable spot.. plus i am only concerned with slimming out the look of my arms once and for all. I cant wait for the chin/neck lipo as I really have developed a lotttt of fat in my chin and neck area (ROLLS!) and jowels. i believe all of the areas im getting done are so perfect to overall slimming my body. i am hoping for a big, sexy change in my legs!! I want them to be shapely - lots removed from both the inner and outer.

All of this is 3800 (plus flight, hotel, meds, garment, etc... so like 5000 total.) I will be flying into the san diego airport on the morning of the 3rd and will be picked up outside by my driver who will take me to Dr. Manuel Gutierrez in Baja California!!! Him and his staff have been so amazing, i am in constant contact with them. I watched him perform procedures on his youtube channel, verified his certifications (board certified, ps association of mexico). I will stay overnight after my surgery at the clinic with a nurse with me the first 24 hours. I will then have the driver take me back into san diego (20 mins away) to my hotel (Four points!) where i will vacation/recover in the sun by the pool for the remaining week. Not sure if doc will give me dissolvable sutures or if i will have to go back to him at some point during the week. if so, ill just take a cab to the border and have the driver pick me up there. either way i decided against any hotels in tijuana because i dont want to risk any kind of infection and i just trust the classic hotels in the us that are so clean and amazing! plus i can use my cell phone in the states and just feel overall safer. I think everything is going to go very smooth! I decided to take this next month off from my birth control for an additional safety measure (i didnt do this for my last surg) but since i will be taking an 8 hr. flight home ( a week after surg...but dont worry guys i will get up and walk every half hour or so!) i figured it is a good idea to prevent any kind of clot from forming. Overall, i am just SO excited for my little vacation/adventure in the sun! I am sad as i will be missing my bf and i's 1 year anniversary but we will celebrate as soon as i am home.

The final step to my dream body will be in march when i get my abdomen redone by dr. gallico! I am not letting those nasty fat rolls win! They will be my last step and by summer i should be good to go :)

I'm thrilled! i'll keep updating!

Thigh pre op photos

Hard to post..... Thigh pre op.... Can't you guys tell I will benefit so much from the inner & outer thigh lipo??!! It's those exact two spots that my fat stores! I think there will be a great outcome. Super excited :)

5 days away!!!!

Hey y'all.... I realized I haven't updated u guys in a while.... So I'm flying out on Sunday and my procedure is on Monday morning 12/8! I'm getting liposuction of my chin/neck (hoping he will get my jowls too), inner and outer thighs, and arms. I'm really looking forward to the procedure, which will be done under regional anesthesia with IV sedation. I will spend Sunday soaking up the rays and Monday night staying over at the hospital. Tuesday I'll return to my hotel in San Diego to spend recovery until I leave Friday morning. Unfortunately I have to get back by Friday, I was hoping to stay longer but I've checked with several doctors and as long as I walk during my layover and as much as possible during the flight I will be totally fine. I'm looking forward the the trip and the end result. I'll keep you guys updated :D

Tomorrow morning!

Hello everyone! Here I am in San Diego anxiously awaiting my surgery tomorrow! I am excited! I will be picked up by my surgeons private driver and escorted over the border at 9am. I wrote down a list of my questions and brought a few wish pics along with me for my face.
Face hopes:
-get rid of double chin!
-get rid of fat jowls
-thin out my neck so it looks longer and thinner
-defined jawline

Arms hopes
-hoping he might do circumferential arm liposuction (all the way around) cuz I have fat on top of my arms too (but it's mainly the batwing kind so we'll see what he thinks)
-hoping he'll do two incisions each arm one at the elbow and one at armpit, because last time I only had an elbow incision and I saw no results. My fat is definitely at the very upper part of my arm so I think armpit incisions would be the most effective

And finally...thigh hopes
-obviously getting rid of a large amount/all the fat on the outer upper thigh. It is what makes me look "thunder thighs" and overall bigger. I want my hips to go straight down to the side of my legs no saddlebags!!!
-for my inner thighs my dream would be a thigh gap! But if that isn't realistically atainable yet than I definitely need MOST of the inner thigh rubbing and chafing to GO AWAY!!! I want a big improvement in this area too.
-I am going to talk to the doc about if he can go all the way down the inner thigh into the inner knee because I store fat here too.

