61 Years Old, I Keep Very Fit but Want to Do Something About This Face! Boston, MA

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I've gotten fillers and botox for 10 years but...

I've gotten fillers and botox for 10 years but they just weren't working anymore.
I interviewed 4 Boston area plastic surgeons and decided on Dr. Raffi DerSarkissian because of his kind demeanor, the fact that he has a board certified anesthesiologist present at surgery and he doesn't have a "one size fits all" approach.
I'm having a neck, lower face and midface lift with a 35% TCA peel.
I'm spending $450 more to spend the night at the surgery center with a private duty nurse.

Tomorrow's the Day

...and I'm excited and a little anxious about the recovery period. I'm taking a 4:00 AM bus from Portsmouth, NH to Boston and then a taxi to the surgery center. I'll spend the night there and then I've arranged for a ride home worth about agency recommended by the center. I was able to get an earlier surgery date due to a cancellation and my husband, who is a physician, wasn't able to reschedule his patients. The surgery center made these hurdles easy to jump.

all done

I'm so glad I spent the first night in the surgical center with a private duty nurse. More to follow.

24 hours postop

I jet took a shower . My neck looks perfect. You can't even see my sutures. Dr. D exceeded my expectations.
Last night was uncomfortable but staying at the surgical, center was thir right thing to do.
My chemical peel is beginning to darken.

48 hours

Today is my most swollen and tightest day yet. I've been trying to keep my chemical peel moist and bacetracin in on suture lines. It's a lot! My husband(who is a physician) thinks things look great and he thinks Dr. deSarkissian did a really fine job.

72 hours later

I still haven't peeled, my face and neck are very tight. This has been more uncomfortable than I imagined. My husband said my, sutures look perfect. I don't have much bruising but I do have a lot of swelling. I'm hoping I start feeling better soon.

Day 5

My TCA peel is peeling, I'm bruised but you can still see that tight, smooth neck. I'm so happy I went with Dr. D. Other surgeons Ebro to do a brow lift, he said they look too "done" and that my eyebrow tattoos had been perfectly placed so all I needed was a tiny tuck midface to slightly lift the edge of my brow. That's the art of medicine. On the other hand he agreed my neck was a mess so I had quite an aggressive platysmaplasty.

one more day 5 pic

l never dared to even hope I would look like this.

Wet hair, no makeup, tired, but look at that y cute face Dr. D gave back to me. I never imagined I would look so natural, so much like myself and so young! I'm no longer upset about being 61.

One week post op

And a little derma blend. I added the " before" photo again because I love seeing the" after" with it.

another before and after

3 months before and 8 days after.
I returned to work at 8 days but I only worked a few hours

helpful hints for facelift

I've read all of these things here but couldn't fully understand them until I experienced them:

If you can spend the first night in the surgical center or with a nurse do so, it helps a lot.
You will need someone with you for at least 4 days.
The skin on your face feels alien, and your eats will be numb. Hearing had been a problem for me.
You have had big surgery and you need time to recover. Don't rush it
I couldn't wait to get my chin strap off for awhile after the first week and now I can't wait to get home to put it on.
Don't pick at scabs.
It takes at least two weeks to start feeling normal.
The first few days may leave you wondering why you did this. Believe me, it's worth it.

Today, for the first time in 20 years a guy tried hitting on me. I had forgotten what that was like.
(Annoying yet flattering ).

14 days post neck and lower facelift

In addition to the neck lift, lower facelift and chemical peel I had eyebrows tattoo'd on by Jamilla elShafei in Portsmouth, NH. (She recommended Dr. D to me. In her line of work she's seen hundreds of face lifts.) Dr. D said they are perfectly placed and I think thy spared me a brow lift.

one more thing....

I felt that my,recovery was not as easy as some I've read about, I needed pain meds for about 6 days. My jaws hurt a lot. I have TMJ and having the surrounding muscles manipulated caused me to be in more discomfort for a little longer. I also think I have a low threshold for discomfort. I'm almost back to normal at 18 days; I still have some numbness of my ears,some swelling and can't fully turn my neck.

three weeks after surgery

I took a quick selfie at work today. My ears are still numb, I have scabs behind my ears and my face swells overnight. However I'm beyond thrilled and my 47 year old coworker says I look younger than she. (I do!)

Couldn't be happier.

Just celebrated my 61st birthday.
I'm at the 4 week mark, I still have swelling and numbness but wow am I a happy gal!

4 weeks out from face and neck lift.

My phone didn't load properly on my earlier comment.

not facelift related

I had to put my 16 year old sidekick to sleep yesterday. Surgery didn't hurt nearly as much as this.


Here's my guy.

4 1/2 weeks out from face and necklift

My recovery has been uneventful. I never got lumps under my skin,it's smooth. My sutures look perfect, my hairline was undisturbed, my earlobes are where they were. I'm still pink from the chemical peel, still a little swollen, my ears are still a little numb and I have two small scabs above my ears. I haven't had to call my doctor for any reason. I'll post photos later but my experience has been a very good one.

east coast vs west coast

I went to a conference in Palm Springs last year and it looked to me as though every woman looked alike, they all had a noticeable face lift. Someone mentioned that the wish in facelifts on the West Coast is a tighter look while we East Coast people are more conservative and want to look as though we've had nothing done. I know this is a broad generalization but is there a difference?

roller coaster

So a week after writing about how wonderful everything is this is going on:
1. My face is still pink from the chemical peel
2. There is an area above each ear that hasn't filly healed and scabs over.
3. The swelling in my face is settling in my neck and looks lumpy.
4. As my swelling abated some small wrinkles are popping up.
I'm 5 weeks out.
I see the PS next week.

6 weeks post facelift

I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon this week. He removed hair growing into my sutures and they're healing nicely now. I'm getting mobility and sensation back. I love my results, I look natural and younger. Dr.D. put a small amount of Radiesse "silk" along the border of my lips, not to enlarge them, just to stop my lipstick from bleeding.

Happy I did it. I'd do it again.

I'm feeling nearly normal.i still have numbness around my ears and a few transient lumps a ND bumps.
I love the way I look and am just thrilled with the outcome.
I deepened my hair, I'm trying out a new non ammonia , PPD free color at the salon and I love it so far so I figured I'd try it on myself today.
Oh and we adopted this guy on Monday

8 weeks out from face lift

Looking and feeling great. I just got a short haircut. I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday and the anesthesiologist said I had the most well done facelift she's ever seen!

90 days post lower face and neck lift

I'm still thrilled. A few wrinkles have appeared around my eyes but hey, I'm 62! I went to have a vaccine that required you be over 60 and the nurse demanded an ID.

I another photo

Before and After

Three months before surgery, the night before and three months after.

Dr. D and Debbie have been excellent so far. I've never felt rushed and they seem to care about their patients. The care I received at the surgical clinic was exceptional, I spent the night after surgery there with a private nurse. There was a board certified anesthesiologist present throughout my surgery. Dr. D's level of expertise, the private duty nurse and the ride home from Boston to Maine added up, I my estimation, to double what I actually PAID. My facelift has taken15- 20 years off my face and looks completely natural. My hairline was barely altered and even if I wear my hair completely slicked back no one would notice anything unusual. All in all I feel like I got a "movie star" facelift here in Boston and I was certainly treated like a movie star. It was a perfect experience and Dr. D has me for life.

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