Upper Blepharoplasty with Dr. Darrow - Boston, MA

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I finally get to the point of writing this review....

I finally get to the point of writing this review. Tomorrow I will have upper blepharoplasty done by Dr. Darrow under local anesthesia.

I didn't prepare as much as I did for my breast augmentation surgery, but I stayed away from ibuprofen and alcohol (I don't drink anyway), and I ate healthy as always. Having tons of water.

I will post pictures, and as soon as I'm done, I will share my experience.

I only have two concerns now... First one is: "Will I be able to calm myself down if I freak out during the procedure?", and the second one is: "Will healing process go smoothly and will I be happy with my results?" Ok.... Three concerns...

So... For the first one, I'm planing to take 2.5 mg Valium before I go to sleep tonight, and 5 mg in the morning. I have my music and headphones. I have my hypnosis on my Iphone too. I have some other strategies to calm myself down. Fingers crossed some or all of it actually work.

For the second concern... I think I'm quite healthy. Off of dairy, gluten and sugar for a long time. Eating fresh food, exercising, not smoking or drinking alcohol. I think recovery should be fine. I'm also using Calendula 200c, Arnica 200c, and Bellis Perenis 30c .

For the third one... I trust Dr Darrow. He is perfectionist from the inside out, and knowledgeable surgeon.

I'll write more later and when I can... I expect that the first few days to be tough.

Fingers crossed!

Eyes before with and without make up...

Surgery is scheduled at 3 pm EST. Fingers crossed.

Took some Valium already, and I might need some more. Can't wait to be done...

Full face with and without make up.

Make up made my life easier...

I hope this surgery helps even more.

Surgery is done!

Ok... I made it.

A few thoughts to share...

My surgery was running late. I was just like...kill me. NOW! I was supposed to start at 3 pm, and it didn't start until 5 pm! Damn it! But well... It happens. I wasn't the only one that had surgery moved... So, I don't want to complain.

Ok... I took 5 mg Valium right before. They offered me 10 mg, but I knew that if I took it, I would passed out within minutes. 5 mg helped though.

I was the last patient for Dr. Darrow and that was something I wanted to avoid, but oh well... It was ok.

Everyone in the operating room was soooo nice. I mean, I couldn't believe how nice they were. One of the nurses took my hand while Dr. Darrow was injecting anestetic.

Having anesthesia around and close to your eyes was experience itself. It felt like my lids are two swollen giant balls. I wasn't able to open them. I had to used to the feeling which was ok...

Cutting was a breeze. The only thing that I didn't like was the smell when he used whatever equipment he needed to use. I asked to put some gauze on my nose because it stank like hell.

Stitching... Oh boy... Anesthetic started to wear off... Ouch! Ouch! But it didn't take long... Icing helped immediately. Tylenol too! I'm supposed to ice it all the time for 48 hrs. Not all the time, but 20 min on, then rest... Etc.

The bottom line... This might sound crazy... But my last dentist visit was more uncomfortable it this makes any sense. It was painful at the end, but nothing to the point that you can't tolerate. I made some weird nosies when it started hurting at the end, but well... It happens.

Will post healing process, and pictures as well.

Bye bye hooded eyes!

This was after I got home. It already starting to bruise, so I expect tomorrow will be tough wit swelling and bruising.

I think I'm doing just right...

Fell asleep around 1 am. Wanted to keep icing during the night, but I woke up around 7 am. So... I'm icing now.

So far so good... Tylenol isn't needed at all. It is swollen, but it is to be expected. I hope it doesn't get worse though...

One more thing I forgot to write about surgery... My BIGGEST challenge during the surgery was taking my mind off of the fact that he is cutting my eyelids. That was difficult... What helped me was relaxation meditation that I was listening. I had my headphones on for the entire time, so I didn't hear a thing... That helped a lot!


Day #2

Bruises are getting real. Swelling went down almost all of it. Now it is time for some blue colors. Still red, but blue is showing.

Still icing... I will be icing today. That is all. I didn't ice during the night. I just couldn't... Valium knocked me out. So... I hope it all heals just right.

No pain at all.

Looking more presentable

Fall colors...

Still doing fine. A bit more swollen after I wake up. No discomfort or pain. Just a light headache that I believe has nothing to do with eyes.

I still ice it now and then...

Can't wait to see the final results

Incisions are itching. Everything else is the same...

I'm really hoping recovery will go well, and that I will have good results.

Stitches are out. I'm feeling good.

Dr. Darrow removed my stitches today. It wasn't painful but the sensation was a bit weird. Not complaining though...

Right eye is more bruised than my left.

I can out make up on starting from tomorrow, but I don't think I'm ready to put the amount of eyeshadow that I normally put. So, I'm going to wait until my scabs are completely off. It might take another week...

The big disappointment was that I need to stay away from excercising for another week. Oh well...

I'm going to see Dr. Darrow in 3 weeks when I heal completely.

I will make a couple more updates.

I hope this helps you...


Scabs are off. Aquaphor is on.

Waiting for the final results... Incisions aren't symmetrical. But that still doesn't mean that my eyes won't be symmetrical either. Hoping for the best...

Healing slowly...

I'll take a photo of the cream I'm using right now. Not applying any make up until I heal completely.

Creams I'm using right now...

Healing slowly...

It has been 2 weeks since I had this procedure. I think everything goes well so far.

My right eye is still bruised and swollen. Especially in the morning. The bruise on my right eye goes away so slowly...

Still applying creams that I posted.

I had my first workout yesterday.

I'm still not ready to put any makeup on. I'm going to wait for some time.

I couldn't resist... Eyeliner is on for the first time in my life!

I'm still healing, but I just had to try...

I have minimal makeup on my eyes for the first time in my life.

Still can't believe that I don't have to put tons of makeup or to draw my eyelids, so my eyes look proportional.


I feel like a kid around Christmas.

Can't wait to play with colors.

Another update...

My incisions are little bit redish, and I keep applying my creams. Nothing hurts, swelling went down completely. Bruise too.

Soon to go to meet Dr. Darrow one more time. Will get lip injections too... Let's hope this time I don't end up with lumps and bruises.

Pictures with and without makeup

Closeup pictures

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If you ever were a Dr. Darrow's patient, you have probably came up with the same conclusion -- I will NOT let anyone else touch me except Dr. Darrow. He is truly the best! I had upper blepharoplasty yesterday, and everything went smoothly. Nurses in the operating room were so nice and comforting. I really look forward to see my results as soon as I heal. Thank you!

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