Over all I'm just so excited. I'm staying overnight and then will return back to the hotel Tuesday to chillllll and relax and heal. I wonder what type of pain medication I will be recieving, hopefully it's something like the US equivalent of Vicodin or Percocet. I will be having regional anesthesia and IV sedation. I am a little anxious about having it while being semi conscious because I had a great experience with the general anesthesia last time. I would have probably been more nervous though going under general in a different country, though, so I'm satisfied.

I'll update tomorrow after surg!!!! Love u guys thanks for the support!!


Quick update before my phone does! I'm out of surgery. Such a breeze. Perferred getting the epidural and IV sedation. Felt totally fine.
Doc said he took 2 gallons of fat out of my thighs alone!!!!!!!! I looked online and that converts to about 9 pounds. On specific areas, like OMG there will be such a huge difference. No inner knee done but that's ok. I'll do tons of cardio once I'm healed. I know there will be a big difference on my arms too, I can just tell. He went 2/3 the way around my arm so pretty much circumferential!!! I loved as he did the top of my arms I'm so happy!!not sure where any of my incisions are yet lol I'll be able to tell u tomorrow when I'm back at hotel.
Nervous about face! He didn't do jowls just chin and neck but I am trusting there will be a great outcome. So far I'm very satisfied with everything. I hope my arms are thin!!!! That is one of my most troubled areas. So far no pain :-)

I found a groupon deal to get eyelash extensions at an upscale salon in San Diego so I'm doing that on Thursday morning. Can't waitttt. Friday early morning I need to come back to tijuana and get my stitches removed blah :( then I fly back to boston at 12:30pm. It will be a busy day. But I think recovery will be really different than abdomen and hips I bet that is more painful but too soon to speak.

Update and hopefully pics tomorrow!! Yayyyyy

Best pix I can do for now: arms

My nurse is changing me into my compression garment and I just tried to snap a few pics of my arms because...omg they are the skinniest they have been since I was like a young girl lol. And there's swelling and lumps galore too. I truly can't believe how much I lucked out with my doc he was so agressive and I will come out of here confident and ready to lost another 30 pounds. Life is GOOD. Ps pain is bery controleed and so far I still stick with abdomen and hip is a lot more painful. Just my two sense but it's only been 1 day since my surg.

Can't wait to see how the face will turn out I probably will have to peak tonight when I'm back at my hotel but the. Immediately wrapping back up.

Update you tomorrow/ maybe later if I take pics at the hotel. Xxxx

6 days po

So I flew home on Friday and I am now home re cooperating. I think I was too active during the first week with all the traveling. Pain level is high still. swelling is at it's worst yesterday and today!!! My legs are litterally balloons!!! The skin is being so stretched from the swelling. My thighs are one big bruise. Bright purple! My arms still look AMAZING and sooo much thinner. They are my dream arms and I could not be happier. The pain on arms has been bearable. There's definitely a lot of swelling and they are STILL skinny! I'm the happiest with my arms so far:):):)
As for the chin/neck.. There has been like no pain! Definitely have swelling because results are minimal (but I do see a difference already, just hope it gets better still which I'm sure it will) I've been using arnica gel on it and the bruising on my neck has gotten so much better. Hoping it will be gone within the next few days so I can stop wearing scarves!!

Overall I am still waiting to see more results on my legs but I have no doubt they will be amazing because he took out 2 gallons on my legs alone and I can tell it is ALLLLL swelling right now. I'm about to go out and get some pineapple because I truly can't believe how swollen I am it's crazy. Couldn't dream of better results on my arms so far. And my chin/neck has been painless but I am hoping for more results.

Sooooooooo happy, praying for this swelling to go away soon. Any advice for HUUUUGE amount of swelling is absolutely welcomed! Xxx

What are you REALLY getting yourself into? International plastic surgery

I wanted to do this post for those of you who are considering getting their cosmetic surgery outside of this US. I only have my Mexico liposuction to go by, but I also got some done in the US so I have a good knowledge of the differences between the two.

