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After lots of research and consultations from...

After lots of research and consultations from numerous doctors, I'm scheduled to have mandible and chin implant surgery on 12/22 to create a stronger, sharper more visible and defined jawline as well as fix a receding chin. I have a steep jaw angle, narrow face and recessed chin due to the fact my jaw is about 3mm recessed, so the only way to fix this besides having mandible implants would be by having my jaw moved forward with BSSO surgery, which would require 18 months of braces beforehand. This, to me, is a better option as it doesn't require tons of prep, can have as good or even better of an aesthetic result, isn't as invasive, and I'll be back to work within 3 weeks.

I'm not seeking a transformation, more of an enhancement, with better, sharper jaw angularity as well as a balanced chin. For me, the key is I want it to look natural and NOT bloated. Right now, you could say, my face has an oval/egg like shape to it.

I'm having the surgery done by a pioneer in the field of mandible and chin implants, Dr. Yaremchuk in Boston. He'll be using Medpor/Omnipore implants that he personally designed which he also custom augments during the procedure to meet the skeletal of structure of each patient. Also implants will be screwed in to eliminate any dead space between the implant and bone and the possibility of the implants shifting. The only issue with Medpor is that it's subject to tissue ingrowth, so after a few months you're pretty much stuck with them as they can't be removed. As long as I'm happy with them though, I would see no need to remove later on.

Needless to say though, I'm still very nervous!

Day 3

Had my surgery a few days ago. Swelling is probably at it's peak right now so my face closely resembles a balloon at the moment. For those considering surgery, remember, swelling will actually continue to get WORSE by the 4th day, and then gradually go down, so my results looked better right after surgery then they do at the moment. Patience is key right now.

By the way, I had a change of heart and decided to do a custom silicone wrap around rather than off-shelf Medpor, simply to avoid any issues down the line with having to remove Medpor which can be notoriously difficult.

Here's one pic right after surgery.

Day 6

Still very very swollen. Definitely have a Quagmire look going on. That said, from the profile view things are looking like they're settling down and giving me a good idea of results. Thought I'd share a few of those pics.

My only regret so far is not doing a little more vertical drown down at the angles. Yaremchuk is all about balance and proportion to keep things looking natural so he's not one to do massive transformations if he feels the result will look overdone. That said, I trust his judgment and still feel it's a great improvement so far. I love the fact my jawline is actually straight and strong now, rather than oval and round. And I just LOVE the new chin.

Again, it's still very swollen so it won't (or at least shouldn't) look this bloated in a few weeks. The outline will prob. be the same though.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Cordial and professional, but very much all-business. Not there to be your friend. His work and credentials speak for themselves though.

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