-Most prices are set already and do not fluctuate much (if at all) with pictures sent or consultations. In the us, a lot of surgeons will price based on BMI or amount of fat to be removed in that area. In Mexico, I had a set price to pay and additional fees for meds, CG, etc.
-for international patients: I urge you to ask ALLLL your questions via phone or email before traveling there. I didn't get much of an oppurtunity to ask specific questions once I was there. He marked me up while on the phone with another patient. I got much more one on one time with the doc in the US. BUT don't be afraid of being annoying if your going abroad for ur surgery. Get allll of your questions out of the way. They have photos of you so you can ask specific questions for your body, etc. Get that all out of the way so you know what to expect once you're there.
-less privacy, more explicit! What I mean is, there was some sort of breast augmentation happening across the hall from me with the door open as I walked into my operating room!!!! I am not squeamish at all so it didn't really bother me, but for others that image moments before surgery would be enough to send them packing. when the doc came in to mark me up he had blood on his foot protector thingies. Major ew! He changed them and washed up thoroughly before my procedure. But yuck. In us nothing even remotely like this happened. I was walked half naked in my gown in front of the waiting room too with patients waiting. I didn't care at all though, I was in a diff country and didn't know anyone of course.
-A LOT of waiting. I waited most of the day for my procedure. Once I was in he does it rather fast and efficiently (at least my specific doc did) I stayed overnight but couldn't wait to leave the next day.
-if it is in a country with another language, expect the day to be a haze of people talking in another language around you, (sometimes TO you, and I had to reply no habla espanol). This can freak a lot of people out I bet.
-they're just as safe, but have a more casual attitude about it than in the us
-much cheaper
-don't know if this is just my experience, but my results were way more drastic and the surgeon was much more agressive in Mexico. In us, my doc was way too conservative.
-in us I got Percocet which if you don't have an addictive personality, is great because it really helps with the pain. In Mexico I was given NSAIDs called tramadol and it was not effective for pain relief at all!!! I'm ten days post op and still hobbling around in loAds of pain!
-post op care is much different. You can't expect to see your doctor much if at all post surgery since he/she is in a diff country. I had to take my stitches out by myself (very easy)

There you go! I'm a tough cookie and traveled by myself into another country and I would do it all over again because of my amazing drastic results so far. But if your anxious, squeamish, meek, it's not for you.

UPDATE: I'm 10 days po and still SOOOOOOOOOO swollen in my thighs! I can feel it going down, the swelling is mainly in my inner thighs. It is hard as a rock and almost impossible to walk without a CG. I've been using my hottub which helps loads because I massage my legs once I'm in there!

**correction to previous post**

Whoa, just found out that two gallons of human body fat is about 15 lbs (not 9 like I previously posted). Awesome! So I should be down more weight than I thought once swelling subsides. Yay!

2 week update

Hello! It's been two weeks today since my lipo in tijuana (inner and outer thighs. Arms, chin). Here are some new pics. I am down 10 lbs since day of surgery. Thought id be down more since I've been dieting since and 15 lbs were taken out. But I think there is still a lot of swelling especially on my inner thighs. I want to start walking a mile everyday soon. I've finally stopped hobbling in the past few days. Lol

Love seeing them side by side

3 weeks post op

My faith has been restored in liposuction! After my complete waste of 8000 dollars during my first round, I can't explain what this round has done for me! For the first time in my life I don't feel like I have thunder thighs! I still have many steps to go in my journey, though, but I am excited because I'm almost there, and I'll BE there by summer. On Jan 12th I'm meeting with my PS who did my first round of lipo to talk about a redo of my lower abdomen. Also I've never had like a fat roll on my lower back above my butt until after his procedure... I'm assuming it's just swelling but it is so hideous! My fear would be that he pushed the fat from the back of my hips into the center, but I do think it is just a fluid collection that hopefully he can drain???? He has to take care of it because it's horrible!

The other thing I'm actually considering is instead of getting a redo of just my lower abdomen from him, who's work I was u satisfied with, I am considering going back to my PS in tijuana because I couldn't be happier with his results. If I did the trip to him I would get my upper AND lower abdomen done, along with my knees and calves to even out the contour of my legs. I am most likely going to do this option because I want to be satisfied with my results but I am going to go back to Dr Gallico (1st surgeoun) on the 12th and talk to him about my lower back, and discuss the possibility of him doing my retouch up and just see where the conversation leads. As of now I'm leaning towards a trip back to tijuana with dr. Gutierrez!

Sidebyside comparison- my favorite part!

(I don't know why my skin color looks so much different in each of the photos lol but yes that's really me! And I couldn't be happier!!!)

The left is before surg, the right is 3 weeks post op. The inner thigh swelling is going down and down every day! I'm sure it will only even get better as I am only 3 weeks out. Couldn't be happier with the results, so far! :-)

Abdomen photos

Just uploading some photos I took today to show how my stomach really looks. I got lower abdomen lipo in October that did NOTHING. there is no difference. I was extremely upset and disheartened but I decided I am going to go back to my PS in tijuana Dr. Gutierrez and have him do my FULL abdomen and calves. Can't wait to go back. I just need to get my funds in order first but I'm hoping to go by the end of jan. Yea my abdomen looks no different than a year ago so upsetting. But excited to get it done :)

back to gutierrez I go!!!!

Hey guys- just wanted to update you on my latest news. Iam heading back to San Diego (Same hotel same everything) on Sunday jan 25 and going back to Dr. Gutierrez in tijuana for surg on Monday jan 26!!! Everything about my last experience was amazing from the doctor to the hotel to my results so I am just doing everything the same! I'm getting what will (hopefully) be my last batch of liposuction (unless any corrections are needed but hope not!) I am getting my calves, knees, and upper and lower abdomen done!!! Soooo excited about all 4 areas! Basically from the leg down I'm doing this to finish what he started..My thighs are nice and thinned out at the top where I got the surgery but without getting my knees and calves done they are like tree trunks they are the same width the whole way down! Can't wait to start wearing skirts and dresses again. Even at my absolute lowest weight my calves have always been unproportionately large. I always have to get wide calf boots and even those are too tight and not fitting. Hoping for a drastic reduction in circumference of my calves and a slim knee to give my leg a beautiful shape.

For those of you ladies who have been following my whole journey- you KNOW how excited I am to be FINALLY getting my abdomen done!!!!! Back in October I got my "lower abdomen done" but really I think he only took out like under 100ccs and I didn't see much result as far as my abdomen goes (he did a great job on my hips, though :) I am SO DONE having these rolls eat up my stomach and dr gutierrez promises to provide me with a much smaller and flatt stomach. I love how agressive he is that is why I am going back to him. My one fear is loose skin, but I have had no babies, no stretch marks on my stomach whatsoever, am 22 and healthy with good skin elasticity, so I am praying for no loose skin. If I happen to have some that won't go away with diet and excercise And wearing a waist trainer, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. But for now-- really praying for no loose skin!
I've been on a strict diet and have lost about 10 pounds so I am going into this surgery feeling better than the last one. Immediately after surgery I'm going to continue on my strict diet and I'm hoping by early march I will be where I want to be and living in my dream body! It's been a long road and I'm so ready to take this final step!!

I'm staying in SD for 7 days (Sunday-Sunday). I'll update the night before surg with new before pics. Also looking forward to the warm weather and to get a nice tan. Can't wait!!!!xoxoxo!

The procedure!

Hi everyone!! Xxxx I had a safe an enjoyable flight out to San Diego last night and was picked up at my hotel at 7:45 am by Gutierrez's chauffeur yesterday morning. Again, a lot of paperwork and waiting around and sleeping once I got to the office and was finally walked in for surgery around 3. I don't remember much from the surgery it's self but once again they used an epideral and shots to my spine which were pretty painful but I stuck it out. I slowly felt my chest down to my legs go completely numb and then I was put under twighlight sedation and before I knew it the surgery was over. I was I formed that almost a gallo. Was removed from my abdomen and all the nurses kept commenting how small my waist was!!!! I am worried about my calves and knees (I haven't seen any results yet I'm waiting for my ride back to my hotel.) before surgery dr. Gutierrez said he doesn't like doing calves because it could damage my lymphatic system. My calves are one of my most important parts and I wish they told me this befor I flew out! He agreed to do the top of the calf I'm just hoping this is enough :/ I really hope he took enough out of my knees and calves so they can be slender and shapely and no longer look like tree trunks. I'm really nervous about this. I'm so happy so much of his attention was on my abdomen though because that is of course a huge area for me that I was excited to recieve treatment on. Overall, I am going back to my hotel, going to find someone to eat, and then go back to my room to assess the day 1 results. :) wish me luck!

Post op day 1

Here's some pics. Everything's sooooooooo swollen and I just unwrapped myself from pounds of tape and uneven ace bandages (that's what the lumps on belly is from) he did a little an etching at the top which I think will look amazing. My public area is so swollen and my entire legs. Wish the calves and knees were slimmer but I do notice a small difference. Hoping it goes down way way more. My abdomen is totally flat and I am so happy! Praying for a smooth contour and for the swelling to go away soon. Keep in mind I snapped these pics the second I unwrapped myself for the first time so there's a lot of creases and lumps, etc. Here's to hoping. Things smooth out!!!!

Day 2 post op!

This round of lipo has by far been the easiest recovery. Pain is so minimal that I am barely in need of my tylenol. That is not to say it's completely painless, but I would definitely say my thighs was the worst!!!! Hobbling everywhere was awful and so very painful!
I was in so little pain today that I may have gone a little overboard. I went whale watching in downtown San Diego which was amazing! But after I probably walked about 3 miles total today. Probably too much for 2 days PO. I took this photo when I got back to the hotel. Still tons of swelling but so glad to see the contour has smoothed out and I'm sure it will keep getting smoother. I didn't even bother taking a photo of the lower half of me because my knees and calves are not surprisingly BALLOOONS from all the walking today!!! I expect that to be the longest recovery swelling wise.

I'm 2 days post op, but I have a completely flat stomach for the first time in my life and it almost makes me cry when I look in the mirror (in the best way!)because after years and years of not loving my body and having rolls on my stomach (since 6th grade) I am looking in the mirror now and see a proportionate body type that I love. I am going to feel so much more confident and this will affect all aspects of my life positively. I still have weight left to lose and strength training to tone up once I'm fully recovered, but I'm already loving what I see and have a completely different body than when my journey started. It's hard to convey that in these photos with the lighting and such. Anyway, I'll be updating a lot this week, so ttyl xo

Day 3 post op

My stomach is as flat as they come and I am loving every second!!!! Pain is still completely tolerable and I am just too happy for words!!! Can't wait to get back to exercising!

Day 3 post op front pic

Front view

5 days post op!!!

Just updating you guys and letting you know how I am. I couldn't be happier with my results so far. As @Afnav said, there's nothing better than looking in the mirror and liking what you see. Unfortunately My mom and I carry so much weight in our faces so I still have a lot of work ahead of me and I'm also gonna start weight training to maintain my results. But I see the swelling starting to get a tiny bit better and the bruising is easing up a little today. I know from experience that I am ussually good to go by 2 weeks. (I get eyelash extensions today too and I really reccomend them! They are so fun and flirty! Love!

Almost 1 month Post op

Hello everyone! So I'm not going to lie, though this was the most painless round of liposuction it was definitely the most nerve wracking!!! Soon after my surgery I developed the "hard as a rock" swelling which made my very lumpy and dented in my abdomen. It has only softened up a little and it is still very hard!!! Also still fighting off some discoloration bio expect that to improve with time as well. But I'm happy to say things have smoothed out for the most part even though I still have lots of hard swelling. So I anticipate it will only get better and better. I was so depressed for a while looking at my stomache but definitely held hope it would smooth out and I was right. It'll only get better too! Lots of massage has helped and now I'm back to high intensity exercise and I think that helps too. I'm very happy with my results so far and still have a long way to go with healing! Cheers xx
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